Wheelchair Power with a Lifestyle

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Wheelchair Power with a Lifestyle

By: Blur Loterina

Ever heard of a wheelchair that can take you anywhere? If you're using one, you'll know if it's for indoor or outdoor use. But you might want to have one that will offer you both advantages, the so-called combination wheelchair. Before, combination wheelchairs are not that excellent until the 'birth' of Extreme 4x4.

Although mobility is limited because you cannot walk, there's always the wheelchair to help you move with less difficulty. There are different wheelchairs that offer solutions to your specific needs. Some wheelchairs are ideal for indoor, while some are good for outdoor use, but seldom will you see wheelchairs that offer the advantages of both.

Extreme 4x4 is an indoor/outdoor power wheelchair with a cutting edge design complete with patented passive steering system. It was named such because it's a four wheel chair that contains four motors. It can travel over soft and uneven surfaces and climb 4-6 inches curb. It's narrow enough to drive through standard doorways and can also fit on van lifts. It allows you to drive on sand, soft, wet, slippery and even snowy surfaces. It's a reliable wheelchair that's non-complicated and no expensive components used.

The very first thing you'll notice with this model is its wheels which measures about 14 inches in diameter. Its MPS seat has a solid seat pan and can be tilted and reclined. It has a foot platform and leg rest that can be easily elevated.

Do not worry if you're left handed. It has a standard DX-REMG80 joystick that can be mounted on either handlebar. You can even add front and rear lights. It offers a lot of power options such as Power Tilt-In-Space, Power Reclining Backrest and Power Elevating Leg rests. You can also install head controls and controls with external switches that are available from Hand Control Joysticks. You can choose from the different joystick ends including the normal ball joystick and quad paddle. It comes in four colors; black, burgundy, dark blue and hunter green. Its electronic systems are certified to the International Standard IP54, so you are assured of excellent functionality.

However, this model does not allow you to adjust the speed. It has been optimized for its speed, torque and battery range characteristics. If you change one of these the others will be affected. The wheelchair is not waterproof; water can damage its electronic components. So, it is best to keep it dry.

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