Nail Fungus - What You Need To Know About

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Nail Fungus - What You Need To Know About

By: Joe Leoni

Signs and symptoms of a nail fungus infection.

A nail fungus can be seen, smelled, or even felt once it takes hold. Here is a list of some of the most common signs and symptoms of nail fungus:

  • The nail fungus may affect the appearance of the nails. They might look greenish, yellowish, or even darker colors. Some may have little white patches on them.

  • Nails may get flaky, brittle and chipped.

  • Debris might collect under your nails causing them to smell bad.

  • Sometimes nail fungus causes the nails to split.

  • Sometimes toenails get so thick that even wearing shoes or walking will be painful.

If you think that you have a nail fungus go to your healthcare provider and he or she will perform a test. This is the only way to know for sure if you have a nail fungus.

How to prevent a nail fungus from affecting your toenails?

Well-fitting shoes is always a good defense against a nail fungus. Shoes are well-fitting where there is space (about the width of a thumb) between the end of the shoe and the tip of the longest toe, preventing the toe from being damaged upon impact. Another way to prevent the nail fungus from appearing is to change socks whenever they become damp.

What to do when you have a nail fungal infection?

The nail fungus is hard to eliminate and needs treatment with proper medications, once it establishes in your nail bed. Unfortunately, in most cases, anti-fungal creams applied to the nail are useless because they do not penetrate the nail bed killing the fungus at its sourse.

However, there are strong oral medications that must be taken for months in order to be effective. But, be careful as most medications have side effects to other body organs like the liver or the skin, etc. Ask your physician to monitor side effects during treatment. This consists in periodic blood tests, usually monthly. Any of the following symptoms suggests organ damage and should be reported immediately to your physician: nausea, unusual fatigue, severe loss of appetite, skin rashes, yellow eyes, dark urine, bleeding.

Keep in mind that this list is far from being complete. If you are treating yourself for nail-fungal infection using oral medications, ask your physician for a complete list.

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Melissa 31.07.2008. 00:55

How can I get rid of white nail fungus underneath my toenail? I switched nail salons, and after my last pedicure I notice white nail fungus growing underneath my right toenail.

How can I get rid of this? Any homeopathic or over the counter remedies?


Admin 31.07.2008. 00:55

There are homeopathic self-help remedies available over-the-counter (approved by the FDA) to use for first-aid and acute care problems. An acute health problem is something that comes on quickly, lasts a short time, and resolves - like a cold, flu, cough, or even PMS as an acute "exacerbation" of a chronic problem.

Toenail fungus is a "constitutional" health problem, for which you would need to consult with a classical homeopath. We sit with new clients for 1-2 hours to go through current symptoms (for example, perhaps you also have headaches, or backaches, or menstrual cramps), past health history, family health history, life situation, and general symptoms - like response to weather, sleep patterns, food preferences, etc. From that we research to find a remedy that will restore deep inner harmony to your organism, facilitating healing from the inside-out (where it begins, contrary to appearances). is the national directory for any homeopath certified in N. America. Around the world, you'd have to be sure a homeopath has similar qualifications. Because it's so readily available, people misunderstand what homeopathy is. Even practitioners who claim to offer homeopathy often have a consumer-level awareness. Look for someone certified whose practice is 100% classical homeopathy - no acupuncture, kinesiology (muscle testing), etc.

It might spontaneously resolve if you're otherwise in good health. If not, though, and other toenails become involved, think about calling a homeopath.


peakload78 02.05.2009. 13:53

Who has a REAL fast and effective way to kill finger nail fungus without the pills? I have finger nail fungus - I need it gone!! I do not want to take the pills as I heard that they are expensive and hard on the liver. Any ideas?


Admin 02.05.2009. 13:53

You can use the new pinpoint laser treatment that kills fungus underneath the nail bed and you will see your nail grow out clear. Its not covered by insurance b/c its considered a cosmetic procedure. You can find out more on www.


alfeebester 20.03.2007. 15:12

How to cure a nail fungus? I've had this nail fungus for years now and I don't know how to get rid of it. I started taking Lamisil tabs but they are so expensive ($350/month supply) and my insurance will no longer pay for it. I have heard of using vinegar, tea tree oil and hydrogen peroxide. Has anyone had any success with any of these remedies? Or other ones?


