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That is the question, you should be asking yourself. Many feel that it is I'm sure. But is it really!

Which scenario is better or best for your business, marketing and advertising everyday spending more than you marketing budget allows each month. Or marketing your business based on last years marketing cost for five months straight where after five months you market your business no more.

You will have no reason to, because your clients will be calling you at will. That's right I'm talking about a campaign that will free you up to do business without having to pay one dime on marketing after a five month campaign that will in form your potential clients of your business or service.

It can be done; I will prove it to you with a brief example of it happening to me. I own a pick-up truck with a snowplow on it. To show you that this works I am going to talk about last years snow storm where my clients from over a year ago,
called for my business this year.

What makes this so amazing is that I only plowed for these businesses once, during the entire winter season. Never made contact again until they picked up the phone for service this year.

Now that to me is marketing, you can achieve the same thing by marketing your business all the time. It does not matter where you are or who you come in contact with you must always market yourself or your business.

This would mean promoting your self all the time with flyers, business cards, ads and what ever else you could think of with in you means. When you go to the store, hand out a card. When you are in the supermarket put up some flyers on the community board. Take one day a week during your campaign handing out your business cards to local businesses that will benefit from your service.

At the doctor's office hand out your cards to other patients, and staff. They may not need you service at that particular moment but they will remember you. Depending on the type of business you are in, offer samples or show pictures of your work while you are handing out your marketing materials.

How will you get calls if no one knows what you have to offer? You have to show them, tell them and let them see what you do. Use people around you as well friends, family and co-workers alike. Let everyone you know, what you do and how they can contact you.

You can go a step further, send letter or email local business about your business along with some business cards or flyers or a brochure if you are
mailing a letter announcing your service. It will pay off in the end, you will see.

In conclusion, you can get to the point of having you clients call you for business. This is nothing new nor is it something is impossible. My example above should be proof enough that it possible. This was a total of 3 clients I had no contact with for over a year, they remember my little slow plowing service like it was yesterday. You too could experience the same effect ten fold.

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Michelle has been online for about 7-years now. She started out on ebay which she still does some work on occasion. After doing the ebay thing for 2-years Michelle moved over to Internet and Affiliate Marketing. She has not stopped since. Start your own home business now visit Home Making Money for more information today.


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