ACTION is More Important than Knowledge!

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ACTION is More Important than Knowledge!

By: Damien Senn

It was Albert Einstein who stated that 'imagination is more important than knowledge'. Now if he had been addressing a room full of entrepreneurs, I hazard a guess that he might also have extended this quotation by saying that 'action is more important than knowledge too!'

Make no mistake, if you want to make your mark on this world as an entrepreneur you have to consistently take ACTION! Not only that, you will also need to have the ability to inspire other people into ACTION as well.

Learn by taking ACTION!

In our modern society we gravely underestimate the value and importance of experiential learning. We have become conditioned to mistake qualifications for competence.

As an entrepreneur, most of your learning will come from experience generated through taking ACTION. There is no text book, no seminar and no guru that can replace the value of you having an idea and taking ACTION on it.

Don't let a lack of knowledge stop you from taking ACTION!

Often what holds us back from even trying is our perceived lack of knowledge. Word's to the effect of 'I can't set up a business because I didn't finished high school' or 'I can't start a business until I've got my MBA'.

If you have spent any time at all studying entrepreneurs you will find a lot of them don't actually have university degrees. Often it is this simple fact that motivates them into pursuing the entrepreneurial path!

Continually Self Correct!

When you take the experiential approach to learning and developing your business, you need to be highly attuned to the feedback you receive from your operating environment. Be highly sensitive to feedback from your customers and clients. Establish mechanisms to monitor the results that you are achieving. Once these are in place, continually put pressure on yourself and your organisation to continually lift your standards of performance.

When you operate in this way you will not fear making mistakes as there are no mistakes only feedback.

Know what you don't know!

I heard a very successful (and to the point!) Australian trucking magnate asked the question "What kind of knowledge does it take to be successful in business?". He responded by saying that "If you know that you don't know, you'll be OK. But if you don't know, that you don't know, you're stuffed!"

As an entrepreneur, if you know you don't know something you can always ask someone who does. Remember that you do not have to know everything! Build up an awareness of the things that you don't know. Then surround yourself with people that can answer all questions you can't answer yourself.

What is the most important thing to know before you start a business?

The most important thing you need to know before you start a business is clear understanding of the special gifts that have to offer this world.

Once you have this awareness, ask yourself 'how can I share my gifts in a way that not only creates a better world for others but also enables me to live an extraordinary abundance filled life?'

Once you have that simply awareness ... . you've guessed it ... you're ready to get out there and start taking ACTION!

If you are then prepared to stand up every time you fall down you will magically begin to see your ideas manifest in the world.

Copyright Damien Senn 2005. All rights reserved.

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Damien Senn helps entrepreneurs create compelling businesses. He is one of the UK's top Business Coaches as well as a fully qualified Chartered Accountant.

Damien is the author of the 'Senn-Sational Success Journal' and has developed his own coaching model called the 'Senn-Sational Success System'.

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iojhyt675 10.06.2009. 01:48

which one is more important the knowledge of this life or after life? which one is more important, getting knowledge for this life, like a IT degree or an Islamic studies ?


Admin 10.06.2009. 01:48

Islamic studies is NOT knowledge for eternal life,one only need to be intelligent to pick his choices, between man made and divine.

IT or any other profession or study is exactly in line with Glorious Quran and i;e to Ponder over hidden signs of Allah to be explored, like in the depth of the ocean and in endless expanse of universe, medical science etc, and yet one can be obedient to Allah Rahman through His Scriptur, whihc nurtues your body and soul and prepares for you for eternal life.

to explore the Laws of Allah Allmighty, e;g Sodium when react to Chlorine makes Table Salt, hydrogen and oxygen makes water, so on and so forth, the Hukoom of Allah is that every element reacts in a specific way with another, a seed of rice will always produce crop of rice and NOT wheat !
there is always a reaction to action, every element atom,obeys as per Allah's Command.

so therefore we must explore the Marvels of Allah Allmighty in this world and universe, and Praise Allah and Glorify Allah and remember Allah and Thank Allah.

since Glorious Quran is a Profound Message of Allah Rahman , It tells you both ways, to heaven and to Hell,How to get into Jannah and avoid Jahnum . the choice is yours,.


semi enlightened 01.06.2009. 18:48

What does this phrase mean "let the divine channel out"? Is this process healing? Can positive thoughts, words and actions be known as a position where divine channels out? Is spirituality knowledge in action? How important is this flow of energy as we are often let down by someones words or actions and sometimes may even think we are not worthy of God's love?

