Protecting The Family Pet

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Protecting The Family Pet

By: Thaddeus Collins

Ever since the beginning of time there has always been the pet and the family, today’s pets have become an integral part of the family, and even considered by some to be a part of the family. With this relationship being so vital, protection of the family pet is a major concern of many pet owners.

Each year millions of pets are reported lost or found, but a large majority of these members of the family are never reunited with their owners. The main reason for this is lack of identification is because most pets do not have a pet collar or identification tag to contact the owner if they are found, and the ones that do contain obsolete or outdated contact information. There are many ways to tag a pet, but the pet collar is, and has always been the most recognize method of identifying the pet, and its owner for those who find a lost pet.

The remedy for this dilemma seems simple, just buy them a new pet tag every time you move or change contact information. The problem with this solution is that buying them a new tag with every change can become a bit expensive in an upwardly mobile society. The best alternative is to register with a service that provides a unique tracking number for your pet, and provides free lifetime updating of your contact information.

One company that provides this service is RecoveryPets.Com, and their website is located at The services they offer includes pet registration with a unique identification number, and the register will receive a pet identification tag and pocket card with this identification number on both items. The service is internet based and is accessible from any computer in the world that has internet connection, and they provide unlimited lifetime of contact information, along with a webpage that contains a description of the pet, photograph, and up to ten contact numbers or emails.

Ensuring that our pets are safe is a major concern for many pet owners, and providing a way to recover a lost pet is just as important. With the advent of the internet, recovering pets has become increasingly easier, but it still takes an undertaking on the part of the owner to make sure that their four legged family member is protected.

About The Author

Thaddeus Collins is the owner of RecoveryPets.Com and they specialize in the global recovery of lost pets using a unique tracking number. For more information visit


Elizabeth and Tommi 09.02.2013. 19:53

Are Caucasian Ovcharka dogs good with other family pets? Would a caucasian ovcharka (also known as a caucasian shepherd or a caucasian mountain dog) be good with other animals? Let's say if they were to live on a farm, with farm animals and other dogs and cats? I've heard that they consider any family pet to be there pack so they would be protective and loving towards these other animals, but does anyone have any experience with this? The dog would obviously be well socialized and raised around other animals and people. Have you ever owned one? What are your experiences?

Elizabeth and Tommi

Admin 09.02.2013. 19:53

The breed was created to protect and its VERY serious about its job. It has no use for humans, it does bond with a flock or a herd well.
It is used in Russia as a prison dog and as a guard dog to protect missile silos. It does have HUGE aggression issues and its not a pet, its a working animal and needs to be treated as such.


(//_-) 01.12.2007. 03:22

Could i have a Maremma Dog as a family pet? I am considering getting a Maremma dog for a pet. I can remember having one as a kid and although it was usually out in the paddock guarding sheep when it came up to the house we used to play with it and it was the most beautiful and friendly dog. I know that they are bred for guarding livestock but would it be ok if i had one for just a family pet. I live in the country and have a huge yard and i can assure the dog will have plenty of attention as i work from home and the kids are always home. By the way i have 5 kids aged 7-16.


Admin 01.12.2007. 03:22

Of course, it would be a great family pet. Just like beagles aren't only for hunting, etc.

They are strong to protect, so kids will actually be safer. They should not be vicious at all, so as long as you get one from a good breeder, no worries. I once met one, and he was "mothing" some kittens the family was fostering. They were clawing him and attacking him, and he barely moved the whole time. They also had a 10 year old which the dog also got on with greatly. They only down-side is their size, but if you have a large yard, exersice should not be problem. Do not keep him outside unsupervised though, which includes tying him up. This can actually bring out aggression. It's best to have him indoors, preferbly crate trained as the above poster suggested. This will help with training and being able to control such a big dog.

Here's some good info:


purplepeople 01.04.2009. 03:08

What was Casey Anthony protecting her family from when she refused to cooperate in the search for Caylee? She stated she wasn't revealing certain things about Caylee's where-abouts because she was protecting her family? From what? From finding out the baby was buried in her old pet cemetery/hang-out?


Admin 01.04.2009. 03:08

It was all BS, she wasn't protecting them from anything..with all the stories she's told, I guess she started to run out of idea's..and came up with that crap/


Katie 15.04.2013. 13:55

What is a good dog breed for a family pet and protection? German Shepherd? I won't be getting a dog for a couple of years but wanted to start my research now in picking the best breed for us. My partner and I were looking at a breed that was slightly larger as my partner will sometimes be on night duties at work and we wanted a dog that would be a good family pet for when we have children but that would be good at protecting the home when its just me in the house. We thought a German Shepherd would be a good breed. I have always loved French bulldogs and have grown up with a smaller dog (half pug, half westie cross) who is a lovely dog, but again we thought a bigger dog would be better for us as reassurance when my partner is working so I feel safer in the house. However, if anyone can suggest a breed that would be better for us then that would be great. No huskies though.
Sorry we can't have an American Pit Bull Terrier as they are illegal in the UK and I don't want anything too aggressive.
*Sorry I DONT want an aggressive dog at all or one for protection only! Just one that is good as a family pet but that would bark if there was someone in the house. Those who have been burgled will know what it feels like. As I said before I have a pug/westie cross who didn't react at all to having an intruder in the house, however my dad was in the house. So it just goes to show that not all dogs react to intruders. But as I will be on my own or with children in my house I would like a larger dog that would make me feel safer. I am in no way looking for a dog purely for protection or to be aggressive towards people and I am sorry if I have offended anyone. A good family dog is the number 1 priority and one that is good with children. That is why I was wondering if German Shepherds are good with children.


