Proper Nutrition Can Make Your Kid a Top Student

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Proper Nutrition Can Make Your Kid a Top Student

By: Gobala Krishnan

It is important that your child gets his or her nutrition early o­n, preferably form Grade 1. This is the most important time for brain development, as they start to learn new things and create new ideas all the time. Brain development revolves around getting the right amount of:

1) Glucose - Simply put, it is the blood sugar level. Glucose provides energy, and is vital in determining attention span. Lack of glucose can cause your kid to feel sleepy in class. The most important meal is breakfast, and glucose should be a part of every child's breakfast, to ensure that the blood sugar level is maintained through out the day's activities. Kids who usually skip breakfast tend to have a shorter attention span and difficulty remembering their lessons.

2) Vitamin B - Vitamin B helps to release the energy in glucose. Lack of Vitamin B can cause aggressiveness and depression. There are 12 types of essential Vitamin B, so it may be difficult to get all in a meal. Cereals are a good provider of Vitamin B.

3) Iron - Helps to transport oxygen in the blood system to each individual cell, including brain cells. Lack of iron results in anemia, which is common in children who don't get a balanced diet. Besides having less attention span, iron-anemic children are less motivated to participate in challenging tasks that stretch their imagination and ability. Having a good selection of red meat, tuna, chicken, or leafy vegetables like legumes and broccoli, can give your kid all the iron he or she needs.

4) Folic Acid - Important in the formation of red and white blood cells. Lack of folic acid results in your kid feeling tired, irritable and forgetful. Food sources like fresh vegetables and fruits are good sources of folic acid.

5) Zinc - Important to maintain communication between nerve cells and brain cells. Deficiencies in zinc can cause your kid to have difficulty solving academic problems, something the medical world calls cognitive impairment. Zinc in its natural form can be found in cereals and peanuts.

6) Vitamin A - An important nutrient for the nervous system of a fetus. Vitamin A is most commonly found in beta carotene, from dark leafy vegetables and orange or yellow fruits.

How to Ensure Your Kid Gets the Right Nutrition

A healthy, balanced diet, consisting of the right amount of cereals, meat, fish, vegetables, fiber-rich fruits, and lots of clean, unprocessed water will provide your child with the magic formula to succeed in school, both academically and in sports. Does that mean that the parents of 'A' students go out shopping each day, cook their own food, and sit down with their kids o­n the breakfast table to ensure that they eat what they're supposed to?

Not necessarily. Parents are discovering the importance of nutritional supplements to balance out their diet, as well as their children's diet. Nutritional supplements provide the answer to the close the gap created by a busy lifestyle and the need for better health. Adults can take multivitamins and mineral supplements out of their own determination for better health. Children, o­n the other hand, especially the younger o­nes, need to be educated, tricked or forced to take nutritional supplements. Any way you do it, it has to be done for the better future of your child.

Kids generally detest swallowing any sort of multivitamin pill, especially if it's like really huge o­nes or if it tastes bad. Understandably for them, taste is more important than the benefit of the pill. Educating your kid is important in the long run, but younger children need to be introduced to supplements in a more subtle way. o­ne good way is by giving them chewable supplements, which disguise the fact that they are supplements by giving a good taste and flavor. Kids are generally more receptive to taking chewables than regular pills.

Another trend today is taking liquid nutritional supplements. Liquid nutritional supplements go o­ne step further than chewables by eliminating the need of pill forms. Liquid nutrition can be diluted and mixed into our drinks, cereals and whatever else you eat during the course of a day. Children today love taking liquid supplements that are mixed into their orange juice or other beverage. Even adults who hate taking pills are attracted to liquid multivitamin supplements. Liquid nutrition is also more readily and easily absorbed by the body.

Start Early to Determine Success

If you really want your kid to grow up smart and popular in school, you have to start early. Mothers should take Vitamin B supplements during their pregnancy months to ensure complete fetal growth. Even though nutritional supplements are generally not recommended to kids below 2 years, ensure that from that age o­n your children are introduced to taking chewable or liquid nutritional supplements.