Please share your wonderful answers. May you day be filled with Peace. May your life be filled with Joy.

semi enlightened

Admin 01.06.2009. 18:48

Be a vehicle for the divine/spiritual to manifest, through you.


ericlewis91 21.03.2007. 16:56

What 3 or more important discoveries or changes in style during the renaissance? Find out some information about the renaissance and find out three or more important discoveries or changes in style that happened during that period to do with Leonardo Da Vinci? And what are 10 main pieces of Art done by him with the date?


Admin 21.03.2007. 16:56

Here are a few.
Adoration of the Magi
Baptism of Christ
Battle of Anghiari
Benois Madonna
Dreyfuss Madonna
Ginevra de' Benci
La Belle Ferronniere
Lady with the Ermine
Leda and the Swan
Litta Madonna
Madonna di Piazza
Madonna with the Carnation
Madonna with the Cat
Madonna of the Yarnwinder
Mona Lisa
Portrait of a Musician
Portrait of a Young Lady
Portrait of a Young Woman
Salla delle Asse
Salvator Mundi
Saint Jerome
St. John the Baptist
The Annunciation
The Last Supper
Virgin and Child with St. Anne
Virgin of the Rocks

A drawing dated 5th of August 1473 reflects the ingenious mind of Leonardo. The Arno valley is drawn with aerial perspective by allowing the color of the paper to dominate and less details as the depth increases. This effect will be called later "the perspective of disappearance".

In search of new challenges and the big bucks, he entered the service of the Duke of Milan in 1482, abandoning his first commission in Florence, "The Adoration of the Magi". He spent 17 years in Milan, leaving only after Duke Ludovico Sforza's fall from power in 1499. It was during these years that Leonardo hit his stride, reaching new heights of scientific and artistic achievement

Among his many scientific achievements were da Vinci's discoveries in anatomy. Besides artistic talent, he possessed the "stomach" to dissect of both humans and animals. Dissections weren't common in da Vinci's day, but probably weren't illegal, either. Though his understanding of the respiratory system added little to medieval knowledge, his studies of skeletal and muscle tissue, brain anatomy, and digestive and reproductive systems advanced human anatomical understanding to a new level. Interestingly, he felt that the similar appearance of branching bood vessels, branching stems, and mingling tributaries weren't just coincidence; the actually were fundamentally the same. In that same spirit of unified microcosm/macrocosm, he investigated geology

Leonardo made discoveries in meteorology and geology, learned the effect of the moon on the tides, foreshadowed modern theories of the formation of continents, and deduced the nature of fossil shells. He was among the originators of the science of hydraulics and probably devised the hydrometer. He invented a large number of potentially useful and ingenious machines and devices, among them an underwater diving suit. anatomy, biology, mathematics, and physics. His scientific studies?particularly in the fields of anatomy, optics, and hydraulics?anticipated many of the developments of modern science. His scientific theories, like his artistic innovations, were based on careful observation and precise documentation, and he understood the importance of precision in science. His interest in anatomy led him to perform dissections, and he studied blood circulation and the action of the eye. He systematically studied the flight of birds, which he applied in his drawings and discussions of ornithopters and other flying crafts. His flying devices, although impracticable, embodied sound principles of aerodynamics.


özge s 14.11.2007. 00:23

Can you tell me the names of important scientists who has proofs about global warming? I know global warming exists, but I want to have a deeper knowledge. Some people say "The cause of global warming is not humans." I want to be able to prove that they're wrong.
I need reliable sources and names of scientists. If you help me, I'll really appreciate that.

