Wheelchair Power with a Lifestyle

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Wheelchair Power with a Lifestyle

By: Blur Loterina

Ever heard of a wheelchair that can take you anywhere? If you're using one, you'll know if it's for indoor or outdoor use. But you might want to have one that will offer you both advantages, the so-called combination wheelchair. Before, combination wheelchairs are not that excellent until the 'birth' of Extreme 4x4.

Although mobility is limited because you cannot walk, there's always the wheelchair to help you move with less difficulty. There are different wheelchairs that offer solutions to your specific needs. Some wheelchairs are ideal for indoor, while some are good for outdoor use, but seldom will you see wheelchairs that offer the advantages of both.

Extreme 4x4 is an indoor/outdoor power wheelchair with a cutting edge design complete with patented passive steering system. It was named such because it's a four wheel chair that contains four motors. It can travel over soft and uneven surfaces and climb 4-6 inches curb. It's narrow enough to drive through standard doorways and can also fit on van lifts. It allows you to drive on sand, soft, wet, slippery and even snowy surfaces. It's a reliable wheelchair that's non-complicated and no expensive components used.

The very first thing you'll notice with this model is its wheels which measures about 14 inches in diameter. Its MPS seat has a solid seat pan and can be tilted and reclined. It has a foot platform and leg rest that can be easily elevated.

Do not worry if you're left handed. It has a standard DX-REMG80 joystick that can be mounted on either handlebar. You can even add front and rear lights. It offers a lot of power options such as Power Tilt-In-Space, Power Reclining Backrest and Power Elevating Leg rests. You can also install head controls and controls with external switches that are available from Hand Control Joysticks. You can choose from the different joystick ends including the normal ball joystick and quad paddle. It comes in four colors; black, burgundy, dark blue and hunter green. Its electronic systems are certified to the International Standard IP54, so you are assured of excellent functionality.

However, this model does not allow you to adjust the speed. It has been optimized for its speed, torque and battery range characteristics. If you change one of these the others will be affected. The wheelchair is not waterproof; water can damage its electronic components. So, it is best to keep it dry.

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Blur Loterina

You may wonder why I write articles. Besides from the fact that it's my job, I used to write short stories when I was younger. I think it would be helpful if I said I'm a big fan of Zach de la Rocha and Rage Against the Machine. This would explain my own views about a lot of things. Their songs were about national issues, politics and human rights. They support the American Indian Movement and Che Guevara, the face you see on t-shirts. Not that it concerns me. I only like their music and idealism.

I'm not an artist, I'm not a poet. I just love writing anything I want. I wasn't born a genius, I just want to know and understand something I don't. I like to find the difference between similar things. It's like counting birthmarks on each identical twin.

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Makena 25.01.2011. 03:23

How do you survive on disability? For those of you that get SSI disability? How much do you get? And how do you afford to pay your rent? How about internet/food/utilities and what part of USA do you live in?

I'm on disability and I'm barely making it through.


Admin 25.01.2011. 03:23

I am on SSI and Medicaid.

My only child is on SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, and Medicare and lives with me.

The only way we can make it money-wise is because we live in an U.S.A. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) subsidized apartment which takes 30% of a person's total income for rent (total combination of all people's income living in a HUD subsidized apartment). It is because of this we are able to live a fairly comfortable average lifestyle which does result in some money being left over each month after basic survival needs are met. The simple luxuries that I can afford is due to careful budgeting and etc.

Our apartment is an all-electric apartment. Water and trash pickup is included in the rent. I do own a home computer. We have Internet and cable. I have a cell-phone which only costs me $6.75 monthly. We also have land-line phone service. We eat at low-cost restaurants. I shop at thrift general stores and thrift grocery stores. I buy store-brand groceries. I own a motor vehicle. I buy the cheapest car gasoline that I can find and I have restricted my driving due to motor vehicle gas being so high. I drive 99% of the time when absolutely necessary and the other 1% of motor vehicle trips are not needed. I try to limit myself to 1 tank of motor vehicle gas or less every month. I have a scooter power-lift for my motor vehicle. I have a power-wheelchair (PMD-PWC) and a 4 wheel electric scooter (PMD-POV).

I flew to my native birth state of California for vacation and also flew to three National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias (NFED) national family conferences. I am making plans to fly to the 2011 National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias (NFED) national family conference.


SCARLETT2163 25.01.2007. 17:15

Are US-based airlines mandated to comply with ADA guidelines and if so, to what degree? Do they have to provide wheelchair accessible restrooms, ramps, etc. on board the aircraft? I understand different airlines have different policies but I am wondering if they are mandated to comply, what the minimum requirements are.

I was unable to book a flight for my disabled mother recently due to accessibility issues. She has a power wheelchair and I was told by one carrier I would be charged an outrageous amount because the wheelchair is considered "cargo."

Also, she is on oxygen and I was told I would have to pay an extra $100 for that as well as purchase another seat because she is a large person.


Admin 25.01.2007. 17:15

Aircrafts are not equipped for the handicapped, unfortunately. Certain aircrafts can not handle the larger motorized wheelchairs and if it is a wet cell battery, its considered hazordous materials and has to be handled differently than a dry cell battery.

Lavatories are not equipped to handle someone who is handicapped. Most aircrafts do not have an on board aisle chair. The flight attendants will not assist with getting passengers to a lavatory, if a passenger requires assisntance in flight, they have to provide their own assistant.

