What Is Acne - And How To Prevent It

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What Is Acne - And How To Prevent It

By: Josh Spencer

Have you ever had acne? Chances are that you have had or are still having acne. Teens are primarily the ones cursed with at least with a mild form of acne. But what is acne? Acne, also known as acne vulgaris, occurs when oil and dead skin cells form a plug and clog your follicles or pores.

Eighty-five percent of teenagers have had at least a mild form of acne. During puberty increased hormone levels cause an increase in oil production. This increased oil can then combine with dead skin cells and cause acne. Acne does not discriminate though as some adults, especially women, have intermittent acne all their lives.

What is acne symptoms going to look like to most people? You will most likely notice an outbreak of whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. These can occur on your face, back, shoulders, or chest. Whiteheads and blackheads are clogged pores, while pimples have a bacteria build-up under the clogged pores. Large and deep pimples are called cystic lesions and can be quite painful and create scarring.

What is acne treatments going to consist of? Acne treatments depend upon the severity of the acne. The goal is to reduce or eliminate acne outbreaks and reduce any scarring that may occur with an acne outbreak. The first method of treatment to begin with is cleansing with a mild soap and warm water and using benzoyl peroxide. This often controls and prevents mild acne.

If this does not reduce or eliminate the acne outbreaks, you will need to consult a physician to try more aggressive treatments. The physician may prescribe antibiotics combined with topical benzoyl peroxide. This increases the effectiveness of your treatment. If there is still no improvement and the acne is severe, the physician may recommend Accutane as a last resort. Accutane has rare but serious side effects and is very expensive. A new treatment available is Light Wave Therapy. This treatment was recently approved by the FDA and is helpful in reducing and eliminating mild to moderate acne that has not been responsive to other treatments.

What is acne reducing things that you can do to help reduced your symptoms or outbreaks? Things you can do to help reduce your acne symptoms are cleansing your face twice daily using a mild soap and warm water. Use your clean, bare hands to wash your face rather than a washcloth. Vigorous rubbing of your skin will only make your acne worse. Follow your Doctor's directions fully. This will help to ensure that your acne is reduced or eliminated.

What is acne? Acne is a condition that can cause moderate to severe embarrassment and self-esteem problems, as well as depression. If your acne is not responding to treatment then seek out a treatment that works for you or your skin.

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b0mbskeezz<3 29.12.2007. 23:05

Videos on how to clear up acne or prevent it? Anyone know where i can watch videos on how to clear up your acne & prevent it?? and what foundation to use so your acne doesnt get worse, or even foundation that helps acne?


Admin 29.12.2007. 23:05

i dont know about foundation that helps acne but i do know about the videos. Go to youtube and in the serchbox type clearing acne. Hope i helped got to go bye!


Audrina 29.11.2008. 16:29

What can i use to prevent/rid of acne in 1 month? i have 1 month to get rid of acne/prevent it. What will clear up my skin fast! What are some daily routines tips ect. Help!


Admin 29.11.2008. 16:29

the clearasil kit really works. it's like a 4 step process you use on your face 2x a day. using certain products in morning, and others at night. at a local store such as kmart, target, cvs, ect. it costs about $25. but it works REALLY well. i've used it for about 5 months and my skin is noticably clearer. GOOD LUCK! :)


Aimy 27.03.2010. 05:26

Should I stop using a topical acne medication if my face has become dry? Lately I have been using topical acne treatment where the main parts of my acne were (T-zone), and after about a week of using the medication, the acne has significantly cleared up. Even though, every time I wash my face I can see that the places where I used the medication have become dry and somewhat flakey. Seeing this I used a acne-preventing moisturizer and that helps during the day but my skin is still dry after I wash it. Should I still continue this routine?


Admin 27.03.2010. 05:26

You can use astringent to get rid of the flakes, but be gentle about it because it might sting. If you could possibly lessen the usage, you should. Also, you might be able to get away with just dabbing your pimples with the medication so that it doesn't damage the blemish-free skin around it.


Aaron 26.01.2010. 01:24

How do you get rid of back acne? I never had back acne until i was in 7th grade. I have no idea why, i think it's gynetics bc my parents had it. I want to wear tank tops, dresses, and shit that reveals my back and chest. But my back acne prevents me from doing so.... How do I get rid of it the least expensive way ever, and why did i get back acne?


Admin 26.01.2010. 01:24

There are multiple clensing pads you can get at walmart, cvs or any other drug store. I use to have acne but as soon as i put these pads on it went away like magic. You can use these anywhere on your body and they are very cheap. I would not worry to much about this though because if you use these pads it will clear up very soon. I hope this helps.


Live.Laugh.Love 10.08.2011. 13:53

How do i get rid of this acne? Exfoliate, moisturize, or cleanse? I think i have combination skin, but i get my pimples on my cheeks. Everything says that combination skin is oily in the t-zone(forehead,nose, chin) and dry or normal in other places. i thought pimples are only caused by oily skin, am i right, or can i get these pimples from dry skin? and wht should i do to get rid of th acne/prevent it???


Admin 10.08.2011. 13:53

here is my story...

i too had a very bad acne for more than 8 years... i tried almost everything but nothing worked for me... i finally decided to go with diet... here is what i did...

the diet is for 3 months... now i only have 2 acne in my face...

