Summer Survival

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Summer Survival

By: Amy Allen Clark

Summer Survival

The summer season is here and along with it comes summer vacation for the school-aged kids. Moms are now responsible for coming up with the ideas and curriculum for their children and I am the first to admit that by the summer my creative juices have just about run out. How can you make summer another time of fun and enjoyment rather than boredom? And just how do you do this on a budget? There are lots of great things that you can do this summer and ways to keep organized when doing it. Here are a few of Mom Advice's suggestions for summer survival:


Rather than taking one long vacation in the summer, break your vacations into smaller and more affordable activities. Some suggestions are hitting area zoos, amusement parks, local festivals, and museums. By taking smaller vacations, you have a few things to look forward to rather than just one event. Check out some books from your local library on activities that you can do within your own state and then research on how to get the best price. Talk about your vacation plans with friends and see if they know of any places that are cheap to stay at or where you can get coupons for money off of tickets. Ask your library as well if they offer any season passes that you can take advantage of. One of our local libraries had a pass to the art museum which library patrons could check out for the day gaining them free admittance into the local museums and galleries. We checked these out and saved thirty dollars every time we hit one of these places. Call in advance though because you may be competing with another family for the same day.

If you are planning a vacation to another state or even within your own state, visit the state's visitor's bureau website to get a packet of information and coupons for the state. For example, we were planning a trip to Cedar Point in Ohio so I requested a packet of information to be sent to me by the visitor's bureau. Within this packet of information was a gold mine of coupons for the amusement park including buy one get one free admissions which saved us over twenty-five dollars.

Stocking Up

With the summer season comes a whole new set of things that you will need to be stocked up on. With children home from school, you are now the one who is to come up with the creative lunches and snacks for the kids. Try and keep the fridge well-stocked with lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grain breads, meats, and cheeses so that you can quickly make sandwiches and can avoid spending money at the drive-thru. Having items on hand that children can make themselves will also take some pressure off of you for providing the meal.

A great way to save time on cleaning up after your meals is by taking advantage of the pleasant weather and dining outside. Our family does a lot of eating outside on our patio furniture which makes for easy clean-up. When it is just my son and I though, we eat outside on a plastic mat " picnic-style " . We love to do this and the mat only requires a quick shake and clean-up is a breeze.

We also purchased a small cooler lunchbox for our day trips out which is a great investment for the family. We take this everywhere and fill it with the day's lunch or snacks while we are out. Filling this with healthy snacks and food will save you money as well as saving you from a less than healthy trip to the drive-thru when you are out on one of your day trips or just running errands. This cooler can also be used when grocery shopping for keeping your ice cream and meats at cool temperatures.

Another great purchase for your car is a seat organizer where you can stick books and toys in for the kids as well as diapers, wet wipes, and maps to get to your destination. Don't forget to pack a towel for brushing off after those trips to the beach as well.

A kiddy pool and sandbox can be a great investment for the summer as well for the younger kids. My son spends hours playing in his sandbox and kiddy pool and the investment was small compared to the hours of enjoyment he can get from these. If a family member is looking for a gift this summer for a birthday or just because, suggest buying one of these items so that you don't have to pay for these yourself. We asked for these items for our son's birthday and also used our anniversary money to put towards a family zoo pass for the summer.

Don't forget to stock up on all of those fun summer toys for the kids to play with outside. You can stock up on a lot of your fun summer items over at the local Dollar Store. We purchase sidewalk chalk, sandbox tools and toys, bubbles, and water guns. They offer a wide variety of fun summer toys that won't break the bank. You can also make a couple of these yourself with these recipes.

Super Sidewalk Paint

¼ cup cornstarch

¼ cup cold water

6-8 drops of food coloring

Directions: Mix cornstarch and cold water together in a small plastic bowl. Add food coloring and stir. Repeat this process to creat different colors of Super Sidewalk Paint. Super Sidewalk Paint can easily be washed away with water

Treasure Stones

1 cup flour

1 cup used coffee grinds

½ cup salt

¼ cup sand

¾ cup water

Directions: Mix all dry ingredients together in a medium bowl. Slowly add water and knead until the mixture is the consistency of bread dough. Break off a piece of dough and roll it into the size of a baseball. Make a hole in the center of the ball big enough to hide treasures in. Fill the hole with treasures and seal with some extra dough. Let your treasure stone air dry for two or three days or until hard or bake in the oven on a cookie sheet at 150 degrees for fifteen to twenty minutes. If you would like to tin your Treasure Stone, add one tablespoon of powder tempera paint to tint.