Grade A students and kids who excel in school generally don't have anything special that your kid does not already have. The o­nly difference is that they have parents who emphasize the benefits of good nutrition. Now that you know their secret, start today by analyzing your kid's eating habits and take action to change their life, and yours.

Copyright 2005 Gobala Krishnan

About The Author

Gobala Krishnan is a representative of Veriuni Nutritionals, a great solution for children and adults who don't like taking pills. For more information o­n Veriuni Nutritionals and information o­n living a healthy lifestyle visit


Angela 25.06.2011. 08:23

My parents don't love me anymore, what did I do wrong? Right now my home situation is horrible. It has been bad for awhile, but it has definitely gotten progressively worse. My parents think I'm constantly going to crazy parties, trying drugs, having sex, and being the worst daughter they can possibly have. I feel trapped. They always accuse me of things that are completely ridiculous. I tell them they're wrong, but they just yell and scream at me more. My mom even said the other day that she "couldn't believe I was acting this way" and wasn't even acting like her daughter anymore. She feels so ashamed of me now.

I'm an honor student. This year I took 3 extra AP classes, and 10 units at my community college. I'm in the top 5 percent of my class. I hang out with good kids, and don't go to parties. I have a boyfriend (who they have never met) but we haven't even had sex. They refuse to buy me groceries. I get 50 dollars per month for complete living expenses. I don't feel very healthy/well at all anymore, since I can't afford proper nutrition. I still plan on going to a university though, and eventually medical school. I honestly want to help people....I even volunteer at the hospital now. I know sometimes I smoke joints, but that's because there's enough research to say there are no bad long term effects except lung damage, and it makes me more social (with the GOOD kids) but other than that I don't do drugs/drink....

I'm afraid to go home. My dad is almost constantly angry with me. He has threatened to kill him, punch me, and beat me. He calls me "garbage". He even goes through my room when I'm not around, making a mess. I want to put a lock on my door, but my mom said she'd kick down my door if I did so. He even recently read my journal/diary, which I had hidden, and then laughed at me and called me "one hell of a self centered bitch". I have begun to loathe my own feelings and thoughts, and keeping myself more withdrawn. They already want to kick me out so they can move and not even pay that measly 50. They think all their problems will be solved without me there. Right now I'm 17, and I know I still have only another year, but I feel completely unloved, hated, and stressed. What can I possibly do?
sorry it's so long...
I SWEAR I'm not lying. I don't know how I'd prove it to you, but if I could, I definitely would. Want to see a video? A transcript record?


Admin 25.06.2011. 08:23

Please call this number for help, it is completely free for teens with problems. Yours sounds like an emergency.


The web site link is below so you can check it out. You can call anytime day or night. They will help you figure out what is best for you. Do not sit there thinking you are alone, you are not. Ask for help.


Emocircuspanda 05.06.2011. 21:40

What do you think of these school rules? - no unnatural colored hair
-no piercings for gentlemen and only earings for young ladies
- no facial hair
- no shorts that cut above four inches above the knee
- no tank tops or stringy straps
-no hats or shades
-no visable tattoos

