Break And Move Beyond The Length Of The Chains

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k And Move Beyond The Length Of The Chains

By: Ty Howard

"Never let fear, procrastination or the longing for approval from others to take possession of your mind, they become self-forged chains." Ty Howard

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where you wondered "What to do next?"

Have you ever had a bolt of confidence spring into your being just as you were going to start working towards a new goal, but your comfort zone held you back?

Have you ever had the feeling "It's now or never!" but you didn't make your move?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, you at one time wore the self-forged chains.

I think we all have, or at least will don the self-forged chains in our lives at one time or another. However, we must not become paralyzed and enchained by the set patterns that have been given to us by the world.

There is an old African story that says, "If you take a baby elephant, place a chain around one of its back legs, hook the chain to a stake, and then drive that stake into the ground to restrain the baby elephant until it's big enough to fend for itself. When the caretaker removes both the stake and the chain from the elephant's back leg, the elephant will not venture out beyond the length of the chain that once restrained him. The story goes on to say that the elephant has been conditioned to accept residency in a mental prison given to him by his caretaker."

We've all heard the old adage "An elephant never forgets," and this story is a prime example of how an elephant's ability to not forget can do more harm than help.

Through my observation of people throughout life, the same thing happens to humans. We become conditioned to believe that we can only go a far as our chains will extend. We are conditioned to believe things like: "No one in my family ever graduated from college," "We grew up in this type of neighborhood - this is it," "I was born to fail," "I'm damaged goods," "My life is one big joke," "I'm a realist not a dream chaser. Why should I try to break free from the chains? Why should I try to pull up the stake? Why should I set myself up to fail?"

I ask you, "Why not?"

If failure weren't an option, would you put out more effort?

If money weren't an issue, would you take more risks?

Is there anyone better suited and deserving of success than you?

The best selling novelist and the unpublished writer both have the same dictionary full of words to work with. The difference is one took action while the other went through the motions.

The most successful entrepreneur and the get-rich-quick visionary both have the same basic skills and resources to work with. The difference is one is willing to evolve through a process while the other is looking for the next quick deal.

And there is almost no visible difference between the fastest sprinter in the world and one who finishes last. They both run the race by the same rules; yet, the winner is the one committed to win. The winner is the athlete who does what it takes, who trains day after day, who adds a little extra effort to each workout, who can visualize crossing the finish line ahead of the rest.

I ask you again, "Why not you?"

Mahatma Gandhi said, "You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind."

We all will experience different challenges and circumstances throughout life, some more demoralizing or traumatizing than others. I encourage you even in the mist of uncertainty and despair to never allow the chains of complacency to imprison you. We must continue to lay our foundation stones, inch by inch, together, until the entire chain breaks giving way to new birth and possibility to our future.

You have what it takes to achieve greatness in anything you desire. Within you, is the potential for extraordinary accomplishment. Do not voluntarily chain yourself to the stake. If you are chained right now - put it up, through it away and move forward! No one is better suited for success than you. See every achievement as a stepping stone to greater things.

When challenges arise, and they will, smile and say, "That's great because ________." Then find a way to cross the finish line ahead of the rest.

Greet your future with your eyes open, your head held high, a glide in your stride and no thoughts of regret - success is there for you!

Remember: Sometimes you have to take action because YOU know it's the right thing to do. Because YOU choose not to succumb to limits set for you by the world. Because YOU know your life isn't a dress rehearsal.

Go ahead - Break and Move Beyond the Length of the Chains!

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aced 07.02.2010. 10:28

How did life come about? Will nature give us the answer to the origin of life?
Does it say god?


Admin 07.02.2010. 10:28

Yes. Nature WILL give the answer to the origin of life. Yes nature DOES say God.

Look at how everything is in a perfect organized, and orderly, many cycles. We have the water cycle (the rain, the water vapor, etc). We have the food chain--the predators eat the prey, the scavengers eat the left overs, then the fungi decompose what's left last. It is broken down, and then it provides the fertile ground for new life to grow, which then provides food, and shelter, and furniture (and paper...trees...right) when it fully matures through it's cycle.

We have patterns I saw a program on mathematics fractals which sought out certain patterns and how they are repeated in nature exactly from the smallest pattern on a leaf, to the biggest pattern in a whole forest.

