Urinary Tract Infection ( UTI ) Symptoms

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Urinary Tract Infection ( UTI ) Symptoms

By: Balaji .B

Urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria in one of the tracts through which urine passes. The infection can occur in the urethra, ureters, or the urinary bladder. Women are mostly affected due to UTI than men, but no specific reason has been found out till date. Men can also be affected by UTI with the infection causing greater level of discomfort.

The urinary tract infection symptoms should be treated properly; else it could damage the kidneys. Plenty of medications are available in the market to cure the urinary tract infection symptoms. Proper diagnosis is vital, as these symptoms can also be caused by other problems such as infections of the vagina or vulva.

In some cases, the urinary tract infection symptoms can resemble those of sexually transmitted diseases. Only a physician can make the distinction and make a correct diagnosis. This is important, because the right medications need to be prescribed to cure UTI symptoms. A strong urge to urinate without being able to delay is one of the urinary tract infection symptoms. A sharp pain or burning sensation in the urethra when the urine is released, is one of the other UTI symptoms.

Releasing very little urine with a tinge of blood is one of the other symptoms. The urge to urinate recurring frequently is one of the other urinary tract infection symptoms. Experiencing soreness in the lower abdomen, back, or sides, the sensation of needing to pass urine but being unable to do so and nature of urine being cloudy and foul smelling are various kinds of urinary tract infection symptoms.

Some of the urinary tract infection symptoms in newborns include fever or hypothermia (low temperature), poor feeding, and jaundice, and includes vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and poor feeding. Also the most common UTI symptoms are irritability, eating poorly, unexplained fever that doesn't go away, loss of bowel control, loose bowels, and a change in urination pattern.

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af 29.08.2007. 15:15

Can a urinary tract infection resolve on its own or do I have to take antibiotics? Based on my symptoms I think I have a UTI (urinary tract infection). I had one 2 months ago for the 1st time so the symptoms are still fresh in my head. Can I call and get a prescription or do I have to go in and get all the lab work done again? Better yet, can it resolve on its own? I don't have the money to go to another drs appointment and get labs done.


Admin 29.08.2007. 15:15

call your Dr. and explain your situation. alot of them will be willing to give you a prescription based on your symptoms as long as you are a patient. mine has done this for me when money was very tight.
you can also try taking huge doses of cranberry concentrate pills. (you can get them at walmart or a drugstore for about $7 a bottle.) take about 15 when you first get them, then 4 every few hours until the bottle is gone. it's safe because it is not a drug.
within about an hour after taking the first, large dose you should feel immense relief. but make sure to keep taking the smaller doses or the infection will come back. i use the whole bottle just to be safe. i've recommended this to friends also, and it only failed once, when my friend also had a kidney infection as well.
the cranberry works because there is a substance in cranberries that prevents the bacteria from adhering to the bladder walls, so your body can flush out the infection much easier.you have to take the concentrate though. drinking cranberry juice won't work. it is far too weak and also, the added sugar actually feeds the infection. good luck.


Genieve 05.09.2009. 20:21

How can i stop having Urinary Tract Infections and why do i get them all the time? HI.I always suffer of (UTI)Urinary Tract Infections,I started to get UTI's at the age of 16. Last month i had a UTI and my Doctor gave me antibiotics to kill the infection,he said that he found a bacteria in my urine and he also mentioned the word e coli. I heared all of the ways you can get a UTI.How can i stop getting this infections?


Admin 05.09.2009. 20:21

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused by bacteria and are 10 times more common among women than men. The risk factors include - A new sex partner or multiple partners. More frequent or intense intercourse. Diabetes. Pregnancy. Escherichia coli (E. coli) often passed from the anus to the vagina by using toilet paper and wiping in that direction. Wiping in the opposite direction is recommended. Use of irritating products such as harsh skin cleansers. Use of irritating contraceptives such as diaphragms and spermicides. Use of birth control pills. Heavy use of antibiotics. A blockage in the urinary tract (benign masses or tumours). A history of UTIs, especially if the infections were less than 6 months apart.


It is extremely important to obtain an accurate diagnosis before trying to find a cure. Many diseases and conditions share common symptoms.

The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

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Charlie 01.11.2012. 05:28

Can a cat get a urinary tract infection from a dog? My one year old indoor male tabby started showing symptoms of a urinary tract infection only a day or two after the family dog, a five year old female rottweiler. Is it somehow possible that the two are related? I always have cleaned the litter box once a day (now I change it every time he uses it) and give him good food, none of that grocery store stuff filled with corn and meat by-products.


Admin 01.11.2012. 05:28

I can't imagine how it would spread from the dog to the cat, unless the dog licks the cat? Seems unlikely. Does the cat have a UTI or Feline Urinary Syndrome? FUS needs to be treated with a low ash diet from the vet. Animals usually get UTI's from licking themselves.


