Do you have Sinus Infection Symptoms?

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Do you have Sinus Infection Symptoms?

By: Mike Nielsen

You've heard the saying, " No pain, no gain " but for many of us who have experienced the tremendous, annoying pain associated with having a sinus infection, I am sure you feel as I do; there isn't anything that I can gain or want to gain from having a sinus infection. Most of us have all experienced the pain and pressure in our head and face that only seems to get worse before it gets better. In the following article I will be talking about what causes sinus infections, some general sinus infection symptoms, where sinus infections occur, and some possible remedies to treating your sinus infection symptoms.

What causes sinus infection symptoms?

First of all we need to know what the sinuses are. The sinuses are hollow packets of air located on either side of the nose, behind and in-between the eyes, and in the forehead. The sinuses produce mucus that cleans and moistens the membranes of the nose and throat. Each sinus has an opening into the nose that allows for free exchange of mucus and air. Sinus infection symptoms are the result of inflammation and blockage of the openings. The mucus and pressure then build in the sinuses creating a perfect breading ground for bacteria. Sinus infection symptoms generally follow a cold or some other respiratory illness. For someone who suffers from allergies they can also be caused by an allergic reaction. Other causes include: blowing the nose too hard, not completely treating the first sinus infection, or frequent swimming.

General sinus infection symptoms:

  • Headache

  • Pain

  • Upper jaw and tooth ache

  • Tenderness around the nose, forehead and cheeks

  • Swelling and pressure around the eyes

  • Ear ache and infection

  • Fever

  • Weakness or fatigue

  • A cough, runny nose or nasal congestion

  • Bad breath

  • Snoring

Other symptoms can include:

  • Nasal sounding speech

  • Only being able to breathe through your mouth because your nasal passages are so plugged.

  • A decreased or total loss of smell

  • A nasty, possibility green, stinky nasal discharge. (Sounds exciting doesn't it!?)

  • That gross feeling of mucus draining down the back of your throat known as post nasal drip.

Where areas do Sinus infection symptoms affect?

There are essentially four areas where you can feel the pain and pressure from a sinus infection. You may have experienced a headache in the forehead caused by an infection in the frontal sinuses. If the pain is more focused in the cheekbone area then your maxillary sinuses are infected. Your sphenoid sinuses may be infected if the pain you experience is more general and goes all the way to the top of your head. The sphenoid sinuses are located deep behind the eyes right above the throat. Finally, if the infection centers in the ethmoidal sinuses, you'll get that extremely uncomfortable pain behind the eyes.

What are the remedies for sinus infection symptoms?

Sinus infection symptoms are usually treated with an antibiotic, various nasal sprays, or other medication. Because sinus infection symptoms are common and chronic for many individuals, prevention is much better than the cure. There are some simple activities, such as using a humidifier and regularly cleansing nasal passages, which can greatly decrease your chances of experiencing sinus infection symptoms.

In this article we have looked at what causes sinus infection symptoms, some of the general sinus infection symptoms, where the sinus infections take place and some possible remedies to curing your sinus infection symptoms. I hope that you learned as much from reading this article as I did from writing it. I also hope that you will find the information in this article valuable to the health of you and your loved ones.

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Night Shade 30.03.2013. 11:34

Is it possible to have a virus while having a sinus infection? For weeks I've been having sinus infection symptoms. My head feels heavy and tight, the feeling is worse whenever I bend down or crouch down etc. I have pain around the eyes, cheeks, nose, side of the nose and around the ears. I also have headaches too. My eyes keep watering and im sensitive to bright light, (sunlight, etc). I also feel a throbbing sensation around my forehead. Every time I blow my nose, it bleeds. I also feel tired and occasionally have nausea (not all the time though).

And now all of a sudden, I feel even worse. My nose is just so blocked up. I've tried using sprays, taking sinus relief drugs, blowing my nose, using steam, etc.

My brother had a cold last week, so I don't if I actually caught something from him. Or if the sinus infection has got worse.

How do I feel better?

Night Shade

Admin 30.03.2013. 11:34

You need antibiotics to clear the infection away. Take some mucinex to help get it draining along with some sort of decongestant. When you go to the doctor, they will tell you what to try. I pray you feel better soon.


MarkH 22.04.2011. 06:09

Is feeling lightheaded common with a sinus infection? I feel lightheaded and off balance a little, also sinus pressure between my eyes and very tired feeling all day. Do these sound like sinus infection symptoms?


goobergump 09.11.2007. 16:42

Do I need antibiotics for a sinus infection? I'm likely to have a sinus infection. Symptoms are:

discolored mucus
heavy pressure around the nasal area
soft/swollen under the eyes
sensitivity to light

Do I need antibiotics for a sinus infection or can I combat this virus by over-the-counter medications ?