Oxygen is not provided by the airline either because it has to be regulated and is not something they store on the aircraft. Medical oxygen supply companies are available through the airline. This helps make sure the order is organized with doctors orders and the oxygen flow is correct for their need. Unfortunately it does cost money and it can be expensive. Certain aircrafts, especially regional jets in particular do not allow supplemental oxygen on board, so you would have to book a flight that is mainline or not their regional carrier. However if she has a portable oxygen concentrator that is airline approved or been modified for air travel, then she can take it onboard most airlines. Most airlines will allow the Inogen One and AirSep Lifestyle portable oxygen concentrators on their aircrafts both mainline and regional, but again you would have to verify. She would have to have medical documentation with her just in case as well. The cargo doors to the baggage compartment is not very large and usually under the engine, so trying to get a large and bulky motorized chair loaded is difficult and near impossible.

And with more and more people being of size, airlines have no choice but to charge for a second seat in most cases. They can't sell one person a seat that obviously takes up two and expect someone to try and sit in the seat next to them, its uncomfortable and not fair. Its a touchy subject but more and more, airlines have to be adimant about charging for space used. If the flight is empty or there are enough empty seats, they usually wont charge or will refund the extra seat fare.

The only thing an airline HAS to provide is a seat. They can move a passenger out of an assigned seat to accomidate a handicapped passenger and assist the passenger on and off the aircraft. Most gate agents and Sky Caps are not properly trained for transferring handicapped passengers. They show you how to but, proper transferring as it would be done by someone medically trained is not taught, just proper body mechanics. You could get lucky and get someone who worked in the medical field as a gate agent, but that is rare.

Each airline has different policies regarding transporting motorzied wheelchairs. Most times they are not stablized well in the cargo hold and shift during flight and parts break off. Gear boxes, wheels and handles just to name a few. Most wont charge to transport the wheelchair, but if it has a wet cell battery, they can charge for that.

Basically, commercial air travel has not been made to accomidate the handicapped needs of many. There are people who are parapalegic and quadrapalegic that fly on their own and know the routines.

If a person is of size and can not walk down the aisle to board and is of size, it will be hard to get them down the aisle on the aisle chair. The best thing is to go ahead and spend the money on First Class. That way there is limited walking or they can put the person in the first row and avoid the bruising that would come from squeezing down the aisle. Since you would have to spend the money on an extra coach seat, you may as well save her the hassles and just put her in the First Class Cabin. As much as she will go through just to get on the plane, the service that comes with it will be much needed Im sure.

Unfortunately there's not much on the books that makes airlines have to provide anything. The extra cost of the oxygen, transporting a heavy or bulky wheelchair, the extra seat and if they need assistance in flight would not be covered in a discount ticket price. Its a difficult process and its upsetting to those trying to live a normal life with a disablility, but that is the world of airline travel. Hasnt been streamlined to help those in need. The airlines concern is getting as many people in the aircraft as safely as possible.

Contact several airlines to see what their policies are. They should not charge you for transporting the chair since it is an assitive device. But it would have to go below the aircraft in the cargo hold or Bulk Bin depending on the type of aircraft used. But you will find that answers will not be in her favor with out charging extra for extra needs. Its good that you are researching before just buying a ticket and assuming it will be taken care of at check in. But just make your calls with an open mind and dont put your emotions on your sleeve. They will deal with you compassionately, but again it will come with costs.

If you need further assistance or any suggestions or information, feel free to e-mail me. I worked for an airline for many years and can help you figure out which way is best for you to go as far as getting her to where she needs to go.


smq77381 06.04.2006. 23:55

How can I find out if an assisted living center in TX is accredited? Array


Admin 06.04.2006. 23:55

Here is a link to the best site I found with info... http://listingstexas.com/Health/Careproviders/complete.asp

Here is another option I could find

Air Force Village I Care Type: Active Lifestyle Independent Living Assisted Living Continuing Care Nursing Care Alzheimers Care Rehabilitation Care
Year Established: 1970
Funding: Not-for-profit
Capacity: 363 units
Subsidy Available: Yes
Subsidy Source: Fellowship Fund
Owner(s): Air Force Village Foundation
Manager(s): Chuck Walls
Wheelchair Access: Yes
Average Age: 77
Smoking Allowed: Yes
Alcohol Allowed: Yes
Languages Spoken: English
Accept Public Guardian Case
(Power of Attorney): Yes
Close Facilities: Shopping Churches Library


Aaron 21.01.2010. 06:49

Reasons the World is better off because of the existence of business? Can you name any? I am curious to this viewpoint


Admin 21.01.2010. 06:49

Research, development and manufacture of drugs that cure illnesses that were once considered fatal.

Provide electricity to power hospitals, police departments, homes, etc.

To help provide a variety of foods that cannot be found in that region. For example, I live in a colder climate with a shorter growing season. There are many kinds of foods that I cannot grow---even if I had the property to grow them on (I don't). Thanks to business, I can enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables for a more balanced diet throughout the year.

Businesses build homes. There are skills and knowledge to building a home that many people don't have.

Businesses provide me with information about how to live a healthier lifestyle.

A business provided my cousin with a wheel chair to help him get around. He is paralyzed from the waist down and his hands. Thanks to his special wheelchair he has a great job as a security guard watching cameras. Without his chair, he would be more likely to be a drain on society instead of an asset.

Thanks to businesses, I have books to read and learn from. Thanks to businesses, I have the internet for research.

Businesses provide me with warm clothing in the winter. While I know how to sew clothing myself, I don't have the skills to make cloth from cotton or wool. Even if I did have those skills, my climate is too cold to grow cotton and my property is too small to raise sheep.

A business is responsible for manufacturing my refrigerator which helps me keep food longer and safer. A business manufactured my freezer too. I need to preserve my food because I can't just go out in my city and look for animals to kill to eat in winter.

Basically, food, housing, medical care, information and protection from the elements. I would much rather have it this way than go back to a primitive way where lifespans were only about 40 years.


baca0072000 31.05.2006. 11:51

Does anyone out there know anything about colon cleansers preferably oxygen based? Array


Admin 31.05.2006. 11:51

Oxygen Based Colon Cleansers information at Oxygen-Bar-Supply.Net.

