Breast Cancer The Cure

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Breast Cancer The Cure

By: Gerald Armstrong

There is no known cure for breast cancer. More than 1.5 million people will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year worldwide. Scientists don't know why most women get breast cancer, yet breast cancer is the most frequent tumor found in women the world over. A woman who dies of breast cancer is robbed of an average of nearly 20 years of her life. Breast cancer knows no social boundaries. It's a disease that can affect anyone. Some prominent women who's lives that have been touched by breast cancer include Jill Eikenberry actress age 52; Peggy Fleming age 49 figure skater; Kate Jackson age 50 (Charlies Angels); Olivia Newton-John age 50 actress singer; Nancy Reagan age 77 former first lady; Melissa Etheridge age 43 singer; and the beautiful Suzanne Summers actress. These high rates of breast cancer are not acceptable to the women of the world and must be met with scientific research that provides results.

Despite over a decade of research, and more than $1.7 billion spent, hundereds of women worldwide are dying from breast cancer every day. Yet doctors don't know how breast cancer starts or how to cure it. Doctors are still approaching treatment for breast cancer in the same old fashioned ways: surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Barbarick treatments ... And scientists keep doing the same old redundant research that's simply not working. It doesn't have to be that way. Gen Cells Cures is a scientific biotechnology company that is focused on a cure for breast cancer. The company is dedicated to curing breast cancer before it's too late for you. We're not interested in a cure in five, ten, or twenty years from now. We want your cure for breast cancer within a year or two. We don't want you to have to under go surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or take toxic drugs.

Why Gen Cells Cures? You can search the medical journals; you can search the internet until your blue in the face. You will find the same old news which is no new news about breast cancer research and treatments. Breast cancer research is locked up in a black whole. Gen Cells Cures is approaching the cure for breast cancer from different angles and using tomorrow's scientific technologies today. Our expertise is in stem cell research and genomics. Malfunctioning stem cells have already been linked to the development of breast cancer. We're not talking about using generic stem cells from an egg and sperm cell. There is no genetic match for you with the politically controversial generic stem cells that are always in the news. The isolation of cancer stem cells, coupled with our understanding of genetic mutations causing cancer, and our knowledge of genomics will result in ways to eliminate cancer cells while sparing normal breast tissues.

Genetics and Breast Cancer

People will tell you to accept what you can't change ... Your genetics, your genes, the genes your mother and father handed you when you were born that came with their particular genetic make-up. Most inherited cases of breast cancer have been associated with two genes: BRCA1 and BRCA2. The past five years has been a period of unparalleled discovery in the field of genetics, genomics, and stem cell research, but these discoveries are not being applied to breast cancer treatments. A job that Gen Cells Cures definitely wants to get our hands dirty in. Recently researchers have found that by blocking a gene called beta1-integrin the growth of tumor cells can be stopped. When this gene was removed the tumor cells quit growing. You don't have to accept the genes that you were given at birth. Gen Cells Cures will be able to manipulate your genes to cure your breast cancer.

Our Cancer Stem Cell and Genomics Program will bring together the top scientific minds in the world under one tin roof to maximize the use of diverse approaches to the understanding of cancer genomics fused with stem cell solutions. Gen Cells Cures isn't looking for a multi-million dollar biomedical research center like the Stowers Institute in Kansas City, which is a medical center to be admired. A rented tin shack will do just fine. Of course, we would accept hand-me down michroscopes from the Stoweres (billionaires who bought their own multi-million dollar biomedical research center) if they would be gracious enough to grant them to us or we would accept a small prime the pump check to move forward with our research. The Stowerses and all the scientists from the Stowers Institute have an open invitation to visit our lab in the Caribbean. What we are looking for is a cure for breast cancer to stop the humiliation, pain and suffering this menace to society causes millions of women and thousands of men worldwide, and not a new biomedical center ... Every dollar invested with us goes into pure medical research and equipment. The same offer goes out to all the millionaires and especially the billionaires of the world. People that come to mind are: Paul Allen, Bill and Melinda Gates, Jon Huntsman, William and Alice Goodman, Ann Lurie, Jamie and Karen Moyer, Harold C. Simmons, Alfred Mann, Sumner M. Redstone, Michael Milton and the Palm beach billionaires, there are simply too many to mention. The combined wealth of the three Microsoft billionaires alone is more than ten times the amount spent by the U.S. Federal Government on research to fight cancer and other deadly diseases. We know we're in the wrong business to become billionaires ourselves. This kind of biotechnology has never produced even one billionaire. It's the cure for breast cancer that we want.

