Elvis Left The Building And Moved In With Me!

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Elvis Left The Building And Moved In With Me!

By: Michaela Scherr

I've lived in some very strange homes. Funny thing is they were all pretty much what could be classed as your average suburban home. Some were new and others old. The common denominator was that odd things would happen in all of them.

Years ago no matter where I lived, whether a house was new or not, I'd experience doors opening and closing by themselves, items disappearing only to be found later in the strangest places, seeing people others didn't and being touched by unseen hands. Not only was this unnerving; it was also really frustrating! Each time I moved I'd think " Here we go again! What surprises are in store for me this time? "

As luck would have it I eventually learned several, priceless techniques on how to 'cleanse' my homes on an energy level.

We clean our houses by tidying up, vacuuming, dusting and washing. For us to live comfortably, peacefully and in a more healthy way, we should also take some time to clean the subtle world that surrounds us, every now and again.

You'll know when you need to do something; this will be when you get a feeling something's not right - but it should be, and there's a sense of disharmony in your home. Of course there will be many other things that you'll intuitively pick up.

Sometimes it's a bit more than 'negative' or 'stale' energy though. It's possible that it may be a 'spirit' that's quite comfortable living in your space. This is where it can get a bit tricky. From speaking to people over the years, there are some who would rather not mention this type of activity to anybody for fear of ridicule, which is highly understandable. Just imagine " By the way, I have ghosts living with me, isn't that amazing? " answer, " Yeah right, and Elvis left the building and moved in with me! "

Since the early days of my studies I've often been asked what can be done to get rid of this disharmony or negative energy, including what to do with unwelcome 'disembodied' guests.

Well there are a number of simple things you can do.

What you have:

1. Lights flickering on and off, the radio and television sets turn on and off.

2. Doors open and close by themselves.

3. Homes that can feel heavy, lethargic, stale or spooky.

4. Disembodied voices coming from no where in particular.

5. Rooms appear to have wind drafts or sudden temperature drops that defy explanation.

What you check:

1. Get an electrician in to check all electrical wiring, including electrical appliances.

2. Doors may have faulty knobs or need to be rehung.

3. Check for excessive clutter in rooms. Does the place need a makeover? Does the home get enough fresh air?

4. Radios, television sets could be on or any other equipment that can produce a sound.

5. Goes without saying really ... check weather conditions, and whether (pardon the pun) windows or doors are open.

What you can do:

1. De-clutter rooms, rearrange the furniture, and put away things you no longer need or use. Bring in brightly coloured flowers either in vases or the potted variety.

2. Create a white column of light and move those pesky free loaders to the next level of the astral plane (you may have to call in a spiritual adept for this one).

3. Do a huge spring clean, wash all curtains, windows, floor mats, cushions etc.

4. Use essential oils such as lavender and cedarwood, for grounding, balancing, cleansing, and healing. I use them for balancing and protecting in my home.

5. Use flower, gem, or other vibrational essences for sprays for cleansing the air in each room.

Of course if you have activity that is more persistent, it's time to call in a spiritual adept person that has experience in ghost busting.

About The Author

Michaela Scherr is a Transformational Coach (http://www.michaelascherr.com), certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), writer, and Metaphysician who is totally committed to helping others create positive and action oriented changes to their lives.

Michaela is the author of several e-books including Book of 10 Colour Meditation Scripts and Basic House-Clearing 101 the Energy Way. She is also publisher of a monthly newsletter called From My Desk; an engaging, inspirational, and often humorous newsletter which offers 'real life' tips aimed towards achieving a more peaceful, spiritual and fulfilled 'real' life.


Married to David, Michaela has two children and a grandchild and currently lives in Brisbane Australia.

Copyright Michaela Scherr.

This article may be reproduced as long as it remains intact and the author is acknowledged.


HULK RULES!! 06.07.2009. 23:11

How good of a fued can u make this? Put Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley (before he got fat) in a match against each other. Must have atleast 4 weeks of build up culminating in a match at Night of Champions. Winner gets to keep their title of King. Must give us move by move details of the match and tell us about any special match stipulations. Also, you must tell us what entrance music each one uses. Most detailed, most creative answer wins.
And what would the name of their finishing moves be?


