Urinary Tract Infections Helped with Cranberry Juice

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Urinary Tract Infections Helped with Cranberry Juice

By: Alfred Jones

Cranberry Juice is very rich in Antioxidants and Nutrients which can help to prevent degenerative illnesses and diseases, particularly those associated with the eyes, it is a well known supplement that is frequently used in overcoming UTIs or Urinary Tract Infections, and it could be called a vitamin that boosts the immune system, by increasing and improving cellular communication within the body.

Cranberries are very popular in the United States, especially around Thanksgiving Day, because it has become traditional to have it as a sauce with the Thanksgiving Turkey. The berries are very tangy and tasty, they are also loaded with Vitamin C, they were often used by sailors in days gone by, to prevent scurvy.

When Cranberry Juice is taken for Urinary Tract Infections, researchers found that patients passed a anti bacterial substance in their urine, which cured the infection. Unfortunately UTI is one of those diseases that is inclined to periodically return and become a chronic condition especially among ladies. More research has found that if taken regularly, it can be very effective in preventing a return of the infection.

Cranberry Juice is thought to attack the infection in two ways, one is through the acidity that is produced in the urine, which attacks the bacteria, secondly the Vitamin C content is an essential element in helping the immune system to do its work, because it is receiving what is needed, for efficient functioning. The immune system is the natural healer of all illnesses and diseases in the body, but of course it must have the required vitamins and nutrition for this purpose.

Cranberry Juice can also help in preventing degenerative diseases, such as heart disease, strokes and certain cancers, Cataracts are a cause for concern among the elderly, with vision impairment or even blindness, it has been know to slow down and even stop the progressive deterioration of cataracts.

It has also been shown to be very beneficial in helping to slow down macular degeneration, and to reduce the blood leakage with diabetic retinopathy.

I am not in the business of selling either Cranberries or Cranberry Juice, there are already plenty of suppliers out there, so there should not be any difficulty in obtaining a quality product, try to go for a good brand, that is as natural as it can possible be, and do not choose the cheapest, as this could be a false economic choice.

The point that I am making, is that this, is an excellent natural remedy for a number of problems. Cranberries are considered safe for everyone, but if you are going to take it for medicinal purposes, Please consult with your physician first, Antibiotics might be considered necessary, first before trying Cranberry Juice.

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XoXMsSXoX 09.12.2007. 18:55

What is cranberry extract is it cranberry juice and if so does it really help a urinary tract infection? What is cranberry extract is it cranberry juice and if so does it really help a urinary tract infection?
would I still have to go to the doctor if I drink all this cranberry juice or will that just get rid of the urinary tract infection.


Admin 09.12.2007. 18:55

It depends how bad the infection is. Cranberry will not kill a serious infection. It is more af a thing to help prevent infection by keeping things clean.

Go to the Dr. if it's serious infection.


storm n thunder 04.03.2013. 21:17

Does drinking cranberry juice help a urinary tract infection? i think i have a urinary tract infection but i cant go to the doctors fo a urine test for at least another 3 days because im on my period.does cranberry juice help? or what should i drink/eat?

storm n thunder

Meliskell 30.03.2007. 15:48

What is it in cranberry juice the helps with a unrinary tract infection or an achy bladder? I've always been told to and drank cranberry juice if I ever had a urinary tract infection or if I felt one coming on. What is in cranberry juice that helps "clear out" any problems in the bladder?


Admin 30.03.2007. 15:48

Cranberries and blueberries reset the ph and provide enzymes that are hostile to the bacteria that make urinary tract, bladder and kidney infections.

Instead of getting these infections and using cranberry to 'clear them up' it is better to maintain the health of your urinary tract. Frequent or chronic urinary tract infections can lower your general resistance, invite more serious conditions, and generally make you an unhealthy person.

I put 1 ounce of pure, 100% cranberry juice in my orange juice every morning. I also use dried cranberries in my oatmeal, and whenever I have pancakes, I sprinkle fresh blueberries on them.

