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India is a diverse, multi-cultural country with people of various religions, communities and sects living together in harmony and peace. Each community has its own set of religious rituals, traditions and multitudes of customs inherited from ancestors. Arranged marriage is one such common custom handed down over generations. Arranged marriage has played an important role in Indian marriages. This concept is even today accepted by millions of Indians in India and abroad. Marriages, initiated by elders, were arranged with the help of an 'aunt' or the 'priest'. Over a period of time this has slowly transitioned from the marriage brokers to the newspapers and now onto the Internet.

Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate. Today, there are several matrimonial sites some aimed to a particular community/religion and some to the general public. These sites literally make the world seem a smaller place. The concept of online matrimonial has become increasingly popular because it gives people up-front, at the click of a mouse, access to thousands of eligible singles, which neither newspapers nor marriage bureaus can ever offer. It has tremendously expanded the reach of every marriageable individual by exposing him/her to the millions of eligible Indians who visit these sites. Increasingly, many individuals and families spend their valuable time online searching for the perfect partner for themselves or their loved ones. It is interesting to see that these sites are visited by conservative parents, relatives; who believe in the sanctity of arranged marriages and also by those for whom falling in love is the way to go. is a newly emerged, traditional matrimonial site, which understands the focus of the new age matrimonial net surfers and offers them several attractive services. It represents all major Indian languages and is a beautiful platform for people of diverse background to meet and unite. In the immediate future, plans to offer its members personalized astrological services. These services include individual predictions, horoscope generation, horoscope matching and much more. The site welcomes its user's views and suggestions on the type of services they would like to be provided with.

It is interesting to see how the Indian marriage scene has changed over the years. Though Indians have become tech savvy and jumped on the Internet bandwagon to find the Mr./Mrs. Right, but still the Indian customs, the traditions, the core values remain the same. aims to unite millions of hearts and souls in the future.

About the Author

The author is an computer professional and an Indian. The author is attempting to study the imapct or the influence of Internet and technology on the lives of the Indian community.


elainejhuggins 01.04.2008. 15:49

What is the name of the cloth that is used on an elephant during an Indian wedding ceremony? My daughter is studying India at school, and has been asked to find out what the decorative cloth that is placed on the elephants back for the bride and groom to sit on is called.

We have scoured the internet and can't find it anywhere.

Any help will be greatfully received - she is only 8 and has 5 house points riding on this(which is a big deal at that age)


Admin 01.04.2008. 15:49

seems you work hard than your children any way you remind me of my dad who use to lot of home work stuff for me and scold my class teacher for giving so mammoth and diffcult homeworks

i did search for you i guess answer is JHOOL saddle cloth they decorate elephants with bright colours, jhool., (saddle cloth) and heavy jewellary.

kindly excuse if anser is wrong


Aaron 10.01.2012. 14:34

Can anyone please suggest me where i can get information about NRI Indian bride or groom ? Array


Admin 10.01.2012. 14:34

There are lot of matrimonial sites in the internet where you can get lot of matches according to
your preference. Not only NRI but also a large varity on Indian Bride and groom as well. Most of them are
besicaly free to join but some of them charges few bucks for the premium registrtion as well. I hope it helps you


mandy 02.09.2009. 11:01

what are the advantages of dowry system in india? it is for a debate and am speaking for the topic....


Admin 02.09.2009. 11:01

There should be no transaction of money in a marriage.

However, if you compare it with cultures where the dowry is paid by the men, it is obvious that the Indian system is far better for the women.

In India, the girl (her family) is required to pay a small/big amount to the bridegroom at the time of the wedding. The amount depends on the sub-culture, community etc etc. Although this is why girls are seen as a liability in India, there is one positive.......the girls become the de-facto "buyers".
Its the groom that becomes a commodity and is valued depending upon his earning capacity, family background, educational qualification, looks etc.

Compare this with an African culture where the bride-price is paid by men. In such instances, men treat the women like their purchased property. This also encourages polygamy as the ability to purchase many women is flaunted by men.

Considering the general status of women around the world (and I don't mean the ones with an access to internet and yahoo!answers O-C&G )
it is better for them if the grooms rather than the brides are up for sale.
Of course, the ideal situation is that neither is.


kumar 14.12.2011. 02:13

How many type of marriages told in hindu texts? Array


Admin 14.12.2011. 02:13


from internet , I gathered this;

'' Eight different types of Viv?ha have been documented in the ancient Indian scripture Manu Smrti III.20-34. These eight types of marriages are;

1.Brahma Vivaha: In Brahma marriage once the boy completes his Brahmacharya Ashram (student hood), he is eligible to get married. His parents then approach the parents or guardian of a girl belonging to a good family and same Varna and ask them for the hand of their daughter for their son. The father of the girl also carefully chooses the groom who is well versed in Vedas and of a noble character. This is how a Brahma marriage was arranged. There was no dowry system at that time; a girl came with two garments and a few ornaments only. According to Dharmashastras, "Brahma Vivah" is the best marriage among all.

