Gift ideas for Chefs

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Chef gift ideas for every man

Do you know a man that loves to hang out in the kitchen and make wonderful dishes? Then you should look at chef gift ideas for every man. Whether he loves to grill or make those exquisite gourmet meals you will be able to find many gifts that will please him.

An apron embroidered with his name is always a gift that he will use and enjoy. You can find many styles that will perfect for him no matter what type of chef he is. Find a classic one for the gourmet chef and a fun one for the man that loves to grill. Many have cute sayings on the front or just find one that will have his name. Some chef aprons even come with pockets for holding their cooking utensils close at hand.

The Fresh Shakes Maker is a wonderful chef gift idea. With this cool gift he will be whipping up all kinds of thick milkshakes in just 20 seconds. This will be great for those summer parties. He will be able to make all kinds of new and unique shakes using all types of fresh or frozen fruits. He may even surprise you with flavors you have never tried before.

A personalized cutting board with his name engraved will be an added benefit for when he is making his special omelets. He will have a cutting board that is perfect for chopping, cutting and dicing. The personalized part is just a great way of saying how much you appreciate and enjoy his cooking.

Cooking accessories like waffle makers, blenders, and stove top grills can always be great gifts. This will help him use his imagination to make even more exquisite dishes than before.

Chef's always use all types of different pots and pans, so you could always add to his collection. There are many different types of pans that he could use on a regular basis. Buy ones in many different sizes and styles to help keep him up to date with all the new ones on the market.

The same goes with utensils used while cooking, chef gifts can be spatulas, wooden spoons, whips, and any other item used to stir or flip food while cooking.

If he enjoys baking, be sure to include baking pans and accessories. Items to ice their famous cakes can really be a treasure gift for the chef. And the best part is you will get to enjoy his famous pastry after it is ready.

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strugglingMBA 03.02.2008. 17:24

Any cool ideas on how to celebrate our Company's 25th Anniversary? Hi. We're a Soft Skills Training Organization with a team of 50 professional trainers. We're celebrating our 25th anniversary in March 2008 and I'm looking for innovative and unique ways to mark this occasion. Our entire team will be present for this event and I'm looking for ideas on how to engage and involve them on this day. Themes, suggestions and gift ideas will be greatly appreciated.



Admin 03.02.2008. 17:24

Since you're looking for gift ideas I'll recommend my own company. Give each of your employees a $25 Pampered Chef gift certificate.

50 gift certificates at $25 each will cost you $1250. Shipping and tax will not apply but you will get $250 in free product value that you can use for a grand prize give away. If you're interested in any other items, you will get 4 at half price, a 30% discount on any items you wish to purchase, free shipping on everything, and a couple of other goodies I can tell you about.

Everyone loves Pampered Chef! The products have an excellent reputation for quality and all come with at least a 1 year guarentee, most for more that that. We're famous for our kitchen tools, so everyone who has a kitchen will have a need for these products.

If you're interested send me an email at or check out my website at


~.B.~ 05.12.2012. 17:18

What to get my boyfriend of 3 and a half years for Christmas.? He is almost 20 years old. He is learning to be a chef. He likes football (the Bengals) and college basketball (UK). He also likes to play games on his Xbox 360, the usual games like COD and Madden and stuff but he also likes zombie games. He also likes more thoughtful gifts. Any ideas?


Admin 05.12.2012. 17:18

I have fun buying things for my boyfriend in the as seen on tv section.
and mines a Broncos fan so I have bought him.. broncos shot glass, mug, cup, hoodie, jersey (theres a website called fansedge that has tons of cool stuff like that)
As far as thoughtfull you could make him a coupon book with stuff you'll do for him (back rub, foot rub, clean his car, a day away from you (lol),
A far as the xbox thing, maybe buy him a new game (does he have the madden13?)
Cologne (paris Hilton for men smells amazing)
Hope this helps!! :)


Amy G 19.12.2008. 02:05

Gift ideas for a new Pampered Chef Hostess? My sister in law is a new PC hostess and I want to get her some gifts to help her out but I have no ideas--any suggestions? Any helpful books, party items, etc? Thanks!

Amy G

Admin 19.12.2008. 02:05

Is she a new consultant?
Office supplies are great for the new consultant, along with products to boost her kit. Other ideas are s photo/card tree to use for getting bookings, and informational books or audios. There's a wonderful speaker that has some GREAT tools for time management and host coaching, etc. Her name is Belinda Ellsworth. I have used some of her things for a couple of years now and it has made a huge impact on my business. Wish her luck and I hope this helps!


Mia 26.07.2010. 00:40

cooking related gift ideas for boyfriend of 4 years dad? Hi all,
I am trying to find a gift for my boyfriend of 4 years dad. All I have to go by is he likes golf and cooking.
Does anyone have any ideas on some cooking related gift ideas I could get him? He has a huge collection of cookbooks so I don?t really want to go there as there is every chance I will double up on one!
Anything would be appreciated :)


Admin 26.07.2010. 00:40

You are way ahead of the game since you know the birthday guy enjoys cooking! You can help him always swing a hole-in-one in the kitchen as well as out on the green, by making sure he has great kitchen equipment.

For example, get him a gift certificate to a cooking class and include a few kitchen gadgets that give him the upper hand.

You might want to give him a class on pizza-making for example ? learning about techniques that give you the restaurant experience at home. You can get him a non-stick pizza pan to go along with it and a few fresh balls of Mozzarella cheese.

You may also want to explore a specialty cooking store where a lot of items are unique and cater to special cooking interests.

Gail Greco,
Chef/Editor Carefree cooking Magazine,


funnylittlefrog 18.05.2008. 17:14

is it necessary to give a gift if you attend a friend's college graduation? i myself am graduating, and was invited to a friend's. however, she is not a close friend...should i get her something? and if so, what are some good gift ideas? please help!


