If You Do Nothing, You'll Get The Same Results - NOTHING!

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If You Do Nothing, You'll Get The Same Results - NOTHING!

By: Denise Hall

We, as Internet marketers, must learn various strategies for getting visitors to our websites and making sales. After all, that's the object of this game, right?

Time after time, you've probably read that writing articles will bring traffic to your site.

Time after time, you've probably heard that doing Joint Ventures with other marketers will make you more profits.

Time after time, you've probably been told that the "money is in the list" so you must build a bigger list.

Time after... well, I think you get my point. You've *repeatedly* learned the tried, true and proven methods used by the top-earners.

But do you *use* what you've learned? Do you *really* take action or do you sit around and say to yourself, "That's a great idea! I'll have to try it!" but then you never quite get around to it?

Uh-huh, that's what I thought. It's too easy to put it off for another day. It's so simple to think up a plan, then never put that plan into effect.

Do you think the six-figure-income earners work that way? No, they act on their ideas and plans. How do you think they *earn* those six figures? Not by sitting around thinking about it, that's for sure.

Maybe you think you'll get lucky someday and things will "just happen." Suddenly lots of money will fall into your lap. Your website will be flooded with buyers, not just browsers. Right?

Wake up and smell the coffee! You have to *make* it happen!

That's right, I'm telling you to get up off of your duff! I'm telling you to implement what you've been taught, use your noggin and come up with a plan. Then put that plan into action because...

...if you do nothing, you'll get the same results - NOTHING!

Catchy little phrase, isn't it? Thanks, I coined it myself. : ) And it's true.

While some who call themselves Internet marketers are spinning their wheels hoping to "strike it rich" someday, those who really want to "make things happen" will find a way.

I, for one, am a go-getter. I've learned that when I really want something from life, I have to set a goal, then find a way to reach that goal. Otherwise, nothing happens. What else could I possibly expect?

If you want more traffic to your website and more profits in your pocket, "just do it!" as Nike would say. But since I like 1980's movies, I prefer to quote Irene Cara in the themesong from Flashdance - "Take your passion and make it happen!"

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Pamela 07.05.2011. 06:04

How do you install older games on a newer operating system? I've recently started wanting to play Tomb Raider 3 again. The disk is made for windows 95/98. I am trying to install it on my windows 7 laptop. Whenever I try to install the program I get the message that asks if I'm sure I want to allow the program to make changes to my computer. I select yes, and then nothing happens. I tired using the compatibly version in the troubleshooting menu. It produced the same results. If anyone can offer any other ways to make it work it would be great!


Admin 07.05.2011. 06:04

Unfortuantly those older games required MS dos which is no longer available on these newer operating systems but don't fret you can still play these games with ease.

Visit http://www.dosbox.com/ download and install, this will emulate DOS allowing you to enjoy those old classics.

People sometimes complain about not understanding how to use this program since it starts dos and you have to mount and unmount games from within it using commands, These days DOSbox is novice friendly. Simply drag and drop the application/installers onto the Dosbox icon this will open the games for you and it'll load right up. If you remember correctly before you could play these games properly you would have to setup the sound, networking, and video cards before playing which you still have to do. Mainly just sound you will need, video will automaticly be setup most times and networking you wont have to worry about because NOBODY is playing these games online.

Anyways download and install the above program then drag and drop the installer ontop the dosbox icon :)


Miles 13.02.2013. 23:23

How can I help my grieving girlfriend? My girlfriend, who is a grown woman, can't get over the death of her dog. It's been like 5 months and she's still very depressed and crying all the time. It's putting a major strain on our relationship and I've tried to be supportive but nothing I do or say helps her. I feel like she needs professional help but I'm afraid if I suggest that, she'll think that I think she's crazy and it will just make things worse. I've thought about getting her some kind of self help book but I doubt their effectiveness and fear it will only be the same result. I don't know what to do. Should I try tough love? Should I try telling her mom or best friend that she needs help?


Admin 13.02.2013. 23:23

Tell her she needs professional help!! If you are supportive and willing to take a butt chewing as her initial reaction, it will work out. Just keep focusing on the fact that you are worried about her and you want her to ask a doctor about how she is feeling.


