Natural Beauty: What Is It Really?

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Natural Beauty: What Is It Really?

By: Lori Stryker

Natural beauty is the ideal many people strive to achieve when they purchase make-up, creams, shampoos and other forms of cosmetics. But what really constitutes natural beauty, and how can it be achieved?

Many consumers, in an attempt to cleanse, tone, moisturize, mattify, shine, colour, enhance and so on, have overloaded their skin and their cabinets with too many needless products. Experts have found that 63 percent of all women complain of having developed 'sensitive skin', and many of these complaints can be traced back to an overcomplicated skin care regimen (Fairley, 2001). In contrast, the needs of human skin are simple. They are cleansing, moisture, nourishment and protection. Skin which suffers from burning, reddening, pimples, rashes and other symptoms similar to these may be caused by or made worse from adverse reactions to the cosmetic products overloading many women's cabinets. Often many of these products claim to alleviate or eliminate the very symptoms they are causing (Begoun, 1991).

When selecting skin care, it is best to choose a product formulated for your skin type. Everyone's skin is individual and varied, but to assist in product selection, and in understanding what your own skin needs, the following skin types have been generalized.

  • Balanced, which is neither oily nor dry, and similar to the skin type of children.

  • Oily

  • Dry

  • Sensitive, which is a condition involving reddening, burning or rashes when a cosmetic is applied.

  • Problem, which is prone to acne and breakouts.

  • Combination, which is most skin, containing oily and dry patches.

Beautiful skin can be obtained by making good choices for your skin, such as using cosmetic products and make-up which are truly natural. Eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, water and healthy oils (such as polyunsaturated fats, essential fatty acids found in flax seed oil, olive oil, etc.) all assist in achieving and maintaining healthy skin. Lastly, adequate rest, sleep and exercise also contribute significantly to beautiful skin.

Simple Skin Care Steps:

  • Gentle cleansing - depending on your skin type or preference, choose a natural soap.

  • Toning - use a toner which is alcohol-free, infused with essential oils

  • Daytime moisturizing - light or rich skin moisturizer

  • Nighttime moisturizing - use facial oils formulated with essential oils


Choose make-up which is made with all natural ingredients and colours, regardless of one's age. All faces look fresh and naturally beautiful when colours which reflect the earth's vibrant range of hues are applied. Rainbow-like colours, or deep, dramatic shades cannot be obtained naturally in make-up without synthetically derived colours. These colours rarely look natural, are often trendy and go out of style quickly.

Great looking skin does not mean flawless, masked skin. Rather, lets reconstruct our notions of what constitutes 'beautiful skin' and 'beautiful faces', because perfection does not exist in the natural world, nor does it exist in human beings. Computers, cameras, lighting and other sophisticated technologies create "flawlessness", to create an ideal image no one can attain. Instead, beautiful skin and natural beauty is skin that is free from harmful chemicals, hydrated from within and on the surface, fed with balanced nutrition and wise food choices, and regulated with reasonable exercise. A positive outlook on life and an optimistic perspective also contribute to natural beauty, inside and out.

How the organic make-up company Can Help You Achieve Your Own Natural Beauty

Our products are made fresh for you once we receive your order. We do not stock inventory, so our cosmetics do not require powerful shelf life lengtheners or potent synthetic preservatives. The preservatives we use are natural, such as wheatgerm oil, grapeseed oil, d-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) and/or ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

While our products do not need refrigeration, our creams, as they contain water, are best stored in a cool, dark place, away from steam, light or unnecessary exposure to the air.

Our packaging is simple, without fancy and unnecessary labels, boxes or inserts. We believe very strongly that the purchasing power of your money should be directed towards a natural, high quality product, rather than wasted on packaging.

We invite you to give our natural products a try. We do not make any unrealistic or unscientific claims, such as anti-aging or wrinkle elimination, which are impossible in any cosmetic. We develop our products based on sound scientific principles and the physiology of the skin. Our products will convince you on their own merit, since they are natural, vegan and an excellent alternative to conventional cosmetics and make-up.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Interested in selling our products? Contact us to discuss how we can assist each other to bring our safe, natural cosmetics and make-up to interested consumers.


  • Begoun, Paula (1991). Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me, Beginning Press, Seattle.

  • Fairley, Josephine (2001). Organic Beauty, DK Publishing, London.

By Lori Stryker, B.Sc., B.H.Ec., B.Ed.

