How to Deal with a Noisy Neighbor

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Your heart starts pounding... breathing becomes labored, and your head starts to ache. You wipe the sweat from your forehead and try to gather your thoughts. Have you just had a heart attack? Not at all. This is your body's reaction to excessive noise.

"Studies of the physiological and psychological effects of noise...indicate that protracted noise can impair one's hearing, dry the mouth, dilate pupils, raise cholesterol, elevate blood pressure, burden the heart. Constant noise can bring on irritability, depression, aggression. It can interfere with the learning ability of children," N.R. Kleinfield writes in the article New York Quiet? Never. Quieter? Maybe. Listen up. published in the New York Times.

Apartment renters are even more susceptible to hearing loss because the noise levels are intensified in smaller spaces. Once sound enters the apartment, the wall connecting you to your neighbor vibrates - acting like a giant speaker.

If you share a wall with a noisy neighbor, you should take these steps - in order - to try and solve the problem:

1. Tell the neighbor - politely - that you can hear their stereo/TV/voices/running screaming kids/etc. There's a good chance they don't realize that they are being too loud. Ideally the problem will be fixed, and you can rest easy. Write down the date on which you confronted your neighbor - you never know when you might need it again.

2. If you receive a negative response, or no response at all, approach your neighbors again, but this time supply them with a copy of your lease. Chances are, there is a clause within the lease stating your right to "quiet enjoyment." You might also give them a copy of your local noise laws. Sometimes there are fines for excess noise. You can find your local noise laws at city hall, a public law library or the public library. Give your neighbor one dated copy of the lease and/or ordinance laws and keep a second copy (these are good for your records if the problem continues.)

3. No luck? This time you'll need to give your neighbor a letter informing them that you are willing to take this problem to the landlord. A letter might look like this:

Dear Suzy Neighbor,

On January 5, 2000, I talked to you about the excessive noise coming from your apartment. I informed you that the Twister Parties lasting until 5am violate the local noise laws, the lease, and disrupt my sleep. I asked if you would please lower your volume or else move the parties to a more reasonable hour. This request was ignored, and on January 11, 2000, I provided you with a copy of the local noise laws and our lease - both of which provide me with a right to "quiet enjoyment." Once again, my request has been ignored, and if by January 20th, nothing has changed, I will need to approach the landlord with this problem. I hope we reach an agreement before I am forced to contact the landlord.

Thank You For Your Time,
Joe Tenant

4. Still no luck? It's time to tattle. No one wants to be the Narc... but this may be the only way to live peacefully. Make a copy of the letter, and discuss the problem with your landlord. For additional support (and so you don't feel like such a tattle tail) you might want to ask your other neighbors if the noise is bothering them, too. You might be able to get a petition signed by the other neighbors, and arguing with a group will typically lead to faster results. Regardless of whether or not you can get support from your neighbors, if the noise is bothering you, don't just learn to live with it! Living with excessive noise could actually be a threat to your health.

Once the problem is in the landlord's hands, you can de-stress a little bit. It's amazing how quiet those parties will get once the host has to worry about eviction! And if the noise-maker doesn't listen to the landlord, maybe your new neighbors will respect the "quiet enjoyment" law a little better than the last ones!

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Screwed in the USA 29.08.2007. 10:29

How can I legally deal with noisy neighbors? In the past year or so our neighbors have decided to start blaring music with a lot of bass either in their house (with the windows/doors open), or out of their cars, or both. The cops don't care, they claim they can't do anything. Communication is not an option apparently. I thought I was above revenge, but I'm nearly at my wits end now. They're just white trash, and I totally believe in karma. But is there any other way we can deal with noisy neighbors, or should we just wear earplugs for the remainder of our time here?

Screwed in the USA

Admin 29.08.2007. 10:29



bender 15.10.2007. 04:35

how to deal with noisy neighbours? how do i deal with neighbours that constantly play loud music, shouting and slamming doors.
i've asked politly + left notes but just get ignored.
phoned the fuzz and they are not interested, phoned council and they done nothing. i'm gonna end hurting them if they carry on and my wife is getting upset and we are not getting any sleep. U.K answers only please.
i'm not moving, why should i?


Admin 15.10.2007. 04:35

I've not been in that situation before so i did a search on google for you. Here's the URL of a video which explains, step by step what you must do initially, through to the last step of making an official complaint at The deparment of Environment, who then will take up your case.


Floyd R 06.01.2012. 02:23

Pros and Cons of Buying a Detached Condominium? I often said I would never want to live in a condominium because of having to deal with noisy neighbors on each side due to having shared walls but then I discovered detached condos which are liking living in a single family house. Are there any pros and cons to buying and living in a detached condo? Is a detached condominium a good investment? Thanks.

Floyd R

Admin 06.01.2012. 02:23


1. Most condos offer yard and lawn service, so you would probably not have to take care of your lawn.

2. Most condo complexes have a set of rules, so you wouldn't need to worry about a neighbor's loud party at 2 am on a weeknight.


1. You have to pay for your lawn services.

2. Since the complex has rules, you, yourself, would not be able to do some things, such as the 2 am party. But the rules might go beyond that. Many condo complexes dictate things like the color of your outdoor house paint, what yard ornaments you can display, whether or not you can have a pet, and whether or not you can have permanent sports equipment outside your home, such as a basketball hoop.

You'd have to weigh the pro's and con's. If you are a very conservative person, you might like the idea of living in a condo complex. If you are a free spirit who doesn't mind mowing your own lawn, you probably would be happier in a regular house.

