How to Succeed for the Rest of Your Life

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How to Succeed for the Rest of Your Life

By: Steve Brunkhorst

I spoke recently with the owner of a large clothing store who had poured years of effort into his business. He had achieved his dream and built a successful career. However, his hectic pace was becoming difficult to maintain.

New interests were tugging at his heartstrings. He felt himself entering another phase of life. He wanted a change but didn't want to give up his successful lifestyle.

What would you do if you felt yourself heading for a major change? How could you play a big enough game to follow your heart and continue to succeed? Here are some ideas and questions to consider.

Welcome New Desires and Changes

You will feel new desires as your needs and values change over time. Welcome these desires as doorways to a compelling future. Your new interests are there for a reason. They keep you on purpose and allow you to live in harmony with your changing values.

What do you really want the most right now? Write down what will be thrilling about your future. See and feel your goals as if you had already obtained them. Let your desire for new accomplishments build and burn passionately within your heart. Welcome new desires with open arms.

Ask Yourself Meaningful Questions

Ask questions that will intrigue you and lead to self-discovery. For example, what, more than anything, determines the quality of your life? What are the most important things your past has taught you? What would bring you permanent success and satisfaction?

These revealing questions will bring insights and focus your mind to take action. A life-long curiosity about yourself will move you toward the fulfillment of your desires.

Update Your Knowledge

Curiosity also leads to learning. Read a variety of books by authors you have not read before. Become a student of ground-breaking ideas as well as accepted theories. What do you need to know that would allow you to pursue a promising new interest?

Continuous learning is necessary for continuous success -- especially in today's rapidly changing world. Keep seeking new wisdom, and apply that wisdom daily.

Keep Great Company

Learn with friends and colleagues in an atmosphere of mutual support. Teleclasses provide an economical and enjoyable way to investigate current trends. Groups can discuss ways to interpret and apply the teachings of great books. Participants can examine new points of view as well as gain support and encouragement for their plans.

Supportive relationships with peer groups provide a positive influence and offer a wealth of learning and creativity through friendship and conversation. Where could you find the support to help you manifest your desires?

Create Some New Recipes

Use your knowledge to write some tantalizing plans to achieve your objectives. Think of your plans as recipes. Choose the ingredients carefully. Experiment with creative ideas and fresh approaches to reach goals.

Life-long winners dive beneath the surface of life's circumstances and appearances. They uncover new options and solve problems in original ways. They focus on creativity rather than competition. They create fortune from misfortune. What usually triggers your most creative ideas?

Capture Your Wisdom in Words

Record your knowledge in a journal. Include experiences, dreams, stories, poems, and quotes that inspire you. Keep track of successes and failures so that you will learn from both.

Writing will also trigger valuable new ideas. What is the first thing you would write in your journal today?

Revitalize Your Body and Spirit

Life-long achievers maintain physical and spiritual vitality. A healthy body reflects a healthy spirit. Prayer and meditation can revitalize the spirit. An appropriate physician-approved nutrition and a fitness program can revitalize the body. How could you begin raising your level of energy and vitality?

Feel Gratitude for Your Achievements

Acknowledge with gratitude all of your life situations - the desirable and undesirable. Then create a deep feeling of gratitude for your future accomplishments as if they were already achieved.

Gratitude strengthens faith. It allows you to choose the life scenario you want based on present-moment actions. You will manifest the possibilities for which you are sincerely grateful. What are you the most grateful for now?

Bring Your Gifts to the World

Your definition of success will evolve throughout life. Your perspective will shift from what you want to obtain to what you want to give. It is by using your talents and bringing your special gifts to the world that you will receive your heart's desires. What talents do you possess that you've never developed to their full potential?

You can succeed for the rest of your life if you honor your values. You will grow by welcoming new desires as a natural unfolding of your life's purpose. A spirit of sincere gratitude and giving will manifest those desires. Best of all, you can enjoy every step of the journey.