Nessa Santiago 11.09.2011. 15:48

what is the most effective home remedy to get rid of a urinary tract infection? about 3 weeks ago i started having a uti and i took antibiotics and drank alot of water and cranberry juice and it went away within 2 day. the problem is that it keeps coming back within the same month. i cant handle it any more and i do not want to go to the doctor because i do not have medical insurance. is there an effective home remedy that i can perform that will aid and cure my urinary tract infection. . . i am desperate!!!!!!

Nessa Santiago

Admin 11.09.2011. 15:48

Vanessa - You did the right thing at the beginning if you saw a doctor who prescribed the antibiotics you took. Over 95% of urinary tract (bladder) infections are caused by a bacteria named E. coli. Now, because the UTI symptoms are back, you need to find out if that bacteria is still present but resists the antibiotic and will now require a different antibiotic OR there is no bacteria but another bladder condition called interstitial cystitis which is treated differently - still not by home remedy. Though you have no medical insurance, you can still get care. Call your local health clinic, or county medical society, or hospital and explain your need for free care at this time. I am sure somewhere in your county free care is available for uninsured patients. There is sometimes available in your drug store a non-prescription item called pyridium which will take away pain (it colors your urine) but it does not cure any infection. UTI infections, untreated, can sometimes lead to kidney damage or worse.


Cupcake Cupcake 20.04.2011. 14:34

what are the symptoms of urinary tract infection or UTI? what are the symptoms of urinary tract infection or UTI for a guinea pig..........i have 2 males 1 is 3 week
the orther is 4 weeks old

Cupcake Cupcake

Admin 20.04.2011. 14:34

The symptoms are blood in the tinkle and squeaking when tinkling. There are, however, other things this could be caused by. Bladder stones are one. Following is more information on UTIs from the Guinea Lynx which is a very good guinea pig site:



SA Gurl 24.05.2009. 02:37

How do i get rid of a urinary tract infection? I know i have a urinary tract infection. I know because i have the exact same symptoms i did when i had them during my pregnancy. I dont have any money to go to a doctor right now..so i cant get any meds. Are there any remedies i can try at home??

SA Gurl

Admin 24.05.2009. 02:37

Drink Juice!!!! When I had a UTI my doctor told me to drink a lot of juice, especially Cranberry. Though, I know, some don't like cranberry juice it helps.


Anon 19.09.2008. 05:50

How do i convince my parents to get me checked up for urinary tract infection? I think i may have urinary tract infection. My sides and back hurt today, and i always have to pee every 30 minutes or so. How do i convince my parents to at least get me check up for it. They think i worry too much and they might not take me to the doctor.


Admin 19.09.2008. 05:50

Nicely point out to them that it's their parental responsibility to make sure you're okay. With symptoms like that, it could be a UTI and it could be something else. As you have already recognised, you need to see a doctor and they will probably want a urine sample.

All the best and good luck. =)


sexylassie999 10.07.2010. 14:08

is this a symptom of a Urinary Tract Infection or something else? can you get an outbreak of sores on your genitals if you have a Urinary Tract Infection? its only this outbreak that stings when i pee, and the only other symptom I have is going to the toilet more. Please help.


Admin 10.07.2010. 14:08

Sores are not a symptom of a UTI, no. You might have one (the other symptoms are those of a UTI).
Sores are more likely a symptom of herpes, actually...

You definitely need to see a dr, ASAP. Even if it is just a UTI, it needs to be properly treated.


Samantha 21.01.2010. 16:40

Can you get a urinary tract infection from having sex on your period? My boyfriend and I have been having sex and fooling around while I'm on my period and I think that it may have caused me to get a urinary tract infection because I'm showing some of the symptoms of it. We're both clean [and been tested recently so please don't just say you don't always know] so it's not an std or anything like that.


Admin 21.01.2010. 16:40

Having sex increases your chances of a UTI. It does not matter that it was during your period. Well, usually your immune system is not as strong during your period, so it may have contributed some.

Empty your bladder after fooling around. Drink water and cranberry juice.


bcuzofu 23.02.2009. 16:41

I think I may have a urinary tract infection. Is it safe to wait for my gyn/ob appointment in 3 days? I have my annual checkup with the gynecologist in 3 days, but recently talking to a friend, it appears I have several syptoms of having a urinary tract infection. Should I just wait and tell the doctor in 3 days, or call someone sooner?


Admin 23.02.2009. 16:41

The best thing to do would be to call your primary care Dr or your gyn and see if they can get you in before then. The longer it goes untreated the more uncomfortable you will be and it may worsen. If they cant squeeze you in you could try a med center or urgent care facility. If you cant be seen by anyone there are a few things that will help ease some of your symptoms. Drink lots of water and try some cranberry juice. There is a medicine called AZO Cranberry that you can get from the pharmacy.

Here is the product website if you want more info on it.


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