Heres what I think:
The school should not be in charge of students appearances. The only thing I agree with is no extremely high cut shorts because I do not want to see girls nasty cellulite and buttcrack because it is disgusting ( and don't girls even know they have cellulite or they just want to show it off for some reason?). The school should be in charge of our EDUCATION not our appearences and other things too like sports and other extraculicular activities. Like better text books, teachers that KNOW how to teach, materials for science and art and other subjects, improving test scores by providing a place where teachers are there to help you, field trips and things that will actually enforce education in the students. Telling us how to dress and how to groom ourselves will not improve students behavior and learning. Those. Those things we should know ourselves how to do. Many school officials argue that those rules are to give the students a taste of the real world, in jobs bosses won't hire a person with neon hair and tattos on their neck is what officials say. Other officials say that these rules will improve students behavior and intelligence. With these rules there will be less distractions in the classrooms and more learning time. One other thought is these rules will causeess bullying and teasing because everyone is the " same". Here is what I have to say to that! While it is true that unfortunatley that jobs and employers do have rules like that they are also jobs that don't really require an education like resturants or some stores. A student can get an education by going to colledge and getting a CAREER not just a small low paying job. In my opinion school officials make it seem like having a job where you just an under paid employee is how you get far in life when really having a high paid career where you are the boss will get you farther in life than a small job ever will.
Changing a students appearence will not improve behavior or education. Apearences aré just a small factor in behavior issues and learning. A persons attitude, behavior itself, and actions can cause disruption as well. A student can have a bad day then get an attitude and may cause disruption such as fighting with another student. Changing a student on the outside wont change the student inside which leads to my next topic.
While it is true students get bullied, appearences arent the only one. A kid my get fun of by a group for their piercings and tattoos and hair, if you take those factors out, the kid id still the same but the group of kids are still bullies. The group can still bully the kid of their weight, the way their natural face looks( like nose), grades and many other things.
In my opinion, if schools want rules that focus on appearences,like how we dress and groom, they should have rules in the cafetería and physical education. There should be tules in the cafetería that provide good nutrition and healthy to the students because obesity is a huge problem in this country and we need to stop it because nutrition actually is important for our lives so important it can affect how long we even live. Its the same with gym, people need to learn how to be fit and have muscle so they will stay healthy in their lives. Pill, soaps, and starving yourself will not get you healthy, proper wellness education will. ( sorry for i went off topic)
so i think that schools rules that control students appearance is not needed in the school environment. Rules that actually enforce education that provide knowledge and learning and assistance is neede instead. If schools must be worried of how we look, well then lets get rules of proper exercise and food in the cafetería since those rules actually matter not only when it comes to appearences but more importantly health because health is a big role in life and proper education, not the way we dress, what tissues of our body we pierce and tattoo, or the color of our hair on our heads.



Admin 05.06.2011. 21:40

I don't think any school should tell you what to wear(To a degree) or what to look like. My school is pretty good about these things. They say no spaghetti straps or shorts shorter then your finger tips but it is rarely enforced. And my school has no problems with tattoos or piercings at all. My friend has angel bites and I know plenty of people with lip piercings. One girl has an anti-eyebrow. There are people with tattoos. We can do all we like with our hair. They don't mind at all. Hair can be down to your feet if you want it to be and facial hair is not a problem. We can't wear hats in school though or they get taken away until the end of the day. Same goes with hoods. We can't have hoods up or the sweatshirt gets taken away. Sunglasses are fine under certain conditions and classes. People wear them all the time for band class when we go outside for marching practice or pep band practice.
So my school is pretty good about stuff like that but I totally agree with you.


scottcortez81 05.11.2007. 19:16

Need help. If anyone can answer in a 1-10 fashion. Thanks for ur help.? 1. What do you know about school age children that have ADHD and their diet?
2. What are the keys signs that school age children with ADHD are not on a proper diet or eating what they should be eating?
3. What are the causes of a bad diet and how can it be remedied?
4. What are the differences with school age children with bad diet that has ADHD and those that have good diet habits and don?t have ADHD?
5. What are some treatments school age children can get to change their unhealthy diet to be a healthy one?
6. What are some reasons school age children with ADHD, and a poor diet not get help?
7. What are some ways to help children with ADHD change their diet to a healthy one?
8. Is changing a school age children?s diet or medicating for ADHD better than the other, or is their no difference?
9. How does diet affect your life?
10. What else would you like to tell me about the affects


