Paternity Testing - Are You Raising Someone Else's Child?

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Paternity Testing - Are You Raising Someone Else's Child?

By: Peter McFraser

The dawn of the DNA test

Back in the 1700s, the best way to determine paternity was by a good hard look and the child, followed by a good hard look at the father. Enough coincidences and maybe a relationship could be proposed. A hundred years later, eye color was discovered to be a paternity identifier. This theory has had its flaws exposed because of recent DNA advances. We now know that eye color is determined by at least six alleles, or genetic markers. Paternity testing has become a lot easier and affordable over the past few years due to advances in DNA science. Although an estimated 200,000 DNA tests are conducted each year by states needing to sort child-support and welfare issues, few people are willing to conduct their own at-home paternity test. Few people realize the simplicity and convenience of an at-home paternity test.

How does a home DNA test work?

Paternity testing requires a painless sample from both the child and possible father. Even without a sample from the mother, DNA paternity test results are up to 99.9999% accurate - that's one-in-a-million odds your results are incorrect. Most companies provide a free home kit for you to provide the samples and require you to send the kit back to the laboratory with the accompanying fee.

Because many companies are aware of the discomfort of drawing blood from a child in order to get a sample, buccal (mouth) swabs are being accepted as an alternative. By gently massaging the inside of the child's mouth, cheek cells are collected. These cells are then sent to the lab for testing. Labs analyze up to sixteen genetic markers of the child and match them against the markers of the alleged father. Because each of us receives half our genetic markers from each parent, the results of DNA paternity testing are still accurate without the DNA information of the mother. Most labs will have results in 10 days and charge about $290 for a basic paternity verification test.

What else can a DNA test do?

DNA kits can also be used to analyze siblingship, establish cousin or grandparent relationships, determine twin zygosity (i.e. whether twins are fraternal or identical), identify ancestral origin, verify Native American decent, assure parents they left the hospital with the right baby, and most important, provide legal evidence - be prepared to pay a bit more for legal tests. Legal tests can be used to settle adoption issues, settle child-support disputes, and provide information for immigration files.

How to choose a DNA laboratory

  • Accreditation is a vital part of choosing a laboratory. Accredited labs have an annual audit and inspection, undergo internal and external reviews, and have their equipment calibrated for accuracy. Look for an ISO and/or AABB certification. Accredited labs will have a good reputation and near 100% track record for court cases.

  • Look for hidden fees. Some companies will charge you for the kit and then charge you again for the results. Also, double check when you order your kit that you're only buying the results you need.

  • Ask about privacy. Make sure that your identity and intentions are kept secure.

Enjoy piece of mind

Be confident that the questions you have can be answered. DNA testing is safe and stress-free. Find a free kit and an information packet and you're on your way to getting the piece of mind that you deserve.

About The Author

Peter McFraser is a marketing representative of DNA Bioscience and Sorenson Genomics. Learn more about DNA testing at or receive your own free home kit.


Lepin 20.05.2011. 19:43

Women what do you think if your husban ask for a paternity test? My brother found out three years ago that his son wasn't his biologically and raised him. He's been deceived by a woman he met in college and find out the child isn't his. What would you think for your husband if he said he wants a paternity test on the baby?


Admin 20.05.2011. 19:43

I would have divorced him immediately! He would have known that I was not promiscuous and that the child was his. If he hadn't trusted me that far there was no point in being married.

Today it is different because everybody is having sex with everyone else. Who knows who the father might be.


ericsgirl28777 14.07.2007. 17:01

What is the fastest way to remove someone from a birth certificate? My sister got pregnant and her boyfriend? got scared. They are in the Navy and he was at sea when she found out. They broke up and she started seeing someone else when she was six months pregnant. Her then boyfriend got her to put him as the father on the birth certificate. When she went back to VA after having the baby the boyfriend she had put down as the father was having affairs and was kicked out of the Navy. They split up and he moved. The babies real father came back from being on deployment and saw how much the baby looked like him and they got back together. Now ex named on B.C. is threataning her and saying he is coming to take HIS baby the Navy won't pay for a DNA test and they don't have the money. Is there another way to get him removed or how can they get a legal paternity test affordably. I know this sounds like an episode of Maury.