Admin 06.07.2009. 23:11

Ok, it would start at week 1, MJ would come out on Raw and his adoring fans would be yelling and screaming, MJ would be like Thank you, Thank you so much, I have something to say, I here today declare my self the official King of Pop, because of all of you great fans, thank you. I got to thank all of you, for making me the best artist of all time, and next week, I will give you a very special performance live on raw, Thank you.

Just as MJ is getting ready to leave, The King, Elvis Presly music would hit, MJ would be so shocked, Elvis would come out in his infamous jumpsuit and stare down the ramp and look MJ right in the eyes and begin speaking into his Mic.

"Whoa, did you just say what I thought you said. Sorry Boy, but you are far from the best of all time, you aren't even that good. Whoa, I mean seriously, all you are is a wanna be me. You changed your look, You changed your appearance, you even went as far as to marry my daughter, but, oh no you are no Elvis, you are nothing but a, creepy, plastic surgery addicted, freak, who likes to play with boys. MJ, you might as well face it, there is only one true King, and you're looking at him buddy, Thank you, Elvis has left the building."

Elvis would make his exist and MJ would be left standing in the ring completely p*ssed off.

Week 2, It is time for MJ grand performance, the building goes dark, then the lights come on, and standing in the middle of the ring is MJ with his band, they begin to perform his hit single Annie are you OK, MJ gives the performance of his life complete with all his greatest dance moves, MJ, after his performance, the lights go off again, then a few seconds later, they come back on, and there at the top of the ramp appears Elvis with his band, Elvis, with guitar in hand, looks down at MJ and smiles, he strums his guitar once, then twice, then begins to perform his hit single Jail house rock. The crowd goes wild and MJ begins to get frustrated and jealous. At the end of the performance, MJ grabs a Microphone and speaks.

" How could you, This is suspose to be my big night, I promise, I will get my vengence, Elvis, I will take something near and dear to you, I promise."

Elvis just looks at MJ and grins and says Thank you, Elvis has left the building, then makes his exist.

Week 3, During a back stage interview Todd Grisham asks Elvis why he has targeted Micheal Jackson, and Elvis replies.

"Look, I am the original king, The King Of Rock, who in the blue hell is this Michael Jackson Character, I tell you Grish, he is a freak with a melted off nose. He doesn't even compare to me, Grish, Talent, I'm better, Looks, I am better, and there is no one, and Elvis means no one who can duplicate that, MJ, I know you're watching, I say if you have any guts, face me, face me at night of champions and lets decide once and for all who is the undisputed King of Rock and Pop. Thank You, Elvis has left the building."

Elvis looks at Todd, and just as he begins to make his exist Bobo the Monkey hops on his back. Elvis struggles and struggles, but can not get Bobo off, all of the sudden MJ comes from out of no where and give Elvis a clothesline. Bobo hops off of Elvis and MJ leaves Elvis lying on the ground. MJ speaks.

"You want to challenge me, I accept, and I'll do you one better, next week, if you have the guts, meet me in the ring, one on one face to face. Whee hee, Sucka."

Week 4, the final Raw before night of champions, Elvis music hits, he grabs the mic and says come on micheal, you wanted it, come on down, lets face off. MJ's music hits, and MJ comes to the ring, Elvis and MJ stand face to face, and the crowd goes wild. All of the sudden, Bobo comes out from under the ring, and from behind does a chop block to Elvis' legs. MJ begins to stomp on Elvis' Chest, Elvis lies on the ground and MJ goes outside the ring for a steal chair, and the crowd boos. MJ reenters the ring and Elvis begins to get up to his knees. Just as MJ as getting ready to hit Elvis Lisa Marie Pressley runs down to the ring and grabs the steal chair from MJ's hands. She shakes her head and tells MJ don't do it, MJ tries to get the chair back but then Lisa reasons with him so he gives her the chair, then, all of a sudden she charges at her dad and smacks him with the chair. Bobo, Lisa, and MJ stand in the ring over Elvis' body.

Night of Champions, MJ's music hits, his entrance the Thiller music, he is accompanied by Lisa Marie, and he enters the ring and does a quick spend and a crotch grab.

Elvis' music hits, his theme is his hit single hounddog. He enters the ring.

