Web Site Traffic Strategy To Get Targeted Visitors And Convert Them Into Loyal Customers

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Web Site Traffic Strategy To Get Targeted Visitors And Convert Them Into Loyal Customers

By: Nickolay Bokhonok

Targeted web site traffic is crucial for every web site. But there are many web sites, and all they are different. Is it possible to make a universal plan of actions for getting targeted web site traffic to any type of web site? Actually such plan of actions already exists.

This universal plan to get targeted web site traffic can be split into three main stages:

(1) Getting Targeted Web Site Traffic

(2) Growing The Client Base And Getting More Sales

(3) Adjusting Web Site To Current Online Market Requirements

So, let's briefly cover all the stages. You will see how this plan of actions may fit any online business you have.

Start Up - Getting Targeted Web Site Traffic

Step # 1. Find joint venture partners and affiliates in your niche.

If you do this manually, then you just have to submit your major niche keywords into search engine and find top 'competitors' in your niche. You will turn these competitors into your allies.

Step # 2. Get email addresses and names of your partners and affiliates-to-be.

You need to scroll the found web sites and get contact data: email and web site owner name. If you do not find this data on the web site, you can look in WHOIS for it. After these two steps you have gathered your own base of successful web sites in your niche. Time to make the next step.

Step # 3. Send a joint venture or affiliate offer.

This step is both easy and difficult. Easy because you already have database with web site owners' names and their email addresses: you can use any mass mailing tool to send these people your offer. If you personalize your message with name of a person whom you are writing, this will not be qualified as SPAM. Personalization is very important for your JV and affiliate finding campaign.

The offer itself should be very, very attractive. Do not try to cheat your future partners saying that your web site has huge traffic, if it does not. Better show them the potential of your web site and the potential for extra profits they can make with you. All web sites were starting from something: it is not bad if you still have not gained much, it is bad if you do not know how to make profit from what you have.

Note # 1: JV partners and affiliates will make a great job for you - they will bring targeted visitors to your web site and advertise your offers to their clients or to the targeted online audience. Make sure to offer them good conditions of cooperation: the more motivated they are to work with you, the better they will work to give you targeted web site traffic or advertise your offers.

Note # 2: First three steps may take much time to be done. But today there are many web-based tools that do this job automatically. This will save you much time and efforts, and turn hours of work into minutes.

Growing The Client Base - Getting More Sales

Step # 4. Set up link exchange directory.

It is very important that many web sites should have links to your web site. But even more important is that these web sites should be from your business niche. These web sites should be found by the keywords that you want other people to find your web site with.

If you have many relevant links in your directory, search engines will 'think' that your web site is a real magnet in the niche, and these search engines will automatically raise your web site status. The bigger is your status, the more targeted web site traffic you will get to your web site.

One more tip: the best way is to convince your link exchange partner to exchange links on home pages of your web site. It is not very easy to do, but it is possible, and it will give great results.

STEP # 5. Use autoresponders to convert prospects into clients.

Internet statistics says that usual web site visitor averagely stays on web page for about 20 seconds. If this visitor found nothing interesting on your web site during this time, the visitor may leave your web site forever. Autoresponder will help you to catch this visitor and get the visitor back to your web site any time you wish.

Autoresponders have the magic power of follow upping. With autoresponder you can educate and motivate your visitors to use your offers and grow your client base at the same time.

You put on your web site a subscription form which offers your web site visitors to get more interesting info/product discount/special offer/download materials for free. Once they have entered their name and email address to subscription form, you got them into your own database. Now they are your prospects. Make sure that you give your prospects really interesting info which has close relation to the specifics of your web site.

You can give some educational materials, or you can give articles with reprint rights about the benefits of your product/service, you can give fresh updates about important events of your niche market, etc. Give them all you can to get prospects back to your web site ready for some action on it.

The more prospects you have in your mailing list, the more targeted traffic you will get, and the more sales you will make.

STEP # 6. Convert traffic into sales.

Use mailing list, autoresponder and URL tracking tools to raise the effectivity of your offers. Check what offers give better response, use them more, improve them - work with your clients. Let them feel your personal care about their needs.

The number of strategies here is unlimited. It can only be limited with your imagination and desire to work. The core principle is simple: you have targeted traffic - what it may need. Materials, discounts, advertising copies, bonuses, free gifts, additional/supplementary products of your 'competitors' (you see, now you are very useful for JV partnership even to the most successful web sites in your niche).

If you are right about what your clients may need, they will surely buy it, subscribe for it, reserve a bonus copy of it, etc.

Adjust Your Web Site To Current Online Market Requirements

Step # 7. Check what gives money and what gives losses.

Use URL tracking tools to check what strategies, ads, web page texts, online campaigns give nice results - stick to them. If you see that something gives losses - eradicate useless efforts.

URL tracking is the tool for getting the real picture of your business. You may be absolutely sure that your ad copy #1 is better than ad copy #2, but unless you tried it - this is just a suggestion. However if your ULR tracking tool shows that ad copy #1 was clicked 70 times and ad copy #2 was clicked 500 times, this is statistic data.

Do not run your business with closed eyes. Track what brings you profits, and what gives losses. And go with the things that live you profits.

Step # 8. Make necessary changes to web site.

Once you found that any element on your web site needs changes, do the changes immediately. The best way to make changes is by using content management system. Content managements systems are easy: if you have ever worked with WordPad or any other word processor, you already know how to use content management system.

Make necessary changes to get more profits from your web site.

Step # Last. Test, test, test - this is not a new suggestion, but a very important one. Always keep your hand on the pulse of your online business.


As you can see, this plan of actions can be applied to any web site.

The steps are not detailed, but now you know that getting free targeted web site traffic is not a myth. It is just a matter of special tips and techniques. Try this plan of actions and see how it will work for you.

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Nickolay Bokhonok - CEO And Owner Of DesktopMoney LTD. Inventor of Internet marketing software and scripts. Learn more about web site traffic building strategies, schemes and tips in "Free Traffic Course" at http://www.FreeTrafficSystem.com



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