Lucid Dreams: Take Control of Your Dreams

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Lucid Dreams: Take Control of Your Dreams

By: Eric Head

Most of us fall asleep each night and completely lose sight or awareness into the fact that we are dreaming. One moment we are lying in bed, feeling tired while our eyes are closed, the next moment we are waking up and recounting the dream that we just had.

When we were dreaming, we didn't realize that everything that we saw around us was a dream. We went through the actions in the dream as if it was real life and only later realized it was a dream upon waking up.

Lucid Dreaming is just as the term suggests, it is being lucid, awake ... aware ... while you are dreaming. When you are in a lucid dream, you know that the events, images, and situations that surround you are a dream and not real. In a lucid dream, you have the knowledge that while you are seeing everything in front of you, none of it is real. You know that you are, in fact, lying in bed with your eyes closed.

The amazing thing about lucid dreams is that it allows you complete control over everything that you are experiencing. For example, if you want to fly, you can simply jump in the air and fly. If you want to meet the president, you can just wish for it and the president will appear.

You are basically the " owner " of the dream world where you have unlimited power and can do anything you want.

Some trivial, but fun things that people have done in their lucid dreams:

1. Flying.

2. Moving objects with your mind (telekenisis).

3. Meeting celebrities or famous people.

4. Passionate encounters with someone you desire or are attracted to.

Of course, none of these things are really happening. They are only occurring in your mind, in the dream world. You are not really flying or moving things with your mind. The celebrities you meet are just created by your own subconscious mind and are not the " actual " celebrities. However, this doesn't mean it's not " fun " to pretend to have a conversation with Albert Einstein or Leonardo Da Vinci.

Now, as mentioned, the possibilities mentioned above are really quite trivial and are really for one's own personal entertainment. The true benefit of lucid dreaming is the ability to explore your own mind and learn about your true self.

One such benefit is being able to confront your fears. For example, if you are having a nightmare and you become lucid, you can confront the " monster " or " fear " in your dream. You know that since it is a dream, you are not in danger. You can conquer your fears and issues at the root level. This is actually the best therapy you can get, because you are confronting your issues at the source ... your subconscious mind.

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rue saint-denis 04.11.2007. 03:22

What's the difference between lucid dreams and your imagination? I don't see the difference.. during lucid dreaming you can control what you dream, right? Well, I can do that while wake with my imagination and have the same effects. Please, explain.
how am I supposed to contact you, Stanley?

rue saint-denis

Admin 04.11.2007. 03:22

First , I can't really completely control my dream. However I can usually determine if I am dreaming. In fact sometime these dreams are quiet unpleasant, and i experience sleep paralysis. I call out asking people to awaken me. Often these are family members who do not live with me. My dreams are scenarios, but much different than an awoken imaginary situation. Actually I have very little control over what I dream; yet some (and it varies) control once I am in the dream itself. I will be glad to answer any sincere questions regarding my experiences.


Chuck D 22.10.2008. 17:22

How can I have lucid dreams and control them? I used to have lucid dreams all the time and I would always make myself fly. It was very exciting and a great experience. Now I can't seem to control my dreams anymore. Any suggestions?

Chuck D

Admin 22.10.2008. 17:22

Try a few induction methods that include reality checking and/or the use of dream symbols


Brian 02.02.2013. 09:33

How can I make myself have a lucid dream? I have had lucid dreams before but i didn't do anything in particular to have them it just happened. How can I ensure I have a lucid dream?


Admin 02.02.2013. 09:33

Lucid dreaming is awareness of the fact that you are dreaming. This awareness can range from very faint recognition of the fact to something as momentous as a broadening of awareness beyond what has ever been experienced even in waking life. Lucid dreams usually occur while a person is in the middle of a regular dream and suddenly realizes that they are dreaming. Once you realize this, you have the ability to control your dreams, which is pretty much the most essential part of lucid dreaming.

Here are some websites that specialize in Lucid Dreaming techniques and describe it in more detail; as well as how to do it:

This is a website that has a list of books on the subject and reviews as well:

Don't forget that it might be possible to get some of them at your local library.


John Fleming 11.03.2012. 09:07

What can you experience in lucid dreams and how do you have them? I know that lucid dreams or out of body experiences (OBES) are subconscious worlds where you are awake and actually doing things consciouslly. Please give facts on the subject. :)

John Fleming

Admin 11.03.2012. 09:07

Well OBEs and lucid dreams are two different things.

And yes, you can have lucid dreams, the key is find some trigger that will make you realize that you are in a dream while you are dreaming. For me the simplest one was if I asked myself, "Am I dreaming?", then I was, because you never ask yourself that while you are awake and coherent. And yes, you can control the dream, but it's not as perfect as you think.

Have fun.


Hannah 05.01.2013. 17:38

How to prevent Lucid Dreaming from becoming boring and routine? I have had two lucid dreams so far, one was ages ago and I was being chased by these pirates (weird, I know) and I realised I was dreaming so I tried to wake myself up to get away from the pirates. :P
The other one was last night, when I was actually trying to make myself have a lucid dream. It was amazing, I was teleporting myself everywhere and it was so cool.
I'd like to get 'better' at lucid dreaming but I read somewhere that if you do it too often it gets boring and routine, and at the moment I love having really random dreams, even if they're not lucid, and I don't want to lose that randomness.
Any tips for getting better but keeping it fun? Other than just not doing it too often?