Admin 05.11.2007. 19:16

1. Not much, just that they seem to be more sensitive to junk food, too much sugar and preservatives.
2. If they aren't feeling physically well, are exhibiting more ADHD behaviors.
3. Lack of prep time on the behalf of the caregivers. Its vital that all children eat natural, home cooked, healthy diets, but most do not. Cook from scratch, using whole foods, nothing out of boxes, but fresh meat, fruit, veggies, etc. Skip processed meats like hot dogs, sausage and bacon.
4. Not sure on this, because I am not a teacher.
5. Teach your kids to be part of the meal planning and preparation. This will give them someting to do, involve them in the cooking and make it more likely they will enjoy the food.
6. Parents who don't have or take the time to learn about nutrition, or think that healthy is too expensive. (Which it is not, its actually cheaper.)
7. See number 5. While you are cooking, tell them this is a way they will feel better, have more focus, be more a part of the group at school, and live a long and healthy life.
8. Again, I am not a doctor, but try both. The best thing to try first would be diet, since it cannot hurt. But get a doctors opnion on that.
9. Thinking quite simply, JUNK IN =JUNK OUT. Do you see top atheletes eating junk, or are they ,making sure their food is fuel for what they are going to be doing? If your child has ADHD, the last thing they need is extra sugar or caffiene to make them more restless. Find the foods that are calming, balancing to his natural state, so he can be the kid he is meant to be.
10. I am positive that as a child I would have been labelled ADHD. I am a very inquisitive, bright, sorta restless person who loves doing new things but hates the basics. I was always "into something" as a kid, climbing up and down the riverbanks, creating things, buildling and being in alot of imaginary times and places in my mind when i was bored with the subject matter at school. Still like this as an adult. I think it has been wonderful for me to be this way....I have explored so much of life, done lots of different things, and can be spontaneous and fun. As a parent, you should realize you have a special child here, one who doesn't fit the mold of "perfect little student". He most likely thinks for himself, daydreams, and is always busy. Help him to express that creativity. Get him building sets, art supplies, whatever it is he really loves to do. Use them as a way to help him build his resolve to finish things. Then, reward positive reports from his teacher when he acts appropriately in school. Most of the really amazing people in the world who were creating new things would probably get the ADD label in todays world. After all, if Einstein would have listened only to his teachers, would he have invented the lightbulb? Give him a room, a space, where he can be as creative as he wants and see what comes out. The rest of the house has to be kept in a certian order, but he should have a space to utilize that special gift. Teach him that he needs to conform to society's rules of order to get ahead, but nurture that boundless energy into something positive and only his.


Melissa N 07.02.2009. 06:22

What to do for depression? Right now I'm a 21 year old college student. My major is International Economics/Business, and I'm not really that happy with it. Yeah, I am semi-interested in it, but it's not what I want I want to do with my life. The problem is, I don't really know what I do want to do. I just don't know that I'm not doing what I want to be doing. Honestly, I don't get enjoyment out of many activities. Part of me actually wants to drop out of college, but I only have a year left, so it's not an option. I just don't know what I want to do. I feel that even if I do get a great what? I'm going to be a wage-slave my whole life and then die. We're all going to die, so what's the point. But it's sort of reassuring that we're all going to die, because it leaves us more freedom to do whatever the hell we want.
Another issue is that I've never been in a relationship, which doesn't bother me so much. I also have no desire for sex. So perhaps I'm asexual. I think society puts way too much emphasis on relationships. People think that if they don't have someone they are incomplete or a loser. Why can't people just be happy alone? Why can't people be happy with themselves? I think there's more to life than relationships and love. What's with society's obsession over love. Because when it comes down to it, if you're not happy with yourself, and don't love yourself, you're not gong to be happy in a relationship. Relationships are not a cure to make yourself happy.
Between school and relationships, I'm just at a very confused point in my life. Society's typical path of good career, marriage, white picket fence, kids is not for me..
On top of everything, I have an extremely overbearing mother who won't stop telling me what jobs to apply for and what to do with my life

Melissa N

Admin 07.02.2009. 06:22

Before starting psychotropic meds ask yourself three questions, am I getting enough exercise, enough rest and proper nutrition. These are three vital factors in proper brain functioning and neglecting just one will cause symptoms of depression. However, you're crossroads situation will resolve itself with time. Graduate college, get a job, move out of your moms, and then with your free time experiment with the things you enjoy and look into different career options involving these activities. Stay away from drugs and alcohol and you'll be fine. Mix those with depression and life falls apart along with any future you possibly had. Your whole life is ahead of you and there is no reason to attempt to figure it all out now. That is impossible. Just keep doing the next right thing. Life is not perfect and learning to take the good with the bad is impossible sometimes with all the poster children around us whose lifestyles and status quo we are force fed daily. Social imprinting through media has scarred our society and become such an accepted part of our culture we rarely question it. Leave it to Beaver is a load of shit. Turn off the TV and tune out Mom if she's living vicariously through you or controlling your life. Just be yourself and do what makes you happy. And if your not sure what that is yet try and find it. See this movie