Admin 14.07.2007. 17:01

Episode of Maury! That was funny! =) First of all, tell your sister not to worry so much. She is the baby's mother ... she never abandoned her baby ... and she has raised him/her thus far. This creep was having affairs and cheating on her anyway. No judge would ever award him the baby regardless ... maybe visitation ... BUT not full custody. Unless he can prove she is a negligent parent ~ which I highly doubt ~ she has little to worry about other than visitation. He can't just come and take the baby ... that would be kidnapping. He'd have to hire a lawyer .. etc and that would cost tons of money. Does she think he could really afford that?

I am sure - since this guy is not the father she doesn't want visitation either. Unfortunately, there is NO other way to go BUT a Paternity test. Mine cost about $500.00. Tell your sister to call around and see what the costs are because different labs charge different prices. Tell her to find out if any of them offer low income discounts - you never know. I know it's a bit expensive, but maybe they can charge it on a credit card. Either way ... there is no other choice now.

A birth certificate is a LEGAL document and you cannot just go have it "changed". Your sister now must PROVE who the real father is in order to have it changed. Remember that this is something they will want to do anyway because the baby's real father needs to be on the certificate. When the child gets older he will see this and it'll just cause more problems later if they ignore it now. They should find a way to just get it over with now and they'll never have to worry about it again!

She needs to tell this idiot who ISN'T the father that they are going for a Paternity test. Have her write him a letter and tell him to STOP threatening her (she could serve him with a restraining order - this will make him look really bad if they have to go to court and she can do this because he is threatening her). In the letter have her tell him that they are going to have a Paternity test done and he will need to have blood drawn. He knows he ISN'T the father and just her telling him this may make him stop.

He is obviously a jerk who doesn't really care about the baby - he just wants to get back at her. I doubt he'll go through with it if they threaten a Paternity test. And if he does ~ well he really is an IDIOT ~ because he knows he isn't the father and he will go through all that for nothing. He would be laughed out of court if he tried anything after that.

I hope it all works out for you all of you. Tell your sister not to let him upset her because then she is giving her power away to some jerk who DOES NOT deserve it. Tell her to stay calm and be the bigger person. =)


Mama of 2 precious little girls 08.07.2009. 19:32

If a guy is taken to court to pay child support, can he still sign his rights over? It's in Indiana and he isn't on the birth certificate. He hasn't seen the child in 5 years. He just was given a paternity test on Monday by the court. So I was really hoping I could get some answers or just help on this.

Mama of 2 precious little girls

Admin 08.07.2009. 19:32

Not just because he wants to. In a perfect world for some men they would just be able to give up rights to the child to get out of paying support.

Generally, the child's Mother and Father would have to agree that it's the better option and in some cases it is very difficult to get a judge to allow a father to sign away his rights without having someone else willing to adopt the child or raise the child as his own but is not always the case.

Really will depend on your state laws and the judge.


crissy 26.04.2011. 14:59

What rights does a father have to an unborn child? I have a friend (male) who is having a baby this fall. The mother and him have broken up and he very much wants to be a part of this babies life. The mother has told him no way ? she is finding someone else to be a father to this baby. What can he do legally? The first and only attorney he has talked to so far has told him he cannot do anything until after the baby is born.


Admin 26.04.2011. 14:59

I hope your friend doesn't live in Florida because if the mother of his child marries someone else before the baby is born, the baby belongs legally to the mother's husband and the man will lose all rights to his own biological child. Anyway...until the baby is born, the putative father has no rights...he doesn't even have the right to attend the child's birth as the mother retains the right to personal privacy AND the child may not even be his. After the child is born, all your friend can do is petition the courts for a dna paternity test to be done to confirm his paternity. And after that, he gets to pay child support and receive visitation. He certainly won't be given sole custody or even 50-50...not if he wasn't married to his child's mother. Further, the mother will be able to move whenever and wherever she likes and there is nothing the father can do since the courts won't tie a woman to a man who didn't marry her when he got her pregnant.

I want you to give your friend a message. Tell him I said he brought this all down upon himself. For starters, he had sex with a woman he didn't think worthy of marrying and not only that, but he had unprotected sex with her and got her pregnant. So really, he has no right to complain because IF he had not had premarital sex, he would not be in this position right now...and if he had waited until after marriage before impregnating the female, he would have had the right to help raise his child and in the event of a divorce, would have received 50/50 custody. Lastly, tell your keep it in his pants from now on UNTIl he meets the woman he wants to marry...and only after marrying her, should he get her pregnant. For him to do otherwise, means that he will have the heartache of paying 18 years of child support for a child he won't be able to live with, much less care for on a daily basis! Good luck and God bless.