Oxygen Based Colon Cleansers available above. The healing powers of Essential Oils in addition to Aromatherapy have been known on behalf of centuries. Cognitive pain management therapy equipment this can be used within isolation, or else within conjunction with traditional pharmacologic strategies. Focus my attention on the feeling of surrendering in addition to letting come as you breathe out. Notice how much room here is over her face within the chamber. Related terms are breathing and not getting enough oxygen, o2 and vodafone and competitive advantage, medical oxygen open flame, medical oxygen machine, and oxygen bars and fire safety. Whether you want a particular fully staffed oxygen saloon or else just oxygen supplies in addition to equipment, Oxygen, Inc. In 1953 Betchworth pleaded 'climatic circumstances what have recently persisted' on behalf of under-specification lime! The needle 9 is initialized automatically as presently as the pressure ascends within the reaction chamber. It was the saddest, yet funniest, thing I've seen within a particular long time. Negative ions will get a little of the particles a particular negative charge.We guarantee our oils will last one year from the date of buy or else will replace every used bottle on behalf of free. Have access to the world's only complete offering of oxygen products in addition to O2 Appliances on behalf of the Oxygen Lifestyle(tm). Bariatric products include custom manual wheelchairs, raises in addition to slings, bariatric beds, power wheelchairs, scooters, manual wheelchairs, self-care in addition to personal aids. In addition we offer person, household in addition to groups therapy using the traditional method in addition to or else intuitive counseling.

From happy customers to high profit margins, oxygen bars make perfect sense for your company. Oxygen Based Colon Cleansers is on Oxygen-Bar-Supply.Net The majority of desaturations appear during rapid eyeball motion sleep. Have a particular Unique oxygen saloon at the ready to support these busy conferences. Related terms are changing the o2 sensor in a e420, wheelie bar suppliers, oasis nutrtion bar, comparison stabilized oxygen products, and used commercial bars and equipment for sale. Boxer Shorts By Flyz Boxer shorts made on behalf of a particular man yet loved in addition to too worn by means of the ladies. If you make use of my mobile phone to access the Internet, please note this the Internet is not a particular secure environment. Look for oxygen based colon cleansers on Oxygen-Bar-Supply.Net. It is too a particular proven hangover remedy," Agarwal held. It was an interesting article around snoring within my website articles page. civic obd2 o2, o2 sensors on 1995 z28 camaro lt1, oxygen bars wall street journal, kristina bar stools manufacturer, and used restaurant equipment salad bar are related phrases. The Fire Brigades Act is passed what formally demands every single one local authorities (except London) to have fire brigades.

Most companies that claim to produce an oxygen based colon cleanser fail! They are not employing the scientific method of attaching and stabilizing oxygen correctly. These companies merely use or mix a combination of magnesium oxides with magnesium peroxides and sell their products as oxygen releasing compounds.

Magnesium oxide holds oxygen very well but does not release oxygen very well unless properly assisted. You must pick the proper combination of vehicles to hold and deliver oxygen effectively. The magnesium acts as a carrier of the oxygen and will carry the oxygen through the intestinal lining, kidneys, bladder and out through the intestines. You do not want a form of magnesium that can be assimilated?that is not the purpose.

The purpose of stabilizing oxygen is to deliver oxygen using a timed-release process. There is a big misconception that the gut is home to anaerobic organisms. Gut disease starts with the misuse of antibiotics. In actuality the friendly bacteria are either aerobic (with oxygen) or anaerobic (without oxygen). The friendly bacteria in the bowel secrete hydrogen peroxide as a by-product and can live in a high spectrum of oxygen exposure. They will also fight for the receptor sites of the bad bacteria or the bad organisms concentrating themselves in the bowel.

Each bug or harmful organism picks its own environmental pH to live in. What the body wants is a good colony of probiotics from the stomach all they way down through the colon. What we want is the friendly bacteria fighting the unfriendly bacteria and secreting hydrogen peroxide as a by-product in the bowel.

By taking an oxygen based cleanser every other evening before bed we will feed the friendly bacteria with the oxygen they need to create a stable bowel environment. Oxygen will also oxidize and clean the entire bowel, relieving constipation and compaction. When taking an oxygen colon cleanser you raise the level of ORS (Oxygen Reactive Species), which causes a stimulation of lymphocytes to produce T-cells. This process results in a beefed-up immune system..

Women and men are starting to develop a condition called progressive constipation. Progressive constipation is caused when you don?t go to the bathroom as soon as you feel the urge. This reduces the contraction of the muscles in the bowel, resulting in progressive constipation. Make sure you pay attention to the urge to go to the bathroom. As soon as you feel an urge, get up and go. Waiting can cause the bowel muscles to lose their effectiveness over time.

When looking at Oxygen cleansers one must ask:

Is any oxygen being released? This is determined using a titration test. Titration will show if oxygen is being released and for how long it is released. Oxy-Powder and Homozon were the only products we tested which released oxygen over 16 hours.

How aggressively the oxygen is released? This is measured with electromotive force. The majority of the products claiming oxygen delivery have an electromotive force of 1.23 or below, which is not good. Oxy-Powder is the leader, and has an aggressive, fast electromotive power of 2.4 or above. Homozon is the only other comparable product with a high electromotive force.

Let?s look at the two best products available:

Oxy-Powder: The only product stronger than Homozon. Oxy-Powder is also the only oxygen based cleanser containing GE-132, a special blend of aerobic probiotics and enzymes. Germanium-132 is a powerful oxygen facilitator and donor as well as a powerful immune system stimulant. Oxy-Powder is consistently 6% oxygen. With the addition of Germanium-132, Oxy-Powder releases over 60,000ppm of oxygen.

