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Capitol Reader Political Book Summaries writes, " In Collapse, Jared Diamond argues that present global resource consumption trends are not sustainable. Throughout history, civilizations have collapsed or declined, in no small measure, because their populations have undermined the ecological niches upon which their existence depends. Diamond believes that a complex set of factors, such as environmental resilience (or fragility), social flexibility, larger global trends and even pure luck, combine in unpredictable ways to influence whether societies fail or succeed. "

I have a point of contention with the stated summary. But first, let me tell you something about Jared Diamond. Diamond is brilliant and tends to see the greater picture of things by studying the significance of the small things. His book, Guns, Germs, and Steel was a very rich read. It's amazing how unseen germs, industrialized steel, and other small things shaped world history.

Diamond teaches geography at the University of California and is the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Guns, Germs, and Steel. (It seems that others thought the book was good also.) He is one of the most distinguished experts in the field of evolutionary biology. He has written more than 200 articles for magazines such as Discover, Nature and Geo, and his work has proven highly influential in informing public discourse on a range of environmental and social issues. He is a smart, very smart guy.

Now back to my point of contention. Let me start by stating a disclaimer. I'm far from qualified to match wits or backgrounds with Diamond. I resist the temptation to flatter myself in thinking that I could add or take away anything Professor Diamond states in his well written book. Nevertheless, I would be remiss to neglect in telling you something that Diamond and other highly educated men and women oftentimes overlook when it comes to telling a story on how things came to be. I refuse to believe that " pure luck " is equal to science and technology in either augmenting or whithering civilizations. I refuse to accept this.

Why am I being pig headed, you may ask? Granted, my background pre-disposes me to " pig headedness. " I grew up in a minister's home. I attended school in a small town and left home at 18 to serve in the United States military. The year was 1973. I returned in 1977 to marry my high school sweetheart with whom I've enjoyed her love and acceptance for the past 27 years. I've reared three children, all grown. I served my community as a police officer through the years and now enjoy retirement. In retirement I've chosen to pastor a small church that my father founded.

I tell you my background of the past 50 years to set the stage for what I'm about to write. When it comes to human history " luck " may seem the order of the day, but it isn't. " ... pure luck ... " should be changed to " God's Providence and over riding hand in the affairs of men. " Yes the longer I live, the more I study history (my life's passion), the more I see the movement and aligning of nations - either past or present - the more I am convinced that " luck " in world affairs has little to do with the way things are. It is God who holds the course of human history in the palms of His Hands.

So, when you are tempted to scratch your head and think - Wow - what luck! Try this. God doesn't rule His world and universe by luck. He rules by His Sovereignty and favors those who will serve Him willingly. No my friend, it isn't luck that's covering history. It's the goodness and favor of God who is The Almighty history maker.

Keep the faith. Stay the course. Jesus is coming soon. Are you ready? Or maybe I should inquire - are you feeling lucky?

Pastor T.dash

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Pastors a small church in what used to be a small town.


Meena 14.12.2009. 13:27

My dad has high Blood Pressure and keeps collapsing at home in the middle of the night. Why? My dad keeps collapsing near the washroom or near the kitchen door almost every month at nights. The next day, we usually discover him lying somewhere unconsciously. He is not even aware that this is happening. Is it because of blood pressure? He has never had any health problems before. He is around 58 years of age. He practices Yoga and still this health problem keeps occuring.
I would request a medical expert such as a doctor to answer this question.


Admin 14.12.2009. 13:27

Meena - Collapsing at home in the middle of the night is likely due to the blood pressure suddenly becoming too low instead of too high, including in a patient such as your dad with high blood pressure. I suspect that he is being treated with a type of blood pressure control medicine, such as a "beta-blocker" which is used to lower a high BP. One common such medicine is Atenolol, but there are several others. This medicine is commonly taken at bedtime. During the night, maybe because of a full bladder, your dad will awake and want to pass urine or maybe to get a drink. IF he moves too fast from lying down to sitting up and standing up, his lowered BP will not have enough time to adjust from a sleeping lower pressure to a higher pressure needed right away and he will stumble or be confused and fall. Many falls can and do lead to a fractuire of the femur. After sitting up, he needs to wait at least 15 seconds or more before standing to allow the needed BP change to avoid falling on his way. It might also help if he avoids taking in any liquids in the last hour or two before bedtime so as not to have a full bladder and need to get up at night to urinate. Some patients keep a small plastic jug at their bedside to urinate during the night so as to not have to stand up. It is IMPORTANT to contact your dad's doctor so that his beta-blocker medicine dose might be possibly reduced at bedtime. Good luck.


Luther 18.11.2012. 17:26

How to keep tunnels collapsing in an ant farm? My daughter got an ant farm for her birthday. We've been very good about not moving it around too much. The sand seems to be drying out so the tunnels are collapsing! The directions say not to give them too much water or they may drown. Does anyone know how we can prevent these tunnels from keeping on collapsing? We've only had it for a week so far.


Admin 18.11.2012. 17:26

That's why I like medium-less formicariums better...

There's a few ways to prevent collapses.
1) Don't move or shake it.
2) Use mediums that are more stable.
3) Don't let the medium dry out. This causes the medium to collapse easier. If you're afraid of drowning them, just make sure the medium is wet, and make sure no water pools at the bottom.

Also, if you have a queen in there, that type of formicarium isn't quite suitable. You should get plaster or y-tong formicariums for queen with workers. And test tubes for lone queens in the colony founding stage.

Pm me for more details.


