Soooo many advertising methods... So little time!

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The Internet seems to scream "Use me"! It is the
perfect medium for advertisers in just about any

From Pokemon to The Senior Citizen's Page, it's
ALL here.

Here's what the Mass Institute of Technology says:

The rate of the web's growth has been and
continues to be exponential, but is slowing in
it's rate of growth. For the second half of 1993,
the Web had a doubling period of under 3 months,
and even today the doubling period is still under
6 months.

More Web statistics can be found at:

Amazing isn't it? Especially when you are out
there working your fingers to the bone trying to
earn a living online.

You could feel the hopelessness of the situation
if you didn't unconditionally believe in yourself
and your business. So many millions out there
with money to spend, how do you corral them?

What do you do?

Too many expect and hope that they can find
these qualified leads for free.

Do you know what you find for free? Freebie
seekers! These are not the quality prospects
that you need to keep your business humming.

Expect to spend a little to promote. Budget your
advertising monthly. No need to spend a fortune
but you should expect that you'll get what you
pay for.

Tracking is an excellent information gathering
reference. Track everything you put out.
Email, Signature File, Website, Ezine and
Newsletter Adverts, etc....

I am sure you have been inundated with
information on tracking so I won't go into it
here but if you would like info, email me.

I have recently dropped all paid safelists due to
tracked statistics. No response equals wasted

There are a lot of email addresses on these
lists but if there is no response, why bother?
Sure they are spam free but they don't produce.

Ezine advertising is productive. Publishers who have
taken the time to build a qualified list will
advertise to that list for minimal cost.

Ezine lists, no matter what size circulation
are qualified. If the newsletter is very targeted,
you could find that a small list is EXTREMELY
productive for you.

Publishers work hard to get and keep people
returning to their site every week. That means
the subscriber is qualified.

Great way to advertise.

Other quality ways? Opt-In email services like
Postmaster Direct or other email marketing
services of that caliber. A little more expensive
than ezine ads but the same premise.

Other ideas include paid Yahoo classifieds and Ebay
is very effective for the small fee they charge
AFTER the sale is made.

Target your ads in a perfect category and you have
found yourself a winner!

Now that you have a few good suggestions, you'll
have to hone your writing skills because no
matter how good the list, you'll need to relate
the benefits of purchasing YOUR products in a
professional way.

Don't feel like writing or not enough time? Hire
a writer or researcher to look things up for you.

I'm telling you, it's all here! What is your
need? You can find a way to satisfy that need or
hire someone to find it for you.

Take a look outside the free zone.

You will find something that is PERFECT for you...

About the Author

Sheila Garghill's background is in Engineering, specializing in
Cadd. Later progressing to Internet entrepreneurship, She
is a published author and owner of her own weekly Ezine,
both being her ongoing passionate endeavors. To see
her latest venture, visit


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