Simply put the cancer research organizations are funding the wrong researchers. It's time to go outside the normal research channels. Do something different. The same story year after year after year and no cure. These unmotivated researchers just aren't getting results. Let someone else have a shot at it. It's time to try something new and different. A different approach. There are races for the cure, golf tournaments for the cure, there are walks for the cure, there are foundations for the cure. These foundations have been funding the same ineffective research for more than twenty years now. These foundations have been betting on the wrong horse. Joining the crusade won't help if the research being done doesn't take on a twenty-first century scientific approach. It's been time to move forward scientifically for five years now. But today's breast cancer researchers are stuck in a twentieth century mind-set. The Excuse is someday we'll find the cure, but someday doesn't help today's victims of breast cancer. We need top notch scientific action today.

The genetics are out of the bottle and stem cell research is moving forward whether the U.S. government likes it or not. Gen Cells Cures has moved off-shore to the Caribbean to avoid the political controversy over stem cell research. I am sure you won't mind a walk on the beach with me to talk about your cure for your breast cancer. Once we have the cure we can take the cure from the bench to the patient without a long and costly wait for FDA approval. There are many advantages to not having big brother breathing down your neck. The governments of the United States and Western countries have nothing to offer except road blocks, red tape and detours. Our patients don't have time for political smoke and mirrors. With a little luck we could have your cure before the time comes that you need that dreaded surgery and chemo.

Our gifted world-class researchers are visionary and have been schooled in winning and have courage, creativity, can-do attitudes, burning desires, unfaltering belief and an obsession that they will be there first. By first we mean years ahead of the other biotechnology companies. Like determined, fighting NASCAR drivers our scientists are living to take the chequered flag of biotech and win the coveted race for the cure for breast cancer.

Focused on breakthrough discoveries, Gen Cells Cures nurtures a culture that encourages high standards of excellence, original thinking, hard work and a willingness to take risks. Our world-renowned scientists believe in themselves and its belief that gets us there. The company will seek to develop a work environment that is results focused and team-orientated. We compete against time. Though we compete intensely we maintain high ethical standards and trust and respect for each other. Quality is the cornerstone of all our activities. We seek the highest quality information, decisions and people. Our success depends on superior scientific innovation. We see the scientific method as a multi-step process which includes designing the right experiment, collecting and analyzing data and rational decision making. It is not subjective or emotional but rather a logical, open and rational process.

Our success comes from one simple fact; we are committed to being a science-based, patient-driven company, driven by that one special breast cancer patient ... you.

Gen Cells Cures lost most of our one million dollar start-up money in offshore bank scandal and currency devaluation last year. We are now actively pursuing financial support. Unfortunately, the Gen Cells Cures team is made up of great scientific minds and not great marketers, salesmen, or fund raisers. Yes, we are looking for a millionaire or billionaire without a cause to support our work, but if you are not our wealthy saviour, we welcome any help, be it financial or a donation of your time. The scientific team is on stand-by. What we're lacking is the funding to go forward. We could use motivated salesmen to sell our research, fund raisers, skilled internet marketers or someone just to pass out flyers or mail out promotional material. We could use help from the media with publicity stories, ads and promotions to get the word out. We are particularly interested in looking for assistance from the billionaires of the world; there are approximately 600 in the world. Billionaires like Sergey Brin and Larry Page (Google billionaires), Rupert Murdoch, Ted Turner, and Oprah Winfrey and others who control the media could get our life-saving message to the world fast. We are also hoping that some of my celebrities friends will come forward and spread their wings to help support our breast cancer research: Steven Seagal, Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes, Danny Glover, Erik Estrada, Tom Arnold, Dolph Lundgren, Roger Clinton, Bill Clinton, Usher, Hulk Hogan, Ivana Trump, John Secada, Sylvester Stalone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Reno, Richard Branson, Cindy Crawford, Cher, Demi Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer, and other stars that I have had the good fortune of meeting in person and others celebrities that I hope to meet in the future. (Photos of Gerald and the stars can be viewed at his promotional group listed below.) I am waiting to get my photo with Suzanne Summers!

Gen Cells Cure offers more than hope. We can do the job. If you're going to eradicate cancer you have to have the right people doing the right research. One thing is for sure. We couldn't do any worse than what the scientists before us have done. Which is virtually nothing! Help us alleviate the pain and suffering. Together, with your help, we can cure breast cancer.

Article by Gerald Armstrong-

Gerald is the owner of Gen Cells Cures

Visit his group for information about " The Cure " for incurable diseases and aging.

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About The Author

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Gerald Armstrong the owner of Gen Cells Cures a biotech dedicated to finding " The Cure " for incurable diseases and aging. Introducing to the world, the miracle of private, personalized medical research for the individual. I am passionate about molecular biology and what we can do with science to find " The Cure " for those of you suffering from aging and incurable diseases.