ElLiBeLLi 08.01.2013. 01:05

What is the best dog for a family pet/security? My fiancÚ and I are looking in to getting a dog in the next few months. We want a large breed dog that will protect its family, as my fiancÚ is in the Navy and I'll be home alone for extended periods of time. We don't want an aggressive dog though. We plan on starting a family in the next few years and it had to be a family dog. We were thinking about either a Husky or a German Shephard, as we've both had them before and love both breeds. What are your thoughts? What breed would be best for us?
I'm not an idiot. I have raised many breeds before. My work is actually with animals, mainly dogs and cats. I know what I'm getting myself into. I also believe I said that we're looking into getting one in a few months when we get our place (a house, not an apartment or on base housing.) I didn't ask for your opinion on whether or not we should get a dog. We're getting a dog. I was I ly asking what kind you thought we should get. Thank you for those who actually answered. I looked into the Dobermans and I really like them. I also love pits. They're very sweet dogs. Thank you very much.


Admin 08.01.2013. 01:05

Rottweilers are the best. My family had one for twelve years and she was an amazing family dog and guard dog. She always could sense when we were uncomfortable (even scared off a potential kidnapper from my Mom!!) but she also knew to be nice to people who were our friends. Rottweilers get a bad wrap because of dogfighting and abuse cases and movies, but they are perfect. Super smart, protective and tolerant of little kid antics. My little brother and I could pull our dog's tail and fur and ears and she would simply get up and leave, never EVER bite. Cleo was a good girl. We all miss her a lot, and would love to get another Rottie again!

Hope this helps!


Bethany 10.04.2013. 22:06

Why is my 8 year old Springer acting scared at night? My family pet Springer Spaniel is 8 years old and sleeps at the top of our stairs and has never been bothered. However, recently before bed he has started shaking, sitting very close to me (practically on my feet) and pushing my bedroom door open to sleep in my room. I thought he was protecting me because im pregnant but hes started acting like this around my mum and dad too. Its strange. This isn't like him and is scaring me. Any clues to whats going on?


Admin 10.04.2013. 22:06

could something have scared him also take him to vets just to be on the safe side


Escape 22.08.2007. 01:33

How can I convince my parents to buy (or let me buy) a German Shepherd puppy for my birthday? How can I convince my parents to let me buy a german shepherd puppy for my birthday? We have SEVEN dogs....Not all of which are mine. My brother feeds the dogs, but I promise to feed the german shepherd if I buy it. I also have a siberian husky- who my mom tells me all the time "I ignore" because I don't walk him daily or let him run around (hello, he's a husky- if he gets out of his pen it's like "bye, Charlie, see you tomorrow"- he runs away).
I want a German shepherd because I think it would be a ideal property/livestock guardian, a show animal and family pet.
I can't get a car for my birthday, or my license (b/c I got the permit soooo late) and I think a puppy would be a great way to remember my birthday for years to come- something to protect us from coyotes.
Any ideas on how to convince them? I know, I know- we have A LOT of dogs- but I have a job: I can buy the dog food for the puppy and get her her shots. Any suggestions on pursuading my parents?


Admin 22.08.2007. 01:33

i think that you could say that youve always wanted a german sheperd and that you will do what ever it takes to take care of the dog and you know that you will like


Tanner Istre 07.06.2013. 02:31

What do i need to know to own a wolf as a pet? What are some things I nees to know to own a wolf pet. Also I live in southern louisiana so it gets hot here is that okay? And where can I find one at? I'm looking for one almost pure wolf. I'm not usimg these dogs for anything else but a family pet and home protection. I just love wolves

Tanner Istre

Admin 07.06.2013. 02:31

Domesticated dogs are used for home protection.
A wolf would not protect your home because it is not domesticated, therefore it will not consider "your home" it's home, and it will want to leave and live as it should be living.

If you REALLY want one, get a wolf-dog, they're half-wolf-half-dog and they are called "hybrids"
But they don't make very good pets. I have a friend who runs a sanctuary for them, even though they're half dog they're still half wolf, meaning that they are very skittish and sometimes downright terrified of humans.

When I was little my Grandpa caught a black wolf cub in the mountains, he brought it home and he raised it to be a "house pet", well that never happened because the wolf was not domesticated and it was fearsome of humans. They ended up chaining him up outside, (what a wonderful life -___-) and there was only one person the wolf would allow near it without trying to attack - which was my grandpa because he bottle-fed him from a pup.. It was pitiful.