If you like cranberry sauce, you can cook some fresh cranberries with orange peel and brown sugar for 2 minutes and keep it in the refrigerator to use as a sauce for chicken or turkey. I even put it on sandwiches!


XoXMsSXoX 09.12.2007. 16:38

what is cranberry extract is it cranberry juice and if so does it really help a urinary tract infection? what is cranberry extract is it cranberry juice and if so does it really help a urinary tract infection
will I still have to go to the doctors if I drink a lot of cranberry juice or will that get rid of the infection?


Admin 09.12.2007. 16:38

Cranberry extract is a concentrated form of cranberry juice ....

It helps prevent UTIs because there are certain components within cranberries which reduce the ability of UTI causing bacteria to adhere to the lining of the bladder and urethra.

Lots of liquid and cranberry juice is a preventitive measure if you are prone to UTIs .... as is correct hygeine (especially after sex .... trying to pee soon afterwards is a good idea !).

But cranberries are no help if a UTI sets in .... indeed being mildly acidic they could even be an irritant. The best for pain relief are medications including potassium citrate, which is excreted in the urine as potassium carbonate, a neutralising antacid.

But the only cure I've found is to go to the doctor and get a course of antibiotics (Ciprofloxacin, Cefalexin, etc.) .... cures the cystisis usually in two - three days. The doctor will also take a urine sample so that if it re-occurs he has a better idea which medication to use.

P.S. once you have a UTI I think drinking gallons of water to flush it out is a myth (a German doctor once advised me to drink 5 litres a day !) as according to my GP the more you drink the more you torture yourself in peeing it out .... the antibiotics do the job without any help !


Christine 28.08.2011. 18:10

How much cranberry juice should you drink to get rid of a bladder infection/urinary tract infection? i think i have a urinary tract infection or a bladder infection, but i want to try and get rid of it on my own by drinking cranberyy juice. How much cranberry juice should i drink each day to get rid of it? :) pleaase dont tell me to go to the doctors either, thankyou :) btw im 14 years old if that helps.


Admin 28.08.2011. 18:10

16 ounces is highly recomendeed


sassylass 02.11.2007. 06:27

How to ward off a bladder/urinary tract infection? I'm feeling the pain and extraordinary discomfort which signal that I've got a bladder/urinary tract infection starting. I'm trying to drink LOTS of water in an effort to flush my system out before the infection really sets in. I've been able to do that before. My question is, besides lots of water and cranberry juice, what other liquids are good to drink to help flush my system? Also, if cranberry juice is good, would it also be good or better to eat cranberries? Thanks for helpful answers.


Admin 02.11.2007. 06:27

It is considered normal for women to get about 3 UTIs a year. I used to suffer from very frequent urinary tract infections. I tired water, cranberry juice, cranberry pills, was very careful hygienically, did all the recommended steps regarding intercourse, and still sufferred from them. Turns out I had a bacterial imbalance in the bladder and urethra, so the "good bacteria" were not prevalent enough to fight off the "bad bacteria." I started taking an acidopholous pill every day. These can be purchased at the pharmacy counter, as it is a refrigerated pill, but you do not need a prescription. If you take it soon enough, you may be able to ward off an impending infection. I have not had a bladder infection once since I started this practice (almost three years).
It is better to eat cranberries or take a pill because most of the juice is not really a juice, but a "cocktail" with added sugar. The sugar basically "feeds" the bacteria that are already trying to get a hold. Alcohol has the same effect. If you get lower back pain, the infection has moved to your kidneys and you need to get medical attention. Good luck!!!!


tiffany f 06.05.2009. 12:30

what is a good natural way to cure a urinary tract infection at home? I am pregnant and been dealing with urinary tract infections for a long time. I go to the dr and it's always samething antibiotics and cranberry juice. It works for a little bit then it's right back. Pleeeassseee HELP!!!

tiffany f

Admin 06.05.2009. 12:30

Please read this for treating urinary tract infections without any side effects or complications of any sort :- http://www.hpathy.com/diseases/urinary-symptoms-treatment-cure.asp

Take care and God Bless.


smartcookie 30.12.2008. 16:03

Do I have a urinary tract infection? How long before it gets really bad? I think I have a urinary tract infection. I won't be able to go to the doctor until Thursday and I was wondering if its okay if I waited or if I should go to the doctor immediately? Also is there anyway I can stop the pain in the meantime? I heard that drinking lots of water and cranberry juice helps. Also as a side, what really causes urinary tract infections? I've never had anything like this before.