2.Daiva Vivaha: If the girl is groomed with ornaments and married to a priest during a sacrifice, it is called Daiva Vivah. In this type of marriage the girl's family wait for a reasonable period for a suitable man for their daughter but when nobody turns up they go looking for a groom in such places where a sacrifice is being conducted. According to the Dharmashastra, Daiva marriage is considered inferior to Brahma marriage because it is considered degrading for the womanhood to look for groom.

3.Arsha Vivaha: In this type of marriage the bridegroom gives a cow and a pair of bull to the guardian of girl. Marriages of this type used to happen because the parents of the bride couldn't afford the expense of their daughter's marriage at the right time according to the brahma rite. So the girl is married off to an old sage. The cows, which were taken in exchange of the bride shows that even the groom does not have any remarkable qualities. According to sastras noble marriages had no monetary or business transactions so this kind of marriages were not considered noble.

4.Prajapatya Vivaha: In this type of marriage, the bride's father goes in search for a groom for his daughter. The protection of the bride or daughter is handed over by the father to the bridegroom during the Panigrahan ceremony or the acceptance of the bride's hands. The actual wedding ceremony takes place after Panigrahan.

5.Gandharva Vivaha: However when a man and a woman marry with each others consent but may not have the consent of their family then this wedding is called Gandharva Vivah or 'love marriage'.

6.Asura Vivaha: In the Asura type of marriage the groom is not at all suitable for the bride . In no way is he a match for the girl but willingly gives as much wealth as he can afford to the bride's parents and relatives. In Arsha type cows are given in exchange for the bride but there is no compulsion like the Asura type. Even the groom is also not so rich and powerful like his counterpart in Asura type.

7.Rakshasa Vivaha: In the case where the bride is willing however, the family of the bride are not, the bride is forcefully taken from the family. A famous example is Krishna (Avatar of Vsnu)takes Rukmini (Avatar of Lakshmi)

8.Paishacha Vivaha: In the case where the bride is intoxicated, possessed or not in a conscious state of mind when being married and thus is married unwillingly, is an example Paishacha vivaha, which has been outlawed by Manu''


jj_86 10.10.2008. 06:57

another dream in need of a meaning? ok, last time i had the dream about the car crash and the conv. between my gf and the doctor. Well this dream was similar, but also dif. if that makes any sense. In this dream I was getting married, and it seemed like a wonderful thing everyone was smiling, and it was a beautiful sunny day. The problem was... i was not the groom, i was the bride, and i was a beautiful young woman, and in the dream i seemed happy. Is my subconcious trying to tell me something here or are these simply just dreams?


Admin 10.10.2008. 06:57

Just so that you know you need a "Dream Weaver" with the Native American Indians to interpret this for you as they would be the only ones who could. You might look it up on the Internet and see what you can find. Any one else would only give you what you want to hear where a Dream Weaver will be able to fully interpret it for you.

Good luck and May God Bless!


slantedhand 15.10.2006. 10:48

I've been asked to officiate my best friends wedding in March - where can I turn for help? Books, wedsites, advice, all welcome!
I want to create something very special and unique to them, but I need a place to start


Admin 15.10.2006. 10:48

I would browse a large bookstore for wedding books and look for wedding ceremonies, readings, and vows, you will get a lot of ideas there.
one good way is also to look for websites of other wedding officiants - browse on the internet - you can even email them - they will often send you an outline of a "typical" wedding ceremony - or they will have it posted on their website. that gives you an idea of the flow, and they even have samples of readings that are popular, so you can get an idea.

You have to find out how formal/informal, how religious/nonreligious/ or spiritual the ceremony is supposed to be.

Once you have an idea about the outline and "tone" of the ceremony you work on making it personal and memorable:
to make it really special - i would consider:
asking the bride and groom to separately fill out a questionaire about -where and how they met-what they were thinking after their first date, how the proposal went, what they love best about the other person-what they hope for their future together and so on, you can incorporate that in what you will say during the ceremony, and it will make it very personal
also suggest to the bride and groom to incorporate/and investigate their heritage or customs from their own countries/families/ancestry -whether it may be Irish or Italian or Indian or whatever, that will be a nice touch.

Hope that helps!
Best of luck! You'll do great!


gamemaster 01.11.2012. 03:18

Indian arranged marriages? Can you explain the process of getting married in India like who picks the bride and groom and what are the traditions in getting married, what do they wear? where do they get married, engagement, reception, etc.


