Fat Does Not Make You Fat

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Fat Does Not Make You Fat

By: Dr. Jamie Fettig

Fat does Not Make You Fat. One of the other huge myths is that fat makes you fat. It doesn't. When you eat fat, your body has to break it down into its little building blocks and then absorb the pieces. The fat you have in your body is not the same as the fat you eat. In fact, the fat naturally found in whole foods is fat you actually need for your body to function properly.

Essential Fatty Acids are the name given to the types of fat that you need to eat. This is why they are called essential. Your body cannot make them, you must eat them. And these essential fatty acids are only found with fat that naturally occurs in whole food. What are these essential fatty acids used for in your body? Well, literally everything. Every cell in your body is partly made up of these essential fatty acids. To breathe, to have your heart beat, to run, walk, think, to make hormones, to remember anything, you need essential fatty acids for all of these and basically, to live. And if you don't eat them in the food you eat, your body will not function properly. And the only place you can find essential fatty acids is in food that has naturally occurring fat in them. So if you try and cut fat out of your body, you will actually be causing harm and not really be doing anything to get rid of the fat already in your body.

So what is one of the main causes of being fat. Sugar and refined carbohydrates. NO, not again with the sugar, you might be saying. Yes, Sugar and refined carbohydrates are really one of the main causes in many problems we as humans face today. You can pretend it is not true, you can believe it is not true, but no matter how you try and avoid it, sugar and refined carbohydrates will still negatively impact you whether you want them to or not. And whether or not you believe they will or not.

How does sugar and refined carbohydrates make you fat? It is really simple. You have a relatively set amount of fat cells in your body. It is just a matter of how big your fat cells are. So what affects the size of your fat cells? Sugar. Because glucose is what is stored in your fat cells. And there is a little Agate@ that controls the movement of sugar in and out of your fat cells. And the key to this little gate is insulin. Insulin is the key that opens the gates to the fat cells and allows excess glucose in the blood to go into the fat cells. So if you never eat anything that raises your blood sugar levels beyond normal, your body will not release insulin, and you will not get bigger fat cells.

The body releases insulin to lower blood sugar levels that are too high. So Sugar and refined carbohydrates are actually what is one of the biggest contributing factors to why people are overweight.

The ironic part of all of this, is that when you get food that has Aartificially@ been made to be low fat, you know what they usually put in when they take out the fat? Sugar. They usually add the very thing that contributes to people being fat when they are trying to make something that many people think is helping them not be fat. Fat does not make you fat. In fact, you need the essential fatty acids found in fat to live. Sugar is one of the biggest contributing factors to what makes you fat.

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Brittani Lopaz 29.12.2012. 05:18

How do I lose theigh fat and arm fat and belly fat fast? I want to impress the gorguese guy I like and I need the quickest advice I can get so I can l look sexy without any arm fat, fat in between my arm and chest, fat in thighs, and belly I also want my belly to be flat. Please help. Need a Jessica abla figure by 1/1/13 thanks

Brittani Lopaz

systemglitch 18.01.2010. 18:54

What ingredient contributes more to body fat? Eating more of which of these will give you more body fat: Fat, Saturated Fat (assuming that both are organic and not trans fats) or carbs?

Because I eat ALOT of fat in my diet, too much probably although its organic (mostly from nuts, sunbutter, and milk, I eat little meat) and I don't seem to be affected by this. Whenever I eat something low in fat but high in carbs on occassion, I feel a little soggier than I did before.


Admin 18.01.2010. 18:54

Simple carbohydrates (sugar, flour, bread, cereal, pasta, potatoes, rice) trigger insulin (the ONLY fat storage hormone). The more protein the more the fat burning hormone glucagon is released.

Fat doesn't make you fat. Fat is required to make vitamins & minerals in foods bioavailable so they can be incorporated into the body structure.

Because fruits have fructose, they are the most lipogenic carb and can fix fat in fat cells more efficiently than any other carb. This is even more true of high fructose corn syrup.

As long as you have <9grams carbs per hour, you will maintain insulin control & shouldn't gain weight, no matter the calories because insulin, the fat storage hormone is not activated.


Boo 03.01.2011. 04:49

What is it? baby fat or fat fat? do i need to grow into it or lose it? I am 12. I have a small frame but a faaatttt!!! Stomache. I have started my period but my dad says I stop growing. I can't tell if its baby fat or not. I am 5"1 or 5"2 if its fat fat then any ideas how to lose almost all of it before swimsuit season??(:


Admin 03.01.2011. 04:49

Growth in young ladies like you, is often very erratic.
...You can put on weight at one stage in your growth, and then in the next stage loose it just quickly as you suddenly start getting taller and you look thin.
...So what can you do about --- The answer is NOTHING.