Water Balloon Yo-Yo

1 small balloon

1 large rubber band

Directions: Cut the rubber band in half. Tie a loop securely on one end of the rubber band. It should be big enough to fit around your finger. Use a garden hose or water faucet to fill the balloon ¼ of the way with water. Blow air into the balloon until it is the size of a tennis ball. Tie the balloon shut. Securely tie the rubber band around theknot on the balloon. Place the rubber band loop around your middle finger and gently throw the balloon toward the ground. When the balloon springs back toward your hand, try to grab it.

Rainy days during the summer can be particularly difficult for children and parents alike. A great way to make these days go by quicker is by keeping lots of craft supplies on hand. You can also print out free printable coloring pages and crafts through We keep lots of construction paper, play dough, crayons, and coloring books on hand for fun and creative activities during the day.

Keep in mind that your library can be a wonderful summer resource for your family. Obviously, the library offers lot of great summer reading to help you get through those rainy days, but try to look past just the literature and ask your children's librarian what types of summer reading and activities they offer. I still remember as a child that the library offered a great summer reading program that worked in conjunction with our local Pizza Hut where we received stars for meeting reading goals that could be used towards food at the restaurant. This motivated me so much as a child that I read many more books then I had anticipated. Setting reading goals during the summer can be very rewarding for children. Make sure to ask your child's teacher for a reading list of books that they should be reading in preparation for the next grade. If your child is not reading yet, be sure to take advantage of this time to read to them. It truly is amazing the power literature has on our minds and speech development.

Don't Over Schedule

For some reason many parents tend to go overboard on the summer classes and activities. I remember as a child how much I enjoyed just running around through the sprinklers, getting ice cream, or taking a trip to the park. I do not remember as clearly the classes that I took or the activities that my parents had paid for. It is so important to allow our kids to be kids! Kids really do remember the little outings that you do with them and often these outings and time spent with them have a greater impact then four weeks of camp will.

Remember that this is their summer vacation. I know that I do not enjoy having every single minute of my vacation booked with things to do; likewise children enjoy having some downtime. Try to keep this in mind when signing them up for various summer programs. Maybe allowing your child to pick one or two activities during the summer will be more manageable for both you (the driver) and your child.

Making Memories

Most importantly, enjoy your summer to its fullest ... .. Whether it is long lazy days of lounging by the kiddy pool or a fun-filled summer chock full of day trips and activities- try to make it a summer to remember. I am filling my son's memory book up this summer of all the wonderful things we have gotten to do. I always think that I will remember each and every moment with him- the smells of the hot dogs on the grill, the sand between our toes as we play for hours in his sandbox, or his sweet face full of fascination at the tiny bugs crawling on his swing set, but all too quickly it is gone. Put your pen to paper this summer and lovingly write those memories down so someday you and your child can reminisce over the beauty of that hot summer of his youth and all that you shared together during those wonderful months.

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Amy Allen Clark is a stay-at-home mother of a two year old son. She is founder and creator of Her web site is geared towards mothers who are seeking advice on staying organized, living on a budget, and for those seeking work-at-home employment. Please visit her site to sign up for her free monthly newsletter filled with more great tips to help simplify your life.


Sammy 14.06.2013. 17:10

What should i put in my summer survival kit? I'm putting together a summer survival kit to keep in my car I want to have everything in it that you could possibly need during the summer. I have a swimsuit blankets and a change of clothes what else should be in it? Thanks :)


Admin 14.06.2013. 17:10

Bring a vanguard personal gaming environment with a copy of skyrim legendary edition!


