Fun & Healthy Snacks for Kids

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Fun & Healthy Snacks for Kids

By: Deborah Shelton

Looking for a quick and healthy snack for the kids? Here are a few tasty ideas that you can surprise them with, or let them make on their own.

1. Bugs On A Log: They'll love it just for the name! Simply spread peanut butter onto celery stalks, and then top with raisins (the bugs). Yummy.

2. Melon Balls: Show them that ice cream scoops can be used for more than just ice cream. Scoop the "meat" out of watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe and serve them on a tray with colorful toothpicks in each one.

3. Quesadillas: You don't have to drive to a Mexican restaurant to enjoy these melted treats. Simply sprinkle shredded cheese onto a tortilla. Fold the tortilla in half and microwave it until the cheese is gooey. Cut the quesadilla into triangle-shaped wedges and dip in salsa.

4. Frozen Grapes: The entire family will enjoy this cool treat once summer arrives. Place a washed bowl of grapes into the freezer for an hour or so. Don't forget to cut the grapes in half for smaller children and toddlers.

5. Peanut Butter Squares: Kids will eat just about anything that's covered in yummy peanut butter! Spread peanut butter onto a cracker (or a rice cake). Add a couple of apple slices then top with another cracker to form a little cracker sandwich.

6. Snackers Delight: Children change their minds with the wind, so be prepared with a medley of their favorites! Fill each cup of a muffin tin with different treats such as nuts, raisins, cheese cubes, pretzels, carrot slices and sunflower seeds.

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Deborah Shelton is a mother, freelance writer, and author of the brand new book, "The Five Minute Parent: Fun & Fast Activities for You and Your Little Ones." Visit Deborah's website for more family-friendly ideas:


emuschasepopes 09.07.2008. 23:28

Is there any fun healthy outdoorsy snacks kids 3-12 could make? My church is having a bible school and the theme is outdoorsy, i was wondering if there were any fun healthy snack the kids could makes.


Admin 09.07.2008. 23:28

trail mixes are great for kids, since they get to get their hands into all sorts of ingredients, and customize the amounts just to their liking...

some great ingredients that are fun healthy and taste great are:
-dried fruits (craisins are great, come in bulk and are sweet)
-nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts are cheaper and still taste good)
-chocolate chips (they'll like those for sure)
-pretzels (minis)
-cereals like chex or cheerios

they'll eat them up, though not so quickly that you won't have any time to sit down while theyre busy :)


Pure Poison <3 04.01.2011. 00:04

What are some fun, healthy snacks or meals for Toddlers? What are some fun, healthy snacks or meals for Toddlers?
I want to improve our daily diet at home, not to gross things, just healthier.

And even if they aren't too healthy, I really just need some new ideas for Breakfast, lunch, dinner & everything in between.
What are some fun things you feed your kids?
Or what do you feed them in general?

Pure Poison <3

Admin 04.01.2011. 00:04

* Use apple juice instead of water in your jello jigglers to give them a "healthier" component.
* My kids love "banana dogs". Pb in left over hot dog buns with a banana inside. That may not works for some toddlers but you can slice them up and put them on tortillas with raisins or on regular whole grain bread. Brownberry Healthnut and Brownberry 12 grain are favorites of my boys.
* A veggie salad isn't always a hit but I put in some dried fruit (cherries especially) or fresh fruit such as strawberries/apples, canned fruit-mandarin oranges.
* In the winter it's hard to get fresh fruits and very expensive to get frozen fruit so if buying canned...get "in juice" instead of heavy syrup. Or at least light!
* More healthy---note how much of the food we purchase has High Fructose Corn Syrup---I won't get into that and sugar but you'd be serving much healthier meals by cutting out the products that have HFCS.
* plain or vanilla yogurt with fresh fruit vs. buying flavored yogurts.
* I find that I can "hide" fresh sweet peppers and other veggies inside of quesadillas :-)
* A favorite breakfast is a bowl with the following items "seperated" not mixed. Granola cereal or favorite healthy cereal, yogurt and fresh or frozen fruit. Blueberries are often the choice with my kiddos.
* We freeze blueberries when they are in season. If you don't do that, you may wish to start! So nice to have frozen fruit in the freezer. We pick in season and it's all relatively easy to freeze. Kids like to have frozen blueberries sprinkled with sugar and milk poured over them. The milk leaves an "iced" look. They love it!


acidburns1582 09.02.2009. 01:18

Any healthy snack ideas for a group of 20 kids? About twice a month I have to send healthy snacks for the 20 kids in my son's 1st grade class. I'm looking for fun new ideas that won't break my wallet in the process. Thanks in advance!
About twice a month I have to send healthy snacks for the 20 kids in my son's 1st grade class. In the past I have sent apples, grapes, and pretzel rods with peanut butter (which was a class favorite). I'm looking for fun new ideas that won't empty my wallet in the process. Thanks in advance!