Admin 30.12.2008. 16:03

I don't know why you can't go to the dr. now (maybe cause they can't get you in?) Either way it would be better to leave them a sample even if the dr. can't see you. If the dr. that can't see you is a primary dr. try your gyn dr. or vice versa. UTI's can go into the kidneys if not treated. The best thing to do is drink lots of fluid to help flush the bladder but you will need antibiotics. By the time you see the dr. on Thursday they should hopefully have the results in by then. I hope you told them the reason why you need to be seen. They shouldn't make you wait to get in and they will have to send the sample to the lab which can take a few days anyway to get back. Sometimes they can do a dipstick test as a preliminary but it doesn't mean that it will come back positive if you have an infection. Sometimes it comes back clear and then the lab test shows up positive.

Be careful about over the counter meds as some of them may contain an antimicrobial in it and may cause a false negative result. I looked at one called Cystex and found that it had some bacteria fighters in it so I didn't take it.

The cause of UTI's can be from bacteria being pushed up to the front because the entrances are closer together in females. Women can get them after sex too. They can cause you to have some burning and urgency (peeing every few minutes even when there is barely anything to come out). I have had bleeding after I went so many times.

Hopefully a dr. can get you on some antibiotics if you can't wait for the lab work to come back. I'd be safe and tell them you are going to leave a sample as you are very uncomfortable. If you start to get a fever let your dr. know even if you have to call the answering service. I've called my dr. back after just seeing him that same day and rather than having me wait till the lab work came back he called me in some Cipro which is a powerful antibiotic.

Also the dr. can call in something prescription strength for the burning and urgency. I've had better luck with some of the things the dr. gave me and it didn't stain my clothing orange. One medication I can think of is Urelle. It's a purple coated pill and it may give you a light blue or green urine but I didn't have to worry about my clothes being stained. The orange stuff like Uristat another over the counter medicine for pain can be hard to wash off. You will most likely need to wear a pad cause it can be all over down there. Good luck and feel better


SmurfsonShrooms 04.10.2007. 01:18

Can cranberry juice CURE a urinary tract infection? I was diagnosed last week as having a urinary tract infection. However, since drinking cranberry juice, the symptoms have cleared up. My doctor has prescribed antibiotics, saying that although there are no symptoms, there still could be remenants of the bacteria in my body. I got a second opinion from another doctor who said that the cranberry juice had cleared the infection, and that I should only take the antibiotics if the symptoms returned. I am reluctant to take the antibiotics. Can anyone offer advice as to my situation?


Admin 04.10.2007. 01:18

Take those antibiotics until they are gone!!! The infection will stay in your system and you may show symptems later. The bacteria, having been introduced to the antibiotics will develop an imunity. It will be much harder to treat a second time arround. Cranberry juice does help but this is because of the vitamin c. Take vitamin c tablets regularly to help prevent future infections.


pink_carebear_girl 06.06.2008. 04:04

What are some good cures for a urinary tract infection? I have a urinary tract infection and I have had it for a lil over a week. I saw a doctor and I took the antibiotics and drank lots of water and cranberry juice. It still hasn't gone away. I have tried drinking tons of water, drinking cranberry juice, and antibiotics. What else can I do to cure it?


Admin 06.06.2008. 04:04

You need to return to your physician for another UA and possibly another course of antibiotics. Sometimes it takes two courses of an antibiotic, or a course of a stronger, different antibiotic, to clear up a UA.

Cranberry juice is used to prevent UTIs, not treat them. It supposedly prevents bacteria from "sticking" to the bladder and other parts of the urinary system. It does not "wash out" bacteria and it doesn't kill bacteria. (It is a good healthy drink, though; I drink cranberry/pomegranate juice to help prevent UTIs.)


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