Facial Cleansing For Your Skin Type

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Facial Cleansing For Your Skin Type

By: Diana Clarke

Do you know best way to wash your face and which products to use? Dermatologists say that there are several ways to cleanse the face, but the ingredients that work for one person may not work for someone else. What's more, there is a barrage of new products to choose from.

To help you decide which methods and tools for cleansing the skin are best for you, dermatologist Zoe D. Draelos, M.D., clinical associate professor in the department of dermatology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, N.C., discusses skin regimens that are appropriate for each skin type.

" There are an overwhelming number of facial cleansing products, implements and tools available today. The most important thing an individual can do to determine the best facial cleansing routine is to visit a dermatologist who can provide recommendations based on the patient's skin type and lifestyle, " said Dr. Draelos.

According to Dr. Draelos, there are three methods to cleanse the face:

  • facial cleansers

  • implements

  • cleansers and tools.

  • Facial Cleansers - Soap

Dermatologists don't recommend the use of soap on the face. In particular, a type of deodorant soap, comber, contains fragrance and harsh detergent, which is more suitable for the body.

Mild soap-free cleansing bars composed of synthetic detergent, called syndets contain a low pH. A low pH is more acidic, so it doesn't disturb the acid coating of the skin. A high pH, which is more alkaline, would disturb the skin's acid mantle and thus irritate the skin. However, facial cleansing bars may not remove oil from an oily complexion. Therefore, liquid facial cleansers would be more suitable for this skin type.

Lipid-free Cleansers

" Lipid-free cleansers are best for patients with excessively dry or sensitive skin, " said Dr. Draelos. " However, they are not very effective at removing oil or environmental dirt and are only recommended where minimal cleansing is needed. " Ingredients in lipid-free cleansers include glycerin, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, sodium laurel and sulfate, among others. Dermatologists don't recommend this type of cleanser for skin with acne because the product would moisturize the skin.

Cleansing Cream

Cleansing creams contain water, mineral oil, petrolatum and waxes. They are best for those with dry skin. Cleansing creams cleanse the skin as well as remove cosmetics.

Abrasive Scrubs

Abrasive scrubs not only cleanse the skin but also exfoliate it. " Scrubs were developed after it was found that exfoliating produced smoother skin, " stated Dr. Draelos. " The challenge with abrasive scrubs is that the scrubbing granules can cause irritation, redness or slight wounds on the face. "

Those with sensitive skin should not use harsh, abrasive scrubs that contain, among other ingredients, aluminum oxide particles and ground fruit pits. But even those with sensitive skin may use a mild facial scrub that contains polyethylene beads or sodium tetraborate decahydrate granules, added Dr. Draelos.

Skin Cleansing Tools

Skin cleansing tools were developed for those who want to achieve thorough facial cleansing. " Individuals who use implements or tools with cleansers often feel that they are getting a deeper clean, but cleansing involves the chemical interaction of the cleanser with the skin accompanied by the physical act of scrubbing, " said Dr. Draelos. " Dermatologists can help individuals select the appropriate implement or tool to include in a good facial hygiene routine. "

Woven Mesh

This implement helps cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Non-woven, polyester fiber sponges are too harsh on the skin. However, woven mesh sponges are appropriate for most skin types, are gentler, and contain a mild cleanser.

Face Cloths

Disposable facial cleansing cloths release a foaming cleanser when wet. " The recent addition of humectants and emollients to these cloths can decrease the damage to the skin's natural barrier that occurs during cleansing and help smooth the skin, " stated Dr. Draelos. " These ingredients also are especially beneficial for those of us with dry skin who need to wash frequently. "

Loose, open-weave cloths help exfoliate the skin and are recommended for sensitive skin. Tight or closed-weave cloths also exfoliate the skin but to a greater extent. These are recommended for oily skin.

Cleansing Pouch

The cleansing pouch contains two fiber cloths with different size holes. The Size of the hole determines the amount of cleanser that is released onto the skin.

Face Brush Individuals can use the facial cleanser they choose with this electric cleansing brush that contains an oscillating brush head with soft bristles.

" While each of these cleansers and tools offers unique advantages, ultimately, working with a dermatologist to determine the skin's tolerance for certain cleansing ingredients is the best way to keep facial skin clean and healthy, " said Dr. Draelos.

SOURCES: American Academy of Dermatology press conference. "Cutting through the clutter: making the most of your facial cleansing routine." Zoe D. Draelos, MD, clinical associate professor of dermatology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, N.C.

