Peace Breaks Out

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Peace Breaks Out

By: Janette Blackwell

In that spring of 1946, when he heard the Bauser boys were back from the navy, Daddy hired one of them to help with spring plowing. He didn't give Barry Bauser any instructions. Everyone knows how to plow. He just hitched the plow to the John Deere tractor and waved his hand in the direction of the field to be plowed, which was the field right next to our house.

" Yes, sir! " said the Bauser boy cheerfully, giving Daddy a favorable impression of what he'd learned in the navy.

The Bauser boy felt good that day. It was spring. He had expected in the spring of 1945 to die fighting the Japanese before the spring of 1946. Instead he was not only alive but whole. And not only whole but healthy. And not only healthy but free: free of the navy, free as a bird. Life rose within him and overflowed. He climbed onto the John Deere tractor, started its wonderfully noisy engine, gunned the motor, and took off around the field, the plow following behind him.

Now, he started out all right. You could see by looking at the field that he had. The first time he went around the field, young Barry plowed a slightly erratic but passable furrow. But, as his spirits rose, so did the speed of the John Deere. Which you might think was a good thing, he certainly thought was a good thing, but it was not in fact a good thing.

Most likely, when Barry was a boy, he plowed with a team of horses, and horses have better sense than to speed along while plowing. Plowing with a team is a dull, slow, plodding job. But when you urge a tractor to get up speed, the tractor takes real interest in your request. And, for whatever reason but probably for that reason, driving the John Deere went not only to Barry's head but to his foot. And as young Barry's foot hit the accelerator, the engine roared louder and louder.

Which sounded good to Barry Bauser, you bet.

The tractor roared along at about thirty miles an hour -- twenty-five miles an hour faster than it was meant to go with a plow behind it.

And the plow? The plow tried to follow. It flew through the air for a few feet, landed with a thud, plowed a few feet of earth, and then took off in another flying leap. The effect was rather like that of a jackrabbit chasing a dog.

Daddy came in the house and got Mamma and Davie and me to come out and see what was going on. As we stood in our back yard gazing, the Bauser boy assumed we were admiring his technique. He waved cheerfully as he and the bounding plow sped past. Davie and I waved back. It looked like he was having a lot of fun, we thought. (Well, he was having a lot of fun.) Mamma and Daddy looked grim.

" I don't know whether to laugh or cry, " said Mamma.

" Me either, " said Daddy.

But as they watched they looked more and more like people who'd gotten a kink in their innards.

" You ought to stop him, " said Mamma. " He'll ruin that plow. Probably ruin the tractor too. "

But Daddy pretended he hadn't heard. He hated criticizing people and making scenes.

At noon Daddy told the Bauser boy he wouldn't be needing him any more. He gave him a big silver dollar, standard pay for a full day's work. He should by rights have paid him fifty cents, or even nothing at all, considering what had happened to the tractor, the plow, and the field, but Daddy was not about to get a reputation as a penny pincher. He handed over the dollar.

That afternoon Daddy put on clean overalls and his second-best hat and went around the neighborhood to inquire sadly for a replacement for Barry Bauser. He thought he'd better try someone who had been in the army or the marines, he said. Young Barry had shaken his trust in the U.S. Navy.

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"Janette Blackwell is the author of an unusual cookbook: Steamin' Down the Tracks with Viola Hockenberry." "Peace Breaks Out" is an excerpt from that book. Find out more at


Anonymous 15.08.2008. 04:38

In the book Peace Breaks Out, which students were given the keys to the school? In the book Peace Breaks Out i cant remember what did you have to do to get a key to the school?
Be like in the honors program? HELP!



Admin 15.08.2008. 04:38

omgg i have onthis tomarrow.
it was the athletes who excelled who were seen as the creme de la creme of the school. like tug blackburn adn cotty donaldson.


Sid S 22.10.2008. 04:34

How does one go about dominating the new emerging world? The world is rapidly changing around us every year, even if some don't notice. Nature is becoming more fragile and destructive, and humans are progressing rapidly towards a new world order (America dominated or otherwise).

So reading through a song lyric, there were three steps to take over the world:
How to conquer the world in three easy steps,

Phase 1: it's how it began
They got your consent right from the start, to get this global government to come to a part.
Kill those, who oppose and see through the lies.
Bunker up with politics and foreign disguise.
Brainwash the masses through media control
Tear down religion, now we're deep in your soul.

How to conquer the world in three easy steps,

Phase 2: I'm talking to you;
Destroy education to remove any threat,
Engage all the workers in unplayable debt,
Create your opponent in a neighboring land,
Protect your own people with a?,
Run both sides in a global war,
Cut them to the teeth so you can settle the score.