Homozon: Homozon has a long history, and is comparable to Oxy-Powder but inconsistent in lab tests. It varies from 4% to 6% oxygen. Homozon does not come in capsule form and is very hard to get. Homozon releases 55,000ppm of oxygen.

Be aware of so-called oxygen cleansers containing the ingredient ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is a strong antioxidant, which will neutralize any benefits of oxygen release.


helper725 09.01.2011. 08:20

Christians: do you think Benny Hinn's conferences are staged and the healings fake? Array


Admin 09.01.2011. 08:20

Yes. There have already been news program segments doing a story on his outfit. They use 2 way hidden communicators, fake sick people, put people in wheelchairs that walked in under their own power---all in an effort to scam their audience out of money to finance his very lavish lifestyle.


sally_little03 22.03.2010. 18:41

Can Type 2 diabetes but genetic? My son has Type 2 diabetes. The doctor says it is genetic but there are only a great aunt that has old age diabetes and a uncle with type 2. We have exhausted looking for any family that are diabetic.


Admin 22.03.2010. 18:41

Type 2 diabetes is less genetically-related than Type 1. Type 2 is almost always a LIFESTYLE disease, caused by being overweight, which in itself is caused by eating a poor diet and not getting enough exercise. Now IF your son is one of those people who tends to be overweight even with STRCIT dietary control, THEN we see a genetic component.

Simply put, it is MUCH more likely that you son suffers from diabetes because of poor diet and lack of exercise, and not because of your aunt!

The good news is that Type 2 diabetes can often be controlled, and the fatal results greatly reduced, by make serious changes in your lifestyle. If you son leans to eat a proper diet (NO sugars, low carbs, more proteins and fibers), eat a SMALLER diet (greatly reduced caloric intake), ups his exercise (just walking two miles d ay will GREATKY help his condition), and the result being a weight loss of many pounds (depending on your son?s weight, weight loss of 20-100 pounds might be necessary) Then he could completely avoid the fatal side-effects of diabetes, such as heat attacks stokes, kidney failure, and Alzheimer?s Disease. He will probably also reduce his chances of having an amputation, going blind, and losing his ability to have sex.

All of this takes STRICT control of one?s lifestyle, which means he has to grow some will power and self-confidence. THIS part is harder than the dietary control! He simply needs to learn to say NO to bad foods, YES to more exercise, and then get up and DO IT!

Put how his life progresses will be HIS choice. HE will choose if he wants to have a poor-quality, short lifestyle limited to nursing homes and wheelchairs, or if he want to have a full life with school (even sports), hobbies, a career, and even love, marriage, and children of his own.
IF he choose the make the necessary lifestyle choice, his life will be long and fruitful. IF he chooses the ?lazy way?, his life will likely be short, painful, and lonely.


hazra b 10.04.2007. 12:22

Is there any advantage in sending people to explore space rather than Roberts? and Why?
Sorry! Robots not Roberts!!!

hazra b

Admin 10.04.2007. 12:22

Here are all the reasons I can think of off the top of my head to go itno space.
1. If we discover life on other planets it will fundamentally change how we view the universe and our part in it. It opens up so many different doors. What happens to organized religion? What happens to society? There are major impacts from the idea of life being discovered on other places in the solar system.

2. You make a claim about excess food needed to feed people. That is such a noble goal, yet it does not work in reality. Much of the current poverty and famine in our world today is MAN made. By that I mean government purposefully do not produce enough food to feed their populations. OR governments get in the way to restrict the flow of food to areas in the world that need it. Look no further than ethopia in the 1980's up to today, or through out most of famine starved africa..

3. The amount of money spent on space has been returned to the people of the earth by at least 10x. The space program has developed and patented so many inventions I cannot even list all of them. But lets see... titanium, all of the heath moniters used in hospitals today, MRI, Cat scans, light weight wheelchairs, teflon, your cell phone, the computer you are reading this on, satelight communication, weather satelights, the idea of hydroponic food production, better use of plastics, microwave energy, and microwave technology, communicaiotns, and telecommunications, aircraft navigaiton computers. You name it, and if it uses technology, I'd bet that technology was developed from somethign learned in the space program.

4. under your assumption we should not be exploring space, or travelling there, or setting up colonies. If we had not gone to the moon, and not gone into space, none of the inventions I listed would be here. Imagine your life without a cell phone, without a microwave, or better yet when you are in the hospital and you don't have ANY of the life saving equipment that was developed. Now just look forward. These things came from the last 40 years of spaceflight. what will come in the next 40 years????

How about Fusion power? Superconductors capable of changing the way we live? How about the ability to measure global warming and being able to predict storms? Think about hurricane katrina in Lousinaia... now imagine if they didn't have warning before hand. How more would have died?

My last point. Nothing says that humanity has to become extinct in the future. Especially if we can manage to create light speed capable craft, or faster than light travel. If we can manage to colonize other planets, it will take a great deal for humanity to die out. The purpose of life is to replicate, and grow.

So before you start thinking that space is a waste of money and time, you should look up the benefits of spaceflight, and the reasons we not only should go into space, but we NEED to go into space.

p.s. there is limited resources on this planet of ours.. how about moving into space all the heavy industry that is polluting the earth? Don't like mining? ok, mine the moon, or the asteroids. dont' like lumbering of forests... ok build forest colonies in oribt to grow wood, cut it down there, and ship it to earth....

this is what NASA says (thought with your attitude, I don't expect you to read it)
ome of the most frequently asked questions about the U.S. space program are "Why go into space when we have so many problems here on Earth?" and "What does the space program do for me?" These are legitimate questions and unfortunately not enough people have been made aware of the vast benefits the space program provides that increase the quality of our daily lives. Applications on Earth of technology needed for space flight have produced thousands of "spinoffs" that contribute to improving national security, the economy, productivity and lifestyle. It is almost impossible to find an area of everyday life that has not been improved by these spinoffs. Collectively, these secondary applications represent a substantial return on the national investment in aerospace research. We should be spending more.