özge s

Admin 14.11.2007. 00:23

"We need action now to reduce emission of carbon dioxide."
Stephen Hawking, Physicist

"Global warming is already starting, and there's going to be more of it. I think there is still time to deal with global warming, but we need to act soon. Humans now control global climate, for better or worse."

James Hansen, Ph.D. climate scientist, NASA

"Global warming is the most challenging problem our society has ever had to face up to. Ice is the canary in the coal mine of global warming."

Britain's chief scientist David King

"By mid-century, millions more poor children around the world are likely to face displacement, malnourishment, disease and even starvation unless all countries take action now to slow global warming."

Michael Oppenheimer, professor of geosciences and international affairs at Princeton University

?DuPont believes that action is warranted, not further debate."

Charles O. Holliday, Jr., CEO, DuPont (Engineer)

"We are not saying that the Earth's temperature is just going to rise. In general, as energy is added to a system, the fluctuations in the system increase. So, we expect more storms, more droughts, more wildfires, more floods, more fluctuations of all kinds. What we are saying is that weather conditions will become more volatile due to the impact of humans."

-- S. Mukherjee & D. Brouse (2004)

"The drafting of reports by the world?s pre-eminent group of climate scientists is an odd process. For many months scientists contributing to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change tussle over the evidence. Nothing gets published unless it achieves consensus. This means that the panel?s reports are extremely conservative ? even timid. It also means that they are as trustworthy as a scientific document can be."

George Monbiot

In 2005, Annan offered to take Lindzen, the MIT meteorologist, up on his bet that global temperatures in 20 years will be cooler than they are now. However, no wager was ever settled on because Lindzen wanted odds of 50-to-1 in his favor. This meant that for a $10,000 bet, Annan would have to pay Lindzen the entire sum if temperatures dropped, but receive only $200 if they rose.

?Richard Lindzen?s words say that there is about a 50 percent chance of [global] cooling,? Annan wrote about the bet. ?His wallet thinks it is a 2 percent shot. Which do you believe??

James Annan, a climate scientist at the Frontier Research Center for Global Change in Japan

"The fact that the community overwhelmingly supports the consensus is evidenced by picking up any copy of Journal of Climate or similar, any scientific program at the meetings, or simply going to talk to scientists. I challenge you, if you think there is some un-reported division, show me the hundreds of abstracts that support your view - you won't be able to. You can argue whether the consensus is correct, or what it really implies, but you can't credibly argue it doesn't exist."

NASA's Gavin Schmidt

"There's a better scientific consensus on this [climate change] than on any issue I know -
Global warming is almost a no-brainer at this point,You really can't find intelligent, quantitative arguments to make it go away."

Dr. Jerry Mahlman, NOAA

"We've got about 20 years to turn (greenhouse gas emissions) around or it's going to cost the world a lot environmentally but also economically," said Terry Hughes, a leading Australian coral specialist.

"Burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas is largely responsible for climate change. Deforestation and modern intensive farming methods also contribute to the problem."

David Suzuki


Real Man 24.08.2009. 22:29

How important are Psychologists to society? I mean to say can society still function well without the study of Psychology? What are the top reasons why we need it? Or what about other kinds of "soft science" in general? Isn't it more important to know about Quantum Physics, Bioengineering, etc than why people interact the way they do?

Real Man

Admin 24.08.2009. 22:29

Psychology is useful, but only insofar as it is grounded in reality. Without a thorough knowledge of quantum physics, one's reality is dictated by one's limited senses and the deluded hypotheses one constructs about how things work, based on one's limited senses. It's like Plato's analogy of a man who lives his life in a cave and interprets the world by the shadows he sees cast on the wall by a fire. Since most everyone, including psychologists, are rooted in what I call a Newtonian consciousness, which is based on an outdated and failed theory, then there is likely to be a misunderstanding of why one suffers. The core of psychology is to understand brain chemistry, human behavior, mental disorder, sources of mental anguish, etc. and to then prescribe courses of action to relieve suffering. However, if you don't really understand how things work, then the prescribed course of action is likely to be flawed. Therefore, start by understanding quantum physics. Then move on to psychology. If we all understood more about quantum physics, for instance, we wouldn't have the delusion that we are separate from each other, or that even the smallest of our actions don't affect others. Someone of Newtonian consciousness would dismiss this as nonsense. But in our quantum universe, action at a distance is real. Where I end and you start is not where our skin meets. You don't exist without me, nor I without you, or for that matter, the rest of the universe. Grok that, and you're on your way to a saner mind and a more joyful life.