About The Author

Copyright Copyright 2004 by Steve Brunkhorst. Steve is a life success coach, and the editor of Achieve! 60-Second Nuggets of Inspiration, a popular mini-zine bringing great stories, motivational nuggets, and inspiring thoughts to help you achieve more in your career and personal life. Subscribe today by visiting Steve's site at


idiocracy69 19.08.2007. 00:03

How do you succeed in life when you have underachieving parents? I am 24 and I plan on doing a lot with my life. I want to start businesses, accomplish a lot and be able to retire at a relatively young age with millions if not billions of dollars. My parents on the other hand are not going for the same goals. My mom is in her late 40's and my dad is in his early 60's. Both have them have been in the same dead end situation for the past 20 something years and neither of them are going to be able to retire rich. My mom a hairstylist and my dad a car salesman. Neither of them have taken their profession to the max, and are still at the same begining level. Anyway, my dad always gives me advice when it comes to work, and criticizes me when I mention business ideas, or any idea that is different than having a basic 9-5 job for the rest of my life. My mom supports me but obviously doesn't have any great ideas. How do I personally succeed and still interact with my parents without telling them my plans and letting them interfere with my actions?
The first 2 answerers completely missed the question. Way to go.
Loveblue, there is a bit more to my parents than you think. For one thing, they are not honest, but they are hard working. They work hard towards the wrong goals in life. Instead of trying to be personally successfull, they work hard at fighting with each other and getting even with each other. Plus they spend tons of time and money battling in court with each other over silly arguements. My parents need a lot of help and it seems like they will never get over their problems. I respect them for the good they have done, its just that they don't focus their lives on becoming socially, personally, or financially rich. They focus on making each other miserable. I don't want a life like that.


Admin 19.08.2007. 00:03

My BF's mum is like that! He was out of work for a year and we had a baby, yet, when he got finally a job, his mum said "oh, I think they are going to use you and get rid of you"!! WTF!!

I think, judging from your excellent questions on here, and the fact you're not scarred of thinking outside the box...(oh, and I can't believe your so young, you seem far wiser than any normal 24 year old) will go along way in what ever you do anyway, support or no support. Try keeping your ideas from your parents, atleast until you have something contrete in place, that way, if they critisise, you'll have the confidence and facts to proove you're right!

Secondly, I think don't panic that you're not Rockerfeller just yet. I know some really intellegant people who are very successfull now, in their 30's, but neeeded to p1ss about a bit in their 20's to realise that life is short and passes by quickly. I'm no fool, but wasted my youth experimenting with things I shouldn't. I'm finally getting a good 33!


ax 24.11.2012. 18:13

What are my chances of succeeding in life? I am 22 years old. After high school, my parents wanted me to study retail management. I went to a private college but I did not enjoy the course. I only attended one class and fooled around for a whole semester. After the college called my parents and told me i fail the term because i did not qualify for final exams, they were dissappointed with me and asked what I wanted to do in life. My parents are quite conservative and I really wanted to do something else in life but at that time, I just didn't know what. I told my parents I wanted to study microbioology because I was quite good with biology and therefore fooled my self into thinking that is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Surely enough, after going in circles for 2-3 semesters, I decided to call it quits. After the incident, I worked part-time for almost half a year. During that time, i picked up a camera and started shooting for fun whenever I get the chance. I fell in love with photography and was quite certain that this is what I wanted to do. I took short courses in basic photography and even participated in local competitions. My first competition, I won. So, finally after almost a year, I enrolled in a government university as a photography student (which is what I am doing now). I am currently doing my final semester in my Diploma in Photography & Digital Imaging. Throughtout my past 4 semesters, i learned new things such as graphic design and video making. I've been working hard these past years because I am scared that I will fail in life. I try to learn as much about advertising, journalism, graphic design, video making, VFX and now, 3D design. I just wanted to learn as much as I can to prepare myself for the worst in case I cannot land a job in the field of photography. I am currently learning how to build 3D models and it is so hard to learn. Am i geting sidetracked and should I just focus on one thing? Plus, I am 22 years old. Some say 22 is too old to start something new, which explains my paranoia.


Admin 24.11.2012. 18:13

Another tool in the box is always a good thing....and considering that people change careers in their forties and fifties, 22 is nothing. If anything, you're building on what you've already learned and making yourself even more marketable. I'd recommend keeping it up. For myself, I have a similar educational background and I do a lot of photography as a hobby. It's quite amazing what you can find when you spend a few hours with a camera, isn't it?