Elvis and MJ stand face to face, in the ring and the Ref rings the bell. The match starts with a dance off, MJ does a spin, crotch grab, says whee hee, and then does the moon walk. Elvis is standing there shaking his head in disbelief. He mutters this is how its done, and begins to wiggle his hips, the crowd especially the ladies go wild and MJ is enraged. MJ goes for the first


Irascible Interlocutor 06.05.2008. 17:17

What is Bill Clinton's agenda for globalization if Hillary wins? President Bill Clinton and the William J. Clinton Foundation have launched the Clinton Global Agenda to help our world move beyond the current state of globalization to a more integrated global community of shared benefits, responsibilities, and values. The mission of the William J. Clinton Foundation, and the goal of this Initiative, is to increase the benefits and reduce the burdens of global interdependence; to make a world of more partners and fewer enemies; and to give more people the tools they need to build a better future.

What exactly does this mean? It's so vaguely worded it could mean anything. I guess it all depends on what is, is.

Hillary's plan for rewriting the rules for Nafta and obliterating Iran seem to mesh well with the Clinton Global Agenda.


The question is, Does Bill Clinton have an agenda and if so, what is it and how will it benefit YOU?

Irascible Interlocutor

Admin 06.05.2008. 17:17

Hillary is capute, done, finished, finalized, out to pasture, Elvis left the building, shows over, fat lady is singing..Glad you got your last call for alchol too don't forget to clean up your idiotic vomit you left trying to beat your Obama hang-over...

Good Bye Hillary and take your "Sniper" memoirs with you..

To all Hillary supporters the "SNIPER DELEGATES" would like you to step aside, so they can put down your PIGEON..

Obama 08


Paul 08.11.2008. 02:27

Do you think you can answer my nearly unanswerable question about music? Who started the old "encore routine" at concerts?
It never fails, every concert i have ever been to always has the timeless routine of playing their "last song" and then leaving the stage. When the crowd roars for more they miraculously come out and play some of their best songs and everyone goes home happy =] anyone know who started this and was the crowd really roaring enough to get them to come back out? not just some shtick everyone does now


Admin 08.11.2008. 02:27

wasnt kiss, sorry , you lose.
Soloists or classical music groups like orchestras often show again their artistic potential by playing fast, high or loud pieces in the encore, but sometimes they also close the performance with slow and calm pieces to let the applause ebb down. It is also common to play the hit songs of a band or the most famous pieces of a composer in the encore. A well-known example is the performance of the Radetzky March and The Blue Danube at the end of the Vienna New Year's Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra; both pieces are never listed in the official setlist, but are traditionally played every year.

In most circumstance it has become quite standard for most rock and pop groups or artists to give an encore performance, especially in large setting such as stadium performances. Some rock or pop bands include their encore as the second half of the concert. For example the Jamaican reggae musician Bob Marley and his band The Wailers were known to play the concerts of their last two tours in 1979 and 1980 in two halves: after the first half was performed they stopped performing for some minutes to tune their instruments again or to have a break, while the audience was demanding for more. They continued to play the concert with the encore which lasted about an hour. Sometimes they even played one or two additional songs after the actual encore. Similarly, former Guided by Voices frontman Robert Pollard generally plays songs from his solo career for the first half of his shows, and then, for the inevitable encore, will play a lengthy selection of Guided by Voices songs, with the two halves generally having roughly equal duration. The 'stage vernacular' for when the musicians leave the stage as if they've finished the show, only to come back on again is "false tabs".

Of all the extremely popular musical artists in the past 60 years, only one was known for never returning to the stage to do an encore, and that was Elvis Presley, a practice his manager Col. Tom Parker felt was the best manner by which to leave audiences wanting. The phrase Elvis has left the building, used at the beginning of his career (when he was not the headliner), and followed by a plea for them to return to their seats, and stay in the building so as to watch those that followed Presley's act, was then used, (once he became the headliner, when it was invariably followed by a polite "thank you, and good night"), to imply to those present at the concert that there was not going to be an encore and that, therefore, they should move on and leave the premises, since he'd already left the building himself.

Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Encore_(concert)"


Answer Maniac 19.03.2010. 02:45

How long does a list poem have to be? Array

Answer Maniac

Admin 19.03.2010. 02:45

How long is a piece of string?

Here is one answer!