Amaretta 27.05.2013. 22:46

When you get breast cancer, does the treatment typically include chemotherapy after a lumpectomy? My mother-in-law didn't have chemo after her lumpectomy. I'm wondering if her earlier breast cancer (a year or two previously) could have led to her later developing brain cancer? (If she was given a choice, she probably would have declined chemotherapy.) Or are some women with breast cancer fully cured just by surgery?


Admin 27.05.2013. 22:46

Not having follow up treatment (chemotherapy or radiation therapy) following a lumpectomy is a gamble.

It sounds like she lost this gamble and now has metastatic breast cancer in her brain.

Out of all the people I have met in various support groups I have never met one breast cancer patient (that I am aware of) who was NOT recommended to have some treatment as well as their surgery.

Some elected not to follow recommendations. There were a few times I felt the same. Each time I asked my oncologist to remind me of the relevant survival odds and made my decision based on that.


Copeland 13.01.2013. 07:45

What is the diffrence between breast cancer and a tumor? My aunt used to have breast cancer but is cured. A tumor appeared by her lower back and it shrunk, it broke her rib though (either her rib or something else she just can't move her body or it hurts)


Admin 13.01.2013. 07:45

Cancer metastasizes, wherein the tumor cells spread to other locations in the body via the lymphatic system or through the bloodstream. These three malignant properties of cancer differentiate malignant tumors from benign tumors,directly invade locally, or metastasize to regional lymph nodes or distant body sites like brain, bone, liver, or other organs.

In your aunt's case, metastasized form, tertiary stage. Target therapy is worth trying. We treated one such case in 2011 and no side effects.

Cause: The endocrine glands produce hormones to regulate human traits, namely, Kama [desire], Krodha[anger], Lobha[Selfishness and greed]Moha[[love], Mada[lust] and matsaryas[affections]. Hormonal Imbalance is the root cause of all the chronic and dreaded & incurable diseases/syndromes or it may also be congenital due to genetic predispositions.
The symptoms cited---------an offshoot of blocked energy + accumulated toxins in Brain, Spinal cord, liver, lungs, Thyroid & Parathyroid, breast[s], lymphatic system, Kidneys, Spleen, gonads, hormonal imbalance with a displaced solar plexus.
Target Therapy is worth trying. Why? Because----

TARGET THERAPY* It is the God-given therapy communicated to the mankind through THE RIGVEDA, one of the Hindu scriptures.

Target Therapy with the aid of Acupressure Techniques & Indian Natural Remedies, comprising Ayurveda-[ Using Patented Ayurveda Food & Nutrition Supplements manufactured India and USA, approved by USFDA, in KOSHER, HALAL, GMP, ISO ETC., and made available at Stores in your vicinity in 40 countries all over the globe. No Side Effects.], Homeopathy, Bio-chemic salts, Herbal Remedies, Yoga/Meditation, Magneto-therapy, Sidha, etc., U can have sizable & perceivable cure/relief in 45-90 days. @ no/affordable costs, No side effects, and No Hospitalization.
U may try it for any incurable disease including cancer of any organ[s], post-surgical recurrence of tumors, Leukemia, ADD/ADHD, HIV/AIDS, Crohn?s Syndrome, Gilbert?s Syndrome, colon cancer, Thalassemia, Alzheimer?s Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, Autism, bone TB., Tinnitus, all brain & spinal cord disorders, CLL, Crohn?s Syndrome, endometriosis, etc.,

PS. If satisfied/benefited with, inform others to browse 'Yahoo Answers? on any health issue.


gan 24.10.2009. 04:09

Anyone know atleast one person who is surviving a cancer for atleast 5 years after starting treatment? don't include breast cancer cured. i want to know if a person cured of any other cancer completely has suffered no reccurence of the same.


Admin 24.10.2009. 04:09

I am 19 and was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at 14. I'm still fighting it, but who knows, maybe I'll beat it one day.


pen310 10.09.2009. 06:46

I want to host a dance event for a breast cancer fundraiser? I want to host/do a fundraiser for breast cancer cure with a dance event but i have no idea how to start or what to do can anyone give me a detailed answer to help me out please!!!!!!!!!


Admin 10.09.2009. 06:46

You have to understand, when you host any of these events, the money comes out of your pocket. You can get family and friends to helps. but let me tell what we did and I hope it helps you. We had a fundraiser for my niece who was going to get a live, liver transplant. That's a lot of money needed. So, we hired a restaurant, you could hire a hall, like your local halls, VFW, Knights of Columbus. Elk hall. All these places will let you rent them. The food can either be catered, or you have family and friends make all kinds of salads, deserts, etc. Many of the halls also have a bar but the people have to buy thier own booze. then you have raffles. Oh, the cover charge. That should be small. Anyone wanting to come, has to pay say $5 to get in. This is some of your money for your cause. Then you have things you can raffle off. We had a table of really nice things., Baskets full of booze and chips, pretzels, etc. Another gift basket would be a bath one, filled with all kinds of bath products, You get the idea. The more you can get family and friends to help make these things, the less money out of your pocket. Then you put flyers all over town about the event stating what the cost etc. It's really not hard, However, you will need a representative from the Breast cancer society to speak. Or at least be there so others don't think this money is just for you. There's a lot of hoop-la when you do this, Hope this helps some. Need more Ideas, I'd be so happy to help. God bless you for doing this. Thank you


Aaron 24.10.2011. 02:22

What is the approximate time that we think will have a cure for breast cancer? What year do we think there will be a cure for breast cancer?


