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Before Jack Johnson perfected his rock star ways, he was a champion surfer on the professional route with a sponsorship with Quiksilver. It was a life that was second nature for this Hawaiian native, for he began chasing waves as a toddler, and by the time he was 17, he was an outstanding athlete on the Pipeline. However, Johnson was also testing his other creative outlets -- one being film and the other being music. It was during his college years as a film student at University of California at Santa Barbara when Johnson began writing songs. He and old mates, Chris Malloy and Emmett Malloy, produced a surf cinema documentary entitled Thicker Than Water, in turn spotlighting Johnson as a talented cinematographer as well as a burgeoning singer/songwriter. His peers in and around the surf circuit praised his work and Thicker Than Water received props in Surfer magazine for Video of the Year during 2000. The follow-up surf flick The September Sessions also earned the Adobe Highlight Award at the ESPN Film Festival that same year. Still, Johnson steered away from a blossoming pro sports career and stuck with music -- something that would soon earn him additional honors. G. Love & Special Sauce quickly took notice to Johnson's lazy blues stylings, which also molded folk and hip-hop for a modern rock twist, and included Johnson on "Rodeo Clowns'" from G. Love's 1999 release, Philadelphonic. Johnson's four-track demo also caught the ears of Ben Harper's right hand man, J.P. Plunier. This was surely mind-blowing for Johnson, for Harper's college rock mainstay Fight for Your Mind was one of his favorites and remained an inspiration. Aside from Plunier's production work, Harper also added his lap steel guitar work on Jack Johnson's sultry debut, Brushfire Fairytales (Enjoy Records) in winter 2001. Two co-headlining tours followed throughout spring and summer 2002; Johnson's sophomore effort On and On appeared in May 2003. Stateside dates with Ben Harper followed in June and July. A third album, In Between Dreams arrived in March 2005.

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Fred G 26.11.2008. 10:43

Who is the man who perform massacre and kill the highest number of his victim in whole world? Who is he? Can you tell me his biography?

Fred G

Admin 26.11.2008. 10:43

~The team of Allen Dulles, John Foster Dulles and Dwight Eisenhower is near the top of the list, but honorable mentions go to Lyndon Johnson, Harry S Truman and Jack Kennedy. I think I'd be inclined to give the nod to William T Sherman and Nelson "Bearcoat" Miles and the US Bureau of Indian Affairs. They not only managed a brilliantly successful campaign of genocide but as a collateral bonus, the almost rendered an entire species of animal, the bison, extinct as well. One cannot ignore the efforts of Martin Van Buren and Andy Jackson, either.

For a single event that took only a few seconds, you've got to go with Harry Truman and the totally unnecessary and useless use of Fat Man and Little Boy and a body count of over a quarter million. (Before hitting the thumbs down on that one, check into what Chester Nimitz, Dwight Eisenhower, Chief of Staff Leahy, Douglas MacArthur and the Manhattan Project scientists had to say on the issue - and how they were backed up by the US Strategic Bombing Survey after the fact. The thumbs down mean nothing when they are posted out of blind ignorance and mindless following of the propaganda and mythology, especially when the facts scream out so loudly to be heard). For overall senseless wanton killing, Curtis LeMay holds the prize, with a total of over two million. Even while complaining that he had no worthwhile targets left to attack, he continued his slaughter of non-belligerent civilians while at the same time stating publicly that he would be tried for war crimes if the US lost the war. My vote goes to LBJ and Dickie Nixon. They not only killed millions of civilians in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam but they added a generation or two of genetic abnormalities and birth defects to the unconceived and unborn with their indiscriminate use of the Rainbow herbicides and similar weapons of mass destruction. For an organization or group effort, the CIA ranks up there with the best. The slaughters occasioned by CIA sponsored coups in Central America, South America, Indonesia, Polynesia, Africa, Europe, Asia and the the Caribbean since 1946 make the Nazis look like pathetic amateurs and Joe Stalin the trainee to an understudy. The Khmer Rouge are only one product of their "success". Add to Pol Pot's numbers the kill counts of Company minions like the Shah, SAVAK, Saddam Hussein, Papa Doc Duvalier, Suharto, and Ngo Dinh Diem, then throw in the graves in Greece, Zaire, Somalia and the Philippines, then look to their real "victories" in Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. I suspect even Genghis Khan and Idi Amin would be envious of the CIA body count.