Elvis: American David. A poem by Bono
The following tribute to Elvis Presley was written by Bono in 1995.

elvis son of tupelo.

elvis mama's boy.

elvis the twin brother of Jesse who died at birth and was buried in a shoe box.

elvis drove a truck.

elvis was recorded at sun studios by the musical diviner sam phillips.

elvis was managed by colonel tom parker, an ex-carnie barker whose last act was a singing canary.

elvis was the most famous singer in the world since king david.

elvis lived on his own street.

elvis liked to play speed cop.

elvis had a monkey named scatter before anyone.

elvis wore a cape at the white house when he was presenting nixon with two silver pistols.

elvis was a member of the drug squad.

elvis wore eye make up, just hangin' out.

elvis wore a gold nudie suit and trained his lip to curl.

elvis was macho, but could sing like a girl.

elvis was not a big talker.

elvis was articulate in every other way.

elvis dyed his hair black to look like valentino.

elvis held a microphone the way valentino held nitanaldi in blood and sand.

elvis dressed black long before he dressed in black.

elvis sang black except in lower registers where he was a student of dean martin.

elvis admired mario lanza.

elvis delivered the world from crooning.

elvis was a great crooner.

elvis had a voice that could explain the sexuality of america.

elvis was influenced by jim morrison in his choice of black leather for the '68 comeback special.

elvis invented the beatles.

elvis achieved world domination from a small town.

elvis was conscious of myth.

elvis had pharoah-like potential.

elvis was made by america, so america could remake itself.

elvis had good manners.

elvis was a bass, a baritone, and a tenor.

elvis sang his heart out at the end.

elvis the opera singer.

elvis the soap opera.

elvis loved america, God, the bible, firearms, the movies, the office of presidency, junk food, drugs, cars, family,television, jewellery, straight talkin', dirty talkin' gameshows, uniforms, and self-help books.

elvis like america, wanted to improve himself.

elvis like america, started out loving but later turned on himself.

elvis body could not stop moving.

elvis is alive, we're dead.

elvis the charismatic.

elvis the ecstatic.

elvis the plastic, elvis the elastic with a spastic dance that might explain the energy of america.

elvis fusion and confusion.

elvis earth rod in a southern dorm.

elvis shaking up an electrical storm.

elvis in hollywood his voice gone to ground.

elvis in las vegas with a big brassy sound.

elvis the first rock'n'roll star with scotty moore, bill black, and dj fontana.

elvis with james burton and ronny tutt.

elvis the movie star made three good films: viva las vegas, flaming star, and jailhouse rock.

elvis the hillbilly brought rhythm to the white race, blues to pop, and rock'n'roll to where ever rock'n'roll is.

elvis the pelvis, swung from africa to europe, which is the idea of america.

elvis liberation.

elvis the kung fu would come later.

elvis hibernation.

elvis built a theme park he later called Graceland.

elvis woke up to whispers.

elvis thought of himself as a backslider.

elvis knew guilt like a twin brother.

elvis called God every morning then left the phone off the hook.

elvis turned las vegas into a church when he sang "love me tender".

elvis turned america into a church when he sang "the trilogy".

elvis was harangued by choice; flesh vs spirit, God vs rock'n'roll mother vs lover, father vs the colonel.

elvis grew sideburns as a protest against tom jones' hairy chest.

elvis would have a president named after him.

elvis was one of the boys.

elvis was not one of the boys.

elvis had an acute intelligence disguised as talent.

elvis broke pirscilla's heart.

elvis broke lisa marie's heart.

elvis woke up my heart.

elvis white trash.

elvis the memphis flash.

elvis didn't smoke hash and woulda been a sissy without johnny cash.

elvis didn't dodge the draft.

elvis had his own aircraft.

elvis having a laugh on the lisa marie in a colour photograph.

elvis under the hood.

elvis cadillac blood.

elvis darling bud flowered and returned to the mississippi mud.

elvis ain't gonna rot.

elvis in a memphis plot.

elvis didn't hear the shot but the king died just across the lot from.

elvis vanilla ice cream.

elvis girls of 14.

elvis memphis spleen shooting at the tv reading corinthians 13.

elvis with God on his knees.

elvis on three tvs.

elvis here come the killer bees head full of honey, potato chips and cheese.

elvis the bumper stickers.

elvis the white knickers.

elvis the white nigger ate at burger king and just kept getting bigger.

elvis sang to win.

elvis the battle to be slim.

elvis a


Tara D 19.09.2008. 03:15

Graceland Mansion? How are the rooms laid out? I am trying to find a map or guide on the internet that will show me the way the Mansion is laid out. Or some way to find out? I have searched through so many websites and images, and suprisingly I can find one.