Admin 09.11.2007. 16:42

You don't need antibiotics. Try not to take these as you can develop an immunity to them. Save antibiotics as a last resort. Put 2 teaspoons of salt into half a glass of warm water and inhale into the nostrils a teaspoon at a time. It will sting a bit but it will get rid of your infection really fast. Try to rinse out with plain warm water after an hour or so. Then blow your nose but not too hard as you can create lesions which can get infected again. I have recommended this to many with excellent results.


|jFranchise/| 16.07.2010. 05:16

Is it possible to have a sinus infection without having ANY symptoms ? Is it possible to have a sinus infection without ANY symptoms such as runny or stuffy nose fever mucus or anything that says YOU'RE SICK??? I only have the symptom of pressure and pain in the right side of my mouth around my gums and just like if i had a a sinus infection???is this possible???? HELP IM IN PAIN!!


Admin 16.07.2010. 05:16

ever thought it may be a tooth ache or if you still have your wisdom teeth they could be shifting, also the pressure just may be the first symptom but my be not be the last...i have chronic sinus problems


Aaron 28.10.2010. 03:55

What would be causing a painful discharge out of both of my eyes and large amounts of sinus pressure? Tests have already concluded no to sinus infection.

White puss discharge out of both eyes
itchy, swolled red eyes
Extreem pressure in the sinus areas and back of the neck
Swollen, but not conjested sinues

Breif History:
Surfing accindent in 2008 caused cervical disc disease in neck, causing muscular swelling
Development of lactose intolearance (contributes to sinus pressure)


-?- 05.02.2013. 23:24

Could I develop pneumonia from a sinus infection? I have had a sinus infection for three weeks and today I was started on antibiotics. I am taking 1 tablet of amoxicillin twice daily. I do not know how many milligrams. My question is could i still develop pneumonia from it even if I am taking antibiotics? I did not even know I had a sinus infection. My symptoms are nasal congestion, headache, dry wheezing cough, and extreme fatigue. Do you think I have a sinus infection? Thank you.


Admin 05.02.2013. 23:24

sinus infectinos can weaken your immune system and make you more vulnerrable to other sicknesses but a sinus infeciton can not turn into or give you pneumonia


starlight_mkc 01.04.2008. 22:18

Why are my ears still popping? I had a sinus infection, and my other symptoms are gone.? I had a sinus infection, but the other symptoms disappeared a few days ago. My ears still pop every time I swallow or yawn. Sometimes it is just one, and sometimes it is both. I already took amoxicillin for the sinus infection.


Admin 01.04.2008. 22:18

i get that sometimes what i do is just wait it out witch kinda sucks but it will go away in a couple days if not ask someone like a doctor if it is still bothering u


Wonderment 27.03.2010. 04:32

What symptoms of a sinus infection will cold medicine alleviate? We thought my sister had a cold. She took cold medicine today, and it didn't alleviate any of her symptoms, so we believe it began as a sinus infection instead of manifested into one from a cold. Is this possible? Should the cold medicine helped at least some of her sinus pressure, headache and nasal drainage/congestion?


Admin 27.03.2010. 04:32

The only sinus medicine that will really help congestion is sudafed or pseudoephedrine (generic name). You need to buy this behind the counter at the drugstore as some idiots make methamphetamine out of the active ingredient. If it is actually a sinus infection (lasts more than a few days), she needs to see the doctor for antibiotics or even steroids. Remember, your sinuses are very close to your brain and you do not want an infection there. I had to have surgery on my sinuses as many people do, because they are closed off by bone and infections can build up in these closed spaces. Nasal sprays like Afrin are OK for a few days, but no more. They have a rebound effect that makes your sinuses swell up after you use them, so you can be stuck using them for the rest of your life. Does she have a headache in the front of her face (eyes, cheeks, etc.) that feels like pressure? That can indicate sinus problems. If she's not better in a few days, have her bend over forward and see if the pain gets worse-sinus pressure worsens in this position. If she doesn't get better after a few days anyways, she needs to see a good ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat doctor), not just your family doctor. This can be very prolonged and painful if left untreated, trust me.


iCheer 09.09.2009. 20:35

Do you miss school for a sinus infection? I am pretty sure i have a sinus infection all the symptoms i have are listed for a sinus infection, i am going to the doctor today but will i miss any school? i have pictures tomorrow and i dont want to miss school tomorrow. thanks.


Admin 09.09.2009. 20:35

Well, i have but that's because i was having horrible headaches and i went to the doctor and they told me to go to the hospital for a CT scan to make sure it wasn't anything too serious. I stayed home cause i had to go to the hospital but if its not to bad i would go to school:)


Patrick Boynton 24.01.2013. 05:51

Cold like symptoms after being in a smoky room? I spent the weekend in a cabin with the power out and a fire to keep warm. Ever since then I've had either cold or sinus infection like symptoms, the room got rather smoky and I'm wondering if its not possible that the symptoms are from that and not just a cold or sinus infection?

Patrick Boynton

Admin 24.01.2013. 05:51

I don't think this has anything to do with it, but I got a chest infection after having a cold after being at my Grandfather's house and he's a smoker. If you're worried after a few days then go to your doctor. I did, and he gave me some random stuff that seems to be working haha.


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