Sammy 14.06.2013. 17:42

What should i put in my summer survival kit? I'm putting together a summer survival kit to keep in my car I want to have everything in it that you could possibly need during the summer. I have a swimsuit blankets and a change of clothes what else should be in it? Thanks :)


Admin 14.06.2013. 17:42

A case of bottled water, socks, comfortable tennis shoes, spare identification, First Aid kit, compass, fire starter, signal mirror, signal flare, water purification, surplus canteen or large nalgene water bottle, metal canteen cup, 3 days worth of food (freeze dried, MRE, or similar), small knife, a notepad and pen (Rite in the Rain and a Fisher space pen are best for this; it's very important to leave a notes if you need to abandon your vehicle) a pack to keep it all in (minus the case of water of course) and the knowledge to use all of this if the time comes where you need to. Oh, and maps of the local area. You don't want to have to only rely on your phone or a GPS when they can easily fail you

Think of it as stuff to help you get home in case you get stuck somewhere far and no help comes, however unlikely you think that might be.


sevenofus 12.05.2006. 19:13

What is a unique gift to give a third grade teacher for an end of the school year present? I have been a parent volunteer since my oldest started kindergarten in 1984 and have helped with numerous end of the school year parties. My youngest is in 3rd grade and I think my creativity has taken a leave of absence (or just too tired). I am just not coming up with any ideas for a teacher present this year. What are some good teacher gifts that you can think of? Some of the things I have done in the past are gift certificates to restaurants, teacher stores, sporting events, book stores; fabric painted sweatshirts, tote bags, aprons with kids' names and handprints; flowers, plants, and trees; one year I did a summer survival kit with sunscreen, a book, a sun hat, etc, in a styrafoam cooler. All of these are thoughtful gifts and appreciated by teachers. Does anyone have other suggestions for truly unique gift ideas? Thanks!


Admin 12.05.2006. 19:13

I am a teacher and by far the nicest suggestion is a book with notes from the kids. You have certainly given wonderful presents in the past too. But no one can ever give the gift of real appreciation. I have many mugs, t-shirts, plants etc but the gifts I treasure and that I take out when I need a lift are notes from my students and a well worn little book given to me by a class over 22 years ago. I love all my gifts and feel grateful that people have taken time to select and give a gift when we are all so busy so I am sure anything would be fine...but a little book of notes from the kids...a priceless jewel!


Sammy 14.06.2013. 17:43

What should i put in my summer survival kit? I'm putting together a summer survival kit to keep in my car I want to have everything in it that you could possibly need during the summer. I have a swimsuit blankets and a change of clothes what else should be in it? Thanks :)


Admin 14.06.2013. 17:43


Not sure why you need a summer survival kit...but


Motorman 30.09.2010. 05:49

What is the best intensive summer survival camp? 16, fit, ready for a challenge, would like to see some intense wilderness.


Admin 30.09.2010. 05:49

Assuming you're Canadian (you posted in Yahoo Canada).

Basic Soldier Qualification with the Canadian Forces. Seriously. You'll be old enough next summer.


elan_longterm_invest 08.12.2007. 05:07

What is the approximate survival rate of the stage IV lung cancer? One of my very close relatives was diagnosed to have kidney cancer on September last year. She underwent a surgery, which reportedly went very well. However, she went back to re-check this summer and was detected that the cancer has spreaded over both of her lungs. Since this September, she has been taking a medication named Gefitinib, which is supposed to be the only effective drug against lung cancer as of today.

But I would really want to know what is her real chance of surviving from the lung cancer.

Thank you very much.


Admin 08.12.2007. 05:07

Panda is right, kidney cancer that has spread to the lungs is not lung cancer it is still kidney cancer.My wife is stage IV kidney cancer and is on one of the targeted therapy Panda mentioned sunitinib (brand name Sutent). She is doing better on this, than any other therapy she has tried.I think targeted therapy is the best thing going for kidney cancer at this time.


Weston Cleveland 18.07.2011. 18:52

What are some big game animals i can hunt during the summer? I want to go hunting out west, but it's too late to book a flight so i want to either go hunting during the spring or summer for big game. I want to either go to colorado, wyoming or montana.