Edit: Oh, William, poor William, explain by facts where the philosophy is mistaken or keep your misguided sophistry to yourself. US and CIA documents support and prove my conclusions. On what basis do you discount them? Blind nationalism, chauvinism and "patriotism" is what demigods rely on to deprive the hoi poloi of their rights and freedoms. Surely you have some basis other than the ravings of George Bush and Sean Hannity upon which you base your opinions, do you not? Mine are based on extensive review of the documentation, which is at your fingertips if only you exercise the minimal effort necessary to confirm it. Are you afraid of the truth or just too lazy to look for it?

Edit to armourer: you are, of course, correct, but you fail to mention Eisenhower's body count from Operation Paperclip, Operation TP/Ajax and Operations PB/Success, PB/History and PB/Fortune. Guatemala and Iran alone account for at least one million dead. They were the jobs that Ike bragged about on the front page of the New York Times and the Washington Post. That's what I mean about the mindless and ignorant thumbs down.

Afterthought: Okay, it's been 45 minutes and there's 4 thumbs down, but not a single comment on the accuracy of the facts. See how ignorance is the prime tool of the tyrant? I can't argue with you factually or logically so I'll just condemn you or ignore you and go with the party line. What ever happened to the thirst for knowledge and the demand for truth that was so rampant in the streets of the 60s? Is intellect really that dead? I mean, we've got Caretaker naming Pol Pot probably without realizing that Pol Pot never would have been in position to wipe out possibly as much as 25% of the Cambodian populace but for the coup by CIA against Sihanouk in the first place.


Stone 24.03.2012. 15:17

Langford knocked out Young Jack Johnson whilst blind in both eyes? This is incredible.

It would be 1 fight afterwards at the age of 43 that Langford was knocked out in 1 round and quit from the sport. He had fought through 1926 blind in both eyes.

Greb may have been incredible to fight blind in one eye but Langford knocked out Young Jackson Johnson in 2 rounds without being able to see him!!


Admin 24.03.2012. 15:17

That is incredible. I have read Langford's biography and apparently he fought many fights blind or almost blind. His eyesight started to deteriorate after a 1917 fight with heavyweight Fred Fulton, he lost the sight in his left eye during that fight and cataracts started forming over his right eye soon afterwords.

When he won the Mexican heavyweight title in 1923 he had to be lead to the ring. Amazingly he made six successful defenses of the title, one going 15 rounds.
He did have a few operations to restore some sight in his right eye but from the early 1920's he fought many fights virtually blind.

There is another story of when he fought Tiger Flowers in 1924. Langford literally had to feel Tiger out in the first round because he couldn't see him. When they were in a clinch Langford could sense that Flowers was dropping one of his hands.
At the end of the first round Langford went back to his corner and said "That boy's making a mistake, if he makes it again we're going home."
In the second round he and Flowers got into a clinch, Langford threw a punch, heard a thud and knew it was over. Flowers was unconscious.

It is incredible that Langford continued to fight and win when he could hardly see but it is sad that a blind man had to fight and undoubtedly take a lot of punches just in order to make a living.


toughguy2 29.06.2011. 19:51

Do you enjoy reading about boxing history? What are some of your favorite reads?
Thanks for the kind words Cheyenne!


Admin 29.06.2011. 19:51

Yes. I am a big fan of boxing history and I have read more books on boxing than I wish to remember! Some books I have read include:

Give him to the Angels: The first biography on Harry Greb written in 1946, I bought it when it was reprinted about ten years ago, lucky I got it when I did because now copies sell at over 100 on Amazon!

The Fearless Harry Greb: In my opinion better than the original, this book is more thorough and covers most of Greb's contests, his early life and dispels many of the myths about him. Also it is full of photographs.

Sam Langford: Biography of the great Langford.

Flame of Pure Fire: Biography of Jack Dempsey.

Papa Jack: Biography of Jack Johnson.

Raging Bull: Jake LaMotta's autobiography.

Charley Burley: Biography of Burley but also gives a great insight into the middleweight division of the 1940's and also the Black murderers row.

Liston and Ali: More than just a chronicle of Ali and Liston's fights it gives a whole different perspective on Sonny Liston.

Jem Mace: Biography on a boxing pioneer and possibly Britain's greatest bare knuckle fighter.

Hands of Stone: Roberto Duran's biography.

Dynamite Gloves: Covers many of boxing's big punchers such as Terry McGovern, Rocky Marciano and Joe Louis.