IRON MAN 14.04.2013. 01:37

What is the best way to motivate yourself to succedd? What drives a man to the limit? I have seen old people who works out and more fit than 20 year old.
I seen bankrupt people become millionaires ... Only in t.v
I have seen war veterans who lost their legs about have live happily in the rest of their life.
I have seen a man lost with wife and children but bounce back.

Anyway all of these i seen only t.v but i expect a normal to fail.

So what motives or drives a man/women to succeed and push to the limit?


Admin 14.04.2013. 01:37

Motivation comes in time. It also builds with time, like any other skill. The worse the life, the more drive/motivation to do better. If that makes any sense. Personally, ive had a rather unconventional life in the western sense, so i see every aspect of my life as motivation to strive to become the best i can be. Peace and love.


Hugh G. Rection (Pawps) 26.07.2012. 15:25

What is some good advice you could give a 19 year old who wishes to have a successful future? I don't want to work as a cashier for the rest of my life. I want to make it big as a successful business man one day. I may not be the most intelligent but i can sure try my best to succeed. Any tips?

investments? buying and selling? good ideas?

Hugh G. Rection (Pawps)

Admin 26.07.2012. 15:25

1) Be careful who and when you marry.
2) Think about the risk in your career choices as well as the reward.
3) Understand your motivations for making large investments. Negative energy reasons like "I hate paying taxes" or "I may as well be the guy who shafts everyone" end up being terrible albatrosses.
4) To thine ownself be true - Understand your weaknesses and think about what will happen when they get the upper hand. Life is long and your weaknesses will surface sometimes. They can ruin you if you are in a spot where you allow them to.
5) Always manage your career as well as you manage your job. It is not true that being productive and competent wins the day. The guy playing golf with the boss is doing better than the guy who is indispensable on the job.
6) The cemeteries are filled with indispensable people.
7) Always think about risk but don't avoid it - the world belongs to the smart risk takers. Never look at things where risk takers have made lots of money as now less risky because someone has made lots of money.
8) Live long and prosper


Wisbom 08.05.2006. 08:30

What should I do with the rest of my life? I'm happy in life, but I just want to be happy in my vocation. Should I uproot and leave the country with my family, or stay put and make my business work out?
Great answers guys. Thanks.


Admin 08.05.2006. 08:30

Don't give up on your business yet. Keep working, and you may succeed. YOU CAN DO IT!!! On the other hand, seeing and living in new places and doing new things is a good experience. Up to you.


waiting for a miracle :( 27.07.2009. 04:49

How can i take an important decision in my life while i am depressed and oppressed? and hate life and wanna die

i have to take a very important decision in my life which is what college to go and actually i am depressed and very oppressed
i have to take this decision in a week

waiting for a miracle :(

Admin 27.07.2009. 04:49

Dear friend,
Everyone has felt depressed from time to time. A death of close relative, divorce, a lost job, a serious illness or other life crisis will cause most people to feel sad, lonely or down for a time. It is even normal to feel low sometimes for no specific reason. However, it also is normal to recover after a short time and feel like yourself again. When the blues don?t go away when sad, lonely, irritable or weary feeling prevent getting on with life you may have the mood disorder called depression. Learning about depression including its signs, symptoms, causes, and treatment is the first step to overcoming the problem.
Depression is a ?whole body? illness. One that affects a person?s physical health as well as, how he or she behaves towards others. Depression is a very common health problem and it is frequently misunderstood. People who have this illness often are embarrassed to admit they are depressed and to seek help. This may be the reason 82% of all people who are depressed never seek professional help. Depression is a disabling disease that affects billions of people regardless of race income or family background. Left untreated, depression can destroy families, careers, lives and all too often can lead to suicide. Consult your doctor if you have any two of these symptoms for more than 15 days.
-Feeling sad or anxious every day.
- Losing interest in activities you once enjoyed including sex.
- Losing or gaining weight.
- Sleeping too much or too little or waking too early or not getting restful sleep.
- Feeling drained of energy or physically slowed down.
- Feeling tired or weak.
- Feeling worthless, guilty or hopeless.
- Having trouble concentrating, making decisions or remembering things.
- Increased or decreased appetite.
- Having headaches, constipation, acidity or pain anywhere in body.
- Difficulty in starting activity.
- Slowed thinking, crying or feel like crying.
- Having repeated thoughts of suicide or death or actually attempting suicide.
- Social isolation, lack of confidence.
A psychiatrist is best equipped to treat depression. As a medical doctor and counselor, a psychiatrist can perform a through physical and psychological evaluation, prescribe and carefully monitor the effects of medication and provide psychotherapy.
There are some supplementary non medicinal methods to cope with depression.
- Yoga and pranayama are relaxing form of exercise that can help alleviate depression.
- Socialize: Push yourself to go out more often. See friends, see a movie and eat out.
- Smile, hold hands, hug a lot. Affection can go right to the heart and give real comfort.
- Avoid narcotics, drugs, smoking and alcohol.
- Any type of physical activity is helpful but it should be daily and minimum 45 minutes a day. The best will be the one you can enjoy, like outdoor sports. If not possible you can opt for brisk walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, aerobics or skipping.
- Listen to music daily.
-Go for psychotherapy it helps.
- Eat smartly: Make sure you have 3-5 small meals a day with plenty of fruits, vegetables and yogurt. Avoid sugar, white bread, deep fried food and non vegetarian food.
Death is not a solution; life is so worth living if you just give it a chance. Hope and love are real. You deserve to know what hope feels like what it?s like to love someone and have them love you in return. Out of 7 persons who attempts suicide only one succeed and rest end up with painful injuries and police case.
I am suffering from depression from last 18 years.
You can mail me at