Admin 18.05.2008. 17:14

It would be nice. Many graduates get gifts from their family. She probably wouldn't expect anything. Maybe a CD or something small like that. Or something useful, such as a chef's hat if she wanted to be a chef, nice colored pencils if she's an artist, etc. Anything that would go with her future career would be helpful.


Hybrid 22.12.2011. 19:56

What would you like to ask? What are good christmas gift ideas for a boyfriend? I brought him a book by Paulo Coelho called 11 minutes. But I feel as dthough I am lacking in gifting him. As he has given me two presents and a bunch of flowers. What would you buy a guy who is a buiness man by day and chef by evening?


Admin 22.12.2011. 19:56

For the man who has and is everything.

Breadwinner. Man of the house. Master of the kitchin.

Got to be a Rocky Balboa Luxury Dressing Gown.

Admin 30.11.2009. 22:08

Christmas gift ideas from daughter to father? I'm 13 and my dad is really special to me. We lived in separate states for the past 2 years and it's been torture. I'm coming to visit him this Christmas. I want to get him a gift that will show him how thankful I am of him. Nothing corny, just why he would want.

Any ideas?

Admin 30.11.2009. 22:08

Hi Ashleela,

This is a tricky question here because corny is actually a good thing. I will suggest some ideas but ultimately you will need to do a little research to see what it is your father really likes and what he might go for:

1. Ceiva- is a digital photo picture frame which allows one to send wireless photos to it. If you too are still living in different states, this can be a great way to let him know what you are up to with pictures in a non intrusive way.
2. Hobbies- If he is into golf, get him personalized golf balls and tees, if he is into college football, get him a subscription to his favorite team from Rivals or Scout.
3. Beer/Wine/Food/Cigars/Movie- join a Beer/Wine/Food/Cigars/Movie of the month club. Match it to what he likes.
4. Artiko Chef- offers gourmet food that just needs to be preheated- guys don't normally like to cook so your dad may love this.
5. Personalized gift- make him a nice sentimental gift like a poem to him that shows how you feel about him and bundle this with a more commercial gift.


interiors 06.08.2007. 13:20

what are the best makes of professional chefs knives? I am looking to buy my boyfriend who is a chef a set of decent knives.I want really good quality ones and am prepared to pay!!


Admin 06.08.2007. 13:20

I agree with Arthur... I as well use differen brands for different syle of knives. If he is a Chef (in the sense that where he cooks he is required to supply his own knives) then I would suggest getting him a gift certificate to an online cutlery store ( I included a link to the site I use) this link is to the Wustoff Collection which is what I like for majority of my knives, but Wustoff also makes verying degree's of quality knives. I also use Henkels pro s series. You really don't want to buy a "set" as serious Chefs are very particular about thier knives, and have not seen many that like the same characteristics in all the knives the use. For example. I prefer my Wustoff Culinar in my boning and paring knife, but my Henkel for my Santuko and 8" Chef's . Also combined for a whole set of knives would run ( if buying all high quality) about $800 and up. You are a great girlfriend for wanting to do this, may give you my g/f address, maybe you can talk her into sme great gift ideas for me:)


luckylady1915 22.03.2008. 21:41

Any ideas about what to do after food at a dinner party (games etc)/ general suggestions for during the party? It is my birthday dinner and will be at my house, I'll be 17 and there are around 10-15 people coming.
It is my first time hosting a dinner so I'm new to this!
I'd just like any suggestions for any fun/different things that can be done during or after the food.
Any nice food/drink ideas are welcome too!


Admin 22.03.2008. 21:41

Happy birthday! Here are some ideas you might think about:

1. Since you are hosting a dinner, why not invite a local chef or culinary student to come and provide a "cooking lesson" and tasting for you and your guests? A "hands on" affair will allow all guests to help prepare the meal and can be fun.
2. Have your own "birthday card", giant poster that guests can sign when they come in. A nice momento!
3. Gift bags for guests are a must: for the ladies, nail polish, bath gel, fizzy bath balls, gift cards etc. are in order. For the guys, aftershave, lotions, gift cards etc.
4. Giving back: Have a theme of your party about also giving back to the community. Instead of gifts, have guests bring food items for your local food bank. Plan on bagging things up and delivering them either during the party (or maybe have them picked up?) or the next day.
5. You're never to old for a pinata. And, since you get to fill them yourselves, you can add what kind of candy and surprises you want to the insides.
6. Games: Pictionary, Clue, etc. are great. Or get a Wii and have a contest playing guitar!
7. Plan for an evening at a skating rink or the zoo! Or go to a play/musical or to a club for "under 21's" later in the evening.
8. Create your own "cakes" by making cupcakes and letting everyone decorate their own. Have a contest and winner gets a prize.

At any rate, have fun!


jVeg18 18.12.2008. 05:27

Does anyone have any ideas of Christmas gifts for boyfriends? I'm 18, and my boyfriend and I have been together now for about 5months; we've gotten so close.

I'm short of ideas of what to give him for Christmas, and it's especially hard since I don't know how much HE'S spending. I haven't really set a strict limit on how much I'm spending but I also don't have a whole lot of money.

I want it to be sentimental, but also something he wont be too embarrassed about, something he'll show off.

Any thoughts?


Admin 18.12.2008. 05:27

My boyfriend is insanely practical, so the gifts are some socks and a pair of nice looking and warm leather gloves.

If there's a sport he really likes or just something he thinks is awesome (my sister's bf loves Top Chef, for example) get him something to do with that.

If you've only been dating 5 months, even though you're feeling really close, don't be *too* romantic or personal with it. And if it were me I'd only spend about $30 tops.


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