About The Author

Lori Stryker has been researching and developing all natural skin care and make-up for the purpose of offering men and women safe, natural cosmetics for everyday use. She brings to her research a specialist in human biology from the University of Toronto, coupled with a professional home economics degree and an education degree from the University of British Columbia, fusing chemical and biological knowledge with food, family and textile sciences.

You may use this article but any modification or publication of this article for fiancial gain must be approved of by the author. The author's name, Lori Stryker and her company's name, The Organic Make-up Company, needs to by noted when used.


Anitaaa 02.07.2012. 09:08

What careers are involved in natural beauty? I enjoy natural beauty and learning about natural beauty products and techniques. I would love a job involving natural beauty/health. Is there such jobs and what are they?


Admin 02.07.2012. 09:08

The way you look has a big role to play on the way you feel. If you are confident about your appearance you are more likely to feel more confident in your ways too s far as you are following all natural beauty tips. Healthy skin is therefore an indispensable for beauty. Nothing can evaluate the brilliance of healthy, glowing skin.

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00170 12.11.2008. 23:42

Guys born with natural beauty and girls are not is that true? Are guys born with natural beauty because we don't wear makeup. In the other hand girls have to wear makeup because they would look all pale and weird.
Ok not to offend anybody like girls but my friend told me that boys are born with natural beauty. I kind of believed him because he told me that men don?t wear makeup and girls do. So girls have to wear makeup because they need to cover up their own imperfections. I just want to get this straight from a girl?s perspective and tell me if this is true.


Admin 12.11.2008. 23:42

Here's a thought. . some people are blessed with natural beauty and the confidence to believe they possess this even if they don't. . Some Hollywood stars get photographed without make up that makes me believe if they did not wear make up the may have never become stars. . But this does not mean underneath every made up face is something hideous and gross . . But I have seen some people I did not recognize without make up. My advice to you is find someone who is equally attractive with and without make up . .
Here are some tips on spotting the disturbing to look at possibilities . . .
1) If a girl goes swimming with her face above the water . . . May not be so awesome if she washed the make up off
2) If a girls packs her make up camping or to work out . . same rules apply
3) If you taken a photo of a lass and her face appears strange in the photo IE face is whiter in photo light . . She either wears a shade or two too light OR too much make up.
4) If a girl takes too long to get ready and is wearing the same outfit, she fixed her face and if it took longer than five minutes there is nothing natural about it.
I know guys that wear make up for theatrical purposes and some because they enjoy it . . But guys have the same issues that women do, but if a woman can get away with wearing a little blush and mascara to add to the hotness then why worry? The big worry is the person who wears too too much and does one of the four things above . . THAT my friend is a dead give away that without make up . . May not be so hot.


opio 03.07.2011. 19:54

How many women try to go for the natural beauty look? I mean natural beauty at least without wearing any foundation or powder, and take care of your skin to make it look good, instead of painting over it.
Personally I think best beauty treatment is exfoliators.


Admin 03.07.2011. 19:54

One can protect the skin exposed to the sun and wind, have fun doing it, and still look natural. The first reason to apply anything to the skin should be for protection, so why not enjoy doing it? Very few people have to have anything on their skin all the time, except for sun screen when going outdoors and the tinted moisturizers are great for that, easy and inexpensive.


Piper S 15.07.2011. 03:17

where can i sign my 14 year old daughter up for natural beauty pageant? she has the natural beauty. i think she can do it. but i have never done this before! where do i sign her up? how much will it cost? she really wants to do it. help.

Piper S

Admin 15.07.2011. 03:17

Go to :) It's the National American Miss pageant and I have been doing them since I was 12 (Im 14 now) It focuses on natural beauty, and gaining confidence. On the website it tells how much everything costs, but if you win, you get $1,000 cash, a trip for two in Disneyland, a tour of Hollywood, free entry to the National pageant in Anaheim California, and your airfare:)


honey26 04.02.2009. 15:25

What is your definition of natural beauty? For me Natural beauty is when you look beautiful without makeup and without even having to do your eyebrows etc etc.
The majority of celebrities out there have had some kind of plastic surgery so they are not naturally beautiful. So for me Natural beauty is when you dont even have to try very hard. But this is my own opinion I want to know yours. Thank you :-)
@jonatahan l- Im not sure but I think Alicia keys has had some surgery done, But im not sure, i just remeber reading it somewhere although she is very beautiful.