Admin 24.10.2011. 02:22

Breast cancer is curable if detected early. Small cancers can be cured now. Larger, more advanced cancers can't be cured but still can be treated so patients can live for quite a while depending on their disease.


princesskush420 01.10.2007. 03:08

Where can I find information and prevention methods on Breast Cancer? Breast Cancer Statistics among women, research, cures, different associations that raise money for breast cancer research, and what can I do to help.


Admin 01.10.2007. 03:08

See my blog at -

There is not particular way to prevent Breast cancer and you should have mammogram and other screening tests done every year to ensure that it is detected in case if it comes.

You can go through the following website where from you will get lot of information on BREAST CANCER -

I think these websites will give you a fair idea and details about Breast cancer. Best of luck-


Austin 05.10.2012. 20:23

What's with the sudden support for that thing to find a cure for breast cancer? I've noticed in recent weeks that a lot of people like the WWE, Ellen DeGeneres, and other companies have suddenly started to support I believe it's called something g comen for the cure of breast cancer and it raises the question "who died?" Or "what suddenly happened?"


Admin 05.10.2012. 20:23

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So this suddenly happens every year right around this time.


FUNdie 29.03.2008. 13:22

Why such a strong push to cure breast cancer? Why is it more important than any other cancer of the body, like lung cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc., or any other diseases like MS, Alzheimer's, Cerebral Palsy, etc? It's like everywhere I go I see pink ribbons and "cure breast cancer" marketing. It's push to cure it is so incredibly disproportionate as to make me think there is some political motive behind it. Could it have something to do with the fact that abortion can cause breast cancer? That would certainly provide a political motive.


Admin 29.03.2008. 13:22

Denise said its not more important. its equally the same as every other life threatning disease.

Really? Spending in 1997 on research looked something like this: Breast Cancer $12,800/death, prostate cancer $2,700/death.) Since then, it the gap has grown wider.

The National Cancer Institute also reported that during the period 1950-1991, women's rate of death from breast cancer increased 2% while men's rate of death from prostate cancer increased 25%. Until the last few years, you never heard anything about prostate cancer. Even today, it's not a high priority on health programs or the news. There's no postage stamp or brochures at the post office. (The second Breast Cancer postage stamp will soon be issued to raise awareness of breast cancer and to fund additional research.) There?s no special research or funding organizations for prostate cancer, no national prevention month, week or even day.

This is not to say that everything that is being done to find a cure for breast cancer should not be done. However, where do men?s health issues fit in in your local news analysis and reporting? What about the fact that of the 15 leading causes of death, men lead in every single category.

There are a lot of free screenings for breast cancer for poor women, none of any sort for poor men.

One has only to look for the pink for many products rasing funds for breast cancer. Do you see any fund rasing for prostate cancer? Even during the prostate cancer awarness week in Sept, I saw more effort to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer then I did for prostate cancer.

Oh yea...I sure do not see the feminist screaming about this....instead they are only screaming that there is a health care gap. There sure is...but is not against women!

Is it not time to value ALL our people?


NONAME 25.01.2012. 04:27

how exactly does walking 60 miles in 3 days cure breast cancer? have any of these publicity stunts ended with a cure for breast cancer? is this further proof that all this susan g komen garbage is a scam to get self absorbed and self important people to give money?

give me a break. they need more than the millions they have raised over the last 10 years?


Admin 25.01.2012. 04:27

I assisted one of those Komen marathon event. First they put tombs all over the grass with names of people who died of breast cancer to make it very sad. I thought that was creepy. What surprised me the most was the participants of the marathon. They were mostly women who only care of winning and being in shape. There were also many booths with pink bottles, key chains, bracelets...etc....To tell you the truth, I think they are more a business than anything else.
I would rather give my money to the individual who is suffering from the disease rather than the organization.


Copeland 13.01.2013. 07:39

If someone in your family had breast cancer can it pass down to yourself? My aunt had breast cancer but she was cured of it 6 years ago. She got a tumor in her lower back just two months ago though.


Admin 13.01.2013. 07:39

yes, unfortunately, that's how genetic works.


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