Out of a $2.4 trillion budget, less than 0.8% is spent on the entire space program! That's less than 1 penny for every dollar spent. The average American spends more of their budget on their cable bill, eating out or entertainment than this yet the benefits of space flight are remarkable. It has been conservatively estimated by U.S. space experts that for every dollar the U.S. spends on R and D in the space program, it receives $7 back in the form of corporate and personal income taxes from increased jobs and economic growth. Besides the obvious jobs created in the aerospace industry, thousands more are created by many other companies applying NASA technology in nonspace related areas that affect us daily. One cannot even begin to place a dollar value on the lives saved and improved lifestyles of the less fortunate. Space technology benefits everyone and a rising technological tide does raise all boats.

One small example is the Hubble Space Telescope. Much maligned at first because of its flawed optics, it still produced better photographs than anything here on Earth. Once fixed, it has produced even more startling scientific data which we have only begun to understand and apply. One of the many spinoffs from the Hubble telescope is the use of its Charge Coupled Device (CCD) chips for digital imaging breast biopsies. The resulting device images breast tissue more clearly and efficiently than other existing technologies. The CCD chips are so advanced that they can detect the minute differences between a malignant or benign tumor without the need for a surgical biopsy. This saves the patient weeks of recovery time and the cost for this procedure is hundreds of dollars vs. thousands for a surgical biopsy. With over 500,000 women needing biopsies a year the economic benefit, per year, is tremendous and it greatly reduces the pain, scarring, radiation exposure, time, and money associated with surgical biopsies.

Below is a "small" sampling of the many other ways that space technology has improved our lives and benefited mankind. It is truly a remarkable list and not nearly complete but I believe you will begin to appreciate the answers to "Why do we go in space" and "What does the space program do for me?" So the next time you hear these questions being asked, you will be able to explain it.

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Computer Technology - NASA Spinoffs

GROUND PROCESSING SCHEDULING SYSTEM - Computer-based scheduling system that uses artificial intelligence to manage thousands of overlapping activities involved in launch preparations of NASA's Space Shuttles. The NASA technology was licensed to a new company which developed commercial applications that provide real-time planning and optimization of manufacturing operations, integrated supply chains, and customer orders.uu

SEMICONDUCTOR CUBING - NASA initiative led to the Memory Short Stack, a three-dimensional semiconductor package in which dozens of integrated circuits are stacked one atop another to form a cube, offering faster computer processing speeds, higher levels of integration, lower power requirements than conventional chip sets, and dramatic reduction in the size and weight of memory-intensive systems, such as medical imaging devices.

STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS - This NASA program, originally created for spacecraft design, has been employed in a broad array of non-aerospace applications, such as the automobile industry, manufacture of machine tools, and hardware designs.

WINDOWS VISUAL NEWS READER (Win Vn) - Software program developed to support payload technical documentation at Kennedy Space Center, allowing the exchange of technical information among a large group of users. WinVn is an enabling technology product that provides countless people with Internet access otherwise beyond their grasp, and it was optimized for organizations that have direct Internet access.

AIR QUALITY MONITOR - Utilizing a NASA-developed, advanced analytical technique software package, an air quality monitor system was created, capable of separating the various gases in bulk smokestack exhaust streams and determining the amount of individual gases present within the stream for compliance with smokestack emission standards.

VIRTUAL REALITY - NASA-developed research allows a user, with assistance from advanced technology devices, to figuratively project oneself into a computer-generated environment, matching the user's head motion, and, when coupled with a stereo viewing device and appropriate software, creates a telepresence experience.

Other spinoffs in this area include: Advanced keyboards, Customer Service Software, Database Management System, Laser Surveying, Aircraft controls, Lightweight Compact Disc, Expert System Software, Microcomputers, and Design Graphics.

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Consumer/Home/Recreation - NASA Spinoffs

ENRICHED BABY FOOD - A microalgae-based, vegetable-like oil called Formulaid developed from NASA-sponsored research on long duration space travel, contains two essential fatty acids found in human milk but not in most baby formulas, believed to be important for infants' mental and visual development.

WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM - NASA-developed municipal-size water treatment system for developing nations, called the Regenerable Biocide Delivery Unit, uses iodine rather than chlorine to kill bacteria.

SCRATCH-RESISTANT LENSES - A modified version of a dual ion beam bonding process developed by NASA involves coating the lenses with a film of diamond-like carbon that not only provides scratch resistance, but also decreases surface friction, reducing water spots.

POOL PURIFICATION - Space technology designed to sterilize water on long-duration spacecraft applied to swimming pool purification led to a system that uses two silver-copper alloy electrodes that generate silver and copper ions when an electric current passes through them to kill bacteria and algae without chemicals.

RIBBED SWIMSUIT - NASA-developed riblets applied to competition swimsuits resulted in flume testing of 10 to 15 percent faster speeds than any other world class swim-suit due to the small, barely visible grooves that reduce friction and aerodynamic drag by modifying the turbulent airflow next to the skin.

GOLF BALL AERODYNAMICS - A recently designed golf ball, which has 500 dimples arranged in a pattern of 60 spherical triangles, employs NASA aerodynamics technology to create a more symmetrical ball surface, sustaining initial velocity longer and producing a more stable ball flight for better accuracy and distance.

PORTABLE COOLERS/WARMERS - Based on a NASA-inspired space cooling system employing thermoelectric technology, the portable cooler/warmer plugs into the cigarette lighters of autos, recreational vehicles, boats, or motel outlets. Utilizes one or two miniaturized modules delivering the cooling power of a 10-pound block of ice and the heating power of up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

SPORTS TRAINING - Space-developed cardio-muscular conditioner helps athletes increase muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness through kinetic exercise.