Sharo7 22.02.2009. 02:09

Why would knowledge be more valuable to one's self than a College Degree? Why is knowledge more valuable to you/ anyone than a college degree. Do you think that having the college degree that gets you money and jobs is worth more than having knowledge. Is it worth more than the ability to enrich and nourish your mind?


Admin 22.02.2009. 02:09

This is one of a great question which needed a great answer. Sorry for the lenght, but it worth to read. So, I'll make an exceptio nand say directly to you what I think: knowledge is more important than money and onyl a fool would defend the other point. And thsi is what I demonstrate.

Would you agree with me that many things have their exact opposite and that these opposite cannot be held together at a given time and space? As example take an head ache to which health would be his opposite, or any other factor that may make you ill. Can you both be healthy and ill? No. Would you class good and bad, beautiful and ugly at the same rank as you cannot get one with the other? I bet I'm pretty right.

In terms of ugliness and beauty, I'm talking about action, situation, effects. As this is said, am I right to call ugly what's bad and beautiful what's good? It's pretty accurate.

Then would you say that what's beautiful, good is so because it is useful, appreciable/pleasurable or both at once? If not why would they be called good? We therefore have to admit the inverse is also true as something bad is because of damage and pain. As damage is not useful and even worst, it is harmful to you and as pain is the opposite of pleasure, I think the association is pretty right.

Then, from two propositions, one is better because it is either more useful or more pleasurable or both at once.

So, this is how we have to judge of this question.

Now, we have to set a bit off track to see clearly what I think of it.
From each object, there's a trouble that can be afflicted to. As an example, to your wealth, poverty is the vice; to your body, illness correspond to it and to your soul/mind or what ever you call it, ignorance, unfairness, or any bad behavior is the corresponding vice.

From a given choose:

Which one is the uglier? It is obvious, poverty does not seem ugly aside illness and so it does aside a bad behavior.

I'm pretty sure to any person, a murderer is more ugly than a poor man and a sick one and even both at once.

Then any trouble to your soul is the ugliest of them all.
Would you agree that this action is bad? I bet its not a good thing.

It implies that it must be worst either in pain or damage or both at once. Is it more painful? I doubt. Then it must be tremendously damageable to yourself to behave unfairly, with bad intentions or any other bad mind set.

From this, we now can affirm vices of soul are the worst troubles a man can face. So, we have to admit the inverse. The most happy man is then the virtuous one and the one which carry wisdom as he sets himself aside the worst troubles.

It is also important to live well as it is in our interests according to this reflexion.

Then, from the gained things, we can now see your question.

Is money more important than knowledge?

We saw that the worst problem is a soul vice and that a virtuous and wise man can set aside the worst problem while a rich one can only set aside the less important one: poverty.

You can argue on the fact art knowledge is still knowledge. By art, I use the obsolete meaning: a job, a profession. But, we saw that this knowledge would gain you money while knowing how to live would prevent soul vices. Both set aside, It's more important to know how to be than how to gain money and this by very far.

My logic is probably paradoxical to you. Para aside, doxa popular believes. Is sounds something like this and is quite appropriate as so many would argue against me while so few would take my side.

But, when you have a problem to your heart, you go see a cardiologist and not many person without knowledge, right? And when you need to be taught a thing, do you go see the person competent in the art you seek for? Would let a cook be the tactician of your country when you fight or you want a person competent in this art? You see we always count on reliable sources when it comes to questions. Then, the opinion of the person in knowledge of a situation is far more valuable than the popular taughts, even being 100 millions, the one in knowledge is the one to reffer to. Is it right? I can't see someone havign a serious trouble relying on the first person he sees. And yet, these are the biggest questions as it must answer us how to live and think. So, the popular taughts cannot be used, nor considered here.