Boxing strangest moments: A collection of stories about some of the stranger things that have happened in boxing such as two fighters landing a knock out shot at the same time!

Ultimate encyclopedia of boxing: Covers everything, boxing history, title fights, fight records etc.

There are many more but this is off the top of my head.

Out of interest what are some of the books you've read?


DJ 20.05.2010. 05:24

What are sone funny and interesting facts about Edwin Hubble? Its for my science project. (8th grade)


Admin 20.05.2010. 05:24

The following will help you out. It is a really detailed biography full of funny and interesting facts:

Some examples:

At a young age, Edwin had an uncanny intellect and a great liking for books, especially novels by Jules Verne and H Rider Haggard. He was especially impressed by King Solomon?s Mines. Right from childhood, Hubble had a peculiar interest in astronomy. Young Edwin corresponded with his grandfather, who once wrote to his 12-year-old grandson for questions about Mars. Edwin?s reply astonished him. His grandfather was so pleased that he had it printed in a Springfield Newspaper.

He was probably more recognized for his athletic than academic ability. At Wheaton High School, he excelled both, as a student and as an athlete, for he actively participated in athletics and sports... His favorite sport at school was football. He excelled in basketball and track events in Chicago. Although he was very famous for breaking the Illinois State high jump record at High School, he earned such an excellent reputation as a boxer that a sports promoter wanted him to train for a fight with Jack Johnson, the then world heavyweight champion.

However, he planned to enter the profession of law when he was selected as Rhodes Scholar and the reason to shift his academic focus was the promise made to his dying father that he would definitely study law.

His time at Oxford greatly changed Hubble?s entire personality : he developed a love for tweed jackets, Dunhill pipes, sundry British pronunciations and eruptions of "bah Jove" ? all of which stayed with him for the rest of his life.

He also took a position as a high school Spanish teacher in New Albany, Indiana. According to Hubble?s biographer Gale Christianson, though Hubble was very popular with students ? especially with girls, who were evidently charmed and fascinated by his sound British diction and "Oxford mannerisms" ? Hubble longed to return to science. Hubble did creditably in his job, but felt sick at heart because of his love for astronomy. His interest in astronomy however, remained with him and he had determined to chuck law for astronomy.

Against his better judgment, Einstein had argued his elegant equations with an extra-factor he called the cosmological constant ? a sort of antigravity force that kept the universe from collapsing in on it. But suddenly, the cosmological constant was unnecessary. Einstein?s instincts had been right, after all. Einstein?s great blunder had been to doubt himself but Hubble?s discovery had repaired what Einstein referred to as "the greatest blunder of my life." During a visit to Caltech, the great and grateful physicist traveled to the top of Mount Wilson to see the telescope and thank Hubble personally for delivering him from his folly.

Hubble needed to be one-up on everyone else, so he hungered for more knowledge. He once chafed when an old adversary, Adriaan Van Maneen, was slated to sit at the head of the dining table on Mount Wilson. It was his due as the astronomer using the Hooker telescope that night Hubble strode into the hall early and swapped napkin rings, leaving his own in the prime spot. Van Maneen, visibly perplexed, took the lesser seat without any protest. Hubble?s another trick was to memorize obscure facts from the Encyclopaedia Britannica and then deftly steer the conversation to that very topic. After his companions showed their ignorance, he would impress them with his expertise and casually reach for the Britannica for verification.


Jennifer D 28.05.2009. 20:06

what is the name of jack johnsons parents? i really need to know. i can't find it anywhere! it's for a biography
the singer. NOT wrestler/fighter guy

Jennifer D

Admin 28.05.2009. 20:06
Jack Hody Johnson, born May 18, 1975, is a Hawaiian singer-songwriter, musician, filmmaker, and surfer, known for his work in the soft rock genre. He achieved commercial success after the release of his debut album, Brushfire Fairytales in 2001. He has since released five more albums and a number of EPs (or extended play albums/single recordings)
Johnson was born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The third son of famous surfer JEFF JOHNSON, he naturally took an interest in the sport, along with his best friend Ben Schomer. He began surfing and skating at the age of 5 under the tutelage of his father's best friends, Alex Conel and Sumner Bukoski, and at 17 he became the youngest invitee to make the surfing finals at the Pipeline Masters on Oahu's north shore, though he was eventually disqualified after failing to catch three waves. One week later, however, his brief stint as a professional surfer ended when he suffered a surfing accident at Pipeline (he did a horrific face-plant into a reef). He needed almost 150 stitches to hold parts of his face together. He stated about the accident, "I like to joke that I hit my head so hard that that's why I'm so mellow, but I think it did mellow me out." (NOTE: The Banzai Pipeline is a surf reef break located off Ehukai Beach Park in Pupukea on O`ahu's North Shore. Pipeline is notorious and famous for its huge waves breaking in shallow water just above its sharp and cavernous reef, forming large, hollow and thick curls of water that surfers can surf inside.)
Jack's wife's name is KIM; he has two older brothers; and he has a page at friendship site Bebo (