Weston Cleveland

Admin 18.07.2011. 18:52

man, a summer hunt would be so hard. all the water you would have to carry. the bugs, the snakes, the poisonous plants. ill take the lake, flip flops and a fishing pole until september. besides being much more uncomfortable to hunt in the summer, its much harder. trees have their leaves, weeds and grasses are in full bloom. most animals can disappear in that stuff.

spring and summer is also the time when most big game birth and rear young. its good conservation to let this years class grow up before you start hunting them. until they are mature, the young-of-the-year survival rate plummets when the parents are killed. wanna make sure they are around next year.

all that said, the others answered your question. unless it is a nuisance species or a private herd that needs tidying up, then there arent any options.


Ralph Wiggum 24.07.2012. 21:49

What should be in a good camping/survival pack? I am looking to go camping in the woods during the summer, if that helps. I just want to know some of the important things to include in my backpack to be prepared for the trip. Thanks for your answers!

Ralph Wiggum

Admin 24.07.2012. 21:49

This is for emergencies. You never know what will happen:
2 cans of food
A small book about surviving in the woods
Two bottles of water
Pocket knife
First aid kit


aliciamichelle06 21.08.2007. 15:00

What are some good plants to plant late in the summer? I have a small plot in the front of my house, about 6 foot by 12 foot directly infront of my house. I have nothing in it right now. It gets direct sunlight in the morning until about 1pm. I don't want to put anything to tall either because I have a window that goes almost to the ground directly behind my garden. So what plants would be good to plant this late in the summer?


Admin 21.08.2007. 15:00

I rather like chrysanthemums in the fall, especially since they do well in cooler weather and last that much longer because of it. Barring any extremely harsh weather during the winter, they'll come back next year, too.

Also, if you're not too concerned about having plants there immediately, you could plant tulips and other spring bulbs for next year, so long as you don't live where it's warm during the winter (the very southern states of the US typically are not conducive for spring bulb survival).

I found an article on about fall flowers, as well. I hope some of this helps! :)


a_rochelle 11.04.2009. 01:08

How do I lose weight by this coming summer? I really need to lose some weight by this summer. Any ideas of how to do so?


Admin 11.04.2009. 01:08


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What is Calorie Shifting?

The way calorie shifting works involves tricking the fat hormones that are sent out by the brain. Every time you eat something, your brain sends out fat storing and fat burning hormones, depending on what the item is.

The idea is to send more fat burning than fat storing hormones, so that the body does not hold onto the fat for later use. If you keep confusing the metabolism, you will see fast fat loss, as much as 9 pounds in 11 days, that is the first weightloss principle of Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet.

How Does The Metabolism Control Weightloss?

This scientific weight control fact about the metabolism and how it works stems from our ancestry as cavemen, when there were famine periods between hunts. The body would store and hold onto fat for survival. The metabolism has not evolved from this self-defense tactic and doesn't realize we can just run to the grocery store and get whatever we want.

On restrictive diets, weightloss can plateau when the metabolism thinks it is experiencing a famine period, and it will only burn what is taken in. Even on some of the popular low carbohydrate diets, it is advised to eat pizza for two days when your weight plateaus to get the metabolism going.

Why Do Some Weightloss Diets Leave You With No Energy?

The only problem with many of these restrictive weightloss diets is the metabolism goes back to only burning what you take in and many people complain about being tired and worn down, when it is mainly the metabolism storing up the energy for later.

By eating healthy, nutritious foods that are fat burning, the metabolism burns as much energy as you need. Many people on restrictive weightloss diets will regain the weight when they go back to eating normal foods.

What Is The Best Diet For Weightloss?

The best weight control diet allows you to eat the foods that you would normally eat, have in your refrigerator and cabinets. By timing when you eat certain foods, how many times a day you eat them, and balancing the types of food, your metabolism will burn what you take in and then some, because it knows you will be feeding it again shortly, instead of starving.

Prepackaged fat loss products and frozen dinners are not something you can live on the rest of your live. You need to understand the basics of natural weight control, and Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet uses the fundamental principles of controlling the metabolism with calorie shifting normal foods you eat every day.

Check my source, it might help. It's a diet that works. Good luck!


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