Addendum: One more thing....ask your friend if he hasn't heard of genital warts, genital herpes, hepatitis B, and hiv/aids....and tell him that those, along with pregnancy, are the fruits of unprotected sex!

Note to Popeye42: The mother of the child does not have to notify the alleged father that the child is born as the child may not even be his. The alleged father has absolutely no rights until the court gives them to him, AFTER the child is born and after the dna test confirms his paternity. That means (as I said above), neither he nor his family have the right to be present during the child birth (even if he was married to her, she can still kick him out of the delivery room as it is HER body on display, not his), and he has no right to put his name on the birth certificate UNTIL AFTER the court confirms his paternity.

Addendum #2: There is one thing your friend must consider. If possible, he should register his possible paternity before the child's birth...this is not available in all states so he needs to consult his lawyer about this...because in certain states (Utah, Idaho, etc.), if the father doesn't register his possible paternity on or before the child is born, the mother can legally place the child up for adoption in those states and there is nothing the child's alleged father can do to stop it!


Aaron 30.04.2009. 09:47

What should I do about my ex girlfriend being pregnant? Both me and my ex make very little money, I myself made less the 9,000 last year, now she tells me that she is pregnant and its mine ( paternity test is going to happen ) I want the best for this child but I don't know what my options are, if anybody could please help. She wants to keep the child and Im for adoption. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks


Admin 30.04.2009. 09:47

Paternity test is a great idea, since you never can tell. . .but anyway. If it turns out to not be yours, you are in the clear and she will have to go after someone else for help in raising the child.

But if it is yours, then you are going to have to be there. Instead of giving her money, go out and buy diapers and baby whips for the kid. And ask your family to help you our occasionally. The girl really needs to start buying baby clothes and other items NOW, and during the pregnancy, that way she will have a stock pile for when he or she finally arrives and she wont be so financially stressed when the baby get here. You know the kid will use em, so go out and start buying diapers, bibs, clothes, a stroller, car seat, a diaper bag, baby shampoo and lotion, and all that other fun stuff that kids need to have.

Good luck man. Even if the kid turns out to not be yours, if the two of you still get along, it might be nice to take some of the burden off her by helping her buy this stuff will she is still pregnant, although that choice is yours to make while the issue is in doubt, because if you spend the money for clothes and stuff and the baby turns out not to be yours, don't expect a refund.


sonya blackman b 17.04.2013. 19:21

What if my ex girlfriend is 8 months pregnant with my child and wants her boyfriend to sign birth certificate? She is trying to keep me from seeing my baby. She let me go to first 2 doctor app. Then she broke up and started dating someone else. She is telling all our friends she wants him to raise my child and there is a chance he is the father. What are my options? I am 16 years old going to high school and college. She is 17 years old and dropping out of high school. I want to be a good father. She has been sent to girls camp for anger problems a year ago. She just got off probation. She is a minor and i dont know how hard it will be to prove her past mental problems. I dont believe she was seeing this guy at the same time we were together but im not sure. She just wants me and my parents to disappear. If she will be a good mother I just want to share custody. My family will help me until i get out of college. We live in a very small town.

sonya blackman b

Admin 17.04.2013. 19:21

Its stand up of you at your age to care this much, a lot of young males would take this as a "get out of jail card" you need a paternity test, and a lawyer asap. talk to you parents and the court system if money is an issue their may be programs out there to help. you just need to get on it and don't let your baby suffer because she is an asshole :) you already sound like you and your family would be the better caregivers for a child. remember DNA test!!!!!!


Madaleine 18.04.2012. 20:39

How should a 15yearold prepare for a pregnancy? Im 15 I think im pregnant. I have discontinued my diet pills but dont I need to go on golic acid or something like that? I dont know what else I need to do. Also if I tell my nurse practitioner will she have to tell my mom?


Admin 18.04.2012. 20:39

You shouldn't be going through this alone honey. I've seen many 15, 16, 17 year-old girls come onto my floor and one thing they all had in common was that their mother's were present and supportive. Your mom loves you, no matter what, and she can help you since she's already experienced it herself. You need prenatal care and help during this time, since, unfortunately, it may be very lonely for you. You will face a great deal of adversity as a young mother.