I don't have any pretention to know everything, nor do I think I'm better than a million man, but I base my argumentation upon the principle truth is the goal and it is the only thing that cannot be contradictory to its own existence.

NOW, I ANSWER TO ~!~lindzz~!
Knowledge here have to be taken as knowing hwo to live. Different from practical knowledge of any given art.

And, wouldn't it be great if knowledge gets you a better health and a better job and all? But humans give so much importance to what's not important while luring ourselves it is.

Read my answer or read Plato's work. Socrates answer these question quite well. I'm not bad, but he's got a more fluent explanation. But, I got some 52 years before getting to the age of his last speach so...


Aaron 14.09.2011. 19:37

What are some important qualities of a good supervisor ? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important.


Admin 14.09.2011. 19:37

A Supervisor?s value is proportionate to the usefulness of the group of people whose
efforts he directs. Ability to establish and maintain an effective organization that meets
current needs and readily adapts itself to hanging requirements is a first essential for
every supervisor or executive.
Personal leadership in developing subordinates to maximum efficiency, enthusiasm and
team work gives a team the extra punch that produces recognizable results.
So essential is personal leadership to good supervision that some supervisors, well
equipped in this respect, have compensated, for deficiencies in other factors. Their terms
?Leadership? through broad and hard to define, involves selling, planning and teaching.
It?s necessary to sell your-self to your team to win both respect and friendship by you
actions and attitudes. Sell also the aims and ideas of your own organization and company
to develop an enthusiastic spirit. Plan the term?s work in such a way that you are 2
pointing out a path to follow. Teach team members the things they need to know,
developing the fullest potentiality of each one. Be everything you expect them to be in
enthusiasm, the loyalty in hard work, in courtesy.
Fierce enthusiasm in a team is ill spent unless the supervisor has ability to analyze and
schedule routine and emergency work with dispatch and efficiency and with a long range
view point.
Although all workers are expected to do some advance thinking planning is essentially a
supervisory function.
So that he will never have to apologize to his team or to management, a supervisory
needs adequate knowledge for present work and capacity to gain additional knowledge
for new and more important work.
Those who know only last year?s methods are often out of date.
A supervisor must understand, explain and secure adherence to company policies and
procedures suggest procedures for making them more effective. Be genuinely interested
in anyone thoroughly familiar with your department and company, know the approved
policies in your group whether you favour them or not. If you disagree with a policy, it is
more profitable for you to make a constructive suggestion then to indulge in fatile 3
gripping. Place the good of the organization above your own selfish, immediate interests,
it pays in the long run.
To keep his team ?clicking? smoothly a supervisor must exercise sound judgement and
make prompt, effective decisions. As a basis for sound judgement, be completely
informed on the problems of your group. Study these problems from every possible view
A real supervisor or executive willing assumes full responsibility for successful
completion of work supervised.
Ability to originate and develop ideas intelligently and to make constructive suggestions
and improvements is one of the most important factors in good supervision.
You would hardly be satisfied with the job you have done, if at the end of a year the best
you could say was, ?well, the operation is no worse than it was when I started?.


stangchick138 21.03.2007. 05:22

Which characteristics do you think are the most important for police officers to have? Which characteristics do you think are the most important for police officers to have? Why? Which are the least important? Why?