About The Author

Diana Clarke is a California credentialed teacher and health educator. Visit her website at www.yourskinandsun.com.


Rosemary 13.07.2013. 11:51

What type of cleanser and products should I use to clean and look after my face? What do you think of my skin regimen?
At present, I typically wash my face twice a day; in the morning when I wake up and before bed.
WASH - I either wash my face with Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, Biore blemish fighting ice cleanser or this Lacura facial cleansing milk from Aldi.
TONE - I use Lacura hydrating facial toner about once a week (not too often as it dries out your skin)
MOISTURISE - I probably don't do enough of this. I hardly ever moisturise and don't really know which product to buy. Any suggestions?


Admin 13.07.2013. 11:51

Don't forget sunscreen. There are some that double as a moisturizer too! I like Vichy products but I would go to your local drugstore and ask the sales rep there if she could recommend something for you skin type. I'm in my 40's and I have a very basic routine that consists of washing my face 2x a day, using a scrub 2x a week (gets all the dead skin cells off and cleans deeper) and using a gentle moisturizer and sunscreen. I use Vichy Aqualia moisturizer for combo skin. I've never used an anti-aging product in my life and people usually guess my 10 yrs. younger. It just goes to show that basic works.


Soulsista 20.02.2007. 01:35

What is the best facial cleansing product and face lotion for african american skin? I know some are too harsh and would like to know if anyone has any ideas as to what products work best. I know everyone has different skin types but i'd like to get people's opinions. It would help me out a lot. thanx : )


Admin 20.02.2007. 01:35

I know the answer seems simplistic, but as a professional esthetician, I recommend you find a good skin care professional in your area and ask for a consult. Any pro worth their salt will not charge you for a skin consult and analysis. Before you can determine any product that would be "Best" you need to know your skin type & condition, any allergies you may have ( i.e., Vitamin E can be an irritant to some individuals, and it is a component of many, many products on the market because of its antioxidant properties), etcetera. A skin consult and analysis should include a thorough skin health questionnaire as well as a health screening, and then a physical exam of your skin under magnification and with special equipment.

Until you can do this, I recommend using Cetaphil Sensitive Skin Cleanser and good old fashioned Witch Hazel (diluted to 50% with distilled water) as a toner. I recommend, as an interim measure, Olay Complete Defense Daily UV Sensitive Skin moisturizer with SPF30.

An additional note: Because black skin is easily damaged and scarred, you will want to avoid micro-dermabrasion and laser treatments unless recommended and performed by a plastic surgeon.

Good luck!


Alexis 24.07.2011. 14:23

How to get clear healthy skin? My skin is really dry and sensitive. It can be oily sometimes too. Any tips/suggestions? and What are some good facial cleansers for my skin type?


Admin 24.07.2011. 14:23

-Drink loads of water (more than 8 glasses a day). It REALLY helps!(:

-Exercise so that you sweat. Right after, wash your face.

-Invest in a really good moisturizer (apply day and night)

-After cleansing always use a toner (then moisturize after)

Good cleansers for your skin type:


[this one is the best for your skin type but if you are not willing to buy online, I suggest some of the others below]


[I use this and love it! It cleans deep so that you get moisture in your pores, but is very subtle for sensitive skin]


[This product cleans well while being very light on sensitive skin]


[This product does not have sensitive skin written on it, but when my sister and I used it, it was very silky and light while adding moisture to my sister's dry skin because it is a cream(:]

Best toner for your skin type:


[I would recommend this product to anybody! It feels amazing and is made for specifically sensitive, dry skin]

Best moisturizer for your skin type:


[I love this product because it also helps fight acne while making you dry skin soft. Another one I would recommend to anyone]

Good Luck! Xoxo(:


madmisskelly 19.07.2011. 23:47

What should my skincare routine look like? I realize that everyone is different, and different skin types need different types of products. However, I want to get into a routine to keep my skin looking healthy and hydrated.
How often, when and in what order should I use the following products:
1. sun screen
2. toner
3. facial mist
4. moisturizer (do I need one for day and one for night>)
5. facial scrub
6. face wash

I know that I should probably only exfoliate 2-3 times per week, and that if I exfoliate I don't need to cleanse.


Admin 19.07.2011. 23:47

Im a beauty therapist so I hope my advise helps.