Quite. 15.10.2012. 21:34

Could three inch bala snarks and ghost shrimps live in the same tank? Not the most sustainable tank set up, I know, but we have another smaller tank ready for the shrimps should the sharks grow large enough to pester them.
Basically, despite the five sharks voracious appetite, they rarely eat anything once it's sunk, so it usually ends up rotting with nothing to eat it. Feeding them less leads to the same result, just with hungrier sharks.
If all else fails, we could just try introducing a snail population, but I personally find shrimps far more interesting.


Admin 15.10.2012. 21:34

Uneaten food should just be scooped out of the tank manually. Shrimp will eat uneaten food, but they need a varied diet just like every other living thing, and will be unhealthy if they only eat the scraps and leftovers from the sharks.

As to keeping them together, it depends on how big the tank is. If you have the right size tank, which should be 125+ gallons, sure, they'll be fine. But if they're all in like a 30 gallon or smaller tank you could potentially run into problems.


. 28.03.2009. 22:55

How can I destress. Got a splitting head that wont clear even with pain killers? Tried bathing, meditation, walking in the fresh air nothing seems to be working..Any advice appreciated i just can't seem to relax and turn my mind off.


Admin 28.03.2009. 22:55

There are many different things that you can do to de-stress. The trick is finding the one that works best for you. It sounds like you've been attempting some really great ideas but perhaps what you need has to either be more intense or somehow different from what you've tried before.

It sounds like what you've tried so far is all about relaxing in small ways. That's great but if it's not working then you need to try something out. One option is to aim for a deeper method of relaxation and the other is to find a way to de-stress that isn't about relaxing at all.

For example, rather than simply bathing, perhaps you should go to get a 90-minute massage. This would be a way to achieve the same goal of relaxing your muscles and de-stressing your mind but it would be a more pro-active method of trying to achieve deeper relaxation. Work with someone who knows how to do massage for headaches.

In contrast, perhaps you need some kind of de-stressing method that is more active then meditation and walking. For some people, these activities just cause the mind to go even more crazy. Instead, try a very physical activity such as running or indoor rock climing. You'll have to work through the headache to do it but the result could be that it goes away.

Of course, if you're going through a really difficult time, you may need to actually deal with the underlying problem. It could be something that requires talking to a good friend or even a therapist. If you can figure out the reason that you're stressed and then the method of de-stressing that works best for you, you should end up okay.


Nicole 18.04.2012. 01:18

What would happen if you consumed nothing but a glass of orange juice a day? What would the physical results be in 3-4 weeks. What would an average size-slightly overweight body look like afterwards? Keep in mind the person would probably drink water. I'm researching this myself, I just want straight answers from other people. Not someone saying,"Ohhhh, don't do it!" I'm not an idiot. I'm just curious. First person to answer my question fully gets ten easy points.


Admin 18.04.2012. 01:18

It's hard to say, since only having one glass of orange juice with water is practically the same as water fasting I'll tell you what I know about water fasts; someone I know says they water fasted before for 3 weeks for religious reasons. I personally have only ever managed to water fast for 2 weeks (for weight-loss reasons) before I just felt too weak to even consider going any longer. My friend lost a good 20 pounds and looked a lot slimmer- keep in mind my friend was an overweight guy. I only lost about 8 pounds- keep in mind I'm a girl who's very close to the underweight range.
I would say I would reconsider the 3-4 week goal you have.


Kaykay034 11.05.2009. 06:36

What do i need to have a audio system in my truck? I know nothing about amplifiers and all that stuff. so besides the speakers and base what else would i need to have it all installed in my truck? I want to buy all the parts then have someone in a auto shop install them for me.