Tara D

Admin 19.09.2008. 03:15

Upon entering Graceland, the white staircase, filled with reflective mirrors, is directly in front of you. To the right is the Living Room with the adjoining Music Room, it is the first room to be presented on the tour. There are rails up prohibiting you to go fully into the Living Room and you can only see part of the Music Room which is hidden behind a doorway framed by vivid large peacocks set in beautiful stained glass. It was here in this doorway, in front of the stained glass that Elvis' casket was placed for the funeral held in his home. What you can see in the Music Room is a white baby grande piano and a old 70's style TV. The Living Room is almost imposing with its larger than life 9 foot solid white sofa that sits against the wall that overlooks Graceland's front yard. To your left is a white firplace, immaculant, everything perfectly displayed in its place. Here in the Living Room hangs the painting that was Elvis' last Christmas present from his father Vernon, also displayed here are photographs of Elvis' parents Vernon and Gladys Presley, Elvis and Lisa Marie. These rooms are then followed with a walk past the grand stair case to Elvis' parents room.

In Elvis's parent's bedroom once again white is the prominent color. A dramatic velvet looking dark purple bedspread drapes elegantly onto the floor at the foot of the queen size bed. The walls, dresser, bed and carpet are bright white. Once again a rail prohibits you from going directly inside the room, to your right is the closet, sealed with see through glass showing 4 or 5 of dresses Gladys' wore. To the left is a pink full bathroom, almost obscured from sight because of your velvet rope barrier.

Next the tour takes you into the dining room and the kitchen. The tour continues through the basement, where Elvis's media room with its three televisions can be viewed. A bar and billiards room can also be found. The tour continues back upstairs, through the famous Jungle Room. After the Jungle room, you exit the house to the backyard, past Lisa Marie's childhood swingset, to a small white building that served as his father Vernon's office. Through the office there is a small room containing a scale model of the home he was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. In what used to be an old smokehouse you come upon Elvis' shooting range. Down the sloping lawn, past beautiful horses grazing behind the neat white fences, you enter the "Trophy Room". Originally this space was just a sidewalk behind the house that Elvis had enclosed to store his many items of appreciation. Just inside is Elvis' famous gold lamé suit from his early years.

The Living Room, GracelandThere is much to see every where at Graceland, in the Trophy Room there seem to be few walls that are uncluttered with records, movie posters, old time memorabilia of lipstick and shoes, even a 1950's Elvis doll. The Trophy Room has everything from the three Grammy's Elvis won to Priscilla's wedding dress, Elvis' wedding tuxedo, Lisa Marie's toy chest and baby clothes to the infamous hall of Elvis' many gold records and awards. The Trophy Room then winds you down the halls through a display of his 68 Comeback, featuring his leather suit, his personal copies of his movie scripts, the costumes he wore in many of his movies and a few of his infamous "jumpsuits". Also in this room are all the awards and distinctions Elvis received. Also hanging on the wall is a display of the many canceled checks Elvis wrote to various charities.

Exiting the opposite side of the Trophy Room you are once again back outside on a sidewalk moving past more grazing horses, past immaculantly kept prfectly green lawns and past his still fully functioning stable of horses. Elvis's Racketball Court is next. The court now houses a display of Elvis' trademark sequined "jumpsuits".


Daisygirl 14.11.2007. 08:06

Elvis has left the Building? Where did the expression "Elvis has left the Building" come from and why is it such a joke to say it?


Admin 14.11.2007. 08:06

'Elvis has left the Building' was originally used by promoter Horace Lee Logan on December 15, 1956, to plead with concertgoers not to leave a concert hall to try to see Elvis as he left, and instead remain to see the other acts on the bill. The full quotation was "Please, young people... Elvis has left the building. He has gotten in his car and driven away.... Please take your seats." Former Houston Oilers coach Jerry Glanville popularized it in the early 80's (to refer to his team's imminent victory over its opponents).

The phrase has since become a pop culture catch phrase and punchline, used to refer to anyone who has exited in some sense. For instance, it might be used when someone makes a dramatic exit, such as at the end of an argument, partly to relieve tension among those who remain. Baseball announcers on radio or television sometimes use the phrase as a humorous way to describe a home run, which is typically hit over the outfield fence and into the stands. Also, some online communities use a variant of or reference to the phrase to refer to someone who has ceased to be a part of the community - e.g. "looks like he's Elvissed". It may also be said in a snide or sarcastic manner, such as the exit of a disliked character (possibly their exit to an off-screen death).