Cleansing the face is important especially if you wear makeup and using the right products is important too, Make sure you see a Professional beauty therapist or skin specialist on what types of products you should use on your face.

I believe you should do the following daily:

Every Morning
- Wash your face with a facial cleanser
- Moisturise your face with a day cream which has sunscreen in it.
(Only use a Toner in the morning if you wear makeup to bed otherwise you dont need to use it)

Every Evening
- Remove makeup with a makeup wipe (use one that does not contain a lot of perfume in it)
- Wash skin with a facial cleanser (same one that you used in the morning as your skin is use to it)
- Use a toner dabbed on to cotton wool and wipe your face all over to get rid of daily dirt that the cleanser didn't remove.
- Moisturise with a night cream as it is much lighter then a day cream.

Try to use the same brands of products that your skin is use to and use more natural products with out perfumes as perfumes make the cleansers smell nice but can cause skin reactions.

Exfoliate twice a week, if you over exfoliate your skin can break out or become to dry.

It doesn't really matter if you use a face mist.


lululu 12.12.2012. 15:57

How do I get back my oily skin? I used to have oily facial skin, now it is dry. I used to find oily skin troublesome, For example I couldn't wear foundation in the summer- it left my face shinny (even with facial primer) But now I have dry patches (scaly and scabby, sometimes itchy and painful when i put on the cream) all over my face- both corners of my mouth, under my lips and 1 part of my eyebrows. I use E45 but I have to cream my face twice a day cos the moisture dry out.

What do I do? Even though I can now eat peanut butter and peanuts without my face breaking out into spots, I miss my oily skin and I want it back! Help!


Admin 12.12.2012. 15:57

You really don't want your oily skin back. You have your rose-tinted glasses on here.

Dry skin can develop easily into eczema, which is what this sounds like; vitamin E cream helps me when I suffer from patches on my face, but I also use a deep regenerating facial moisturiser every night to balance it out.

I feel for you; I had oily skin up until about 4 months ago, then it very quickly turned dry and became eczematous (I wasn't surprised, I suffer from eczema all over my body anyway). In the beginning I wished for the oil and spots to come back, because I knew how to deal with that - I had nothing for a dry face, I hadn't a clue what to do. Unfortunately when the central heating came on for the winter a few weeks ago, the oil came back, though not in as a great a quantity as before. So now I have patches of eczema and mild acne, which makes cleansing and treating it very difficult!

It is weird when your skin changes type, but you learn to live with it; trust me, dry skin is not quite as bad as oily.

I've just had a thought: make sure you treat it as sensitive skin! If I try to use anything that isn't marked as suitable for sensitive skin, it acts up. E45 is okay, but have you tried Aveeno? I have found that it helps quite a bit.

Good luck with your skin, I hope it finds its balance soon :)


Breanna 08.04.2013. 03:45

What is a good acne treatment for my skin type that will help? I have kinda oily skin so it's acne prone. I wear make-up but i wash it off right when i get home from school. I'm 15. I don't have terrible skin but it's not anything close to perfect. My problem areas are mostly my cheeks. I always wash my face in the morning and night. But i was wondering what are some good products to use and what are good treatments etc. Any advice is helpful Thanks in advance :-)
I'm a girl and i also heard drinking a lot of water helps is that true?


Admin 08.04.2013. 03:45

Hiya , Hope you read this. I have the same skin type as you and it is very oily!!!! As f**k.
You are the same age me so maybe what works for me might/would work for you.

The thing you have to know is that nobody can get Flawless skin . Even though KPOP stars have the most perfect skin but it is not.

Your diet must consist of Fruit an Vegies daily, and drink 1-2 litres of water.
The water will help flush the toxins out of your body and to level that up is to add a few drops of lemon juice to your water. The fruits and vegetables help nourish your skin with vitamins and minerals.

If you want to wear concealer -DON'T! . Use BB cream it stands for Blemish Balm which helps cover up any redness or uneven skin tone. BB cream is light weight than concealer and your skin can breath while using BB cream. And it comes with many skin tones. But i prefer Asian brand BB cream if you are Asian or Caucasian . Oh yeah Go for the oil free BB.

-You have Oily skin like me so You'll need a oil free foaming cleanser or cream cleanser.
-You'll need oil free moisturiser with spf 15 or over which that is optional But you'll still need a oil free moisturiser.
-Toner with plant extracts . If you don't have toner that's fine. Because toner gets rid of the excess oil and dirt. But do not use toner with Alcohol! BAD >.<
-For exfoliator You'll need a exfoliator with salicylic acid in it like ST Ives blemish and blackhead control. I'm sure they sell that there in your local supermarket. And this exfoliator reduces your pore size!!