We study the human body, and animal bodies and we learn how perfectly and self maintaining the body is. Look at when you cut yourself, your body heals...itself...and rather quickly. Your DNA is a blueprint that instructs how to build you as a structure...what color to make your eyes, what length to make your hair. Your genes determine parts of you personality...look at how it is odd that someone long ago in your family...whom you may have never may be SO much like in personality. That is not nurture...that is nature (but both help shape us in a sense).

We have x many people on the planet now, not to mention the total number of people who have ever been born and are no longer with us...not ONE of these people have the same finger print, or iris pattern (is that the correct eye term...I was remembering iris scans, or retinal...IDK)?

We have had how many days on earth, and that equals how many sunsets total...and not one (I have heard), has ever been the same?

Yet we are all so similar we can all be summed up in one book? All personalities...can be pattered too...

The last thing that says GOD (best mathematician...we can't even figure out His math, the more we learn in math, biology, engineering--and by the way--spider's webs are stronger than steel--wow--even with our best inventions, we cannot top what God has made. We can't even figure out what we've figured out well...the more we learn, the more we learn that there is more to learn) is life and death.

Take the human body. When a person dies. The second after they are gone, a few minutes after...the body is still there. All of the processes, cells, structure, the eyes even are still open at times.... The body of a man looks like the man when he was alive...though he is "no longer with us" aka dead.

It's like there's a house, but no one is in there. The furniture is all still there, but the lights got turned off.

What's so pointing to God about that? The soul. We are a soul intertwined with a body. My body, is not only animated by my soul, but attached to it too. But not so the other way around. If I cut part of my flesh off, and put it on a table. The piece of flesh would sit there not moving, not animated. But I would be screaming bloody murder, and in horrid pain. That's so wild to me. My soul feels everything that my flesh feels.

But cut me when my soul has left, you will still get blood, I think, but I won't be in pain, I won't be there.

Point (though POORLY MADE...sorry)...the soul, the spirit, the LIFE in the body points to God. How complicated and thoughtfully made are we, that no two of us are the same. What algorithm is that that can make infinite fingerprints? God is the intelligent being who created this amazingly intelligent system. Look at the camouflage...WHOA...have you ever seen a cuttlefish? That's beyond's WAY MESMERIZINGLY WILD? Who comes up with this stuff? GOD?

Nature gives us the answers to the origin of life--God created it. The Bible tells, and some things science HAS figured out and proven...EVERYTHING that GOD has created screams His name.

If one listens, one will hear nature say God. Science's findings help to respect and just be in awe of the amazing thing God has created. He IS THE ONLY CREATOR. He REIGNS supreme, and ALL will find this out one day. He will say it louder than nature can, we He comes back in the End.