1. stop eating oily foods, fried foods, nonveg, sweets, choclates ....
2. drink 6 litres of water everyday...
3. eat apple, black grapes, papaya, banana, greenleaves, beer root, carrot juice...
4. dont touch your acne..
5. while washing your face touch it gently like touching butterfly...

all the above 5 points are very important... if you follw them then sure you will get beautiful face...


Floridachickadee 26.03.2010. 06:03

Honey and Lemon Juice used to help prevent breakouts? I am 21 and lately I've been having random outbreaks due to stress and hormones, etc. I use a cleanser and acne fighting topical medicine every night, I also use acne preventing, hypoallergenic makeup and I am still breaking out. I have been reading that honey facials, and lemon juice applied topically or ingested can help improve acne. I used the honey facial twice already and I also have used the lemon juice ( I drank it). Will this help improve my skin? Anyone ever done this before?


Admin 26.03.2010. 06:03

It depends on your skin, honestly. I'm a little skeptical about topical application of lemon juice, but if it works, more power to you. Get a lot of fruits and veggies and that will almost always improve skin. If you're using an acne cleanser and a topical medication every night, you might be overdoing it with your skin. My skin looked great after I stopped trying to beat it into submission with harsh cleansers and astringents. Try a gentle cleanser like Purpose (great stuff), a good noncomedogenic moisturizer that is preferably fragrance-free and dye-free and benzoyl peroxide spot treatment (2.5% is usually sufficient, any more just dries you out with no additional benefits). Skip toner and scrubs. They are pointless and/or irritating. You might also try oil cleansing, which sounds counter-intuitive but works very well for a lot of people.

The other thing you might want to try that you might not have heard about is an alpha hydroxy acid like glycolic acid. Alpha Hydrox makes a lot of products that are good for this or you can try the cream available at acne.org, which is inexpensive and apparently works well. You need a concentration of about 10%. Apply it sparingly at night under your moisturizer. It will sting a little, but that's fine, that's how you know it's working. If you decide to use an AHA, it's VERY important that you use sunscreen during the day (which you should be doing anyway). AHA speeds cell turnover and removes dead surface cells, which makes you extra-sensitive to the sun. The benefit is that with the right regimen, it can work fantastically.


Bill H 06.01.2008. 18:47

what are the best ways to get rid of acne and prevent it for future? i just need some good ways to get rid of acne and prevent it for the future without having to pay lots of money. but you could recomend some good face cream stuff if you want but it would have to be a mens product cos i am a man.

Bill H

Admin 06.01.2008. 18:47

After years of trying almost every acne product in the drug store, this is what works for me:

1. Gentle Face Wash (ex: Cetaphil)
2. 2.5% Benzoyle Peroxide (ex: Oxy): kills the bacteria on your skin.
3. Gentle Moisturizer (ex: Neutrogena for sensitive skin): moisturizes your skin so it wouldn't look dry and flaky from using benzoyle peroxide.

Use these products twice a day for 2 weeks. If your skin doesn't start to clear up by then, then you should see a dermatologist because you may have a severe form of acne that needs medication or it could be another skin condition.

Good Luck!


Young1Money 18.01.2008. 11:08

How to get and maintain nice skin,get rid of scars and acne(which products)? Alright,
basicly im wondering what pills suppliments i should buy,like the vitamin pills,
whats the best way to get rid of scars,
what face washes should i use to get rid of acne/prevent acne(i have mostly blackheads)
and basicly,how to have just nice skin overall,body and face

can somebody explain how to exfoliate?
what do i need to do it,which products wud be the best?(st.ives apricot scrub?)

thanks for all the help!


Admin 18.01.2008. 11:08

Vitamin E is wonderful for the skin. I had surgery on my hands and rubbed vitamin E capsules on my scars until they were almost non-existent. As far as blackheads, I am struggling with my two teenagers and blackheads. My daughter even has them on her back. I don't know what to do. But Pro-active has been a great thing for them and their acne. But be careful that you don't dry out your skin too much. St Ives scrub is also great. I used that a lot. I even use it on my legs before shaving for optimum smoothness. But if you dry out your skin too much, your body reacts by producing more oil, so don't forget to moisturize. Oil of Olay works really well without giving you more acne.


Swimmy 26.04.2009. 19:54

What products do you use to control acne? I'm a teenager and I have acne all over my face...forehead and nose especially, and some on the cheeks too. I wash my face at least once or twice a day but I still have tons. I have tried using some acne-preventing specific products before but I haven't liked them much...what does everyone use that works for you? I'm just trying to get some options :) thanks


Admin 26.04.2009. 19:54

I use Oxy. I think it works very well.

If you have really bad acne, you should go on Acutane. You get it prescribed to you from a dermatologist. Its just a pill you take for six months and it completely clears up your skin! You break out pretty bad for the first two weeks though, and then your skin is extremely dry while your on it, but I swear its totally worth it!


Camcorder. 27.02.2010. 20:14

What is the best homemade facial scrub you've tried? I want an exfoliator but am too cheap to buy one. My skin is a tad acne prone and dry. I've heard goos things about oatmeal, sugar, honey, and even baking soda mixed with water or a cleanser to use as an exfoliator. Which delivers the best, most cleansing and smoothing (and acne preventing) results?


Admin 27.02.2010. 20:14

i looovveee sugar mixed with water to exfoliate your lips and face! it smeellls sweet and your skin tastes like suger for a couple hours after. i have mild acne and dry flaky skin in areas and oily in others, so i love to exfoliate! i would suggest 1 part sugar, 1 part honey, and 1 part water!! good luck!


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