The words became part of the Elvis legend and were repeated at many subsequent shows. Now they're a catchphrase whose meaning, usually tinged with irony, is clear to all: the show's over, the curtain has fallen, the sun has set, that's all she wrote, the fat lady has sung, our work here is done, move along, nothing more to see, disperse, beat it, turn the page, hit the road, don't forget to tip your waitress, pack it up, turn out the lights, das ist alles, time's up, toodle-oo, exeunt omnes, class dismissed, back to work, don't let the screen door hit you where the good Lord split you, end of story, that's all there is there ain't no more, so long, hasta la vista, you don't have to go home but you can't stay here, later gator, 30, buh-bye, get lost, ite missa est, the end, finito, Scotty, beam me up.


Ahuma K 29.09.2006. 16:04

where can i find written free tutorial on learning and writing music and how to play guitar? need basic step by step tutorial on reading and writing and playing guitar, most site request for fees for sample, i don't need that. thank you

Ahuma K

Admin 29.09.2006. 16:04

to start out, learn chords- first the major and minors in open neck position. then go onto added chord forms eg Dsus Aadd9 ect. then learn your bar chords, these are more difficult and take a while but will eventually master. Once you have done that learn diminished and augamented chords, and with the minor and major chords you can play all songs. because all other altered chord forms when playing with another musician you can all play the basic chord form. eg A9 you can play A. Em6 you can play Eminor ect. next learn your scales practice everyday. the main scales to learn in order of importance are the pentatonic scale, blues scale, majorscale, harmonic minor, diminished scale. this will develope your ear as well as your fingers. also you will be able to identify how chords fit into scales. make sure you learn back and forth picking. latter even try the learn fingerpick this will give your rythym an edge with a modern sound, it is also make it more interesting when playing guitar on your own. try to learn similar styles to chet atkins, tommy emanuel ect. next learn the scales in 3rds. cause you will adentify this type of melody playing ina lot of songs. the pentatonic and blues scale cant be played in 3rds but play in instead 4ths and 5ths.these add to lead playing than just playing single note riffs. and you can also even add thirds to basic chord structures to get a moving more interesting sound of complexity. here a few of my trade secrets. to any bass note can add 3 notes of a seventh chord built on any mode of that particular scale. to any chord can add a third(two notes a third apart) in any mode to that particular scale. later you can adapt inversions eg third inverted becomes a sixth and forth inverted becomes a fifth. try software like chord wizard for understanding chords Iam sure the earlier versions are freeware now. pc user issued version 1.5 a couple of years ago now. as for reading music i cant so you will have to source somewhere else. You probably dont understand alot of what i said here. but keep this safe somewhere and learn until you find what iam saying here and understand it. i have placed some secret knowledge to what i have discovered through my own journey of music. whether it is secret or not iam not sure but i certainly discovered it for myself.
i have also designed a chart to do with modulation, for key changes. basically an example:
c d e
g a b
d e f#
this is a smaller version of the larger chart.you can work this out by seeing the amount of semitones the find the next hidden letters to build up the larger chart. these letters above represent the major scale. what you dont see is the harmonic minor, blues and pentatonic scales. so i will give a clue so you can write them into your chart. in with a is f#harmonic minor,f#blues and a pentatonic scales. also there is a g# diminished scale these all represent the a on the chart. the rules are this you can move to any key on the chart one step away only to change key, to any of the scales in that key. but when we get a diminished scale you can jump a further distance. because example c a f# diminished scale have the same notes so when use you this scale you can soar up diagonally to the left and jump off into a neighbouring key further away from the initial point. about me. iam a improvisist guitarist and been playing guitar 25 years mainly in christian circles, hey but dont knock it the beatles and elvis had there roots in the church and did all right for themselves. like i said keep this stuff and email me in years to come and let me know if you worked out what iam saying here.


Reasonable 28.07.2006. 21:21

Does anyone care that the WoW guild, Ascent, has moved to a different server due to lag? A poster on the World of Warcraft forums has been harping on the same point for half a week, namely, that a guild on her server called "Ascent" has left the server. This isn't quite Elvis leaving the building, I agree, but I am curious, does anyone care?


Admin 28.07.2006. 21:21

I don't really care... unless they moved onto eredar.. and are recruiting my potential guildies.. lol. I wouldn't pay $25...I think its 25, right? Whatever it is.. I wouldnt pay to transfer just becasue of a guild. I might trasfer if people I know in real life that I play with transfered.. but that would be the only reason.