Admin 09.02.2009. 01:18

string cheese
peanut butter crackers
cutting fruit into cool shapes
animal crackers
veggies w/ ranch or hummus dip


eb834 19.11.2009. 20:40

What is your most creative healthy snack? Ahhh, the art of finding healthy snacks for kids.

I have a two year old and a five year old, and if we're not careful, we fall into the trap of snacking on too many crackers, whole bags of Pirate's Booty and enough string cheese to top a pizza.

As funny as the look on my son's face is when I say "raisins or carrots?" when he asks for a snack, I'm thinking I need a few new ideas.

Give me YOUR best, out-of-the-ordinary easy snacks!


Admin 19.11.2009. 20:40

I went to bed bath and beyond and bought and old school apple peeler/corer/slicer and we make peanut butter and apple "sandwiches" with that thing.

Apple Sammies
Run an apple through the machine, pat dry, smear with peanut butter, top with another slice. (Dip in lemon if you're afraid of the browning)

Sandwich Shapes
I will make little cheese sandwiches or ham and cheese or whatever really...and use cookie cutters to make them cute. He gets the shapes and I get the

Fruit Kabobs are fun
Either use "cocktail" toothpicks to make small ones, or use actual kabob sticks to make full sized kabobs...just make sure they don't put an eye out with those sticks!
(An awesome fruit dip for these is equal parts vanilla yogurt and condensed milk mixed up and chilled...oh so good) Or you can use it as a drizzle if you don't want them too sugared

Orange Cups
I will take an orange and cut the top third off of it and just a sliver off the bottom so that it will sit level. Then I'll cut the fruit out of it and make a "Orange Cup". Take the sliver and put it back in the orange backwards so that it makes the bottom of the cup. Cube up the orange fruit and put it back in the with a cherry if you son always gets a kick out of that one.
I copy catted that one from the sushi restaurant!


chocolate chip 30.06.2008. 23:53

pls help... :) what is a good healthy snack for kids? okay so me and my friend are 13 and have 4 siblings who are 3, 5, 7 and 8 (close age range... they fight a lot LOL) and we always are stuck making snack for them

what are some ideas for fun, healthy snacks? they have to be fast too
and nothing with bananas or mentos or onions or peanut butter or bread please
(sorry they are picky)
thanks :)

chocolate chip

Admin 30.06.2008. 23:53

You could have a fondue themed snack-time. A variety of vegetables, crackers, fruits, breads, and even baked chips gives even the picky ones enough to choose from. For dip use yogurt fruit dip, ranch dip, low-fat cheese dip, salsa, and even chocolate as a special treat. Fun, easy, and favorable for kids who are choosey!


2crooked 2b straight 04.04.2007. 15:21

snacks for 2nd graders to make? I am teaching a lesson to my classmates for a class I am taking. They are acting as 2nd graders and my lesson has to be wrapped up with a fun healthy snack. It should only take about 10 minutes to prepare. I am stumped! Please help! I also am on a budget, so please keep it cheap, lol.

2crooked 2b straight

Admin 04.04.2007. 15:21

Well, make some cookies ahead of time and have the kids decorate them. Make ants on a log which is peanut butter on celery sticks and topped with some ants (raisins). Make some 5 minute pudding half of the class makes one co lour and the other half makes another colour. Each child has their own clear plastic glass and you pour some pudding of the first colour into the glass then put some of the other colour. you have two coloured pudding and it's fun to do. Top the pudding off with sprinkles, or crumbled cookies or chopped choc. If you have time while waiting for the pudding to set, play a quick game. Good-luck and remember if you sound excited about the activity they they will be excited about it as well.


swtasugar1 18.08.2008. 15:45

Looking for healthy snacks for a toddlers Halloween party? I need some ideas for healthy snacks for my 1 yr old grandsons first birthday. It will be Halloween themed. So far i could only come up with apple chunks dipped in carmel. Any ideas?