Thanks :)


Admin 05.01.2013. 17:38

Hey there,

I think whoever wrote that lucid dreaming becomes boring if you do it too often wasn't really a lucid dreamer. In a fully lucid state, you can do almost anything you want. The only thing that limits what you can do is your imagination and sometimes you will find lucid dreams even go beyond your conscious imagination. If you have only had two lucid dreams (one which you chose to wake up before defeating the pirates) I don't think you need to worry about it becoming a bore. I have been lucid dreaming for over 19 years and I have never become bored with my dreams. You bring up a good point though, not wanting to lose the randomness of your dreams. Every night you have dozens of dreams, some you remember and some you don't. On any given night most of those dreams are going to be non-lucid and contain a lot of randomness. So you will never really lose the dreams that make no sense at all (non-lucid dreams). Look at it this way, even if you did only have lucid dreams (which has never been reported to occur) you can still choose to let the dream run it's course and enjoy all it's random occurrences. You just have to choose not to control the dream. Happy dreaming my friend!


Jen 21.07.2010. 20:52

How do you have a lucid dream? I have heard about lucid dreams and I am really interested and they sound really cool. I have researched how to do it but I never found any good suggestions! Please help me!


Admin 21.07.2010. 20:52

Lucid Dreaming is a wonderful state of mind that can be achieved regularly with practice. Keeping control of the dream itself can take longer but is still achievable.

I have been into lucid dreaming for many years and can achieve a lucid dream naturally every couple of nights or pretty much whenever I wish from the WILD technique. I will source the relevant websites that are already out there that explain everything you will need to know in regards to having lucid dreams. Wikihow has a step by step guide (although shortened) on what you need to do in order to achieve your first lucid dream.

Again, there is a fair bit of mental prep-work to instill in order to be able to achieve lucid dreams on a regular basis, and on demand. But it isnt as daunting as you may think. :-) Everybody can do this with practice and believe me, you will not regret it!

Good luck and have fun!


Me 30.06.2013. 13:42

How can you initiate a shared dream ? Lucid dreams will result in controlled dreams ..

How you can share a dream with another person ?


Admin 30.06.2013. 13:42

Ok lucid dreaming is crap because, dreams are your subconscious speaking if you control it you are conscious and not dreaming. So no Lucid dreaming isnt dreaming, you are getting REM sleep when you do it your just daydreaming with your eyes closed.

But if you want to share a dream with someone you need to envision where the are and what the are doing every little aspect of them, open your mind and link with them moments before falling in to sleep

This takes time and practice, and the closer the person the better, and if they don't know you well your probably gonna freak them, then impressing them


Umbrella the Totodile 13.07.2010. 18:36

Can any one answer my questions about dreams and meditation? 1. Is it true that you can become in a lucid state from meditating? 2. Can meditating be done without closing your eyes or without crossing your legs? 3. How long does it take for someone to become in a lucid state from meditating? 4. How can i cause lucid dreams during old age? 5. Can you use lucid dreaming to control your dream and make it a reality?

Umbrella the Totodile

Admin 13.07.2010. 18:36

1 no................ you are already "lucid"
2 yes.................
3 see 1
4 ?
5 no.....................................................


Jenny 03.03.2013. 15:48

Lucid dreaming - how do you deal with issues of the functionality of objects and body parts? I have been inducing lucid dreams for over two years now and one thing that is you notice is that objects and well, certain body parts (limbs, male genetalia) lack functionality, that is it doesn't look or work the way it does in waking life, they tend to be wonky (even walls). Is there anything I can do to improve on this quality in dreams. And please rational answers, this isn't a joke nor is it crazy. If you could control your dreams and dream anything you want, wouldn't you choose sex too? Among other things like flying but get my point.
So thanks for any answers and suggestions.
In the dream of course.


Admin 03.03.2013. 15:48

You're either semi-lucid or don't know how to make your dream vivid and/or increase its intensity.

When you're semi-lucid, you're either 'dreaming of lucid dreaming' or know you're dreaming but not really doing anything about it, thus causing that assumption to be lost in the dream. Get a little bit more excited when you find out you're dreaming, perhaps make your reality checks more interesting. Don't over-do the excitement, or you WILL wake up.

If semi-lucidity isn't the case here, then your dreams are not vivid enough for you to enjoy. I'll throw out some tips for you to have more vivid dreams, feel free to ask another question about them.

- Vitamin B6. Found in fish, oranges, bananas, carrots, eggs and beans. You can also take pills that'll do the trick, but you may not feel so good after excessive doses.
- Tryptophan. Found in many many foods, but the best idea would be to get it from cheddar cheese. This is probably the reason why lucid dreamers love the cheese.
- Senses. While lucid dreaming, use your senses to make the dream clearer. Act as if you're meditating and using all your senses.
- Verbal commands. Shout out 'Clarity now!' in a dream and it'll become clearer.
- Spinning. Spin around in a dream ONLY as a last resort to make the dream last a bit longer and increase vividness.


Sidney De lioncourt 24.02.2013. 00:58

Can lucid dreams be the reason i feel tired every day? I've been having lucid dreams every night since i was a kid, so i can control my dreams. Could this be the reason why i feel tired during the day? I also wake up 4-5 times during nights and get a lucid dream every time i fall asleep again.

Sidney De lioncourt

Admin 24.02.2013. 00:58

Yes. Whenever we dream and can control that's when we aren't even really asleep. The reason we have dreams is are brain has not fully shut down, to gain rest our brain must shut fully down to be able to rest and get energy back (healing almost). So if you are dreaming through the time you are "asleep" and able to control the dream that means you are not fully resting. You have not gone into your deep stage of slumber. So you are pretty much gaining hardly any energy at all when you are resting.


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