Hope this helps.



Floyd R 06.01.2012. 02:28

Pros and Cons of Buying a Detached Condominium? I often said I would never want to live in a condominium because of having to deal with noisy neighbors on each side due to having shared walls but then I discovered detached condos which are liking living in a single family house. Are there any pros and cons to buying and living in a detached condo? Is a detached condominium a good investment? Thanks.

Floyd R

Admin 06.01.2012. 02:28

Pros: If you are not in the health of managing you're own property, you pay monthly fees for grass cutting, snow plowing ect.

no property
neighbors are very close
monthly maintenance fees that will only go up as time goes (i moved in with $100 a month... three years later it is $145 a month).
Landscapers do half ass job (i personally do landscaping in condo associations and most of us simply don't care)
Many things such as additions, remodeling or simply installing a satellite dish need approval from condo association
They can force you to sell your home
Chances are you won't get what you paid for out of it if you decide to sell
limited parking
same price as a house+maintenance fees

Just buy a house in my opinion. You will pay about the same, have some property for children if you have any and if you cannot manage your property, you can pay someone to do so for the same as maintenance fees.


Richard 09.03.2010. 17:36

Hi my question is why at times, can people be so thoughtless and inconsiderate towards others? Recently I have had to deal with noisy and inconsiderate neighbours,and also someones pet constantly fouling on my lawn.Am I being unreasonable to expect others, to behave in an appropriate way. Your comments would be greatly appreciated.Many thanks Rich.


Admin 09.03.2010. 17:36

I think it's usually due to how they were raised. Kids who see their parents act selfishly and rudely without regard to others will mirror that behavior as it is normal for them. I prefer to assume ignorance and politely ask people to clean up after their pets or turn down their music. If they ignore you, you can assume they're just a&sholes and either keep silent to keep the peace or complain to the police and animal control.


Goat Whacker 01.01.2011. 17:24

What is the best way to deal with noisy neighbours? The type of neighbours who are at it all night moaning screaming and banging to such an extent that they wake their neighbours (including children).

Goat Whacker

Admin 01.01.2011. 17:24

talk to them in person and contact the noise patrol having siad that there is one patrol car for the whole of belfast which doesnt help but just keep on reporting to them, if that doesnt work contact your local mp i had to contact the alliance party who were fantastic as i had noisy neighbours and they were moved out within the week, oh and keep a diary of all incidents. good luck


Dr Fluffy 26.04.2012. 19:33

How would you deal with noisy neighbours having loud sex? I could cope with creaking bed but its the womans panting and yelping that is waking me up. Has anyone out there dealt with such a situation before? Or is it just one of those things we have to put up with?

Dr Fluffy

Admin 26.04.2012. 19:33

I've never had this problem but my mate did and he responded by shouting "please, your panting and moaning isn't quite quiet enough - do you mind being a bit louder".

The response was normally quiet and eventually they learnt to be quiet during their activities.



Mr. Lahey 26.02.2009. 21:11

How do you deal with noisy neighbours? The punk above me blasts his hip-hop tunes way too loud in the middle of the day, and when I go up to ask him to turn it down, he won't even answer the door. I've contacted the leasing office of the apartment and they say they're going to deal with it - of course they haven't. I'm pretty tolerant, but I've head enough. Oh yeah, and he's constantly stoned, so reasoning with him is iffy at best.

Any suggestions?

Mr. Lahey

Admin 26.02.2009. 21:11

The only way that I see you fixing this issue is to man up, Wait for the punk to come out to get party supplies and have a man to man talk mentioning that your not only yourself but your guns have asked to be cleaned and polished. They are getting tired of the noise. Maybe drop an alka seltzer in your mouth. When he sees that you are foaming at the mouth and and you explaining the thing about your talking guns will sober a stoned person up in a heartbeat. If all else fails, call the police when you smell the weed burning, let them know that you heard a lady upstairs screaming that he was hurting her and being to rough. They will make up the rest when they find drugs in his apt. They will always come to the aid of a female when they think that they are being attacked, if they come back and say they didn't find any females in the apt say that it might have been on the noise that he was playing


signgirl005 09.02.2010. 21:08

How to deal with a very noisy neighbor? The neighbor above us has one son and everytime he is home he is constantly running around, jumping and a bunch of other things. He has woken me up on numerous occasions and wont stop. Last night he was running around until 11 and was up at like 7 and woke me up. I dont know what to do. Please give me some suggestions. He runs around so much and frequently that the tv shakes, the walls shake and the fan shakes also.


Admin 09.02.2010. 21:08

You should definitely, politely, let your neighbor know that their hellion is causing you much distress. Of course some noise disturbance is understandable when living in a downstairs apartment, especially with a child on the run. But they need to be respectful of your rights as a tenant in that building. If you tell them how you're feeling, and they don't make any moves to tame their little beast, you should definitely contact the landlord and let them know what's going on. They can, at the very least warn them to keep the noise level under control. And, if all else fails, maybe you can move into another open apartment..which really isn't fair. Hope you get everything settled out.


mr cheesy poof 30.01.2007. 22:25

How do I deal with a noisy neighbor? My upstairs neighbors enjoy having rather loud sex at 4am in the morning. I'm happy that someone in the building is getting their grove on but I personally enjoy sleep at that hour. My landlord is doing nothing about this. What should I do?

mr cheesy poof

Admin 30.01.2007. 22:25

I would call the police and say you keep hearing screaming


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