The Skinny On Chicken

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Skinny On Chicken

By: News Canada

Tips on Healthy Eating are Served

(NC)-Eating well isn't always easy let alone finding the time to cook. But if your secret ingredient is chicken, maintaining a healthy diet is much less work. Dishing up a high-protein, low-fat meal, chicken is one of the leanest meats on grocery store shelves.

In fact, a skinless chicken breast contains less than 1.5 grams of fat per 100 gram serving, according to Bryan Hughes, New Product Development Manager, Maple Lodge Farms. An essential ingredient to every meal, low-fat protein in chicken boosts your energy level by transporting oxygen and nutrients in your blood and cells while replacing and forming new tissue.

More Canadians are weighing in on the benefits of chicken than ever before. "Chicken consumption has almost doubled over the past 20 years in a country where over 75 per cent of households eat at least one chicken meal each week," says Hughes. "The trend in comfort foods has hit home and consumers are turning to chicken as essential to a well-balanced meal."

And it's simple to be creative when serving chicken, adds Hughes. From picnic salads to garden party entrees, Maple Lodge Farm's Premium Oven Roasted and Seasoned Chicken Breasts are quick suggestions to spice up any meal ... and you can save the leftovers for sandwiches the next day.

Both products are easy to find at your neighbourhood Sobey's, IGA or Knechtel's.

But when it comes to food safety, refrigerate cooked chicken promptly after serving to protect yourself from harmful bacteria. Spread out large quantities of leftovers in a shallow container to chill faster. But leave the dishes for later.

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zoe 09.06.2011. 22:30

Get rid of my little chicken legs? I have super skinny chicken legs and when I gain weight, it goes right to my tummy. I'm not fat, but I have a normal sized torso and skinny little legs. How can I make my legs bigger? FAST!


Admin 09.06.2011. 22:30

I used to have chicken legs I weighed 108 now im 110 I did sqwats lunges and ab workouts can increase appearance in legs


Tanya 01.05.2011. 23:16

How to get from skinny legs to toned legs? I have the skinniest chicken legs and I really don't like it! How could I get my legs into shape?
I'm taking gym class at school right now, but nothing seems to be changing. Is there any exercises that will target my calves and my thighs to get my legs looking proportionate with my body?


Admin 01.05.2011. 23:16

squats, wall sits, duck walks, really anything that works your legs. but remember, you have to do all of these till you cant no more. if your just starting to get tired dont stop, push yourself


Mei 24.05.2008. 01:57

I have skinny legs. How can I bulk up my legs so that they match my upper body? I am yet to be convinced that going from skinny legs to normal legs is even possible. .. is it?
has any1 actually seen someone go from skinny chicken legs to thick legs. how do you do it?


Admin 24.05.2008. 01:57

Biking gives everyone great sculpted legs!!!!!!


johnnycgir 28.10.2007. 02:08

Girls what do you think about guys who wear skinny jeans? I personally think skinny jeans only look good on girls when they actually fill out the legs as opposed to skinny chicken legs. I'm a football player so I have rather buff legs and calves and have been told I have a nice ass. What do girls think about guys who wear skinny jeans?


Admin 28.10.2007. 02:08

some people on here can be so rude.. if they don't like them ... OK... but don't be rude..

I am so glad to see so many girls like skinny jeans.... I love them on males....
U can see if they have any junk in the trunk... or a skinny hinny...

Guys look good in jeans too ... ya just gotta look.... like they do at u....
good luck... good question.. and heres a star for u.....


DGG 02.06.2010. 18:20

How to get bigger calves and legs with dumbells? I am 15 5ft 5in and i weigh 135. I want to bulk up for football season but my little skinny chicken legs sometimes make me a bit shy. I have a pretty normal upper body but want to start taking protein. Will taking protein and working out my calves make them bigger or what should i do?