Never touch your face! Because the dirt and bacteria will slither into your pores causing the acne or redness . Change your pillow case every 2 weeks becase ll the dirt and oil from your hair is collected on your pillow case.And when going to sleep tie your bangs up. Oh yeah and use a separate towel for your face and body.
note- Always carry blotting paper with you.

Step 1 : Wake up in the morning tie your hair up - go to the sink and splash warm water on your face several times to open your pores.

Step 2 : Get out your Cleanser and squeeze some out Not too much . Massage the cleanser in circular motions and in the troubled area . This may take a while. And you may think ''Ain't nobody got time fo that'' But it'll work trust me ^0^

Step 3 : Rinse off with cold water to help close up pores so to reduce the amount of oil that comes at and dirt that goes in. after that use you separate towel and pat gently . - Do'nt wipe it'll cause irritation and will take excess moisture out.

Step 4 : Tone your face with a cotton pad using upward motion (Toner is optional, yet effective)

Step 5 : Once toned or not , Put on some moisturiser massage into face . If you are going out into the sun use a light moisturiser with spf 15 and over and top that off with BB cream BB cream also provides spf.
~~Exfoliate 2 tomes per week working on you black head areas and don't scrub to harsh!
Step 6 : Tadahhh~~ Benice to yo skin !

You can try out these awesome facial mask that I use. And Yes I'm a guy i do all of this which doesn't count me as a ****** or gay i just do this because i hate acne and it lowers your self esteem and **** so yeah ..

The other thing is cleansing your face with oat meal is super Duper great . It worked for me! Just simple get 2 tablespoon of rolled oats and add a few drops of water to bring oat the milky liquid. Just squeeze oat the milk from the oat and use the milk first . Massage the milk onto your face followed by the left over oats. Leave on face for 10 mins and rinse off . Note: Oat is great for skin inflammatory and reduces redness. And I don't know why since iv'e been using the oat mask my skin seems to be a bit lighter which is Great ^_^

Honey and lemon mask also works for back heads. Take 2 teaspoon of honey and a wedge of lemon mix together to get the perfect consistency not to runny and not to thick and smear all over your face. Lemon helps brighten the skin and fight bacteria while honey moisturises and helps reduce redness .

Remember to be nice to your skin and Drink plenty of water Like i say drink water like it's not outta style. Don't touch your skin and you'll see the results .

And you should be thankful that Iv'e written this much just to help you \(*O*)/

Here are a few recommendation on BB cream brands.

Etude House
Garniar - which i don't like :P has too much chemicals
Bobby brown
- Tea tree oil is the best!!!!!!!!!!

BB can be pricey but I really recommend it But if you are going to buy BB you need to know your skin tone and type.
So yeah that's about it :DDDD

Sorry if tooooooooooooo loooonnnng . i JUST LIKE TO GIVE MY ANSWER IN FULL DETAL. tAKE CARE !! :)


Amber 03.01.2013. 20:45

Should i buy products for dry skin or oily skin? Like in my last question i was asking whether or i have dry or oily skin. I have dry skin in some parts like my forehead and just below my eyes and ON my nose, not around it. But i have oily skin around my nose and under my lips. What's even more strange is that the parts that are dry, feel like they have oil on them. Like as if sandpaper had oil poured on it. Everywhere else is sort of normal. So should i get lets say, makeup or facial cleansing products for oily skin or dry skin, since it is kind of in between?


Admin 03.01.2013. 20:45

you skin is combination Clinique, Biore and Neutrogena
Have good skin care for skin type so dont worry this
product will balance your skin.

also Cetaphil skin is good for combo skin and The body shop seaweed line.


Victoria 08.10.2009. 02:27

How can I deal with dry skin? My facial skin is dry. Especially on my forehead and around the base of my nose. I am 20 years old. It kinda grosses me out. I don't have a skin condition it only happens on my face around those areas and I am not in the sun that much.

What can I do so that it can be less dry? Lotions? Diet? Is it the change of season?? It is fall here now, and the weather is slowly becoming cool outside.

Please help, thanks.