Mila Mulan 19.02.2011. 22:29

vet or a teacher, which to choose? okay basically, ever since i can remember i've always wanted to be a vet, always.
i love animals, every single animal. i grew up with them, every summer spending it at my grannys farm in ireland with my cousions. riding horses, and milking cows.
its all i ever dreamt of, i was a clever kid one of the smartest in my class, always had my head in a book, concentrating on my lessons.

However, when i went to secondary school everything went downhill, my concentration levels dropped. Spent my first two years at school messing around, taking my education for granted, something i now regret, i was immature.
anyway, now i'm in year nine, for some strange reason we're now taking our gcse modules a year early. Infact i have one maths, and three science next week.
Yes, even though i messed around, i'm still in the top sets, apart from maths - never was my strong point.
I got along with my common sense and basic knowledge, however now i've realised i just can't remember anything. My science teacher is ridiculous, entering us for exams we haven't even started studying yet. Theres only so much revision we can do, the rest is up to the teaching we receive.

Anyway, i've been thinking and i know my grades probably won't be good enough for a vet, and i don't cope well with stress. I throw up and feel faint, i breakout, everything! I absolutely love english, and other subjects that involve essays. So this got me thinking, i could be a teacher? Couldn't be that difficult, considering the idiots that have taught me in the past, failing to gain control over the class, never teaching us a thing..
So i came to the conclusion that i could teach english, spread my enthusiasm and love for the subject onto other children. Perhaps help them develop their ability, and in time learn to love the subject as much as me.

I told my mum of my thoughts, and she told me that although i'd always wanted to be a vet that maybe it was time for me to look at the bigger picture and consider other career choices.
I agree, but i still have that nagging doubt in the back of my mind, that i'd regret taking the 'easy way' out and that ten years down the line i may regret never following my dream.

What do you reckon?
i'm sorry for the essay, i just thought to explain myself in full..
proper opinions please, no stupid answers, and i'd love direct answers.

I am currently taking part in two leaders programmes, sports leaders and language leaders - neither of these two are my strong points, but i got offered the chance and i thought hey why not, look good on my CV.
So i am strengthening my leadering and teaching abilities.
I'm not too young to think about this, as i'd love to make my decision now, instead of this doubt hovering over me.
My options are too be made now, i have my options sheet, and i'd love to have a career in mind so i could choose the lessons most suited to them.

So.. vet or teaching with possible volunteering in animal shelters?

Thanks in advance for those taking the time to read and answer my question, much appreciated :)

Mila Mulan

Admin 19.02.2011. 22:29

Much like you I wanted to be a veterinarian for most of my life, however I did not receive high enough results. I chose to continue in the animal field and tried for a veterinary technician/veterinary nurse. I succeeded however the pay was insufficient. I chose to complete a teaching course and have become a teacher.

Firstly you state that you have difficulty with stress. Both jobs you are after are high stress.

As a veterinarian you are responsible for surgeries which you must be able to identify between highly similar organs (for example: intestine and uterus), any mistake you make could cause the death of a loved pet, or champion show animal. You must be able to make tough decisions for example recommending euthanasia to families. Or face issues to you morally, for example euthanising healthy animals (because the owners cannot take care of them), or animals in pain but that could make a full recovery (due to the owners being unable to pay for surgery). As a veterinarian you will also be expected to do emergency surgeries, these are high stress by themselves, however often these push your schedule back an you may need to work many hours overtime.

You make teaching sound easy. If you truly believe that then you either have no idea what teaching includes or are delusional. Teaching involves attempting to control the behavior of approximately 20 students, without being able to actually do anything, you can assign detentions but cannot physically force a student to remain behind, you can go to higher up teachers they can only suspend a student (most think of this as an extended holiday). At this same time you need to be able to teach the students the material, including extension work for higher level students and lower level work for students with difficulties. You need to create lesson plans, create resources, conduct parent teacher interviews, complete professional development workshops, create or adapt assessment, complete the assessment yourself (complete an exemplar), go to and teach your lessons, complete playground duty, go to staff meetings, phone home to parents, mark assessment, and many other small jobs.