Kyra 17.05.2009. 18:39

Is this a good 1st draft to my book? I am in the 6th grade and I want your opinons. will you read this please? Cherry blossoms danced across the blue sky along the coast. A young 16-year-old boy named Takuto was taking a stroll down the water and occasionally stopping to look at the sunset or chuck a rock in the water. ?The ocean is almost flat today? he muttered to himself as he watched his rock skip across the salty ocean. The spring breeze played in his dark brown hair.
He looked up at the sky, shading his face as he looked at the sun. It was almost twelve. Although the beginning of spring had started barley a month ago his skin was already tanning. His mother had died two months ago. He remembered her last words to him and his sister, Sora. ?I am sorry to have to leave you both so soon. But you must remember that I will always be watching you. You both are meant for something great. Far greater that beyond your wildest dreams. Your father is not dead, he is left me something before he left though. I never had the heart to tell you?
He grimaced at the painful memory. Takuto slung back his arm to throw another rock, when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. His arm dropped to his side as he squinted to get a better look. There was a young woman lying face down in the sand. Takuto dropped the rock and practically flew across the sand. He turned the girl over and she gasped as fresh air flooded into her lungs.
?Hey, are you ok?? Takuto asked gently struggling to pick her up. The girl nodded and locked eyes with him. She had a long gash across her forehead and blood was oozing out on to her midnight waist length hair. She was wearing a black jumpsuit that was torn in many places. Her eyes were a piercing shade of grey, like storm clouds ready to hurl lightning bolts down to the earth. A single sapphire pendant hung from a silver chain. ?Luke.? She moaned, her eyes rolled back in her head as she fainted. Takuto stifled a gasp. He tore off one of his sleeves and used it as a temporary bandage across her head.
He ran back to his village carrying the young woman in his arms. ?Help!? he cried out. ?Help! Someone has been injured! Help!? he rushed up to the town clinic and pounded on the door. ?ALEX!!!! OPEN UP!!!! ALEX!!!? Takuto hollered as he pounded on the door with his fist. Curious people peeked out of their houses to see what the commotion was about. ?Help!? Takuto continued to cry out. Alex, the village doctor, opened the door.
?What is it now tak-? he stopped short. ?Who?s this?? he asked as he rushed Takuto inside.
?I don?t know! I found her lying on the beach!? Takuto gasped.
?all right, all right. Don?t panic. Now let?s set her down here.? Alex responded as they gently set her on a bed. ?Lets see what we have here? he muttered as he gently checked for broken bones. After a few minutes he stood up, brushing his hair from his face. and declared ?Nothing?s broken but she has quite a few cuts.? Takuto sighed in relief.
?I?ll help,? he offered. ?Alright then hand me those bandages over there.? Alex responded.
After they cleaned up the young woman Takuto sat near by and waited for the girl to awaken. After a few hours her eyes finally fluttered open. Takuto walked over. ?Hey. Remember me?? he asked. She nodded.
?You saved me,? she said in a honey sweet voice ?Who are you?? she asked cocking her head. ?Takuto, now what might your name be?? he responded as he got his first good look into her eyes. They where a startling shade of grey. ?I am Kyra.? She responded. ?Kyra? he echoed ?hmm.? Kyra fiddled with hair for a moment.
?So what happened to you? When I found you, you where pretty beaten up. And I don?t mean to pry but who is Luke?? Takuto asked. Kyra paused. ?I-I-I don?t know.? She responded, her voice quivering ?l-l-last thing I saw was a flash of b-b-blue light.?
Takuto thought for a moment. ?Well do you have any family?? he asked. ?I don?t know.? She responded. ?You don?t remember anything?? he asked, shocked. ?No? she responded, her eyes brimmed with tears ?I don?t know"


Admin 17.05.2009. 18:39

The whole thing is sort of.... I don't know. It moves both slow and fast at the same time. It's like... there's too much there. When I read it, it felt like I was just... reading it. I wasn't feeling any emotion, which is the sole purpose of fiction. Also, don't start with a flashback so early on. We hardly know your character, yet. Wait until we can at least sympathize with your character before sticking in a flashback. It's best, though, not to put in a flashback at all. Readers want to know what's happening in the present, not the past. Wait for some time to pass before she wakes up. Never say, "after a few hours..." because that's just like in those corny sitcoms that say, "Five years later, he was twenty five years old...." and that is moving waaay too fast. What, he just stands in one spot for "a few hours?" I mean, he has to do SOMETHING during that amount of time. This excerpt was just... a blank slate. I didn't feel panic when they felt panic, and I didn't feel... anything, really.

Also, I think you're suffering from a case of purple prose. Don't overly describe things; it just makes people either laugh or get bored. Keep things simple, and keep things moving. Every sentence in the story should either reveal character or advance the action.

Keep in mind that you're still in sixth grade. I wrote a "book" (if you could call it that) in sixth grade as well. Now, two years later, I read it again, and I flinch at practically every page. The best time to write a book is High school, I think. Even now, I know that my writing is seriously flawed. Nobody can write that good of a book when they're young... (unless they're a child prodigy, but that's beside the point.)

If you want to learn how to write a really good book, read "Stein on Writing" by Sol Stein.


Kenjiro 21.04.2009. 05:33

Samurai versus viking? Who do you think would win? I know they already did a "Deadliest Warrior" on this, but it doesn't take into account the individual fighter, and computer programs don't have the senses of a person.
I say samurai because...
a) agility
b) precision attacks
c) skill level is extremely high

as far as the individual fighter goes...there was a famous samurai, Miyamoto Musashi, who founded a fighting style where one would wield two swords, one long, and one "companion" sword (which was shorter in length). Personally, I think any viking who came up to a samurai using this fighting style would get pretty messed up.
Please explain to me if/how I'm wrong about this but...weren't the vikings raiders? Being raiders they had the element of surprise (extremely important in combat), but in a fight they wouldn't. Plus, pillaging villages? I don't remember ever hearing stories of ANY good fighters from villages, seeing as villages didn't even have an army...