Admin 01.11.2012. 03:18

These days, much of it is done on the internet through sites like

Millions of brides and grooms place their profile

Each profile will have
1. Photo
2. Religion
3. Language ( India has 30 major languages )
4. Caste ( each caste has a unique culture and set of habits )
5. Diet ( Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian). About 25% of Indians are vegetarian, mostly upper castes
6. Education
7. Family details about siblings and parents
8. Whether never married or previously married. Never married has much higher marker value

These sites can screen by religion, caste, diet, etc
Then you come up with a bunch of profiles

If you like a profile, you contact them by clicking

If they like you back, they will contact you back

Then you investigate their family, for scandals such as whether anyone in their family married out of religion etc

Then you set up the meeting of relatives to discuss dowry etc
Then there is an interview between bride and groom

If all steps pass, then the marriage occurs


traditionlover 19.01.2012. 07:18

Hi south indians , is it the way? Hi every one I want to know . actually I am awaiting a proper answer in yahoo mail for long time but received only partial assistance so far correct reply . my friend is a member of for more than a year . is providing beautiful about brides and bridegrooms . i found that its safe also its providing free service . my friend got married to a beautiful girl 21 years old with help of

but when try to register in it i am getting a popup like " do you want to move to a secure page " and its giving yes or no . what must i click . should I click yes for it .

He was getting perfect details about BEAUTIFUL , good looking well educated BRIDE'S DETAILS he didnt pay any charge (i am 100% sure about this ) and he is a free member .

even some of my other friends are also free member of it . THEY DIDNT ask ANY CHARGE . HOW IS IT POSSIBLE . ALSO could any one tell me is it still free . i want to join it . what are the details of it .

I did a lot of research and investigated and SUCCESSFULLY found that the website WWW.SHREEVARI.CO.IN are not charging and is a perfectly good website , they are providing free service and is a proper official and a safe website but want other details too .

i understand its a safe good and perfect website but i dont know how to register in it . what all the details needed to register free for it.

i dont know about internet much . I need informations about the way how to register in it .

please help me in this . need it urgent as i need to look for brides details and brides grooms details for my relation


Admin 19.01.2012. 07:18

If it is free then jump in.But it looks as you are canvasing for it,am I correct.Hoshiar hai re kole.


keepinitoldskool 25.11.2008. 07:24

Check out what others are asking on this site lol? I searched "Why do people" and there are some questions I couldn't help noticing

Why do people use terms like "fibromyalgia" or "chronic fatigue syndrome" or "irritable bowel syndrome"?

Why do people put bride and groom figures on top of wedding cakes? Who was the first to do this?

Why do poor people have children if they cant support them?

I got suspended for wearing a shirt to school that said : Why Do People With No Lives Keep Reading My Shirt?
Why? :(

I'm Indian so why do people in my family look caucasian/chinese?

Why do people use the internet as an opportunity to be *ssholes?!?!?

Why do people lock their internet?

Why do people like discriminate each-other? ?

why do people say building even if it is built?

Why do people ask questions that mock God the creator or heaven and earth?

Why Do People Make Fun Of Discover Card?

Why do Japanese people either have perfect teeth or bad teeth?

why is people so mean to Bush.?

Why do they call it "taking a dump"?

why do people from the UK have yellow teeth?

why do people's shoes fall off when they get run over?


Admin 25.11.2008. 07:24

why is people so mean to Bush.?

I bet Bush wrote it.


saggie 14.05.2008. 07:31

hi i got married on 15th of march 2008 at delhi. how shud i get my marriage cetified? Array


Admin 14.05.2008. 07:31

Hi: Congratulations on getting married. One must obtain marriage certificate from the competent authority, as early as possible. One can get marriage certificate from the Office of the Marriage Registrar. Few other organizations like municipal corporations are also authorized to issue marriage certificate, but for this you will have to check locally.

Documents required: Your school leaving certificate showing date of birth, your identity proof say PAN card, your residence proof say electricity bill, ration card or telephone bill, educational qualifications, photographs and fees. Same documents apply for your better half. You also need to submit date of marriage, venue of marriage and printed marriage invitation card. If you do not have printed marriage invitation card, you will have to take an affidavit sworn before notary. Few marriage registrars ask for attested copies of all above explained documents. Sometimes name and signature of priest who solemnized your marriage is also required. I think this priest signature is mandatory in Maharashtra.

Marriage ceremony photograph will also be required. This picture must show faces of bride and groom clearly. Better you carry few extra copies.

Application: You need to apply in prescribed format. Such forms are available on Internet too, you can search and download this form. Get acquainted with various form fields so that you are actually prepared for post marriage adversaries. (Joking)

Witness: You need 3-4 witnesses for signing your marriage application forms. Two from each side. Their photos and identification documents like PAN card will also be required. Keep their address proofs ready, to avoid last minute glitch.

Fees: It depends on which date you are getting married and on which date you are applying for marriage registration. It is in slabs, Say slab 1 rs. 50 within 30 days of marriage. Say slab 2 rs. 200 within 90 days of marriage and say slab 3 within 365 days of marriage. People were found applying the marriage certificate even in their retirement ages. For visiting few countries marriage certificate is must.

Procedure: Application, scrutiny, signature before the registrar. Pay fees and collect certificate. At the most second visit is required. Its good to visit government offices, they are equally romantic.

Precautions: Agents will surely help you get marriage certificate with ease and at a fee. They will also charge you some extra money under the head of tip to officials. There is no need to pay any extra money or bribe to anybody and prove you as a good Indian Citizen.

Best wishes


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