Plain Jim 24.12.2012. 21:28

What keeps the neutron stars from collapsing? Is it the strong force that keeps it from collapsing?

Also, does neutron stars cool down like a white dwarf?

Plain Jim

Admin 24.12.2012. 21:28

Neutron degeneracy pressure. In quantum mechanics energy states in neutrons are restricted. It's much like the Pauli-Exclusion Principle, except the exclusion principle concerns fermions which neutrons are not a family of. Anyways, because of the large number of neutrons in the neutron star, the number of low energy states are restricted and most are forced into higher energy states. It is this energy provided by the neutrons that keeps the neutron star from collapsing. Because neutrons are rather massive compared to electrons their mass is also a contributing factor to the limit at which a neutron star would collapse.

Neutron stars do decrease in thermal energy, but not in the same process as a white dwarf. Unlike white dwarfs, neutron stars lack thermonuclear fusion and simply lose energy to space through their own motion and radioactive decay. White dwarfs lose energy due to a decrease in fusion activity.


hannahbanana 09.09.2012. 09:13

How long can you go on a hunger strike before collapsing? If you were to do no preparation and just stopped eating - still drinking water - how long would it be before you were at danger of collapsing?

Then, if you did collapse, would you just wake up normally or would you have to be admitted to hospital?

Thanks in advance! :D

NB: I am not going/thinking of going on a hunger strike, this is just research.


Admin 09.09.2012. 09:13

Erm a few days.. I think you can go a few weeks without dying but then you have no energy and feel exhausted and collapse all the time. Id say a few days to a week :)and people who knew would probably send you to hospital, you might not send yourself!


Aaron 02.05.2011. 17:45

How many Democrats are going to get online today and talk about Osama Bin Laden while they collapse the dollar? Great, now about fiscal collapse and the collapsing dollar? Does anyone care about Osama Bin Laden or do they care whether they starve in a hyperinflating depression?


Admin 02.05.2011. 17:45

No one is collapsing the dollar.


Hang Low 30.05.2012. 23:32

What provides the otward pressure that keeps a star from collapsing? a) What provides the outward pressure that keeps a star from collapsing under its own weight once nuclear fusion reactions have ended inside the star?
b) What are the Chandrasekhar mass limits for white dwarfs and neutron stars respectively?

Hang Low

Admin 30.05.2012. 23:32

Well as you mentioned, nuclear fusion peovides an outward force to keep a star from collapsing.

A star usually fuses hydrogen to for helium, but once it runs out of hydrogen to fuse, it starts fusing helium into carbon, then carbon into oxygen, etc. Once this happens, the star gets weaker and when the star starts forming iron, that's the end for it, it can't fuse, and the star starts collapsing under it's own weight and either creates a white dwarf, nova, super novae, neutron star, black hole, etc.

The Chandrasekhar mass limit is 2.864 × 10^30 kg

Anything below it will form a white dwarf, anything above will form a neutron star or black whole

Hope this helps


Mr. LOL 06.01.2009. 13:29

What is keeping our Milky Way galaxy from collapsing? What force is preventing our galaxy from collapsing into a singularity?

Is it because of the angular momentum of the spin of our galaxy?

That sounds too simple of an answer.


Admin 06.01.2009. 13:29

At the center of the galaxy is a giant singularity.

Yes, it is because of the angular momentum of the spin of the galaxy (i.e. orbit)

Simple as it may sound, that is it (best we know). Ever heard of Occam's Razor? States something to the effect of "When there are several possible explanations, the truth is usually the simplest."

Perhaps the galaxy WILL eventually collapse into a singularity, but the balance of forces present need to be disturbed. (Not to say that they are perfectly balanced now)


Brit 30.06.2012. 12:08

What is it called when an air column collapses with extreme heat? I remember learning something in an intro weather course about air columns collapsing and extreme heat. I can't remember what the phenomena is called, or how it actually works. If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be awesome.


Admin 30.06.2012. 12:08

Perhaps you are talking about a downburst or microburst. They occur in storms when the cores of them get too heavy for their updrafts to support, and collapse to the surface.


Sunny McBubbles 15.05.2009. 18:45

How can the economy possibly repair itself without collapsing first? With all the businesses shutting down, the unemployment rate growing (which only increases as businesses shut down), and less people that can really afford to buy things, how will the economy repair itself without first collapsing?

Also, if it does entirely collapse would Obama's massive spending have been for nothing or would it help even more? Not picking sides, I am quite concerned about how we're going to be able to pay that back.
Thank you Entity. I am now learning all about Ayn Rand's ideas.

Sunny McBubbles

Admin 15.05.2009. 18:45

in the case of a total collapse all the stimulus money spent will have been wasted.


ANNIE M 01.07.2011. 17:18

Is it possible for a dog that never coughs to have collapsing trachea? I took my my 4 year old pomeranian to the hospital with breathing distress - he was diagnosed with a collapsing trachea, I have always heard that these dogs cough a lot. I never heard my baby coughing. can someone help me. I am really scared I don't want to loose him. The vet gave me a cough suppressant (she says that it helps with the breathing) and a pill that's supposed to help calm him.
Thanks for your help.


Admin 01.07.2011. 17:18

If you don't trust the vet's diagnosis, then consult a second vet. Yes, coughing is the most frequent symptom, but it doesn't mean that without coughing, there isn't a trachea collapsing.

This problem, if it stands alone and isn't like to CHF or injury, is often hereditary. Did you use a responsible APC breeder? If so, you need to contact them to let them know of the diagnosis.


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