So, please tell me who you think would win AND WHY!! Please support your answers!!!



Admin 21.04.2009. 05:33

The Samurai, in general, would win hands down.

The simple reasons is this: The vikings were an aggressive culture and a "war culture", but the Japanese were on a completely different level.

The Vikings attacked easy targets, villages with non-professional soldiers when possible or rudimentary fortifications. The Samurai were a warrior culture and among the greatest of all time. They began training as small children and were extremely disciplined in their training. They were fine tuned killing machines. The Vikings were little more than brutes.

I would put 10 solid samurai against 100 Europeans of any country any day (not full plate armored knights). Odds are, not even 1 Samurai would be dead and if they didn't run away and actually attacked, the 100 Europeans would likely be dead inside of 2 minutes. 5 minutes if they took their time. If they were fully armored knights, they would still lose, but it would take a bit longer to make it happen. They might manage to take out a samurai or two, just from the size of the force and the delay caused by the armor.


In the light of the other posts on this question, I feel I need to ad more. I have been trained in a samurai school, so I feel I have a little more first hand authority to comment on this than most posters if not all. I can't imagine any poster has had viking training.

1. Samurai had various levels and strengths of armor and it depends on which period you are going to match up against vikings.

2. Early Samurai swords were of a weaker nature and not intended for heavy use against heavy armor or parrying. After the Mongol invasions, those Samurai who had been involved in heavy fighting had many swords break on them. The reason for this was simple. Samurai were not used to engaging in prolonged battles against overwelming odds for hours. Samurai typically killed their opponents very quickly and were capable of striking flesh and light non-metal armor as well as bone with their cuts/strikes. As a result, the Samurai completely reengineered Katana swords to be much stronger and able to deal with heavy use in combat against other weapons and armor.

3. I think some of the persons who have posted here have commented on sword vs. armor/chain mail by applying typical European weapons against typical European armor. I also believe they have failed to take into account a number of factors that applied to the Samurai (which was more than just a "rank")

A Katana sword is the sharpest weapon the world has ever known. There are dozens of phases (typically) in the sharpening process. The final phase of which is accomplished by a fine powder. The last pricing I got for a professional sharpening was approximately $600 per inch X 39" (or whatever the Katana was) just to give you some sense of how much skill and time goes into it. I properly sharpened Katan will literally cut through most targets easier than a hot knife through butter.

Combine that, with the significant training in the use of the various muscles in the body to achieve maximum striking force that Samurai underwent. Samurai did anotomical studies to learn the best places to strike on the body, along with incorporating various moves with strikes to avoid squirting blood, etc... getting into their eyes.

The final and most macabre step in "certifying" a sword, was to take prisoners and tie them on top of each other and then cut through them in one strong stroke. The blade was rated based on how many prisoners it cut through in just 1 stroke, which often could be 3 or 4 or more.

4. The accuracy with which Samurai warriors and various monks have been able to master archery and swordsmanship pushing the very brink of even imaginability and for most, beyond believability. Archers are able to literally fire an arrow at a target, get a bullseye and then fire another arrow and split the first arrow (yes, just like Robin Hood except for real). They can achieve an incredible level of accuracy even on horseback or running.

5. Samurai swordsmen are so finely tuned, that they can target specific organs in the body, muscles, tendons, etc.. in their strikes. This is combined with martial arts training.

What all this means is, if there is a gap in the armor of the enemy anywhere, they are going to find it and put that Katana into it. If there is chain-mail, they are probably going to be able to cut right through it, even if the sword will need serious repair later. If there is a shielf wall that prevents them somehow from engaging in one-on-one combat, then they would improvise and break the line to allow access at the Vikings.

To the best of my knowledge, most Vikings were not wearing full plate armor or even full armor of any kind, so the Samurai would have had opportunities to exploit these gaps. It could have been an exposed achillies tendon or hamstring, but they would find it and exploit it.


