Do People Really Take Jobs for Money?

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Do People Really Take Jobs for Money?

By: Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

Money motives in American culture appear to be what drives a job seeker to accept a job. Why work if it is not for money?

The intangibles count more than money! What are these intangibles? Pleasant co-workers, interesting tasks to do, fair management, health benefits, retirement plans, etc. Money seems almost an extra perk that goes with the other things that can't really be measured.

And money paid to someone who is unhappy in their job is like paying someone to commit suicide while still being alive. The worker wishes the pain would end, but it doesn't, so he or she trudges along pretending and suffering. The effort needed to make a change, just isn't there. For that person, it is a badge of honor. Honorable suffering!

The idea of looking and finding something better doesn't exist. This job keeper is a prisoner of their own thoughts and efforts.

The job holder who is happy, successful and feels good, is with an employer and knows that the money is there to satisfy his/her needs. The struggling and striving for position, power and more money is not there as the job they are in is what they want. It's like feeling satisfied after a good meal.

This situation is a yes answer about money. The unhappy worker needs to break the mold and find more of the positive answers to a life. The jobs are there that do give workers money, good co-workers, positive managers and pleasant tasks to do. It's up to the unhappy "not in a good place or job" to be honest and stop the nose to the grindstone mentality. It does take some "gumption" to find the next, good job!

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Gabby Q 15.07.2009. 22:25

What would you spend your summer job money on? Would you save some? 16-18 year olds, what would you spend summer job money on. Would you save it or spend it? What would you buy?

Gabby Q

Admin 15.07.2009. 22:25

I dont exactly have a job this summer but last summer i saved most of it to spend in nyc when i went their in April. the rest of it i spent at the mall on clothes and jewelry


Sharon A 20.03.2009. 01:04

How can i raise money for board? I am looking into aquiring a horse but i dont really know how i can affort board with maybe a bit of money left over. Good paying jobs? money saving tips? i would be boarding a private barn that doesnt hire.
IM 16 and aware not to buy untill i can affort. i would most likely not be showing either, just riding at the barn.

Sharon A

Admin 20.03.2009. 01:04

Get a job, they are note cheap and not only board but you got to think about:

Deworming ($40/year)
Shots (between $50-$80/year)
Coggins ($35/year)
Trims / shoes ($40-Trim, $100 up for shoes / 1-2 months)
Tack (Halter, Lead rope, saddle, saddle pad, bridle, bit, brushes, ect extra of that stuff incase something breaks) (start adding stuff to the cart on!)
Feed / Hay / Supplements (bag of grain $9-$15 hay $5-$10 bale/weekly to monthly)
Blankets (if your into that) ($50-$200)

It adds up quick....and I'm sure I missed something!


Mattie 04.06.2013. 22:58

What kind of jobs can I get with a bachelors degree in Environmental Science? I really really want to work in a job where I work outside with my hands, helping to conserve nature/wildlife/plants etc. I recently got the opportunity of a lifetime that will only happen once and I want to make sure perusing a bachelors degree in Environmental Science is the way to go and that I don't join the huge pool of people who never use their degrees are now in debt and work minimum wage jobs. Money is not a huge aspect for me but I'm hoping to find a career that makes around $30,000 possibly more. Is there anyone out there who works this kind of job that would be willing to answer some questions? Does anyone know if this is truly a viable career option with growth or if it's super competitive and nearly impossible to get into? Anyways I REALLY appreciate any comments. Thank you. After tireless internet searches it'd be nice to talk to a real person with this kind of job or someone who knows for sure.


Admin 04.06.2013. 22:58

Some of your options include the following:
Environmental Sciences and Protection Technician, Including Health
Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Manager
Environmental Scientist
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Consultant
Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Specialist
Project Manager, Environmental
Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Coordinator
Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Director
Environmental Manager


Invisible 08.09.2009. 02:25

How much money would you have to have to feel financially secure? Not rich but fairly comfortable? Without having a job, money you would have to make last.

Is that number in your reach?

Which way do you lean politically?


Admin 08.09.2009. 02:25

$1.00 more than I will ever have.


leeann 16.02.2009. 23:06

What would be a cool summer job to do after just graduating? I wanna have a fun job, money doesnt matter, something like work on a cruise ship or work with animals, what are some ideas?


Admin 16.02.2009. 23:06

very doubtful there will be much summer work for kids


krispooh0614 20.07.2007. 17:14

How do i get alternative loans for school w/o a job or credit history, I have federal loans already? I need money for school and my school has already given me federal loans, but I dont have a job, money, or anyone willing to cosign a loan for me to go to school, I might have to drop out of school, but I don't want to because I have endured so much just to get into school...So what should I do?


Admin 20.07.2007. 17:14

Honestly, your best bet is to look for grants. The college also has work-study programs which will give you a job on campus. It may not pay much but at least you can set up a student payment plan(these are usually paid monthly and dont charge interest). If you look online there should be several websites that list scholarships. Also, your school probably has some of their own. Best of luck to you and dont give up.=)


Crystal R 17.07.2007. 01:25

Should I find a job or wait for my social security disability to come through? I have been off from work since April '06. Long term disability has denied me coverage so I had to apply for social security disability for help. My doctor won't let me return to my regular job. Money is getting tight should I wait for the social security that might back pay me or should I get a job that I can do now?

Crystal R

Admin 17.07.2007. 01:25

You should wait ,cause whatever job you do get will lower your benfit award(payment).That is the problem with worker's comp and disability.You don't get rich and by the time you get payed your behind in bills and owe your friends and family money.You should have just quit your job and placed a lawsuit on your employer.You would have gotten payed more money with quicker results.


furrykinz 07.06.2008. 14:32

How can I get more local babysitting jobs? I babysit for one great family already but i would like more money coming in so i can get a laptop! Let me know! I love children and if its a good family i am up for the job. Money really doesn't matter but feeling important and trusted and a great entertainer is the kind of job I am looking for. Let me know all your ideas!

Thanks all comments will be read, I hope!!

Feel free to share all your thoughts!!


Admin 07.06.2008. 14:32

As a mom, I don't usually find my babysitters from a flyer. I am more likely to call someone that one of my friends has recommended. I'd start with the family that you are already babysitting for and ask them if they know of any other families that need babysitting.


bubbles 03.09.2012. 20:20

do hairdressers make good money doing homers instead of working in a salon? when they go to people houses or they come to theirs, they work for themselves would you say that it is a good job money wise?


star ray 01.03.2008. 19:14

Finance on a car. What can you do if your lost your job and cant afford the paybacks? got brand new car mid last year job/money has fallen what can i do ? i have a 5 year finance with through the bank. is there anyway i can down grade so i have less to pay each month, thanks

star ray

Admin 01.03.2008. 19:14

Go and see your bank and explain the situation before they start to pressure you for any missed payments. You are not the first person that has found themselves in this position.
They will obviously want their money back, somehow, but it`s better to approach them before you get a "see me"
Good luck, hope it turns out ok for you.


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