Coffee Is Everywhere

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Is there a country that doesn't drink coffee? Coffee is everywhere.
The history and development of the beverage that we know as coffee is varied and interesting, involving chance occurrences, political intrigue, and the pursuit of wealth and power.
According to one story, the effect of coffee beans on behavior was noticed by a sheep herder from Caffa, Ethopia named Kaldi as he tended his sheep around 600 AD. He noticed that the sheep became hyperactive after eating the red "cherries" from a certain plant when they changed pastures. He tried a few himself, and was soon as overactive as his herd. The story relates that a monk happened by and scolded him for "partaking of the devil's fruit." However the monks soon discovered that this fruit from the shiny green plant could help them stay awake for their prayers.
In the 500 or so years since then it has spread around the world and become an international trade.
Although you may appreciate coffee best as your favorite way to begin the morning or as a great conversation starter with friends and business associates, new studies are revealing impressive health benefits of coffee.
People who drink more than a cup of coffee a day are less likely to develop liver cancer than those who do not, Japanese researchers say.
A team at Tohoku University, a state-run university in Sendai, in north-east Japan, compiled the data based on a study of about 61,000 adults. Professor Ichiro Tsuji, who led the study, said the team has yet to pinpoint the substance in coffee which appeared to curb liver cancer. But he said coffee helped lower the risk of cirrhosis, and that chlorogenic acid, present in coffee beans, had proven in an animal study to reduce the risk of liver cancer.
The tendency to develop liver cancer was particularly prevalent among those who had had some type of liver ailment other than cancer in the past, who were 60 or older, and who had smoked in the past. The tendency not to develop liver cancer among coffee drinkers was consistent even if we analyzed their age, sex, and drinking habits.
Buying a pound of coffee used to be easy. But not any more. Coffee shops abound. They offer flavored coffees, imported coffees, coffees with snap and body.
Indonesian beans: Indonesian beans produced the heaviest, most full-bodied cup of coffee. Hailing from Java and Sumatra, the brew is thicker than most but not as aromatic. It is a good dessert coffee and very suitable to flavoring with milk and sugar.
Hawaiian beans: Better known as Kona, Hawaiian coffee is some of the most expensive in the world. Kona offers average snap and body but is in powerful demand worldwide because of its powerful aroma.
African beans: Growers in Africa produce a coffee of medium aroma and body with good snap. Those who like very flavorful coffees will like those from Kenya and Tanzania.
South American beans: Coffee beans grown in Central and South America are the middle of the coffee-drinking road, offering moderate body, aroma and snap. Most breakfast blends are made with American coffees, as are most flavored coffees.
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Paco Taco 12.09.2012. 20:59

Coffee leaked all over my counter and coffee maker and now my coffee maker wont work What do i do? This morning i was making coffee, and i didn't notice but the top didn't close all the way, so there was coffee everywhere and it leaked into the electrical part of my coffee maker and now it wont turn on. HELP!

Paco Taco

Admin 12.09.2012. 20:59

Well, it's shorted out of course.

Since water is conductive, it has now created a path from one solder joint to another,
and pretty much created undesired and damaging electrical paths within the circuity.

You could try taking off the cover and blowing it out with a hair dryer, but in any case
it needs to dry out if it's going to work at all.


ellelle1212 08.07.2009. 16:23

how can i get rid of a coffee smell in my car? i went to starbucks and spilled my coffee everywhere on and under the driver's seat. I went to get it vaccumed out and cleaned up and I even aired it out in my garage with all the doors and windows open. But the smell is STILL there. Is there any other way to get it out? maybe an air freshener? HELP!


Admin 08.07.2009. 16:23

I know you vacuumed it out but if the carpet was damp when you were done there was still coffee in it. My suggestion is to shampoo the carpet with either a small carpet shampooer, you might add some white vinegar to the soaping part make sure to rinse well. Or a product that can be sprayed on and sponged in then let dry and vacuumed out like Resolve.

Once you have done that, let the carpet dry again. Use some Ozium it can be found in either Walmart auto section or any good auto parts store. Ozium will even take out skunk smell, a small can goes a very long way.


fella2468 26.05.2010. 18:21

How to stop my coffee maker from falling? I have bought a Bialetti expresso pot, but find that it only just sits on the gas hob. Today it fell off and spilt hot coffee everywhere. Does anyone know if I can buy something to fit on the gas hob so that it will sit securely?