Phase 3: It's the only way to be;
Peace breaks out. Then you hit them again,
Remember they are cattle and we're better than them,
Create kinds of disease without any cure,
Roll them back just because we keep all the cure,
Time is at hand to remove the disguise,
Conqueror of the world, the ultimate prize.
- Ewigkeit - How To Conquer The World

Would you think these steps could be taken and one could potentially dominate if not take over? What disease could be used?

Sid S

Admin 22.10.2008. 04:34

These steps have already been taken. They do control the media, they block stories all the time (see documentary OutFoxed) religion was torn apart from the start. The Vatican destroyed many parts of the bible that did not fit their message. Our education system is ridiculous. They don't teach anything about world history, besides the wars america was involved in. Both sides of both WW1 and WW2 were financed by the same people. As for disease, you could argue that cancer treatment is being suppressed, and that it is a modern disease, caused by chemicals and radiowaves that we use.

Interesting song, never heard it before. And to those who still havent realized what is going on, please research this on your own. Find out for yourself what is going on in the world, and for the sake of mankind STOP WATCHING FOX NEWS, and the rest of the corporate media propaganda.


sdkfjdk 11.10.2007. 21:51

The refugees from Africa that were given homes and jobs in USA cities? They will never return back to their homes, right? Even if peace breaks out where they came from?
I've no opinion on this one way or another. I was thinking about this as I volunteer at a homeless soup kitchen now and then and noticed not one of the refugees use it, where all the people who use it are natives. Naturally the thought comes whether the refugees are not wanting for money and food. Why couldnt the same occur for the native homeless?


Admin 11.10.2007. 21:51

Of course they will not return. Most refugees leave because they have no home left.


Haseeb 22.03.2009. 21:47

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Admin 22.03.2009. 21:47

Go to and get a new one. Have the guy at your nearest Verizon Wireless store put it in, though.


Redmonk 31.12.2006. 10:36

Americans appear to sanction giving donations to the IRA but what if the position were reversed? I raised a question yesterday asking Americans to comment on their long standing funding (by donations) to the IRA and aked if 9/11 had changed their minds along with the fact that Britain is the only western country acctually wholhartedly supporting them. The answers so far indicate that most Americans will continue to donate to the IRA ,whatever, knowing full well that British soldiers have been and if the present peace breaks down will be killed as a result. So, in light of that, would Americans be upset if members of the British public donated to islamic factions say Bin Larden to bomb America and kill American soldiers. Especialy members of the families of the soldiers your donations had helped to kill. Do you think that would be fair and help us to continue to be freinds.
MK6--Thats the point I am making, in Britain it is illegal to make such donations but in reality what would be the difference, if Americans can make donations to kill British subjects why should the familys of those you have helped to kill not do the same to balance things out. I supose you Americans would call it pay back time. Perhapes it would do the average American good to never know if he/she were going to get home at night or get on a bus and be blown to bits as we have experienced over the last hundred years.
RMF--the IRA have slaughted whole familys including children and babies,before you make comments of that nature learn your facts


Admin 31.12.2006. 10:36

The problem with USA support for the IRA it is based on a romantic notion of Irish Nationalism.

Most Americans do not know or understand anything about the history or political dimension - and the fact that the six counties of Ulster came from a poliical negotiation that enabled independance for the rest of Ireland while ensuring a home for the Unionist Irish who wished to remain part of the UK.

The Irish lobby in the USA is very powerful, and neither party can afford to offend them. Their main support is in the Democrats with the odious Teddy Kennedy being their chief cheerleader.

They have managed to paint a rosy picture of "The Struggles" as a fight by romantic Irish Nationalists to try and reclaim their country.

In reality, the true fight is from the decent pro-British citizens of Ulster who are trying to keep their country and their birthright and are doing so totally legally within the bounds the 1929 Six Counties Agreement.

Northern Ireland is as British as Alaska is American. If a "seperatist" group was formed in Alaska and started shooting and bombing innocent people to try and get a breakaway government the people of America would demand the government stepped in and did something about it. That is exactly what the British Government has done in Northern Ireland.

And if, God forid, British people started raising money to finance some Alaskan terrorist group, I can only imagine the outcry and indignation from the American people - yet that is EXACTLY what they are doing when they support the IRA.


Alexis M 23.03.2009. 01:00

What happened in Europe after the Congress of Vienna? I know that the peace was broken, but how/when was is broken?

Alexis M

Admin 23.03.2009. 01:00

A paragraph i wrote for an essay real quick a couple days ago, didn't edit it. It talks about weather it was successful in making europe stable which was its point. So ya there a little bit of it. I have a very intensive outline on details after it. So if you think my answer was the best i can always give you the more specifics.