The first year of teaching is the hardest, and it becomes easier through time as you develop resources and lesson plans for you to adapt in future years. During university many people drop out or move to other courses, and in the first year of teaching approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of teachers leave the profession.

Overtime is significant in the first years including many hours before school, after school, on weekends and holidays, expect to have very little free time. Especially to use in volunteering at an animal shelter.

I do not tell you this to scare you off, rather to give you a more complete look at the professions and their stress levels (also to correct your misunderstanding of the teaching profession and it ease). Do more research into the fields of career, their advantages and disadvantages before making a decision.

In case these professions are not for you some other possibilities include:

Working as an animal inspector for SPCA or equivalent.

Working as a governmental officer, for example park ranger, department of primary industries (both of which you can work with animals or animal protection)

An educator for animal care, e.g. park ranger education officer, department primary industries education officer, SPCA education officer

A tutor

A zoo keeper (although the job is difficult to get into)

In the animal nutrition industry designing foods

In the veterinary pharmaceutical industry creating animal medication

In a pet care products company creating and designing pet care items such as shampoos, toys, etc.

In the equine industry e.g. training, breeding, teaching, etc.

In a pet care/stylist/groomer.

Work in an company as an educator, e.g. electrical, pharmaceutical companies have people who are trained to go to conferences, schools, conduct tours etc to explain how their company is good, or can help you, or is changing their methods to become beneficial for the environment, etc.

Biologist/Zoologist researcher - go overseas to observe animals in natural habitats

Biologist/Zoologist announcer/narrator for documentaries

Animal Behavior Specialist

And many other animal, and teaching related careers


ashley 09.07.2008. 14:04

my child wont behave help!!? my little angel is 2 1/2! and will not do what she is told. hits me, throws things at me, in store takes off runniing, i can not handle it please help and is always misbehaving i hate taking her any where everyone stares my family always says how she is misbehaving.


Admin 09.07.2008. 14:04

I started at six this morning and here I am at 5 finishing it up! LOL It's cropping my response, so I will log in as a new user to post the rest!

I have several suggestions, topping the list of which is to start using "TIME OUTS",. But first, take a moment and breathe and stop beating yourself up and feeling like there's something wrong with her. You're doing fine and she's a perfectly normal kid. Parenting is hard work and you sound like you are coping on your own, which is draining and hard. Breathe! She's a 2 1/2 year old and testing boundries is what 2-3 year olds DO. Since testing boundries is her job, establishing reasonable boundries and consistently, calmly, and lovingly reinforcing them is yours. With preschoolers and toddlers you have to pick your battles carefully and decide what issues ARE REALLY IMPORTANT to you.

Most undesirable behavior occurs when a child is NOT well rested or they are hungry or haven't had enough active playtime or attention from you. An important thing to know about 2 1./2 year olds is that they need a lot of sleep to be well behaved. A 2 1/2 year old needs about 12 hours of sleep each day, one long stretch of 8-10 hours and one or two naps. If your child is not getting the sleep, the attention, the physical activity or the nutrition they need--they will misbehave.

You mentioned four issues:


