Why Are Seiko Watches Are So Popular?

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For many people, choosing a timepiece means finding the right mix of form and function. In terms of function, you will want quality construction and reliable performance built to suit your lifestyle. A watch built to meet the needs of an adventurer will be very different from a watch built for a businessperson. Once you find a watch that suits your lifestyle, you'll want to find one that suits your tastes.

It all started in 1881 when twenty-one-year old Kintaro Hattori opened a small clock shop in the Ginza area of Tokyo. Today that little clock shop has grown into the Seiko Corporation, one of the world's largest watch and clock companies. Seiko watches are still manufactured and assembled in Japan. Seiko manufactures a wide range of watches for all uses. Some of the most popular types are the Kinetic® (no battery), alarm chronograph, flight computer, Lumbrite® (luminous dials), dive watches, and Braille watches.

Differing lines of Seiko watches are manufactured with specific movements.
These movements are listed below:

"Japanese quartz movement, with a battery life of two to five years.

"Kinetic movement, a technology unique to Seiko. It is a quartz movement powered by the natural movement of your wrist and requires no battery. It will stay charged motionless for three to fourteen days depending on the model.

"Automatic movement, a rotor-driven mechanical movement wound by natural wrist movements.

Seiko employs a variety of crystals for its watches, ranging from acrylic crystals on lower priced watches, to Hardlex/Mineral, a crystal constructed of silicon and barium and heated to create hardness to withstand scratches and marring. From time to time Seiko also uses Sapphlex, a glass crystal protected with a sapphire coating to be scratch resistant or sapphire crystal.

Watches are available with the following water resistance:

"Moisture resistant, which withstands splashes of water or rain

"50 meters or 166 feet, suitable for showering or swimming in shallow water

"100 meters or 330 feet, suitable for snorkeling

"150 meters or 500 feet, suitable for snorkeling

"200 meters or 660 feet, suitable for skin diving

"Divers' watches, water resistant to 150 or 300 meters and suitable for scuba diving

The case and bracelet material for Seiko watches is primarily stainless steel for increased durability, but some watches, according to price point, come with base metal, titanium or solid 14K gold bracelets.

Seiko watches come with a three-year limited warranty on the movement. The warranty does not cover the crystal, battery, bracelet, strap or other accessories.

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