The congress of Vienna proved to be a great success in gaining Europeans stability at first, but then set Europe up for a century of wars. The congress met after napoleons extensive military career was put to an end, and the main order was to maintain peace in Europe. Their main goal was to restore status quo antebellum, thus they turned back the clocks to the year 1793. Although there were no great rewards and no great punishments many changes occurred. France gave up all land conquered by napoleon, and returned to the land to pre napoleon. This gave them a smaller territory, but not too little. They had enough still that revenge thoughts were kept to a minimum. The monarchy of France was restored which reversed all the bloodshed of the French revolution. None the less the new monarch kept the peace with the people. The German confederacy was formed to replace the HRE and settle land disputes, and to make it stable the number of states within the confederation was shrunk from 300 to 39, as finalized in the act of confederation. Europe stayed peaceful for almost 40 years until the Crimean war in 1854. For the next century though Europe was nothing but a war zone, which was primed by the congress of Vienna. The congress set up Europe in two main ways. First, most of Europe was pushing for democracy and had flourishing nationalism, as seen in the French revolution. When the congress of Vienna replaced the monarch these ideals were repressed until later. This uprising of ideals can be seen in 1848 with the Liberal nationalist revolutions and in Sarajevo in June 1914. Secondly, it brought Russia into Western Europe, this was perhaps the biggest mistake, and led to the Russo-Turkish wars and Russia?s involvement in WWI. So while the congress of Vienna proved to be a great success for over 40 years in stabilizing Europe, it also set up Europe for a century of war that would start in 1854.



Will Americans now take on protecting themselves against the terrorists as obama is not getting the job done? the danish artist that drew a cartoon of muhammud had to lock himself and his 5 year old granddaughter in a safe room when a crazed knife wielding religion of peace adherent broke in
his house!


Admin 02.01.2010. 15:10

it is either that or die.


Aaron 08.08.2010. 15:02

After the start of the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo, we should have taken over all the oil in the Middle East, yes? It is the Manifest Destiny of Western Civilization to conquer the world for freedom and human rights, so let's get it done, and the sooner the better. Then peace will break out and we can spend all our time and money on enlightenment and the higher things, science, arts, etc.


Admin 08.08.2010. 15:02

You are a century+ out of date, son. We haven't conquered a region/area/country in a LONG time despite easily having the power to do so.

We use business.

The idea that being Imperialist is "Bad" goes hand-in-hand with "Being Rich is Bad".

It's utter nonsense spread by those who want the USA to be "fair" and stop competing so other countries have a chance, like those countries are just aching for a chance to make it fair for all those THEY compete against. It's silliness, or worse, a deliberate attempt to sabotage the USA efforts to succeed in favor of another country(countries).

Why would we do that?

At the same time, we have ethics, we do not conquer nations in the way you suggest. We compete, we give them options, choices, suggest freedoms, and then deal with them by spreading our values of freedom and a free market, free speech, freedom of religion, etc.

Iraq we invaded to protect Kuwait and finally ended the war after a decade of waiting for the UN to DO something to prevent us having to fight at two-front war.

Afghanistan was due to the fact that they had adopted the Taliban and Al-Quida as part of their own government and had sponsored the 99/11 attack.


Jess 06.01.2011. 05:16

What compromise did the Treaty or Peace of Augsburg attempt to make between Catholic and Lutheran rulers and? What compromise did the Treaty or Peace of Augsburg attempt to make between Catholic and Lutheran rulers and their followers? Was this compromise successful?


Admin 06.01.2011. 05:16

The compromise was, that both catholic and protestants had a right to exist and that the people of a country had to have the same religion as the ruler of the country. This formula was called Cuius regio, eius religio (latin for whos the land, whos the religion). A catholic king had only catholic subjects and the other way round.

It did work out for a generation and brought peace to europe, but when a new generation grew up and religous leaders became more agressive the peace broke.

I do not think the peace in itself was a stupid solution or the cornerstone for new war.


zman 10.12.2010. 05:39

Is it true that tax cuts for the rich cure cancer? It seems that if only we cut taxes for rich people who make over $250,000, then all our problems will be solved. The economy will come roaring back. The budget will be magically balanced even though we just reduced government revenue. Because, remember, tax cuts pay for themselves. Cut taxes to zero and government revenue will skyrocket to infinity! Peace will break out in the middle east, and cancer will be cured. True or not? Please, I want to believe. But it sounds too good to be true.


Admin 10.12.2010. 05:39

Well, the GOP seems to think so... Cuz They're peddling Them as fast as They Can !! ;)


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