.... At your age your hormones are very busy..
...THEY KNOW WHAT TO DO ---So don't get them upset OR all sorts of funny things can happen

Don't mess with your diet.---Just eat a LITTLE bit of everything and NOTHING in excess

Good Luck and Don't worry


Fly.with.Me. 06.01.2009. 04:28

How much to have of Calories, Trans fat, fat cal, sodium etc? I'm 14 weigh about 115 and my height is 5'1

i want to be healthier:]

How much should i have of calories. trans fat. fat cal. sodium?

Those are just things i remember off labels.

Please help!

(how much to have for a girl who wants to stay the same weight or loose a few pounds meaning like 10ish)


Admin 06.01.2009. 04:28

Alright What I would recommend for you is that you start exercising but I have found some links for you to look at so that you can see how many calories you are supposed to have and how many to lose weight safely

Trans fat I can tell you are not good for you, you should also limit the amount of sodium but the pyramid will help

I also added a link that should be helpful it is the US agriculture pryamid.




I hope this helps you

and remember that a healthy weight loss is 1 to 3 lbs a week. Any more than that can hurt you more than help :)


Brianna Majette 12.04.2012. 01:48

What is the difference between fat and thick? I have all ways told people how I think I'm fat but not one person has said I am they say I'm thick. An I like what do you mean they say your not fat, fat is fat and your not fat. But I still don't understand so what is the difference.

Brianna Majette

Admin 12.04.2012. 01:48

Thick is like curvy but youre not all jiggly and with rolls.Thick girls can have an attractive frame like America Ferrara. Fat is just out of shape, round, and just too much jelly.


Godessy1 06.09.2012. 11:22

How do fat cells work and why are people fat in one specific area? for example, I have a thin stomach, but I have love handles which I HATE!!!!
how do I get rid of them?
why is it that when I lose weight the love handles are the last to go down, and when i put on weight it is the first to get bigger?
and why do some people only fat fat in some places, like some people have bigger legs and arms, or stomach.


Admin 06.09.2012. 11:22

Any time you eat more than your body needs at that time, the extra calories are stored as fat.

Everyone stores fat differently. You say you have a problem with love handles -- my problem area is my gut. Wherever your body is genetically predisposed to store fat, that's the first place where you see extra flab and the last place you lose it. Don't believe the ads you see on TV saying you can slim down specific areas -- you can't spot-reduce fat.

If you have love handles, you may want to add exercises that target your abdominal muscles -- particularly your obliques. These exercises burn very few calories, but they help tone up those areas and, as a result, can make your love handles appear smaller. To get rid of the flab, you have to resort to the tried-and-tested methods of diet and exercise.


joe 12.01.2008. 00:59

How much fat in the diet is healthy? I have a fast metabolism. And i wanna gain some meat on my face. My face tends to fluctuate a lot and actually looks a lot better after I've had a full meal. Is there any known method that would help channel fat directly to the face? Obviously not fat fat, but just enough, like what about pulling on the skin while drinking a 1000 calorie, fatty weight gainer shake?


Admin 12.01.2008. 00:59

Some guys have lean, chiseled faces. That's how it is. 1000 calories can be a lot. You might do better to eat something with calories and nutrients.

Take it from a skinny guy - you'll appreciate it as you get older and all the bulky guys get fat.


Jin 14.08.2008. 04:21

Why are SOME skinny and fat women so annoying? The skinny woman may be very tall and skinny and would complain about being fat not fitting into size 00 jeans or 0 or whatever. I'm sure they know they're not fat.
Fat woman: A few would actually sit on you and say something similar to "What skinny? My big body too good for you?" Many would just think that everything you say even if it has NOTHING to do with them, is something about them being overweight.


Admin 14.08.2008. 04:21

Haha, you speak from experience, no doubt! Hahaha!


Wendell 13.04.2012. 22:48

Is it possible to to eat fried human fat? Hey guys I'm not a creeper or anything, but Ive been wondering this for a while noow. Because human fat fat has always interested me ik how chicken fat looks like but human?? Please answer thanks.


Admin 13.04.2012. 22:48

I once tried it I was nice


Unny 05.12.2012. 05:11

How do I loose fat and get a good body for summer? I am 15 and this summer I really want to have a nice body and not have to be self conciouse of my stomach. I have been trying to go for runs at least 2-4 times a week, but I get REALLY bad stitch. How do I stop this???
I am not Fat Fat but I have like a layer of fat in the middle of my stomach and after I eat I can look like I am pregnant. I have NO fat on my hip bones either. Is this Normal???
Ho wcan I get a flat stomach apart from just running because it hasnt really been working. I weigh 44.6kg or 96lb btw I am 160cm or 5'3 or somthing like that


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