Admin 11.05.2009. 06:36

ok, cruthfield is good. just click on dress up my car. it will ask for car info, like yr,make,model. once you get the results write the speaker sizes down on paper along with the head unit "radio" size, and for the bass in your trunk you can go with 10'' or 12'' . best way to save most of your trunk space, is buy buying free air subwoofers. The one's with a hole in the back where the magnet is.When buying your amplifier and subwoofers make sure the RMS watts are the same.
Best place to look for what your wanting is Ebay. You'll find all of the brands there. Not like the store's down the street. They only carry what they want not what you want. Maybe 2 or 3 brands and that's it. That's what Ebay's for. Shop for what you want. Simply put, you get more for your money alot more. As for instalations go to a custom sterio shop. Take someone with you who knows anything about this. Don't forget to get a car alarm to keep unwanted people out. You'll find one at Ebay aswell.


mrhello 17.06.2013. 14:58

Can you help with this electrical problem on a 2001 Mercury Sable LS? The car above is listed with a 3.0L DOHC Duratec engine. The car has been sitting in a garage for about 6 months, and the battery is clearly dead (about 8 months old and still under warranty). I figured it was simply that the battery had lost it's charge, so I tried to jump the car, and noticed that there was a peculiar electrical issue. When I first turned the ignition to on, there seemed to be a good charge, but after ~3-5 seconds, the lights on the dash dimmed, and when I tried to turn the ignition to start, it did nothing. I tried with both a jump starter, and with another vehicle and jumper cables with the same results. First thing I tried after that was to sand the electrical contacts, as there was a lot of corrosion. After getting both contacts, and the battery posts clean, I tried again with the same result. My first thought is to replace the battery cables, followed by the starter, but I don't want to just throw parts at the car until I have an idea of what may be wrong.

Note:I haven't yet gone through the fuses, and I'll update when I've confirmed/eliminated that as a problem.


Admin 17.06.2013. 14:58

Don't fool with fuses or any thing else.

Either charge the battery (while disconnected or out of the car) or get a new one. A battery left to sit uncharged for 6 months will die a slow death, especially during cold weather.


bull17 01.05.2013. 11:16

How should I handle my squad leader who regularly miss treats his soldiers? OK. So I am Deployed on a peace keeping mission currently and my whole squad has had problems with our squad leader ever since the beginning of this deployment (didn't used to be like this). Well the SL has became very rude and disrespectful lately and I politely disagreed with him on something he thought he saw. Well he smoked the sh** out of me and ever since then, he has had a problem with me. (now to my point) We recently had a PT test and in the run portion I scored a 15:27(passing) and he scored it as a 16:27(failing). Well I found this out and tried talking to him very politely, Telling him i think there was a simple mistake and you marked the wrong time. Well he shot me down very quick and sarcastically said "don't worry we'll fix you". At that time there wasn't much I could do so i went back to the barracks. The next morning i decided I was going to try and talk to him again. Same result. knowing I passed and not wanting to get flagged or counselled, I told him i would have to go to higher. He got VERY angry and said "Well they'res your fucking platoon Sgt, so go up to fucking higher!" Well I did. I told him the situation, He went into his office and talked to him, then he called me back to the office to have a meeting with the platoon Sgt and the first Sgt. They told me "He is an NCO and he is right. They're is nothing you can do about it. So is this over?" Well feeling kinda pressured by practically all my senior NCO's I said yes and it was over. My squad leader now basically treats me like sh**. I have three witnesses who I crossed the finish line with and my higher refused to listen to them. I am a person who has no history of ever failing a PT test and who is always working out. I feel a bit mistreated and don't know who the next person I should bring this too should be. I'm fairly confident my commander will try to brush it under the rug as well. So should I make an IG complaint? and if so how does that work? they're several soldiers who he mistreats so this is just one example...


Admin 01.05.2013. 11:16

Well, I was thinking you just need to suck it up until the part about marking down the wrong run time. If that's the case then I certainly would be calling the IG. IG complaints can be anonymous but in that situation I don't think an anonymous one would be of much use. How does an IG complaint work? What do you mean? The IG's office investigates it to see if there's anything to it. Do you mean how to make the complaint? Well normally you can just go to your base's website and find contact info for the IG. But since you're deployed I don't know who you'd fall under. You could always call the IG for whatever base you're deployed from and let them refer you or whatever if you can't find the contact info. Shouldn't be that hard.


Ann B 17.04.2010. 22:49

How can I win or do well in a math contest? I have a pretty high mark in math (junior high) and I'm doing a math contest in about 4 weeks. I really want to do well. The questions are word problems, and I did almost every test from previous years, but I'm still getting the same results. How can I improve? And what else can I do to win?

