You Are What You Eat

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You Are What You Eat

By: Dr. Tara Barker

You really are what you eat. You are also very much affected by the lifestyle you live. Every item that enters your mouth will be digested and reconstructed into your living cells for use. Although it is true that everything is broken down into general building blocks necessary for life (such as sugar, fat, proteins, etc), the quality of what you eat really affects how healthy each of your cells are. A diet high in processed foods, sugars, fats, chemicals, additives, preservatives, and low quality nutrients is harder for your body to process and leads to the building of lower quality cells. If you rarely exercise, experience high stress, do not sleep well or enough, and do not partake in favorite leisure activities, this also stresses the body and reduces its effectiveness in maintaining balance and health.

It can be difficult in today's world to fit in all that is conducive to an optimal life. Missing one or two steps occasionally will generally not be a problem, as your body is very resilient and made to work under less than optimal conditions for a time. Many people take advantage of this, however, and conclude that since they live the way they do and no signs of illness have appeared thus far, that they are living well enough. It can take days, months, or years for various signs of body 'dis-ease' to begin to appear. By the time these signs appear, it can take just as long to reverse the damage, if reversal is possible. The key is prevention. Although it is nearly impossible to anticipate exactly which prevention measures should be taken for each individual, there are general prevention methods that can be included in a healthy lifestyle that are useful to ward off the majority of common complaints.

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June 12.06.2010. 23:19

How do I eat healthy if my parents insist that I eat junk food? I want to eat healthy. I also exercise everyday and try to eat healthy.
But twice a week, they always want to eat junk food.
Tonight they want to eat Popeyes. No wonder they are soo unhealthy.

Anyway, how can I say I want to eat something else without seeming too prissy or sounding like a tightwad to them?

I just had a subway sandwich for lunch and pizza a few days ago. It's ridiculous!


Admin 12.06.2010. 23:19

Don't eat it then. Make yourself something healthy.


friskme 13.05.2006. 18:13

How do you eat your corn on the cob? Do you eat it right off the cob or do your cut it down and eat it with a fork? Any other ways?


Admin 13.05.2006. 18:13

I eat corn on the KNOB. EW!!!


i_luv_horses! 16.03.2013. 16:38

How to eat healthy when your family is always eating junk? I'm fine eating healthy at school when I bring a lunch with healthy foods and am not tempted eat bad. But at home we have tons of chips and unhealthy foods, I cant stop from being tempted to eat it. I can't stop my family from buying it because they don't care that they're fat.


Admin 16.03.2013. 16:38

Well you are going to have to find healthy options to eat and just ignore the junk food. I had the same problem when I was hunger and just didn't eat like them and exercised more.


Goobery 17.04.2008. 23:57

How come after I eat a large ammount of food I constantly crave water? Like the more I eat the more overheated I get cause when you eat you put energy into your body right?

But when I eat a lot I keep feeling thirsty.
Is it normal?


Admin 17.04.2008. 23:57

dont eat sand


Erin 20.03.2009. 14:31

when you start to eat healthier, is your body more likely to get upset when you eat greasy foods? Ive been eating a lot more healthy foods (salads, fruit, etc.) and now every time I try to eat something unhealthy my stomach gets upset. Is this because I'm starting to eat better and exercise more?


Admin 20.03.2009. 14:31

when you eat healthy and don't eat much grease your body gets used to what it likes better. so its natural for your stomach to get all torn up when you eat greasy foods.


stashmte 06.11.2009. 02:02

What should I eat/drink and when should i eat/drink it before an intense workout that requires endurance? What should I eat/drink and when should i eat/drink it before an intense workout that requires endurance? I need to know what food and drinks to eat that give me the most energy. This is for basketball tryouts which is from 7pm-9pm.


Admin 06.11.2009. 02:02

Carbohydrate foods, like pastas. Potatoes work also. Carb up the night before and during the day for really heavy, long workouts (4+ hours with heart rate over 160).
I will tell you, though, that if you're not physically trained and ready for it, carbo loading is not going to help much.
Really, you shouldn't need a ton of carbo loading. It's only a 2 hour workout. It's not like you're going to burn 8,000 calories. One good hearty pasta lunch, with plenty of protein, should give you the carbs you need by 7pm. Eat a balanced dinner, but you won't be able to load up on food at dinnertime, you'll have to do that at lunch. Eat a protein-rich breakfast like eggs with some carbs.


GeGe (Loves Audrey Hepburn so!) 09.03.2009. 21:37

How do I continue to eat healthy(still have a bit of an eating disorder) while on vacation in Disney World? I want to eat really healthy while on Vacation in Disney World?!
Can you guys help me with tips on what to eat please?!
Thank you so much!

GeGe (Loves Audrey Hepburn so!)

Admin 09.03.2009. 21:37

Eating healthy at Walt Disney is not difficult. One of the cheapest snacks in the parks is fruit and it is easy to find. Disney has goen health conscience and offers lighter offerings (grilled chicken, salads, etc) every place they sell food.

Additionally, table service restaurants, just like any restaurant, will fix special order items. Avoid buffets if you find it too tempting, but know the plates are small and if you stick to one trip to the buffet line you will control your portion size well.

Don't skip meals. Skipping meals does your body no good. But, you may snack more instead of eating a meal. As I'm sure you know, many smaller meals are better than three larger meals. Portion sizes are large at Disney, so snacks can qualify better and help you keep portion sizes down. You may also bring your own food/snacks into the parks.

Stick to water. Bring flavor packages (like crystal light) with you if you need flavor.

You do a lot of walking every day. Miles worth. Eat your bigger meals earlier and keep getting lighter/smaller as the day wears on. You're more likely to burn those calories.

Don't deny yourself. Everyone needs a Mickey bar. Just keep it to no more than one a day (or every other day) have it early in the day.

Also, try not to clean your plate. If you can leave a little behind, you'll thank yourself. Also, skip the guacamole, ketchup, mayo, and sour cream on items.

Really, it's no different than eating healthy at home.


Emily 24.06.2013. 11:25

What to eat to cure a hangover after vomiting? I heard things like toast is good to eat, but would it be okay to eat ramen noodles? I threw up maybe an hour ago if that helps, I might eat in another half an hour.


Admin 24.06.2013. 11:25

Eat something light. So no ramen


Brush4100 b 18.06.2007. 06:37

Is it safe to eat plants that grow in the wild? Is it safe to eat a plant called fireweed? I eat it sometimes at work. Its not poisonus or anything, but I was wondering if it is safe to eat.

Brush4100 b

Admin 18.06.2007. 06:37

It is safe to eat many plants in the wild, if you know for certain what they are. If you've been eating fireweed, and not gotten sick, then its probably okay. I have eaten fireweed honey before, and it is delicious! If fireweed tastes anything like its honey, then you are very lucky to be eating it.


Thinking 02.06.2013. 03:56

How often do you guys eat and are you always hungry? Do you eat just enough to be happy? Or do you eat often? I find myself to be hungry after like 2-3 hours I eat and I eat pretty big meals. How do you guys manage?


Admin 02.06.2013. 03:56

I have three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and a snack sometimes. I don't feel hunger after only 2-3 hours. Most people who feel hunger quickly eat processed foods, too many empty carbs, not enough good fats and don't drink enough water.


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