Does Your Dog Roll In Poop ? Here's Why

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Robin asks:

I'm wondering if you could tell me why-- when I'm walking Yogi through some grass-- that he smells something and the next thing I know, he's stuck his head on the ground and starts to roll his body over the area he was smelling. On two occasions, he coated himself in another dog's poop. I've been asking vets and laypersons to explain this behavior but no one seem to know. Thank you so much for listening.

Very Sincerely,

Dear Robin:

This is a hold-over instinct from before dogs were domesticated. They would roll around in a heavily scented object to mask their own scent, when hunting.

This behavior can be stopped by telling your dog, " No. "
Sounds easy, right?

Well, if that hasn't worked, then you can bet that your, " No " command doesn't have any meaning to your dog.

Here's what you'll need to do:

1. Establish yourself as the pack leader.

2. Leave a training collar and tab on your dog, so that you can start consistently associating a " negative " with your verbal " No " command.

3. If your correction is motivational, your dog will get the picture, fast. Dogs simply do not continue to do a behavior that does not feel good.

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Bunny3046 21.02.2010. 16:28

How to deodorize dog after he rolls in dog poop? Our dog rolled in dog poop last night on our walk, we gave him a bath when we got home using his normal Oatmeal shampoo, but the scent is still there.
Its mainly on his head, and back of neck.
Any tips for removing this scent? Tomato juice, dryer sheets, lemon juice & baking soda have all been suggested, but has anything been tried and true?

Thanks so much for your help!!

Ohhh ... he's a Rottie, so his hair is fairly short and easy to rinse.


Admin 21.02.2010. 16:28

If the smell is still noticeably there then it didn't get washed out all the way. I suggest another bath!


blob888 26.01.2007. 00:12

Why is my dog rolling around in poop? My mom let him out and she fell asleep for half an hour. He came back and there was what I thought was dirt on his fur but it was poop when I wiped it off. I think it went around his face also. Gross! I have no idea where he went to roll around in the poop. But there are a few dogs around the neighborhood but they are locked up. I also left him with a friend once and she has 3 dogs and my dog started rolling around in THEIR poop.


Admin 26.01.2007. 00:12

My dog on occasion will roll around in geese poop-only geese poop. He loves the stuff-it's sooo gross. I think he might do it to cover up his own scent for hunting purposes but if its other dog poop he's rolling in, maybe he's just bored and is trying to get attention from you (by having to clean him up now)-even if its negative attention its still attention.


michelle 10.04.2009. 03:09

why do dogs roll in poop or dead animal carcasses? I have to dogs and both of them well just stop drop and roll into poop and dead animals why do they do this?


Admin 10.04.2009. 03:09

To mask their scent from their prey.


sue 24.06.2012. 18:30

how do i clean my dog after he rolled in poop? i was walking my dog then he rolled in someones poop. i need to get hime clean asap! without taking him to the hair dresser?


Admin 24.06.2012. 18:30

If you live where it is warm, just use the garden hose and some dog shampoo and give him a quick bath all over.

We have a faucet adapter that we hook up to the downstairs sink that allows us to bathe our dogs with warm water in the backyard in the summertime.

If it isn't warm, then you should bathe him the bathtub.


james 22.03.2010. 00:50

Why do dogs roll in anything rotton and stinking? My dog rolls in vomit, dead animals, feces, dead fish ( we live next to a river so he loves that one ) and basically whatever reeks like hell. He's not alone either..I see other dogs do the same thing. Yet if they like stink so much why do they hate being blasted by a skunk? Thanks.


Admin 22.03.2010. 00:50

This is a primal instinct to cover their smell so other 'predators' can't smell them.

I have just adopted a dog that was living wild and he has a lot of primal instincts that have kept him alive, he even covers up his poop so no other dog follows his tracks.

Good question, we just have to watch them so they don't roll in something disgusting and then want to come in the house like it!


X?Beth?X 17.10.2008. 19:29

How do i stop my dog rolling in foul substances? Whenever we go for a walk my dog always rolls in something such as cow poo, dead cats, fox poo, mud, dead bird etc
Does anybody elses dogs do this?
Does anybody have any advice or suggestions on how to stop her? She knows that its bad but when i tell her off she just ignores me! I really need help!
we live in the country so shes always off the lead! and its not fair too keep her on the lead all the time!


Admin 17.10.2008. 19:29

One of my dogs was obsessed with rolling in cow poop for years, every time you turned your back on her, she'd run over to the corral as fast as she could...until one year, we had to put up those electric fence "fingers" to prevent a sneaky calf from escaping under the gate. She got zapped by that electric fence once, and never went back. You may want to consider an electric shock collar to train her out of this. Shock collars are humane training tools when used correctly. Never use a shock collar on a setting higher than you're willing to use on yourself, and you'll never have to worry about "hurting" the dog. Just be sure that you educate yourself on how to use it first.


Agent319.007 29.03.2007. 16:10

Why does my dog enjoy rolling in duck poop? Why does my dog find it luxurious rolling in duck poop?


Admin 29.03.2007. 16:10

The smell ! Dogs can tell alot from another animal's poop. Maybe he just looooooves duckies. It's a normal thing for a dog.

It may be a problem for you but I'm sure he is in seventh heaven when he does it. Either steer him away from the poop or clean him up when he's done rolling around.

Our german sheperd once found the carcass of a dead fish and rolled, and rolled, and rolled in it. We just gave him a good shampoo before letting him back in the house. Good luck.


MadPanda 25.11.2011. 22:24

Why are men nipples allowed to be shown? on TV and womens are not. Women get so see out chiseled chest but we cant see their sweater meat.
BQ: Why do dogs roll in poop, my dog anyway.


Admin 25.11.2011. 22:24

Because gender equality hasn't happened yet.

I don't think dogs roll in poop on purpose. I think they're just too stupid to check where they're rolling.


Bill 24.10.2012. 01:39

why does my chocolate lab always roll in poop when i take him for walks? i let him run on fields and he is a smart dog but just has to roll in poop and i don't know why.


Admin 24.10.2012. 01:39

In the wild wolves do this to mask their true scent so that predators can not track them as easily. Dogs follow their ancesters' behavior. This is probably what your labrador is doing.


Tom 15.10.2007. 16:20

Does my dog have fleas or does he want attention? My dog rolls over in the grass alot. I was told it was for attention but i'm not sure. Anybody know if it is for attention or does he have fleas?


Admin 15.10.2007. 16:20

my dog does it all the time, it isnt problem, they do it for attention or to get the smell of whatever s i the grass on them, eg fox poop or something. dont worry, if they had fleas then they would be itching themselves constanly, not just rolling on grass. we have taken our dog to the vet recently and they said he didnt have fleas aswell, so it really isnt that


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