(Could not find his mother's name anywhere. His father Jeff's memorial service was?May 20, 2005 . He was 61 when he passed on. has a picture of him)


7G 31.07.2009. 17:42

what is kale brecht personality from the movie disturbia? i need to know his personality. what category he is. what type of music he likes. and evrything about him please i really need this.
i mean the character of disturbia but thnx for the info on the real him


Admin 31.07.2009. 17:42

(Shia LaBeouf).
Date of Birth
11 June 1986, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name
Shia Saide LaBeouf

5' 9" (1.76 m)

Mini Biography
Shia Saide LaBeouf was born June 11, 1986, in Los Angeles, California, to Jeffrey LaBeouf and Shayna Saide, and is an only child. His parents are divorced, and he lives with his mom in Los Angeles. He started his career by doing stand-up comedy around places in his neighborhood, such as coffee clubs. One day, he saw a friend of his acting on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (1993), and wanted to become an actor. Shia and his mom talked it over, and the next day he started looking for an agent. He searched in the yellow pages, called one up, and did a stand-up routine in front of him. They liked him and signed him, and then he started auditioning. He's well known for playing Louis Stevens in the popular Disney Channel series "Even Stevens" (2000) and has won a Daytime Emmy for his performance.

IMDb Mini Biography By: anonymous

Named after his grandfather who is also a comedian.

Enjoys making independent short films with his friends

Celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah.

Attended the prestigious Hamilton Academy of Music in Los Angeles, California, along with actors such as Emile Hirsch, Fernanda Romero, Frank Miranda Will Rothhaar, Rachel Kiri Walker, Candace Lifson, Kyla Pratt, Kellan Rhude, Kaitlin Doubleday, and Cherish Lee.

Graduated from high school in 2003. In the fall he is planning on going to college, preferably Yale University.

His first name is pronounced to rhyme with "hiya."

Plays the drums.

Wears a size-11 shoe.

Favorite movies are Dumb & Dumber (1994) and Saving Silverman (2001).

For music, he likes to listen to System of a Down, 50 Cent, Eminem, D12, Led Zeppelin, Jack Johnson, Ben Folds, and others.

Is involved with Joe Torre's Give Back to the Children's Fund.

Wears contact lenses.

When younger, he attended 32nd Street USC Visual and Performing Arts Magnet.

Performed alongside hip-hop MC G-Money at the Viper Room on January 2005.

Shares the same birthday with "Jackass" (2000) star Ryan Dunn.

Won a Daytime Emmy award in 2003 for Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series at the age of 16 for his portrayal of Louis Stevens on "Even Stevens" (2000).

Sometimes plays basketball with "Lizzie McGuire" (2001) star Adam Lamberg.

Started a hip-hop group/record label (Element) and a film production company ( with fellow actor and best friend 'Lorenzo Eduardo'.

Grew up in Los Angeles with actor Bo Barrett.

Was considered for the role of Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns (2006).

Second father and mentor was Jon Voight.

Last name is pronounced "La-buff".

American Beauty (1999) is one of his favorite films.

His French-Cajun father, Jeffrey LaBeouf, was a clown from San Francisco who spent time in France studying commedia dell'arte.

His mother, Shayna, was a former ballet dancer from New York who once studied with Martha Graham. She also once ran a head shop across the street from Tompkins Square Park.

As a child, he and his parents would dress up like clowns and sell hot dogs in the park across the street from their apartment.

Growing up, he lived in an apartment on Glendale Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

Grew up in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California.

Considers The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005) as his transition movie from child actor to adult actor.

When he was a guest on "Late Show with David Letterman" (1993) during the hype for Transformers (2007), Dave asked Shia how his name originated. Shia responded saying that the name "Shia" was Hebrew for Praise God and his last name "LaBeouf" was French for Beef hence the phrase "Praise God for Beef.".

