Two Top Ways To Promote Your Business In Ezines

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If you'd like to increase your sales and profits, two of the best and most effective ways to advertise your business in ezines are to:

1. Place top sponsor ads.

These ads are typically placed at the very top of the ezine you purchase advertising ensuring that your ad will get noticed.

Many ezines also provide an archive of their past issues on their websites which means that you can continue to get exposure for your business even long after your ad is originally run.

When placing your ad, make sure to track your advertising so that you will know which ad copy you use that is most effective and which ezines pull in the best response for your offer.

Some companies that offer ad tracking services are:


Once you know by tracking your ad which ad copy and ezines pull in the best response, all you have to do is keep running your ad.

2. Place solo ads.

Placing solo ads can be a very effective way to generate more sales for your business.

The main reason placing a solo ad can be so effective is that your solo ad will not have any competition from any other advertiser.

Some ezines also give their subscribers the option of opting out of receiving solo ads which will provide an even more targeted audience for your offer.

When placing your solo ad, keep your ad copy short and try to come up with a good headline to draw people into reading your ad.

As with sponsor ads, make sure that you track how well your ad does so that once you know that placing a solo ad in a particular ezine brings in a good response you can continue to run your ad.

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