Noni Fruit Juice: Healthy or Still Unknown?

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Noni Fruit Juice: Healthy or Still Unknown?

By: Armen Hareyan

Noni Fruit Juice is a natural food and is called a health product buy many. Noni fruit grows mainly in Polynesian Island, on a Morinda Citrifolia tree, and the Tahitian Noni Fruit Juice is the most famous and renowned.

Considerations when looking for Noni Fruit Juice.

Good Noni fruit juice should be:

100% pure, undiluted Noni Juice

Noni Fruit only, but not leaves or roots are juiced

No rotten fruit is used

No Pesticides or Herbicides are used

Not all Noni Juices are the same. As the saying goes You pay for what you get. Cheaper and poorer quality Noni juices can cut corners by using rotten Noni fruits, diluting it with water or juices, using poor processing and dealing with bacterial problems by irridation and fumigation and using old dirty storage containers.

Dr. Wm McPhilamy, in "Noni and Addictions: A Way Out" writes very descriptively about Noni fruit juice. "Noni's ability to sustain cell flow through is why this juice has such a beneficial effect and gives long - lasting relief. Once in the cell, noni permits harmful substance such as lactic acid, uric acid, and other toxins to actually 'flow out' of the cell, while at the same time allowing its own nutraceuticals to 'flow in.' This, quite obviously, prevents pressure buildup in the cells that cause inflammation in the joints and in many other areas. It also can boost T-cell counts."

However, there is also a skeptical view on Health and Noni Fruit.

The New England Sceptical Society holds the view that "Tahitian Noni Juice is just the latest in a long history of snake oil remedies. This movement, like those before it, has all of the features of a quack remedy with a contemporary flavor. I will review the characteristic features of the marketing of such quack remedies and indicate for each characteristic how the Noni-juice phenomenon fits the mold exactly."

The author of this article does not endorse of these two particular views, but aims to show them equally and requires discernment. The Noni Fruit phenomenon is still pretty new and it will take time until more in-depth studies will be done by the mainstream medicine or the consumer protection agencies.

However, we also know that Natural Health products, and Noni Fruit being one of them, have gained considerable weight and acceptance among the consumers, and despite the present skepticism, Noni Fruit Juice may well be the next Natural Health phonemenon that will be beneficial for the public.

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