Admin 04.02.2009. 15:25

Natural beauty is what you said, and it can include beauty inside that radiates to the outside through a smile, positive attitude, etc.


xnsozh 06.02.2008. 04:13

Will we ever see a world where natural beauty is the thing? I just get sick to my stomach seeing 90% of girls caked in makeup and fake tans.

*sigh*, I wish natural beauty were the "in".

By the way, this is a dead serious question. Do any of you guys see a trend now that might lead to the popularity of natural beauty.


Admin 06.02.2008. 04:13

I hope so. As a guy nothing is more attractive than a girl who is confident in her own skin as it is. A gal who doesn't feel like she's gotta put on layers and layers of makeup and spend hours on her hair is the kind of gal I'm looking for. I say, if you like your own natural beauty than go ahead and show it! You start the trend!


nancy 10.08.2012. 07:09

How to become a natural beauty naturally ? I used to be a natural beauty untill I got into drinking . I used to put on tons of make up. But now that things have changed . I'm becoming a newly wed wife in a like 2 years . Because his family lives on the other side of earth And his family doesn't like girls who put tons of make up. I wanna Loook good for the family too, ya know ? Haha so I chose natural beauty. What are some tips. Oh and btw my skin is very sensitive & soft.


Admin 10.08.2012. 07:09

-Drink a lot of water. (It's very good for your skin.)
-Stay away from junk food as much as possible, and eat a lot of healthy foods.
-Avoid bleaching or dying your hair, as this will damage it. Heat is also damaging, so try not to straighten, blow dry, or use a curling iron on it too often.
-As far as makeup, I suggest clear mascara, a small amount of concealer (and foundation, if you need it), and very subtle eyeshadows if you really want to wear them.
-A good shampoo and conditioner to make your hair soft and shiny.
-Exercise regularly.


Alexa 23.08.2011. 03:37

Where are there natural beauty pageants for begginers in the south bay, California? I'm interested in trying a natural beauty pageant, but I've never tried one. I have no idea if they are expensive or how much they cost. Does anyone know of any natural pageant ls in the south bay area? (California) Can anyone help me?


Admin 23.08.2011. 03:37

Here's a list of pageants by state:

As for cost, you can expect usually around $200-$300 for entry fees, but there are also optionals, which vary according to pageant. You also have to get dresses and other outfits, which can also vary. Sorry that I can't be more specific.

Hope this helps!


Alexis 27.06.2013. 03:04

What is natural makeup to you? How do you define natural beauty? Is natural makeup not wearing any foundation? Or is it wearing foundation but its not noticeable and not cakey? How do you define natural beauty?


Admin 27.06.2013. 03:04

Natural makeup to me is wearing makeup that "enhances your natural features."
Nothing crazy like neon lipsticks, eyeshadows.
No crazy eyeliner etc.
Just simple makeup.
Like a light covered foundation.
I would try a B.b. cream it's hydrating and moisturizing and it gives a medium coverage
Try some concealer for blemishes and under eye circles.
You can "set your makeup" by using powder and dusting it all over your face if your face is oily. (The powder helps control oil.) (optional."
For eyes i would maybe use a eyeliner but put it on your UPPER waterline (the base of your lash line) to make your eyelashes dark and have a fuller effect
For eyelashes you can either go with or with out mascara
I would look for mascara that doesn't clump or says definition.(same thing)
For cheeks you can use a rosy pink blush just to give you a nice color to your cheeks
And I'd you want you can highlight your cheek bones, Cupid's bow and the bridge of your nose. Originally this is where light hits you, naturally. But that just helps make you look a little more "enhanced." (Optional)
For lips find a Chapstick or a tinted lip balm. (Baby lips)

Best of luck!


COOKIE 29.11.2007. 10:19

what is the best way to give back my leather sofa its natural beauty? my leather sofa its starting to look dull, with dry lines, and looks worn out. it's only 3 years old, and I will like to give back its natural beauty. it's black, Italian leather. any suggestions? thanks in advanced.


Admin 29.11.2007. 10:19

we just spent 2300 on a brand new lazyboy leather sofa and loveseat.
lazyboy sent us a phamplet saying not to use leather cleaners or conditioners or wipes.
take neutrogena face wash and mix it 1:2 parts with water. wash with a washcloth then go over with a damp clean water cloth. then dry!
according to them, it will preserve it beauty and keep it nice!


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