Admin 02.06.2010. 18:20

Its not hard. Just do lots of squats for your quads, romanian deadlifts for your hamstrings and glutes and single calf raises to put more work on your calves. You can do most of those with body weight only or by holding onto dumbells. If you can afford it, can also go to a gym and use some machines or free weights. For protein, the shakes arent bad the key ratio is at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight and to balance the total out throughout your day. Good clean diet will also help. I would also suggest a plyometric workout to help give you explosive power for football. If you arent sure about the workouts I suggested you can always wiki them for the proper form.
Good luck.


Winter 10.10.2010. 10:48

Where to shop for skinny jeans if 00 is too wide? Hi (im 14) I feel like I've searched everywhere but every store the smallest is 00 and it's still too wide on me. They tell me to search in kids section which I don't mind but then the kids clothing is way too short.
I have a 30 inch inseam, super skinny chicken legs (ew) and 28 inch hips please help!


Admin 10.10.2010. 10:48

00 is too wide for me too, and by your discription im probably built like you, i get all my jeans from abercrombie and buckle.
if you cant afford either, try shopping at like.. platos closet for some resale jeans from there.


Aleah 02.07.2013. 23:33

Is my brother anorexic or does he have a eating disorder? My brother's name is Ezra and he is 10 years old he has always been skinny. He eats a lot but his back bone stick out and his ribs stick out too. His doctor want him to gain a little more weight but it seems like he can't. He has skinny chicken legs every time I say he's to skinny he gets so mad and my parents say he doesn't but im unsure.


xdustiax 01.06.2009. 05:09

How do make my legs more full? I am 19, and 120 pounds. I work out so I'm thin and toned, especially in my stomach arms (not manly, but definitely fit) I have VERY skinny chicken legs (it runs in the family, my mom has them, grandma etc) I am wondering if there was anyway to bulk my legs up. I don't work out my legs other than running around a track and I am curious of there is something I can do that is more effective? Anyone got any ideas?


Admin 01.06.2009. 05:09

Someone at your local fitness & leisure centre will be able to assist you better than us jokers.


Jenna 11.01.2013. 05:59

How to get smaller thies and a slightly bigger butt? Im 13 and I know I shouldnt feel that way at my age and I have fat thies but my calves are small how can I get my legs and theis to match up? I want my thies smaller so they match up with my calves I do 35 squats a night for three days then move up to do 40 squats im starting to see some result but is there any other excersizes to speed up the process I dont want snsd skinny chicken legs but just a little smaller also is there any ways to get smaller thies but make your butt slightly bigger?


Admin 11.01.2013. 05:59

I have article
Scissers for female
If you have a lightweight bodyweight hand weights at your home will make an additional essential workout to obtain many buttocks regarding metal: the particular scissors hold . What are known as this particular exercising you will note down below the best grasped aesthetically.

In a mere 6-8 min's Booty Blasting Workout
And ultimately a few physical exercises, maybe the most satisfactory, knowning that in a mere 6-8 proceedings you're able to do in the home.

They seem simple, but are really strong, indeed, From the to accomplish most of these routines mustiness lean on any yoga exercise mat or something like that soft to aid your knees, back parallel down always as well as keep the abs tight. It's also possible to offer the hand if you notice the idea because post can cost you much more as well as forearms hurt.

I point out to a person you can furthermore supplement these workout routines along with day to day activities, hiking stairway, bicycling, or even skating to get great allies for the corporation butt .

Visit other content at


Suicidal Romance 30.12.2009. 03:21

How do I lose muscle in my legs? I don't know why, but I have muscular legs, along with a little bit of fat on my thighs. How do I lose the muscle and fat from my thighs, so they'll look skinny? I don't want super skinny chicken legs, but I want skinny legs like Selena Gomez's. Any tips?
Remember: I want to lose the muscle too. But losing muscle is hard. Very hard. I also want to lose the fat.
Thank you!

Suicidal Romance </3

Admin 30.12.2009. 03:21

Trust me, you do not want to lose muscle.
Muscle makes you look tone and lean, and it burns fat.
If you loose all of the muscle in your legs, you will actually end up looking fatter & all you will have is fat, then there will be no muscle to help burn off the fat.
Legs that have muscle definition are way hotter than boney chicken legs.


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