Ann B

Admin 17.04.2010. 22:49

You have to practice - for years. Don't expect to win your first contest (or second or third). There are people out there that have been at it from a very early age, and some schools even have entire classes devoted to math competition. Regardless of this, you can still win even if your school doesn't have such a system. I did, and we didn't even have a math team - but I studied for years, over every contest I could find.
You need to look at all types of contests, not just old copies of the one you are about to take. This allows you to see a greater variety of problems. Even at the junior high level they can expect a lot of insight or experience. Copies of the old JAHSME (which is now probably called junior AMC or something to that effect) can help you, but mostly if the solutions are provided so you can see how to do the ones you can't get on the first try. Nothing will take the place of practice - and years of it, i.e. there is no magic wand. My first contest was called MathCounts in the 8th grade and I think I placed a ridiculous 91st - but the point was that I made the school team and that was the first step. I spent the summer before the 9th grade reading any algebra, trigonometry, and calculus text I could find at the public library and I encourage you to do the same. Most of it will look terribly foreign - and that is OK! The more you read these things, skipping around sections as you like, over time the symbols and notations will become less frightening even if you don't know what every one of them means. You will pick up bits and pieces, and even when you don't totally get what is going on, a lot of the time you will understand at least what they are trying to do - and again that is a first step. For instance, maybe you see a section on solving quadratic equations and don't quite get it - BUT you walk away knowing that every quadratic equation can be solved by the use of a known formula. That's a first step. In time you'll have the formula memorized, and in further time you'll eventually be able to understand where this formula comes from. It's all baby steps. The practice you put into it, and the variety of problems you expose yourself to will determine the speed at which you learn. Keep in mind also that many contest problems are specifically designed to ask things you may not have seen in a math course at all. In fact, number theory, combinatorics, discrete math, and many other thngs were never covered in any class I took at my particular school - so it is essential to teach yourself these things (and even when they are covered, not everything is covered all the time).
There are many many websites where you can get copies of contests - and they are very nice.
For junior high do a search for AMC math contest and MathCounts. There may also be a junior AMATYC. You will do well, at least eventually to look up the Furman Math Tournament, USC math contest, College of Charleston Math Contest, ARML, AMC12, and AIME. (You can get to USAMO and IMO stuff waaaaaaay later). There are copies of contests at almost any of these websites. Also check out Harold Reiters home page where he has a long list of links to various math contests. Before long you'll be on the state math team and have college math scholarships! Lots of luck to you. Also, if you want extra questions for practice you can always email me and I'll be happy to send some your way. Use gymdudenc@yahoo.com if you like with a subject line of Math Contests.


SmokeXSmoke100 19.02.2013. 04:48

Should you tell on someone if they are having homicidal thoughts? I know this friend who does nothing. But stay in his room all day, going on the internet. He has aspergers, or high functioning autism. He also has high anxiety and ocd. I think my friend has fantasies of hurting people. He also talks to himself a lot. He doesn't like being around people. I think he is abusing his pets really badly, because they are always scared of him. What do you think is wrong with him, and should I tell somebody?


Admin 19.02.2013. 04:48

WOW... That description matches me completely. Him and I would totally be compatible, friendship-wise. Just saying.

No, I don't think you should tell anyone. Those are just morbid fantasies, derived from whatever you've been doing on the internet or at home. Could be a result from violent gaming, disturbed family homes or anything pertaining the negative.

It'll pass. Just respect that thoughts are thoughts, if you know that he isn't the type of person who would go around killing people then I don't see the point of telling anyone.

However... If he's abusing pets, then that's OBVIOUSLY a major sign. His parents or whoever he lives with would've realised by now... Abusing animals is very common in serial killing behaviour... And psychopathy (in other words, anti-social personality disorder)

I've told a close friend of mine about my sadistic fantasies as well. Hope he doesn't go around reporting me, the same way you're planning to...

But if you want to tell and you feel that it's right, go ahead. Pray that he doesn't come assaulting you as the aftermath.


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