Golden Memories, and Dog Training.

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Animal Statues for the garden. When I saw this in my garden collection, boy did it bring back loving memories. Funny what triggers these memories!
When we first took our golden retriever up north to the cottage she loved it. Of course she would , she was a golden after all, and goldens love cottage, the outdoors and water!!
Now, my golden was running lose, and we were sitting outside talking with our friends, who had a house beside the cottage.
All of a sudden my golden comes running to us, all exited, happy, WOW, she had gone hunting, and she was proud of it.
There in her mouth, was a rabbit!!
I started to freak, of course, but then on closer inspection (from my husband) we saw it was a "plastic rabbit" from the garden. It was one of those golden moments. My Katie Bear is gone now, I still miss her, and I will always miss her. I have a new golden, and I love her, but she does not replace my Katie Bear....
So when I saw this rabbit in my "garden collection" I couldn't help but remember that time, and shed a few tears of sadness for missing my bear.
Thanks for letting me share my memories. And as always, please please, train your dog. Your dog must obey. Simple commands like: come, sit, stay, STOP! It is so important for the safety and enjoyment of your special dog.

Ruth Bird, my passions are health for pets and people. I love to promote the joys of pets.

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