Jazmine 15.07.2012. 20:30

My mum has Borderline personality disorder? How can I cope? Please help!? I'm 15 years old and I live with my little sister and Borderline mother. She takes medication and all that but it doesn't seem to help much at all. One minute she will be all nice telling me she loves me and giving me stuff and the next minute she will be pushing me into walls, telling me she wants to kill me, hitting me, screaming in my face, threatening me and telling me how much of a failure I am. My family has been broken beyond repair. Her illness has destroyed mine and my 5 year old sisters life. Sometimes she just lies in bed all day and cries. She makes me look after my sister even when I have plans and if I refuse she tries to make me feel guilty by crying more and saying she's a failure of a parent and that she doesn't deserve to live. She's tried to kill herself in the past and even once blamed me for a suicide atempt! She said I drove her over the edge. I'm not a bad person and never have been. I always feel uncomfortable around her because I don't know when she will turn abusive again. I don't sleep or eat properly. The only thing that calms me is smoking. I can't turn to my dad because he has bad paranoia issues and isn't much help. My grandmother always blames me and sticks up for my mum. I actually hate my mother. I hate being around her. I always help her with housework and getting her things, looking after my sister but she never thanks me! She always tells me that I should of done better. I need help so bad. What should I do to cope? I've tried so many things. Please help?!


Admin 15.07.2012. 20:30

I'm so sorry for what you are going through. No child should ever have to live like this. I suspect you won't believe me but this is child abuse to you and your sister. Serious neglect and physical emotional and mental abuse of the worst kind. You did not ask to be born is a very true saying, they decided to have children and you didn't pick them as parents. Parents have a certain duty of care to their kids and if they can't look after them they should say so and ask for help before it's too late. I can see your mum attacking you seriously one day. You've grown up with this thinking it's OK or normal but it's far far worse than that. Your mum may have BPD and your dad paranoia what do they think you have now? They are the adults here! They are the responsible ones not you, you have done nothing wrong no matter what your mum says.

You need to get out of there fast. Either wait until it's quiet pack as many clothes for the 2 of you that you can carry and walk to the police station or a phone box a few streets away and dial emergency services and ask for police. Tell them you are running away from abusive parents. They will listen to you both and get social services involved. No matter what happens you will be looked after properly, fed, encouraged to study, not expected to do more than your fair share of housework. You will get people to talk to who know what it's ike to go through this sort of nightmare. It's not commonplace but it's not totally unusual, there are lots of BPD'ers out there doing their best to wreck everyone lives with their emotional blackmail. I know it's no excuse but emotionally they suffer great pain themselves.

It doesn't really respond to medication so I don't hold out any hopes of that helping. DBT will help but not until she's ready for the treatment to work wanting to change and improve. Some do well on a Prozac antidepressant and small doses of antipsychotic to calm them down. They still need a couple of years of hard work on therapy to make enough changes to life style to make things actually different for them. Your mum needs to totally change the way she reacts to life and when she's learnt the new coping skills she has to be aware to put them in place the next time a disaster comes along in her life and keep applying them ever after.

At 15 you'll be able to move on at 18 but your little sister won't maybe if things go well you'll be granted custody of her when you're 18 and given a sheltered flat to live in together. I'd suggest cutting your parents out of your lives for good unless they manage to make huge changes in their lives and apologise for what they've done to you both. I'd still keep them at arms length.

Sadly your parents may have been brought up poorly themselves and they may have had mental health disorders to cope with. Still many comes from there determine to do better by their kids than the way they were treated. You can break that chain yourself by being a better parent having witnessed how this affects people. Sadly in the first 2-3 years of life patterns are set down we won't remember clearly if at all. That doesn't change the fact that 3 years of abuse and neglect took place that scars children for life. Take a 2 year old and taunt them refuse to look after them, scream and shout at them and see how they respond. In time they may learn to trust no one, that their needs won't be met, that they are not loved or lovable and so on. All children need unconditional love to turn out well rounded safe secure adults. This is all down to 2-3 years of child abuse when you were small.

Lots of 15 year old write to us asking about mental disorders or teen relationships and here is you coping with all of this on top. Life is very unfair some times. If I knew you I'd come fetch the 2 of you myself I'm so angry about this situation. Don't allow anyone to tell you that you are the one who is the difficult teenager. Explain to your sis what you are doing and why so she feels part of the progress and she knows what to tell the police and social care workers. They will speak to her alone at some stage but they'll be nice and kind and are well trained in dealing with this sort of sensitive case and age group. Hopefully they'll find a joint foster care home together inside 24 hours. It may mean moved a bit further and going to new schools but to keep you protected .

Just go, don't turn back or regret a fresh start.

My thoughts are with the 2 of you tonite (((((HUGGS))))))


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