With that being said, if you won't take my advice to confide in your mom, you need to be taking folic acid supplements. They are very important in preventing brain defects and help your baby grow symmetrically. No caffeine, no cigarettes, no alcohol, no drugs, no unprotected sex, an STD could put your child at risk for blindness or dysfunctional vocal cords. You need to eat a balanced diet, high in fiber. Fruits, leafy green vegetables and beans. Drink plenty of water and stay active by walking or jogging initially.

If you are not pregnant, you absolutely need to begin using contraceptive measures to prevent pregnancy. There are so many options and, if you ask your nurse practitioner, she can put you on an oral contraceptive that you could get confidentially, without your mother knowing. However, you will have to cover the copay for this medication when picking it up at the pharmacy. Depending on your insurance this can cost anywhere from $5-$40+. While taking an oral contraceptive, cigarette smoking can increase this risk of blood clot, which can be fatal. Oral contraceptives are also ineffective when also taking an antibiotic, so use alternative means during these times. Condoms are integral in preventing STDs and protecting yourself from disease. If you are sexually active you should also be given the HPV vaccines after being tested for STDs. I'm not positive if these can be administered in pregnancy.

The nurse practitioner will not tell your mother, but trust me, she'll find out on her own. You need to make a plan for yourself and your baby. You'll need all the help you can get during your pregnancy and in raising the child. It is important, once the pregnancy is determined, that you tell the father. If he denies paternity, you can set up a plan to prove him father and force him to pay child support. Newborns are very expensive, diapers alone will be your greatest purchase.


Kelly 25.06.2013. 19:41

How can I explain to baby #2 that his dad isn't his real dad? We don't know for sure yet, bare that in mind..I'm still pregnant with him. But my husband and I don't know if it was him or another man that got me pregnant. My husband is cuckold so I've been with other men... And I was with one the night I conceived but I also slept with my husband later that night so we don't know which man is the father. I know, crazy situation...

But we are planning on taking a paternity test (either way, my husband will raise this baby as his) when the baby is out. But how do we explain to him if it turns out it was the other guy (who is out of our lives now)? How long should we wait? We don't want anyone else finding out about this aspect of our lives, either... What do you think?
I'm just really worried when it comes to doctors asking about his family's medical history...
Magenta, did you miss when I said my husband knows and is cuckold? I didn't cheat


Admin 25.06.2013. 19:41

I would never tell him unless a medical emergency requires it. As long as your hubby is willing to raise the child as his own..let him!


Since 9/15/06... 10.08.2009. 17:21

Do I need to identify the birth father to go through with an adoption? I'm 20 weeks pregnant with a child conceived from rape and I'm considering adoption as a possible alternative to raising this child. I didn't report the rape because I didn't want the added stress, along with being pregnant. Do I need to let the father know I'm pregnant and that I intend on giving the child up for adoption in order to process an adoption? What are my options in this situation?

Since 9/15/06...

Admin 10.08.2009. 17:21

"Do I need to let the father know I'm pregnant and that I intend on giving the child up for adoption in order to process an adoption?"

You dont "need" too let him know anything. I'm only suggesting that because you were raped. Although I believe in father rights just as much as anyone else, in a situation like this I can see how much power he can or could have over you and the child just by knowing.

If you do tell him then he must give consent as the courts will believe he in the father. Depending on which country and state your from the following may give some insight to what is seen as a legal parent.

? A person whose name is on the child?s birth certificate
? A man who was cohabitating with the mother at the time of the birth
? A man who had been cohabitating with the mother at the time of conception
? A man named in a Family Court Order as the father
? A man sworn to be the father in a statutory declaration
? A man whose paternity has been proved by medical testing.

if you are serious about putting this child up for adoption then look into Dispensation of Consent.


Isabella 22.03.2012. 13:55

What legal obligations does a father have to his child? I think I am pregnant.... and the father says if I am he doesn't even want to know because he is not going to be a part of its life at all. I am in no way in a position to be raising a child on my own with no help and I am so scared. Does he have any legal obligations to this child like child support or anything else like that? I don't know what to do :(


Admin 22.03.2012. 13:55

If he is unwilling to man up and accept responsibility, you will have to go through the legal system and get a court-ordered paternity test to prove that it is his child, and then the judge can decide how much he ought to pay in child support. If you need help with the legal fees, etc. try contacting a crisis preganancy center in your area and see what they can do to help you emotionally and financially through the pregnancy and the legal storm that is brewing.


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