I'll start with issue number 2 because that one is the most important. She cannot be allowed to hit you or throw things at you. There are two main rules of childhood that all children must learn and take to heart and they are that mom and dad cannot allow them to hurt anyone and cannot allow anyone to hurt them. If she hits you, you need to CALMLY grasp her hand and firmly say "WE DON'T HIT, THAT'S NOT ACCEPTABLE." If she does it again, then relocate her to a chair, step stool or spot that she will be safe in, sit her down and say "THIS IS THE CALM DOWN SPOT" or "Time out seat" or something similar. I would avoid words like "Naughty Chair" because they may make your child feel bad about herself and you really want to build a healthy happy girl with good self esteem. Then tell her she has to stay in the "Calm Down Spot" until she calms down and can tell you she is sorry for hitting you (or throwing things at you). She will balk. She will get up. She will have a tantrum. That's all normal. Stay calm. Be patient. Your goal and purpose is not to punish her for hitting you or throwing things--IT'S ABOUT TEACHING HER THE PROPER WAY TO BEHAVE. DISCIPLINE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PUNISHMENT--it's from the root word DISCIPLE, like Jesus' followers. A disciple is a student and discipline is your method for teaching. You are using the "TIME OUT" to give her and you a chance to calm down, to establish clearly that you are the parent (teacher) and that she is the child (disciple). You are using the time out not to punish, but to teach her what the limits and rules are and to respect and care for her parents. That's a huge task for both you and her and it will be your task for the next 18 years. When she balks at the idea of sitting or gets up or throws a tantrum, STAY CALM, and firmly but gently return her to the seat, If you have to hold her there do so, but do so gently and firmly. She may hit you again. Again take her hands and hold them and say "WE DO NOT HIT, THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE." and hold her on the chair (not in a bullying way, just in a firm and loving way) and reiterate that she must stay on the "CALM DOWN SPOT" for 2 mins. until she is CALMED DOWN and can say that she is sorry for hitting you. Be calm. Be patient. Be firm. IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME USING A TIME OUT, IT WILL PROBABLY TAKE SEVERAL ATTEMPTS WITH IT FOR THE CONCEPT OF IT TO CLICK FOR HER--THAT'S NORMAL. So, if she's still refusing to sit or calm down after 5 minutes or if you find you are LOSING IT yourself, give yourself a calm down of your own, and remove yourself from the situation for a bit. When she is calmed down (some kids will wail and carry on for a good twenty minutes before they calm down, some will stop crying the second you remove yourself from them), you can talk about the issue again and try again. By remove yourself, I mean go into another room in the house, don't shut the door, just go into another room to calm down for a few minutes. When you feel up to the challenge again, you can return and approach the matter again. When she is calm, tell her you love her, and that you understand that she was angry and upset, but that hitting you is not acceptable. Tell her she needs to tell you she is sorry. Do all of this in a calm, loving voice. If she melts down and goes thermonuclear on you again, return her to the "calm down spot" and repeat, but in my experience, once the initial flare up is over kids generally will say they are sorry, especially if you tell them that you love them and that you understand that they were mad--but that hitting IS NEVER OKAY. Once she says she is sorry, let the matter drop. Tell her that you are PROUD of her for telling you she is sorry, and that you know she won't hit you again, because hitting is wrong. Give her affection and love and attention.

At various points starting now when things are presumably okay between you and before the next hitting incident occurs, talk to her about hitting. There are lots of books about hitting that you and she can read together to reinforce that hitting is a no-no. I'd recommend talking with her about the rules before the situation comes up. Just say something like "Is hitting someone OKAY?" and then shake your head and say "NO, hitting is not okay--we should never hit when we are angry. When we are mad we can do other things instead" and come up with some acceptable ways to express anger in your household. Kids love to help you figure these things out, and to feel involved, so involve her in the topic. Ask her what some ways to deal with anger are and she may surprise you. She's been watching you carefully to see how you deal with anger and she may have some astute observations on the matter. I've had kids suggest lots of things from going "GRRRR" like a bear, punching a specific "mad pillow" in frustration, to just vocalizing the words-- I AM MAD -- to the parent. Being a two to three year old is a tough job, made tougher when the world all of a sudden goes from being about open exploration and wonder to learning rules and pleasing others--before they are developmentally ready to deal with any of it. So remember, it's a tough time for them too! The true key to a well behaved child is a well behaved parent. You need to be calm, patient, loving even when they are pushing all your buttons! It's hard to do. This is a challenging time.