caseyspaos 28.02.2010. 03:02

What do Canadian Olympic medalists receive from the Canadian government? I heard that Korean medalists receive handsome monthly salaries for the rest of their lives, just for winning a single gold medal (can anyone confirm this?). So there is real monetary incentive to succeed. I wonder what kind of benefits Candian winners receive.


Admin 28.02.2010. 03:02

free coffee at Tim Horton's (small), and a maple donut.


Chewy Ivan 2 15.05.2013. 19:23

What is the point of capitalism if over half the country lives in or near poverty? Meanwhile, most of the rest of us are managing twice the workload our parents had just to make enough to afford the overpriced psych meds we need to help us cope with the stress.

Meanwhile, the wealthiest 0.001% of us have so much money that they fritter away billions on investment markets like they were poker chips in Las Vegas.

Why should we maintain such an economic system that we currently have?

But I don't think capitalism has failed us. I think we failed capitalism. Instead of regulating the economy to ensure it continues to provide prosperity for all, we've given free rein to the greedy and corrupt to hoard prosperity to themselves. We need government regulations to safeguard against corrupt economic behavior just like we need laws to safeguard against villains who would rob and murder us.

Chewy Ivan 2

Admin 15.05.2013. 19:23

It's obvious to those who are not shilling or apologizing for the wealthy that capitalism rests entirely on the gullibility of the masses to sheepishly attack those they perceive as economically weaker or comparatively more white skin deficient than themselves.

This is done on a variety of levels:

1 - Economic class assumption whereby the house you live in, the clothes you can afford, the car you drive are used as arbitrary indicators of your economic status.

2 - Ethnic non-white divide and attack socially, economically and punitively via police state abuse of authority.

3 - Religious ideology used to demonize and exclude outsiders or non-conformists and used for tribe identity which determines whether or not a given religious tribe will ignore your community needs in a time of crisis or whether or not they will befriend you regardless of whether or not you're loyal to their core exclusionary "guidelines" for inclusion within their tribe.

4 - Career exclusion/conformity, short of being born into a family or inheritance of "relative" wealth, one must jump through a myriad of societal indoctrination "hoops" and wait your turn in order to have a fighting chance to succeed in just about any given career field that requires a dedicated level of learned experiences coupled with institutionalized qualification tests, exams, thesis, etc in order to qualify for a transcript or certificate that symbolizes your successful conformity to a given career path obstacle course.

5 - A willingness to allow other human beings, who just so happen to have highly inflated egos to exploit your finite human capital for the sole purpose of devaluing your human labor potential and most importantly, profiting directly from an individuals acquiesce that allows another human being to drain away finite human labor capital for next to a fraction of actual fair human labor compensation value.