Admin 18.08.2008. 15:45

Frozen seedless grapes

Banana chunks on a stick rolled in a little chocolate or peanut butter and crushed Cheerios

carrot sticks

Make your own gelatin squares using Gelatin and baby fruit juice rather than store bought jello. You control the sugar and baby fruit juice is better than artificial flavorings.

Make your own chicken fingers by using either boneless chicken breasts and baking them instead of frying. You can also make your own honey mustard sauce. Or a type of ranch dressing with yogurt instead of sour cream.

Frozen french fries can be cooked in a very hot oven. Instead of a flat pan, use one of those wire racks raised over the pan. This way the hot air can surround the fries and make them extra crispy without frying.

Any type of fruit cut up and served on a stick is fun. Or instead of sticks, use a piece of celery. You'll have to make the hole first.

If all the kids are toddlers, they won't care if the food looks scary or not.

If you have older kids, I got some english muffins, some canned spaghetti sauce. I put out some chopped pepperoni, cheese and small amounts of other pizza fixins and let them assemble their own mini pizzas. I put them in the oven and took them out. The kids loved it. All of them went home happy because they cooked something.

I also made a dessert called "dirt". I took some new tiny plastic flower pots. I got them from the dollar store. Washed them real well, put a dollop of vanilla pudding in the bottom, then crushed oreos, then chocolate pudding and more crushed oreos on top. I then put a few gummy worms into each pot so the worms stuck out over the rim. Get the worms a little crummy with the oreos so it looks like they are crawling out. The kids and adults loved this one. Make them small, this is rich.


Aerial 13.07.2007. 19:57

What are some healthy and portable snacks that don't have to be kept cold? I get hungry during the day at work, and since I don't have a lunch break I have to rely on small snacks to curb my hunger and keep me energized. I want to eat healthier snacks because nowadays I'm eating small bags of chips and fun size candy bars which aren't good to be eating every day. I'd like to have healthy snacks, but the only things I can think of (like celery, yogurt, etc) have to be kept cold! Do you have any ideas on some easy and HEALTHY snacks that don't require refrigeration?
Dave C--its called-- PORTABLE ---since when is oatmeal portable? Do you see people whip out a bowl of oatmeal from their purses and start eating? No. (smart alecs! sheesh!)


Admin 13.07.2007. 19:57

I wouldn't worry about refrigerating celery & carrot sticks for a couple of hours, they'll be fine.

Also crackers, you can get ones that are baked, low salt/fat etc.Granola bars (healthy ones, not little kid ones with chocolate and all that). Rice crackers are great too. Just be sure not to get the ones with artificial flavoring all over it.

Fruits are great for mid-day energy snacks, anything like an apple a pear or even a banana, great for energy & good for you.


diane33michigan 07.02.2009. 04:08

What can you send to school, for valentines day treat that is healthy? Our school is adopted a healthy snacks and treats only. What kinda of valentine things can I buy that are healthy other than like fruit snacks? Any ideas parents ?

Do you like this idea, or do you think kids should be able to have their special party snacks that aren't so healthy?


Admin 07.02.2009. 04:08

My dd other school was like that, I did fruit tray with a homemade dip, other parents did graham crackers with cut up cheese, celery with cheese whiz etc.

This year, her new school is back to the good stuff so it'll be something chocolaty and fun!

I believe in healthy eating but at times having a sweet at time doesn't kill you, especially at a party once in a while!


imsamanthak 18.09.2008. 15:33

What are some healthy kid friendly snacks? I need to figure out some kid friendly after school snacks. The most important thing is to incorporate fresh ingredients... like breads and grains, fresh vegetables and fruits. I've been doing the plain old fruits and vegetables in a bowl, I really need some new creative ideas to make after school snack not only fun but really healthy.


Admin 18.09.2008. 15:33

celery sticks with peanut butter
apples w/ caramel sauce to dip into
carrots & other fresh veggies to dunk into a wholesome, healful dip
crackers or multigrain chips served w a hummus dip
Possibilities are endless.


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