Just leave them in their natural habitat. You might think they're fascinating, which they are, but they would be much happier left alone in the wild.

Get a dog - here are some who LOOK like wolves, Siberian huskies, Alaskan malamutes.


Alan R 04.07.2008. 05:22

What breed of dogs is good for a family? My father recently passed away and my family is looking for a dog that is good with children and strangers and other dogs but will protect our family at night or from intruders

also we would like it if the dog didnt shed much (minimally)

Alan R

Admin 04.07.2008. 05:22

Hi there!

Personally I have chosen a golden retriever - actually, I have 23 goldens and golden mixes! And while breed is very important, it's temperament that is truly the issue.

Mixed breeds, goldens, dachshunds, and many other breeds can and will make wonderful family pets. I've even seen rotties make amazing family pets (I have one of those, too!) - it's really all in the personality and the raising (the way you treat and train them) that makes the difference. I've had mutts become my 'Soul Dog' and steal my heart - it doesn't always matter what the breed is, but it always matters how they take to you and respond to you from the moment you lay your eyes on them.

Also, you need to consider the following questions in your search for the best breed for you and your family:

1.) Your child's/children's age, maturity level and ability to handle the additional responsibility

2.) The size of your home and yard (fenced in or not, near heavy traffic, other dogs nearby, pet deposit, carpets or hardwood floors, do you have a dog door to a fenced in yard, etc.)

3.) The time you will have to spend with your new family member to train, socialize, groom and love them (will someone be there during the day, will they be crated while you are gone, do they have access to food/water/outside, does someone have time to walk them or take them to the park or pet store to socialize, etc.)

4.) The amount of money you are willing to spend (some breeds cost more to buy, feed and maintain, or are you looking to adopt/rescue? Can you afford their shots, healthy and high quality food, bed, toys, training, grooming, etc.)

5.) Any allergies in the family (to dust, pet dander, hair, etc.)

6.) Male or female (temperaments are different per breed based on sex and even hair length - for instance, my mother has 7 mini dachshunds, 4 short hair & 3 long hair - the personality traits of the short haired are different than the long haired. She also finds her dachshunds to be more difficult to train than I have found my goldens and golden mixes to be!) Also, you will want to get them 'fixed' by the time they are 1 - this helps with aggression, mess, personality and over-population.

7.) Do you have other pets (of any kind) or plan on getting other pets in the future?

If you can answer some of the above questions, we can get a better idea of what you are looking for and need, and that way we can help you find the best breed(s) for you and your family!

After all, there is nothing worse than getting a dog based on someone else's suggestion, or the way it looks, or just that it happened to be free and there in front of you, then finding out that dog (and breed) is not want you want/need/can handle, and having to find it a new home or give it to the pound to be killed (or worse yet, have it injure a family member or another pet!)

I hope this helps, and I would love to help in any way I can - just ask!



J 14.11.2011. 12:08

How to help my family survive a disaster on a low budget? I wouldn't go as far as saying i'm a "doomsdayer" however i think that something might happen and i want to protect my family....
unfortunately im only fourteen and everyone thinks im stupid for thinking like this

this means that i only have a tiny amount of emergency supplies and i was hoping if anyone could give me advice on how to get more with a very small budget.

i'm not talking secret bunker, only enough to give us a slight advantage over the average person.


Admin 14.11.2011. 12:08

J, I am glad you are thinking about what you would do in an emergency.
Several of us worked on a similar type question. I will ask you to go look at those answers.;_ylt=ApW0dKtL3ukuqrqbQCslFBvty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111107085420AAsO5YV

Read the best answer as well as the others you will get here. Then sit down with a paper and pen and start a list. What can I do at my age? Could you put in a hide away a package or two of food that would not be missed from your family's pantry? You want something easy.

Do you have pets? They will need water and food also.

If you have a home phone that has memory dial and on your cell phone program phone # ICE. The first time I learned of this trick was in London after the buses were bombed. The non EMT picked up the cell phone and looked at all of the number and which one do I call to tell them that this person is hurt? So the call went out to program in ICE. In Case Of Emergency. I put a space on my ICE so it goes to the top of the list. I have ICE 1 spouse. ICE 2 kid. ICE 3 kid. I did the same thing on my home phone and my list of numbers.

Can you find a cheap back pack that you could put together for a quick grab and go bag? If so gather the same things mentioned on both questions.

Water, Store water in soda or juice bottles. Milk jugs are the first to leak. You could put filled water bottles in a box under your bed. Change the water every six months or so. Take them out to your garden and water the plants and then refill the bottles and back under the bed they go.
You want something to eat that does not have to be cooked.
Light and batteries and they are expensive.
First aid kit.

If you know a disaster is coming, say a hurricane - snow storm expected to take out the lights, then you can grab it and go or have it to care for yourself if you have to stay. You will always need more water than expected. If staying at home, fill a bath tub and maybe even the washer with water. You can at least use to flush.

You have great answers.

The ones that survive are usually the ones with some plans. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.



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