Admin 21.03.2007. 05:22

The following characteristics are looked for by recruiters when selecting potential police officers:

1. enthusiasm: individuals must have an inner desire to be an officer
2. good communication skills: officers must be able to efficiently mediate situations through the use of proper listening and speaking skills
3. good judgment: officers must be able to "think on their feet" and make rational decisions quickly
4. sense of humor: the rigors of police work are extremely stressful; if officers lack this trait they will quickly become overwhelmed and burnout
5. creativity: similar to good judgment, the majority of police work is conducted by one officer on the scene; the officer must be capable of developing the best course of action to handle any situation
6. self-motivation: once again, as the majority of police work is conducted by officers acting alone, officers must be able to preserve their own self-will for continuing effective police work without needing to rely on a supervisor or others to motivate them
7. knowledge of the job and system: though this may seem simplistic, individuals must have at least a general understanding of what police work entails prior to applying for a position; otherwise, the shock of actual police work may prove overwhelming
8. ego: refers to having a positive image of one?s self
9. courage: although seemingly simplistic, this entails that officers must be able to respond wholeheartedly without a second of hesitation
10. understanding of discretion: individuals must understand that official response for most situations are not mandated; therefore, individuals must understand how to make the most logical decision based upon circumstance
11. thirst for knowledge: police work is not stagnant and individuals will be exposed to new levels of information on a continuous basis. Individuals must have an inner desire to continue to learn in order to develop more innovative methods for handling various situations


Aaron 15.12.2009. 11:44

What is more important. Knowledge, or the ability to perform without knowledge on the fly? I have always valued in myself the ability to get things done regardless of my expertise in the area. I figure that you can never know everything so why not focus my efforts on learning to figure things out as I go instead of learning how to first. Any opinions?


Admin 15.12.2009. 11:44

Your question is a variation on the debate over the efficacy
of knowledge versus instinct. I don't think the two can
actually be separated. I think that the acquisition of knowledge
is instinctual and that instinct is unconscious knowledge.
In either case, knowledge is the raw material of understanding.
What I learn has little value if I have no understanding of it.
I see knowledge as the mind's participation in the process of
self development and understanding as the heart's. Together
they form the basis for physical action. Mind, body and


Nemi Noo 10.12.2012. 18:27

Why is it so important to not be different? If we are not responsible for attitude and what comes into our heads, then we really can only be responsible for our behavior and our actions.

If we want to experiment with new ideas and guidance toward enlightenment, then surely we must respect our minds' power and the fight or flight response.

If we never try something new, or at least attempt an opinion or reinterpretation of philosophies and cultures and the belief systems within them, then how could those opposing it become mislead, other than the fact that they worry what others may think of them?

Nemi Noo

Admin 10.12.2012. 18:27

We can share what we think about other freely, but how well do we understand human behaviour, and other reaction? I believe if everyone study psychology to some degree, or a person studying human behavior will beable to live a peaceful life -and successful one too. We will become more compassionate, understanding, success, and money is not limited in life when you study psychology.

We think to much as human, and sometime we say to much of what we think without knowing how other people will react to it. Something like learning human behavior in psychology could help a person learn and get a better understanding of other. Perhaps you will become a more forgiving person, such as if a person is having a bad day that day, a psychologist could maybe understand why, and won't come to a conclusion that that person is just a bad person all-a-round.

Life would be easier as we would know a little more, and understand why other do what they do. Our brain would be equip with knowledge such as "fight or flight", and we would could match situation with people, like a puzzle.

No matter where you are in the world, a career in psychology is useful, and require most time no equipment to use. Its a career worth pursuing and put you on a field like a medical doctor; where your use is universal anywhere you go, and if you view success in term of money like most people, than learning human behavior could only increase your chance of your success with money.

Not only is there so many career choice in psychology that make good money, but the fact that you could implement - or even manipulate other by understanding how human behave could make you very rich. It's a career that is safe in this economy.

I assume you would like to pursue psychology, or if not, maybe you should give it a try. You will learn a lot about other, and be more equip to understand other people value, such as gay marriage perhaps, or something more fearful to understand like why a rapist rape people. If your not in it for the knowledge, but want money, or simply would like that "safety net" financially, no problem, because psychology is such a broad field of opportunity, and wealth. But, perhaps once you understand other a little more, you might find money not a great value in life, rather to find peace with other, and gain trust is more treasurable. Whatever your career may be, psychology is no doubt helpful in at least small deals.


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