Had only two days off between finishing the shooting of Disturbia (2007) and beginning that of Transformers (2007).

Became good friends with Adam Scarimbolo, and Channing Tatum on the set of A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (2006).

Was ranked #7 on Yahoo! List of 10 Most Popular Stars of 2007 on Yahoo! Movies.(2007).

Ranked #4 on interview magazines Hollywood faces to watch "future stars of tomorrow".

Was ranked #24 on Entertainment Weekly's '30 Under 30' the actors list. (2008).

Dustin Hoffman, Jon Voight, Jodie Foster, and John Turturro are his inspirations.

At age 13, he celebrated his Bar Mitzvah (the traditional coming-of-age ceremony for Jewish boys).

Was arrested for driving under the influence after being involved in a car accident. [July 2008]

His car crash at the end of July 2008 left him with a damaged hand. He had to undergo extensive surgery that lasted for at least 4 hours. His injury will be written into Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) from which he had to take some time off after the crash.

Was ranked #6 on Moviefone's 'The 25 Hottest Actors Under 25'(2008).

Wants to Star in a biopic of New York Horror-Core MC


Jennifer D 28.05.2009. 20:47

who should i do for a biography? should i do jack johnson or bob marley? i wanted to do jack but i can't find any family facts or young things. only like age 14 up... so i said, maybe bob. i can find more on him but i like jack better.

Jennifer D

Admin 28.05.2009. 20:47

Tough choice, both are so different from one another.

Try Jack, google and goolge. If you can't find much, then do it on Bob.



Marge 08.02.2008. 17:33

who was the first black heavy weight boxing champion of the world? Array


Admin 08.02.2008. 17:33

Jack Johnson. Check him out, he was a real character. He got right up the noses of the white Establishment. I'm glad you've posted this question as i like reading biography's and had run out of ideas, until now, nice one. I'm gonna see if they've got one on him my local library. Thanks.


spunky_smarty 01.05.2010. 19:15

Auto-Biography about myself for the eith grade? i have to include information about what happened during the early years of my life which was 1996. Any tips and how to write this. Anything is helpful.


Admin 01.05.2010. 19:15

Here are some things that happened:

? The Blizzard of '96 (January 7th)
? The Dallas Cowboys become the first NFL franchise to win 3 Super Bowls in a span of 4 seasons (January 28th)
? Chess computer "Deep Blue" defeats world chess champion Garry Kasparov for the first time. (February 10th)
? Canadian singer Alanis Morissette wins the top honor, Album of the Year award, at the 38th Annual Grammy Awards. She is the youngest person to ever win this award, a record she held until 2010. (February 28th)
? The 68th Academy Awards, hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, are held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, California with Braveheart winning Best Picture. (March 25th)
? Jessica Dubroff, 7, is killed in a crash near Cheyenne, Wyoming while attempting to set a record as the youngest person to pilot an airplane across the United States. (April 11th)
? The NBA's 1995?1996 Chicago Bulls, with Michael Jordan's lead, go on to set a new NBA record for the most wins in a season, achieving their 70th win. (April 16th)
? The Nintendo 64 video game system is released in Japan. (June 23rd)
? Michael Johnson wins the 200m finals of 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta in a world-record time of 19.32 seconds. (August 1st)
? Bob Dole is nominated for President of the United States, and Jack Kemp for Vice President, at the Republican National Convention in San Diego, California. (August 15th)
? Their Royal Highnesses, the Prince and Princess of Wales, are formally divorced at the High Court of Justice in London. Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales is restyled Diana, Princess of Wales. (August 28th)
? U.S. President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore are renominated at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. (August 29th)
? The Big 12 Conference is inaugurated with a football game between Kansas State University and Texas Tech University in Manhattan, Kansas. (August 31st)
? Democratic incumbent Bill Clinton defeats Republican challenger Bob Dole to win his second term. (November 5th)

To begin your report write this "The year was 1996..." and add the events I gave you to the report.


Michy 11.08.2009. 21:24

What color is your shirt!? jk but you can answer it if you want.
I hv to write a biography on a famous person and ive narrowed it down to: john lennon, morrissey, jack johnson, and feel free to give me more ideas or choose one? please and thank you :)


Admin 11.08.2009. 21:24

Shirt is Red

Choose Morrissey.


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