Admin 20.03.2007. 15:12

I had my doubts in tea tree oil for curing fungus, but not only did it cure my nail fungus but it also cured my planters wart that the doctor hadn't been able to kill with freezing.

Just soak your nials in warm water with a few drops of tea tree oil a couple of times a day. You should see results in a couple of weeks.


Shorty 24.06.2008. 21:55

if vick vapour rub gets rid of Nail Fungus, would deep heat work? I have Nail Fungus, but at the same time my hands are tingly red, puffed up and also have little pure white fiber like things coming out of my skin, does anyone know if this is a natural occurance? what should i do about it?


Admin 24.06.2008. 21:55

The same ointments used for a yeast infection worked very well on a girl-friends long-running nail fungus. She'd had it for years previous to meeting me, and it had hollowed out most of the area under the nail so that it was almost detached. The creme started working immediately and all trace of it was gone in a few months.

As for the hand swelling and white fibers coming out of the skin.... First, if you're using "stimulants", please slow down or stop for awhile because your doing too much. Otherwise, no, it's not normal, and you should see a doctor.


Megan 28.06.2012. 17:53

What are some easy, cheap remedies for toe nail fungus? I'm a teen who has always struggled with athlete's foot and toe nail fungus. Lately the fungus has gotten worse I've tried many different things but I'm open to anything that anyone has tried or heard of.


Admin 28.06.2012. 17:53

Just go to the pharmacist. They can recommend you something. I think there is a 1 pill treatment available over the counter.

Toe nail fungus is extremely hard to get rid of and you need to be dedicated in applying any topical treatments.


Devon 06.10.2011. 15:28

Does Fungavir work for the removal of nail fungus? I?ve had nail fungus for years. Nothing helped. I tried vinegar, Vicks, Listerine, Tea Tree Oil. Nothing worked. A friend of mine found Fungavir on line. Does anyone know if it works?


Admin 06.10.2011. 15:28

Like you, I had tried everything. First my toe nails had it, and then it started to affect my fingernails, and nothing worked for me either. But I thought, what do I have to lose? I tried Fungavir and in one month, I already saw improvement. After 4 months, my nails looked like new. I kept using Fungavir, ?cause I was afraid to stop, and the nail fungus has never come back!!!

I highly recommend it to everyone. Check it out


Lance 02.02.2013. 05:21

What is the fastest way to get rid of toe/finger nail fungus? I have had nail fungus for about 3 years now and i hate people noticing it and saying this exact quote "What happened to your nail?!?!?!." I am SICK AND F****** tired of this and i want the fastest way to get rid of nail fungus. Please don't say nail fungus is hard to get rid of, I F****** KNOW.


Jane 07.04.2009. 20:37

How to get rid of toe nail fungus? Toe nail fungus makes toes so ugly. How can I get healthy and good looking nails? If possible, I would like to avoid medicine so if you know natural products, that would be great. Thank you.


Admin 07.04.2009. 20:37

I think you should give up on the all natural. Evidently, when you are feet are all natural they are funktastic. Maybe you should just cut the fungus out.


Chica Loca 30.07.2008. 22:54

How do I get rid of Toe Nail Fungus? I'm scared to take those pills that cure the fungus 'cause I heard It's really bad for the liver. Hey, I could live with toe nail fungus but I can't live without my liver. So, does anyone know of any home remedies to get rid of toe nail fungus?

Chica Loca

Admin 30.07.2008. 22:54

Home remedies can't cure toenail fungus. Your doctor can run tests to see if your liver is healthy. Treatment is at least 90 days and he can run a test after 30 and 60 days to catch anything before it gets bad. Liver damage is actually rare, especially if your liver is healthy. Explain your concerns to your doctor.

There are treatments that make your fungus cosmetically more acceptable if you decide against medicines.


SillyEmm 16.09.2011. 06:22

How do I get rid of toe nail fungus? I have had toe nail fungus on my toes for about 3 years now. How do I get rid of it? I feel like I have tried everything.


Admin 16.09.2011. 06:22

have you tried vicks vapor rub? Yes, its not meant for that but my wife says it works.


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