At some point, capitalism demands that a few people get richer while denying this unequal advantage to a plethora of exploited people who are literally robbed of their human dignity/value and net labor potential value by greedy capitalists.


PR Guy 27.02.2013. 10:59

What is wrong in my background to keep me from landing a job? I graduated college in 2008, then got my master's degree in 2010. I have two bachelor degrees in Criminology, and the other in Communication Studies. My Master's Degree is in Mass Communications. Throughout my undergrad, I worked my butt off on my degrees and worked close to a 40 hour work week as well. I also worked at least 40 hours a week while obtaining my master's in just a year.

I have always worked hard and fought for what I want to do. I was let go from a position in January 2011 and was unemployed for over a year. I landed a job finally through my brother working for police dispatching, but it does not pay enough for me to live on my own, nor is it the career I want for the rest of my life.

While unemployed, I went to many job fairs, applied for countless jobs, and have not heard anything back at all. While getting my master's degree, we worked for actual clients to gain real experience for what we did for them as far as Public Relations and social media campaigns, crisis communication plans (something I love to work on), and organizational communication help for internal and external communication within the company to improve workplace communication and morale of employees.

I have applied for everything under the sun, from jobs that I am over qualified for to ones that would challenge me enough and I meet qualifications for. I never hear anything back, and in the three years that I have been out of school with my Master's have only had three interviews related to my field. Most of the positions that I apply for only let you apply online, and have no means to contact anyone directly. I do not know if this is my problem, but there has to be something wrong. Due to me having to work and pay bills while in school, I was unable to get involved in a lot of extra curricular activities (did not join a fraternity or anything like that, nor was I able to take part in other things in the school). I have been unable to land a job in my field, and my only experience is from what I did during school. I have looked into interning for places, but most of them require you to still be in school. I was never afforded that luxury at that time for a number of reasons. My internship requirement in school was satisfied by a research proposal because that was all my time would allow me to do.

I am at my wit's end. I am also scared that I am now stale to employers, and too old to start a career in this (I am 27). Is there anything that I can do to help my chances?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

PR Guy

Admin 27.02.2013. 10:59

It's a difficult situation and no doubt your confidence is low right as you struggle to find a job and the reasons why you're not succeeding with job applications.

You need to take a step back and refocus. Firstly start with the positive aspects, you're well educated and not afraid to work. Here are a few tips:

- Look at your CV and get someone else to review it and see what their responses are - a fresh set of eyes may reveal some opportunities to enhance your CV

- Is your CV too simple - make it more complicated and vice versa

- Build up your professional network by using something like Linkedin even if the majority of your profile is your education for now. Many jobs are not advertised and you may find opportunities through a professional network.

- Look at alternative jobs that may use similar skills to a Criminology degree and consider those as a stepping stone

- Contact local solicitors, communication agencies or even the police and as if they're aware of any jobs that haven't been advertised

- Think outside the square eg create press release advertising your services as a PR specialist

I wish you success on getting your next role.


TKD540 30.03.2007. 05:35

What do you guys think about my short essay? After I finish my academic career, I want to devote more time to philanthropic enterprises. Most people in college dedicate the majority of their time to schoolwork and therefore do not have sufficient time to give back to society. It is also understandable because college students need to succeed in school to secure a promising future. When I receive my degree, I hope to use it a mechanism that will allow me to help others. I plan to become a teacher, primarily because I want to help the next generation of children to succeed in the future. I think that my contribution will help the students throughout the rest of their lives. Besides teaching, I plan on volunteering and creating non profitable programs designed to help others. For instance, I plan on developing an institution aimed at helping adolescents and college students cope with the hardships of life. This program will provide free therapy, counseling, tutoring for school, and social activities that will promote unity and social harmony.
Overall, I think my goals will impact society in a positive way. If everyone would contribute on a consistent basis, this world would become unified, and much of the hatred and poverty would be eliminated. I think that my future students will be very thankful to me for preparing them for the real world. Furthermore, the people that will benefit from the programs I plan to create will have a better chance at succeeding in life and in whatever they want in general.


Admin 30.03.2007. 05:35

I would take "more" out of your first sentence and completely do away with the second and third sentences. They are vague generalities and unsubstantiated ones at that. Just going from your beginning sentence to the fourth flows nicely and keeps your writing more concise and to the point.


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