Admin 08.10.2009. 02:27

Here is some information I found that might help you

A Word About Diet
If you do not have the proper diet, your skin will reflect that. By eating the proper foods, and drinking enough water, you will be able to prevent dry skin from occurring anywhere on your body. If you already have dry skin, you can help decrease the dryness by following these tips:

* Drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day to keep your skin hydrated.

* Eat a balanced diet that limits the amount of processed foods you eat. Raw foods (excluding meats) are always best for your entire body, including your skin, since they contain more naturally occurring water. Your diet should be balanced to include vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, and nuts.

* Try to ingest a lot of vitamins A and C. These vitamins help your skin hold onto available moisture in your system. Common foods including these vitamins are oranges, cantaloupes, and carrots.

* Avoid junk food, including fried foods, chocolate, candy, since these substances can rob moisture levels from your skin.

* Limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol since these substances lead to dehydration.

By adhering to a skin-friendly diet you can help keep your skin hydrated, healthy, and glowing and help reduce the effects of other dry skin causes.

I also discovered a lady who had really bad dry skin who you may find can offer you some advice?

Some of the areas she looks at are below

What Are The Different Types Of Eczema?

What Are Eczema Triggers?

Causes Of Eczema

Conventional Treatment Of Eczema

Are Medications All That Bad?

How Should Your Overall Eczema Diet Plan Look Like?

How To Do Elimination Diet For Foods That You Are Allergic To?

Why Cleansing Of Toxins Is Needed To Rid Yourself Of Eczema?

How To Cleanse Your Body Of Its High Toxicity?

What Is The Eczema-Leaky gut syndrome link?

What Nutritional Support Is Known To Help Heal Eczema?

Which Ayurvedic Herbal Remedy Is Known To Help With Eczema Skin?

Healing Foods For Eczema?

How To Plan An Acid-Alkaline Diet For A Daily Eczema Diet?

You can get her details if you click here http://tinyurl.com/yavln5

I hope this helps you


missbeanburrito 21.07.2010. 20:54

What primer and foundation is appropriate for my skin type? I've never used primer nor a foundation before, I've just stuck to my Revlon powder. My skin is oily and acne prone, fair color, and I have rather large pores on my face. I want something that will not melt off or make it look blotchy. I need something that will cover my blemishes too, if that is possible. Any tips or advice would be great too. Thx!


Admin 21.07.2010. 20:54

Green concealer is good for covering redness to the skin or spots but don't put too much on just a little dap then twist with a sponge while you blend it in. Always use moisturizer before you apply foundation or concealer to the skin. As your skin is oily (like mine) use oil-free products. For powder, if you like it then keep using it but my trick is, I use talcum powder but not too much but it works for me as I have really pale skin anyway. I also use Dream Matte Mouse as that helps to let the skin breath but it's entirely up to you what ones you use as long as they are oil-free.

Here is how I apply make-up to myself and clients:
1. Cleanse x2
2. Tone
3. Exfoliate
4. Moisturize
5. Apply small amount of green concealer to red areas
6. Twist the concealer into the skin until it is blended
7. Apply the foundation all over the face
8. Blend the foundation in to make sure there are no lines
9. Apply the powder with a big make-up brush and go in downward movements (as facial hair apart from eyebrows are facing down)
10. Eye make-up
11. Blusher
12. Blend the blusher in with a big make-up brush
13. Lips

I left out detail for the lips and eyes as people prefer to do those parts themselves plus I would need to see your actual face to know what colours to use on you.

Hope this helps! =] x


x Jess x 21.01.2012. 21:28

How do i get clear facial skin? how do you get clear facial skin and how do you get rid of spots and freckles without using food like lemon juice and things? thanks :D

x Jess x

Admin 21.01.2012. 21:28

Firstly you can not get rid of freckles. Use clean and clear skin range in the morning, the facial scrub is fantastic. After using that cleanse, tone and moisturise the skin as these will remove any further trace of grime on your face, give your face a better balance and will smoothen your face therefore make up will look more flawless and skin naturally looks much healthier.

Throughout the week exfoliate, use facemasks, hot towels (rinse towels under hot water and squeeze until all water out then put on face for 5 to 10 minutes, this opens pores allowing you to squeeze spots easier) also if you have blackheads on nose and chin area use nose strips and chin strips, that's actually what there called.

Make sure you use the products aimed for your skin type, if you have dry skin before going to bed apply a nivea cream or lotion to the dry patch, don't be shy with the product shove it on and leave on over night, it works wonders and Vaseline does the same trick.

Hope I helped x


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