ATHLETIC SHOES - Moon Boot material encapsulated in running shoe midsoles improve shock absorption and provides superior stability and motion control.

Other spinoffs in this area include: Dustbuster, shock-absorbing helmets, home security systems, smoke detectors, flat panel televisions, high-density batteries, trash compactors, food packaging and freeze-dried technology, cool sportswear, sports bras, hair styling appliances, fogless ski goggles, self-adjusting sunglasses, composite golf clubs, hang gliders, art preservation, and quartz crystal timing equipment.

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Environmental and Resource Management - NASA Spinoffs

MICROSPHERES - The first commercial products manufactured in orbit are tiny microspheres whose precise dimensions permit their use as reference standards for extremely accurate calibration of instruments in research and industrial laboratories. They are sold for applications in environmental control, medical research, and manufacturing.

SOLAR ENERGY - NASA-pioneered photovoltaic power system for spacecraft applications was applied to programs to expand terrestrial applications as a viable alternative energy source in areas where no conventional power source exists.

WEATHER FORECASTING AID - Space Shuttle environmental control technology led to the development of the Barorator which continuously measures the atmospheric pressure and calculates the instantaneous rate of change.

FOREST MANAGEMENT - A NASA-initiated satellite scanning system monitors and maps forestation by detecting radiation reflected and emitted from trees.

SENSORS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL - NASA development of an instrument for use in space life support research led to commercial development of a system to monitor an industrial process stream to assure that the effluent water's pH level is in compliance with environmental regulations.

WIND MONITOR - Development of Jimsphere wind measurement balloon for space launches allows for making high resolution measurements of the wind profile for meteorological studies and predictions.

TELEMETRY SYSTEMS - A spinoff company formed to commercialize NASA high-data-rate telemetry technology, manufactures a high-speed processing system for commercial communications applications.

PLANT RESEARCH - NASA research on future moon and Mars bases is investigating using plants for food, oxygen, and water to reduce the need for outside supplies. This research utilizes Hydroponics (liquid nutrient solutions) instead of soil to support plant growth and finds applications for vegetable production on Earth.

FIRE RESISTANT MATERIAL - Materials include chemically-treated fabric for sheets, uniforms for hazardous material handlers, crew's clothing, furniture, interior walls of submersibles and auto racer and refueler suits.

RADIATION INSULATION - Aluminized polymer film is highly effective radiation barrier for both manned and unmanned spacecraft. Variations of this space-devised material are also used as an energy conservation technique for homes and offices. The materials are placed between wall studs and exterior facing before siding or between roof support and roof sheathing. The radiant barrier blocks 95% of radiant energy. Successful retrofit installations include schools and shrink wrap ovens.

Other spinoffs in this area include: Whale identification method, environmental analysis, noise abatement, pollution measuring devices, pollution control devices, smokestack monitor, radioactive leak detector, earthquake prediction system, sewage treatment, energy saving air conditioning, and air purification.

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Health and Medicine - NASA Spinoffs

DIGITAL IMAGING BREAST BIOPSY SYSTEM - The LORAD Stereo Guide Breast Biopsy system incorporates advanced Charge Coupled Devices (CCDs) as part of a digital camera system. The resulting device images breast tissue more clearly and efficiently. Known as stereotactic large-core needle biopsy, this nonsurgical system developed with Space Telescope Technology is less traumatic and greatly reduces the pain, scarring, radiation exposure, time, and money associated with surgical biopsies.

BREAST CANCER DETECTION - A solar cell sensor is positioned directly beneath x-ray film, and determines exactly when film has received sufficient radiation and has been exposed to optimum density. Associated electronic equipment then sends a signal to cut off the x-ray source. Reduction of mammography x-ray exposure reduces radiation hazard and doubles the number of patient exams per machine.

LASER ANGIOPLASTY - Laser angioplasty with a "cool" type of laser, caller an excimer laser, does not damage blood vessel walls and offers precise non-surgical cleanings of clogged arteries with extraordinary precision and fewer complications than in balloon angioplasty.

ULTRASOUND SKIN DAMAGE ASSESSMENT - Advanced instrument using NASA ultrasound technology enables immediate assessment of burn damage depth, improving patient treatment, and may save lives in serious burn cases.

HUMAN TISSUE STIMULATOR - Employing NASA satellite technology, the device is implanted in the body to help patient control chronic pain and involuntary motion disorders through electrical stimulation of targeted nerve centers or particular areas of the brain.

COOL SUIT - Custom-made suit derived from space suits circulates coolant through tubes to lower patient's body/ temperature, producing dramatic improvement of symptoms of multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other conditions.

PROGRAMMABLE PACEMAKER - Incorporating multiple NASA technologies, the system consists of the implant and a physician's computer console containing the programming and a data printer. Communicates through wireless telemetry signals.

OCULAR SCREENING - NASA image processing techniques are used to detect eye problems in very young children. An electronic flash from a 35-millimeter camera sends light into the child's eyes, and a photorefractor analyzes the retinal reflexes, producing an image of each eye.

AUTOMATED URINALYSIS - NASA fluid dynamics studies helped development of system that automatically extracts and transfers sediment from urine sample to an analyzer microscope, replacing the manual centrifuge method.

MEDICAL GAS ANALYZER - Astronaut-monitoring technology used to develop system to monitor operating rooms for analysis of anesthetic gasses and measurement of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen concentrations to assure proper breathing environment for surgery patients.

VOICE-CONTROLLED WHEELCHAIR - NASA teleoperator and robot technology used to develop chair and manipulator that respond to 35 one-word voice commands utilizing a minicomputer to help patient perform daily tasks, like picking up packages, opening doors, and turning on appliances.