Admin 26.05.2010. 18:21

You need a gas ring reducer. See below. I use one of these rings when using a Bialetti 3 cup espresso machine.


oona0 14.03.2013. 16:53

Whats a good way to help someone who is in denial with an addiction? My roommate is addicted to caffeine to the point that it makes her sick for days on end. Throwing up, trips to the bathroom, not wanting to eat, depression. She says it's a stomach bug but yet we keep finding bottles of 5 hour energy in the trash can and empty jars of coffee everywhere. I'm worried about her health and the bad choices she keeps making. What should I do?


Poopsy 28.10.2008. 09:41

Why do people think it so strange that I drink hot water alone? I don't like tea nor coffee and everywhere I go to work (I temp) and drink my hot water in my mug, they can't believe it. It really gets on my nerves - like I'm drinking blood or something.


Admin 28.10.2008. 09:41

People only think things are weird or strange when they are unusual. You don't usually see it, so they say it's "weird". It's just water, what's the difference? People drink cold water all the time, why not hot? People are so judgemental. It's stupid. Live and let live!


Malice 22.05.2011. 23:10

How do they make coffee in Belgium? I was recently in Belgium. The coffee they serve everywhere seems to be steamed brewed, similar to espresso, but instead of a small "shot" of very strong coffee, the end product is a full cup of a very flavorful coffee with a crema head. It is extremely delicious and I haven't had anything like it anywhere else (although I am guessing it might be common in other European countries).
No - not a cappuccino. It is different than a cappuccino -


Admin 22.05.2011. 23:10

Europeans have adapted a number of ways to make coffee, the way you saw, most home uses a brewer like in the US, it can be a machine or a manual one were they pour the hot water in and allow it filter through, alot not use the french press or the trade name is Bodum system, you have a glass pot add the coffee, then the boiled water, insert the plunger and press down hence the name, they make it similar to espresso, but the system has less pressure the coffee is not as dark a roast


CHOPPER 15.10.2007. 09:35

anyone recommend a good drip coffee maker? in the past i have had the ones with the plastic filter holder that you put the filter in and it drips through to the coffee pitcher but the arm that is spring loaded always loses its rubber stopper and leaks coffee everywhere. i don't particularly want another one of those. are there any other types out here?


Admin 15.10.2007. 09:35

May I suggest that you try percolated coffee? I've found that even high-end drippers do not last very long. Also, the bouquet that a percolator gives coffee is much better to me. I have a $70 percolator that I've had now for 21 years.

Just a recommendation. I used to know ALL the drippers but haven't a clue anymore. There are good espresso machines that I'd recommend.


Can anyone 13.06.2008. 14:39

I just broke the coffee cup holder built into my PC, what do I do? Hi, I pressed the button on my lap top which opens the DC sized coffee cup holder, I stuck my small latte in, and then it's closed and the coffee has gone everywhere ... it's broken now

what can I do? take it back to the shop?

Can anyone

Admin 13.06.2008. 14:39

you can still use it - just pour your coffee granules into the USB (ultra sweet beverage) port and the computer will brew up a fresh batch and dispense it through your printer.


Bob K 18.08.2010. 22:55

Can germs live and thrive in a coffee mug used unwashed for months? A man who works at our local senior center has a coffee mug that he washes only if he decides to. He claims germs cannot live in caffeine. And especially in his coffee mug!
I mean like certain bacteria thrive off of toxic oil. And there are anaerobic bacteria or some such living without oxygen. Why can't germs live/thrive in a coffee cup?
Or is the owner daft?

Bob K

Admin 18.08.2010. 22:55

Germs live everywhere


y/a 28.05.2008. 00:12

What's the difference between gourmet coffee and specialty coffee? Can you give me an example of each? I've searced it everywhere i could think of and couldnt' find anything that tells the difference or example of each. thanks
so would caribou's Kenya AA considered a gourmet coffee or specialty coffee? it doesn't really say in it's website.
thanks Nicholas and AJC, that's very insightful and helpful of you.


Admin 28.05.2008. 00:12

gourmet is supposibly "better" fresh and all that.
specialty is like their main coffee, everyones favorite.


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