Fluorescent Adolescent 16.11.2008. 07:04

What are some odd, useless facts you can tell me? DID YOU KNOW: when you have 8 sneezes, that is the equivalent to an orgasm.
Apparently the sneezing thing is true.

Fluorescent Adolescent

Admin 16.11.2008. 07:04

A dime has 118 ridges around the edge.
A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.
A crocodile cannot stick out its tongue.
A dragonfly has a lifespan of 24 hours.
A ?jiffy? is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second.
A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes.
A snail can sleep for three years.
Al Capone?s business card claimed he was a used furniture dealer.
All 50 states are listed across the top of the Lincoln Memorial on the back of the $5 bill.
Almonds are members of the peach family.
Babies are born without kneecaps.
Butterflies taste with their feet.
Cats have over 100 vocal sounds while dogs have 10.
Dreamt is the only word in the English language that ends in ?mt?.
February 1865 is the only month ever recorded not to have a full moon.
In the last 4,000 years, no new animals have been domesticated.
If the population of China walked past you, the line would never end due to rate of production.
If you are an average American, you will spend 6 months in front of red lights.
It?s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.
Leonardo Da Vinci invented the scissors.
Maine is the only one-syllable state.
No words in the English language rhyme with orange, purple, silver, or month.
On a Canadian 2-dollar bill, the flag flying over the parliament building is an American flag.
Our eyes are always the same size even from birth, while our nose and ears never stop growing.
The peanut is an ingredient in dynamite.
Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.
?Stewardesses? is the longest word typed with the left hand and ?lollipop? is the longest with your right.
The average person?s left hand does 56% of the typing.
The cruise liner QE2 moves six inches for every gallon of diesel it burns.
The microwave was invented after a researcher walked past a radar tube and the chocolate bar in his pocket melted.
The sentence ?The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog? uses every letter of the alphabet.
The winter of 1932 was so cold that Niagara Falls froze completely solid.
There are 293 was to make change for a dollar.
There are more chickens than people in the world.
For every human, there are about 1,000,000 insects.
There are only four words in the English language that end in ?dous?: Tremendous, stupendous, horrendous, and hazardous.
Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur.
?Typewriter? is the longest word that can be typed using only one row of the keyboard.
Women blink nearly twice as much as men.
When in front a computer, we tend to blink about 5 times a minute.
Your stomach must produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks or it will digest itself.
It takes 720 peanuts to make a pound of peanut butter.
5,000 people a year injure themselves shooting pool.
Lightning bolts are about 2 inches wide.
Bozo the clown wore size 83AAAAAAA shoes.
23% of men ages 35-39 live with their mothers.
Los Angeles?s full name is El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles Porcuincula.
King Louis XIX ruled France for 15 minutes.
The Great Salt Lake is only 13 feet deep.
The gorilla?s ?scientific? name is ?gorilla gorilla gorilla.?
In the bible, the name David is mentioned more than Jesus.
The best-known western names in China: Jesus Christ, Richard Nixon, and Elvis Presley.
The 100 years war lasted 116 years.
The billionth digit of Pi is 9.
Some toothpastes contain antifreeze.
The world?s longest foot is measured to be 27 inches.
Technically, snow is considered a mineral.
58% of Americans think they have above-average IQ?s.
Franklin Roosevelt thought of the name United Nations in the shower.
There are 336 dimples on a regulation golf ball.
The only thing on Earth with one ear is the Praying Mantis.
The beaver is Canada?s national animal.
Napoleon?s icon was the bumblebee.
Pigs and humans are the only animals to get sunburn.
President Andrew Jackson thought the world was flat.
In ancient Rome, it was a sin to eat woodpeckers.
The moon weighs 80 billion tons, give or take a ton.
During the middle ages, most sicknesses were cured by eating powdered gold.
And finally:
All the gold EVER mined, when molded together, would form a 60³ foot cube.


Can I help you? 14.08.2010. 21:21

the phase 'Elvis has left the building'? I hear that now and then but I don't know why people say it. Any ideas?

Can I help you?

Admin 14.08.2010. 21:21

That announcement was once made over the P/A system after a concert to let everyone know that there was no reason to mill around or to try to get back stage to meet him. It's kind of taken on a life of its own as a way to say, "It's over....time to move on...."


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