Other spinoffs in this area include: Arteriosclerosis detection, ultrasound scanners, automatic insulin pump, portable x-ray device, invisible braces, dental arch wire, palate surgery technology, clean room apparel, implantable heart aid, MRI, bone analyzer, and cataract surgery tools.

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Industrial Productivity/Manufacturing Technology - NASA Spinoffs

MAGNETIC LIQUIDS - Based on the NASA-developed ferrofluid concept involving synthetic fluids that can be positioned and controlled by magnetic force, the ferrofluidic seal was initially applied in a zero-leakage, nonwearing seal for the rotating shaft of a system used to make semiconductor chips, solving a persistent problem?contamination due to leaking seals.

WELDING SENSOR SYSTEM - Laser-based automated welder for industrial use incorporates a laser sensor system originally designed for Space Shuttle External Tank to track the seam where two pieces of metal are to be joined, measures gaps and minute misfits, and automatically corrects the welding torch distance and height.

MICROLASERS - Based on a concept for optical communications over interplanetary distances, microlasers were developed for the commercial market to transmit communication signals and to drill, cut, or melt materials.

MAGNETIC BEARING SYSTEM - Bearings developed from Space Shuttle designs support moving machinery without physical contact, permitting motion without friction or wear, and are now used in electric power generation, petroleum refining, machine tool operation, and natural gas pipelines.

ENGINE LUBRICANT - A NASA-developed plasma-sprayed coating is used to coat valves in a new, ten-inch-long, four-cylinder rotary engine, eliminating the need for lubricating the rotorcam, which has no crankshaft, flywheel, distributor, or water pump.

INTERACTIVE COMPUTER TRAINING - Known as Interactive Multimedia Training (IMT), originally developed to train astronauts and space operations personnel, now utilized by the commercial sector to train new employees and upgrade worker skills, using a computer system that engages all the senses, including text, video, animation, voice, sounds, and music.

HIGH-PRESSURE WATERSTRIPPING - Technology developed for preparing Space Shuttle solid rocket boosters first evolved into the U.S. Air Force's Large Aircraft Robotic Paint Stripping (LARPS) system, and now used in the commercial airline industry, where the waterjet processing reduces coating removal time by 90 percent, using only water at ultra-high pressures up to 55,000 psi.

ADVANCED WELDING TORCH - Based on the Variable Polarity Plasma Arc welding technology, a handheld torch originally developed for joining light alloys used in NASA's External Tank, is now used by major appliance manufacturers for sheet metal welding.

Other spinoffs in this area include: Gasoline vapor recovery, self-locking fasteners, machine tool software, laser wire stripper, lubricant coating process, wireless communications, engine coatings, and engine design.

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Public Safety - NASA Spinoffs

RADIATION HAZARD DETECTOR - NASA technology has made commercially available new, inexpensive, conveniently carried device for protection of people exposed to potentially dangerous levels of microwave radiation. Weighing only 4 ounces and about the size of a cigarette pack, it can be carried in a shirt pocket or clipped to a belt. Unit sounds an audible alarm when microwave radiation reaches a preset level.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE ROBOT - Remotely-operated robot reduces human injury levels by performing hazardous tasks that would otherwise be handled by humans.

PERSONAL ALARM SYSTEM - Pen-sized ultrasonic transmitter used by prison guards, teachers, the elderly, and disabled to call for help is based on space telemetry technology. Pen transmits a silent signal to receiver that will display the exact location of the emergency.

EMERGENCY RESCUE CUTTERS - Lightweight cutters for freeing accident victims from wreckage developed using NASA pyrotechnic technology.

FIREMAN'S AIR TANKS - Lighter-weight firefighter's air tanks have been developed. New back-pack system weighs only 20 lbs. for 30 minute air supply, 13 lbs. less than conventional firefighting tanks. They are pressurized at 4,500 psia (twice current tanks). A warning device tells the fireman when he or she is running out of air.

PERSONAL STORM WARNING SYSTEM - Lightning detector gives 30-minute warning to golfers, boaters, homeowners, business owners, and private pilots.

SELF-RIGHTING LIFE RAFT - Developed for the Apollo program, fully inflates in 12 seconds and protects lives during extremely adverse weather conditions with self-righting and gravity compensation features.

Other spinoffs in this area include: Storm warning services (Doppler radar), firefighters' radios, lead poison detection, fire detector, flame detector, corrosion protection coating, protective clothing, and robotic hands.

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Transportation - NASA Spinoffs

STUDLESS WINTER TIRES - Viking Lander parachute shroud material is adapted and used to manufacture radial tires, increasing the tire material's chainlike molecular structure to five times the strength of steel should increase tread life by 10,000 miles.

BETTER BRAKES - New, high-temperature composite space materials provide for better brake linings. Applications includes trucks, industrial equipment and passenger cars.

TOLLBOOTH PURIFICATION - A laminar airflow technique used in NASA clean rooms for contamination-free assembly of space equipment is used at tollbooths on bridges and turnpikes to decrease the toll collector's inhalation of exhaust fumes.

WEIGHT SAVING TECHNOLOGY - NASA research on composite materials is used to achieve a 30-percent weight reduction in a twin-turbine helicopter, resulting in a substantial increase in aircraft performance.

IMPROVED AIRCRAFT ENGINE - Multiple NASA developed technological advancements resulted in a cleaner, quieter, more economical commercial aircraft engine known as the high bypass turbofan, featuring a 10-percent reduction in fuel consumption, lower noise levels, and emission reductions of oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and unburned hydrocarbons.

ADVANCED LUBRICANTS - An environmental-friendly lubricant designed to support the Space Shuttle Mobile Launcher Platform led to the development of three commercial lubricants for railroad track maintenance, for electric power company corrosion prevention, and as a hydraulic fluid with an oxidation life of 10,000 hours.

ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM - The Flywheel Energy Storage system, derived from two NASA-sponsored energy storage studies, is a chemical-free, mechanical battery that harnesses the energy of a rapidly spinning wheel and stores it as electricity with 50 times the capacity of a lead-acid battery, very useful for electric vehicles.

NEW WING DESIGN FOR CORPORATE JETS - NASA-developed computer programs resulted in an advanced, lighter, more aerodynamically-efficient new wing for Gulfstream business aircraft.

AIDS TO SCHOOL BUS DESIGN - Manufacturer uses three separate NASA-developed technologies originally developed for aviation and space use in their design and testing of a new school bus chassis. These technologies are a structural analysis computer program infrared stress measurement system, and a ride quality meter system.

Other spinoffs in this area include: Safer bridges, emission testing, airline wheelchairs, electric car, auto design, methane-powered vehicles, windshear prediction, and aircraft design analysis.


Rachel 12.09.2008. 21:54

What is your opinion about scooters in Southern California? I have found a lot of information regarding scooter laws in California. But I want to know more about the lifestyle of some one who uses a scooter (motorcycle-type scooter, not the wheelchair type scooter) as their primary mode of transportation in (specifically southern) California.

I'd like to buy a 150cc scooter, but will not be using it for the freeway. Although 50cc gets better gas mileage, I'd prefer the maneuverability that is inherent with higher-powered scooters.

However, I heard that by removing restrictions from a 50cc scooter's carburetor and transmission parts (such as certain washers and nuts), I would be able to get higher power, mpg and with the higher power, better maneuverability (to avoid cars).

Of course, if you don't live in so cal or you don't use your scooter every day, I still would appreciate any advice.

I will choose Best Answer to anyone who can help me out most thoroughly with the following concerns:

1. The consequences of de-restricting a 50cc scooter

2. Suggestions for the most practical 50cc and 150cc scooters (I'm looking specifically for the most storage space, mpg or mileage, warranty and load capacity (preferably 300 lbs at least) for as little $$ money as possible).

3. Reliable online scooter forums; where other scooter-owners share information such as maintenance, modification and safety information.

4th and Most Important: Details about what it's like to drive in southern California on a scooter.


Admin 12.09.2008. 21:54

Please don't take off the emission control equipment. My gawd you will be polluting like a madman and it's probably illegal. That's very insensitive to everyone else to even consider. I don't mean to harsh your dream bud, but comon. You gotta "share" the road you know?

I think if your commute is under 10 miles you are crazy to go Scooter over Bicycle. You are stuck in traffic on a scooter. Even up north in a smaller city it takes me 30 minutes by bicycle what takes 20 minutes by car (assuming NO traffic).

And I've noticed more scooters on the road. They are barely faster than me in the bike lane. I leave 'em in line with the rest of the fools every day.


Skeptic 21.08.2011. 12:53

Why are Democrats in favor of policies that kill jobs? About 50% of Americans pay no taxes, contribute nothing, and create a burden on our society. YES - 50% of America putting this country into unsustainable debt ? 50% wanting the other 50% of America to give up more and more of their wages to them. Perhaps that is why we are becoming more and more polarized?

The poor are very often those that make very poor choices (like having children they cannot afford and/or living on drugs and/or criminal activity). Or poor because of very poor judgment. Or the poor just plain want to live irresponsibility because getting up and going to work every day is a drag on their lifestyle and will lie, con and steal to get through the day.

TRUTH - The real true ?poor?, the non-fraudulent truly sick and disabled, and the elderly that really need that hand up is actually a small percentage of our society. The majority of the so called ?poor? burden the system by hanging on those people?s coattails. And the Democrats don?t ever want these ?poor? to ever get it right and not be government dependent ? because independent responsible citizens and voters could go the other way on them!

The poor in our country gets free food, a free residence, free utilities, and get all the medical care they want (without Obama-Care). I know one mother on the taxpayer payroll abuses Medicare to get excuses for her children missing school because she cannot get out of bed to get them off to school and she wants to avoid truancy charges. She had use Medicare many times for this reason ? doctor will not challenge the lies of a mother ? just writes the excuses and charges the taxpayer for the time. (Check all the party places in your town ? many of them are parents out all night long ? and we are financially supporting their children!)

United States of America have the richest poor in the world. Moreover, our supposed poor do not have to be victims of an oppressive government, or brutal geography or for ANY reason beyond their control ? most of them are just irresponsible or drug users or habitual criminals and/or lazy ? and we pick-up their tab. AND they want more!

The very rich make poor business decisions, make poor judgment calls, take no responsibility for their failing business, and expect the taxpayer ? like the supposed poor ? to bail them out. And this administration does NOT go after their very very rich friends ? just the big companies and businesses that employ most of us Americans. Businesses and us middle class working to pay their bills are the ones that are easiest to steal from because we are legitimately transparent and on their grid trying to do what is right. The middle class and legitimate businesses are very easy to exploit and financially enslave for their income.

This administration is pitting the government dependent and the very rich (the celebrities, media stars and independently rich, etc - those that do not employ many of us Americans) against the working class.

Who really believes that any Republican really wants to throw grandma in a wheelchair off a cliff? All lies! These are deceptions created by the liberal Democrats to inflict FEAR on the American people ? the Democrat favorite weapon.

The Democrats need a good supply of 'needy' people to keep them in power. They have convinced many Americans that it is the 'other' person's fault they are miserable. They have convinced the American people with clever deceptions. The Democrats have instilled the lie into the American people that they are the only ones that really care. All lies of course - but has worked for them for quite a few decades.

Democrat?s strategy for decades now is to make enough people fear the Republicans more than being dependent on the government. This entitlement ? let big momma & papa take care of you ? approach to the American people is what keeps them in power ? and continues to mentally enslave enough people to keep their votes coming in for power.


Admin 21.08.2011. 12:53

WOW...Are we hateful this morn?


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