First off--what anyone else thinks is irrelevant. If people are looking at you or you feel they are judging you remember, it's just static in the background of your parenting that you need to tune out so you can properly do your job as a mom. When are you shopping? Is it after your child has had a nap, a meal, some attention from you, and some exercise and outside play? If not, try timing your shopping better. I don't try to get shopping done unless my kids are well rested, fed, and have had some playtime with me out and about at the park. Late afternoons are the worst time for shopping with my 3 year old--she's tired, she needs a snack, she has pent up energy that needs to be released at the park and she consequently has a hard time focusing, listening and behaving. She can't sit still during that time and if I've been running around doing errands all day, she's starved for attention from me and will act out to get it. That's all perfectly normal, reasonable behavior for a kid in that situation. The real key to a well behaved kid in the store is to make the shopping trip at a time when she is inclined to listen and behave--when she is rested, fed, has already worked out her energy at a park or whatever and is inclined to be cooperative. If I must shop during that time when she is tired, hungry, bored and wants my attention--I put her in the shopping cart and buckle her in to keep her from running around like a wild thing.

I tell her in advance before I get to the store what behavior I want to see. I say "Mommy needs to shop for some things. When I'm in the store you need to be a good listener. I will go as quickly as I can because I know you are tired, but I need you to sit in the cart (or hold my hand if there isn't one) and I need you to be a good listener." That conditions my child to know that I expect something from her in the situation. Then if a behavior problem occurs, she understands that it is following from her not meeting my expectation. Keep your expectations reasonable! Don't push your luck while shopping with a cranky kid--get what you need and get out. If a melt down occurs, the best thing to do is leave with the child and come back for the shopping at a later point if you can. Just scoop them up and take them out to the car. Don't yell, blame them or be nasty about it. THEY ARE TIRED, HUNGRY, NEED TO PLAY. It's your job as a mom to meet those needs before you take them out. To be angry with them when they have a need that was not met is unfair. To expect perfect behavior when they have needs that are not being met is unreasonable of you.


benakaraidon04 20.03.2008. 21:02

Our weight obsessed world? Do you believe the reason that we are so obsessed with our weight and appearance and with what we are eating, is down to the money making industries?
The diet industry is a billion dollar business and surely, such companies would be out of business if we weren't so worried with weight and eating. In poor countries there arent such industries, and they live less concerned with their weight and appearance. Do you believe that this industry will disappear? will weight obsession be non existent like african countries?

You can see the complications of this obsession on the young people. So many young users asking questions about their weight, despite being 11, 12, 13 etc.. So heart-breaking and angering.
reply to xxItaliaxx:
Weight obsession isn't just existant in America. Its within nearly all western countries. Also, think about it deeply. Obese people fork out the most money to the industry. Without them, alot of companies would lose billions of dollars


Admin 20.03.2008. 21:02

It is true to some degree, but I don't believe it's mostly due to diet companies. If you think it's a conspiracy then it's diet comanies workig together with junk food industry and entertainment industry.
I think the problem starts with junk food and taste enhancers and here is why. Junk food and taste enhances are designed to make you overeat. I grew up in Soviet Union, and there was no such industries there. Neither diet industry nor junk food. We didn't know what is potato chips or french fries. Looking like a model was (and still is) pretty much standard. Noone was obese in my class. And all the girls were quite consious of how they look and rather straightforward with unsolicited feedback "Your cheeks are like that of a chipmonk" or "You walk like a cow." However, we haven't heard of anorexia or bulimia either. I guess it existed, but wasn't nearly as common. Food was simply not as available, not as cheap and not as tempting. Not like we were starving, but servings were simply smaller. Children were taught to eat regular meals even if their families migt have failed to do so. Parents were simply asked to pay a monthly food fee to school, and schools provided hot lunch to students through the school cafeteria, with calorie intake checked by a nutritionist. It tasted below average, but it was good for you. Here, easy solution for you how to teach proper nutrition to a 7-year old. It is true that avearge soviet adult was not at all thin, but average soviet kid was skinny. I still feel I'm fat when I go visit home, but here I'm considered normal, even thin.
Now that new junk food is available the situation is changing. My friend's son is overweigh, and all he wants to eat is pizza and soda. Gee! We haven't heard of pizza, and soda was once-a-month treat when we were growing up.

But if on top of cheap food that's designed to make you hungry all the time you add the skeleton-like standards for models that you can see on TV or in magazines, then yes you're right - you're just asking for diet undustries to grow like mushrooms.


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