The Melting Pot

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Society has been called a 'melting pot'. This, I think, is an accurate description. But what is a melting pot? I imagine a pot full of some solid substance that has undergone a transformation into a liquid state. In the latter condition, large and small bubbles are appearing unpredictably at the surface. They inflate and then pop. The initial behavior of the solid is governed by the interaction of its adjacent parts occurring under the scientific laws of predictability. However, behavior in the melted state becomes holistically governed. That is to say interaction between adjacent parts of the liquid is overlaid by a mysterious 'global' influence. If you perturb one point in the bubbling surface, an effect is magically produced in some unconnected place. Society and the human body are both a bit like this.
But society isn't exactly melting. It is just that society gets driven beyond a given threshold and begins to function in a way that is holistically governed. It passes from a state that is understandable into a state in which a principle of surprise begins to operate. This principle shows itself in the impromptu emergence of living trends. These are the 'bubbles' that inflate and burst on the surface of the melting pot. They arise with no cause that we can trace and burst in a negative surprise that we cannot foresee. Since you and I are members of society, we are constrained to participate in these living trends on a daily basis. And the driving force that trips society over the threshold into this particular type of holistic influence is IMPERFECT KNOWLEDGE.
Let me give an example of how this imperfect knowledge has maybe affected you. When you were young you probably went in search of your 'true love'. If you were a boy, I dare say you spotted 'her' across a crowded dance floor and knew instantly that she was the girl for you. Plainly, at that moment of first meeting, you had imperfect knowledge of this girl and she of you. This lack of true knowledge tripped you both over a threshold, making you available to the living trend of infatuation. If you fell under the spell of infatuation a living trend will have propelled you along a definite course. At first feelings of attraction would have intensified. Maybe you got married during this period. Then there would have been a sort of plateau phase of indecipherable length. We call it a 'honey moon period'. This could have extended for some years. Then the surprising crash would have occurred in your relationship as feelings of animosity began to intensify quickly. Maybe these negative feelings drove you into the divorce court. Whichever way, the pattern of the living trend will have been fulfilled. Only truthful communication at all stages between you and your dear wife, together with some massive compromises, could have prevented the trend from manifesting its full 'intent'. Now, if you had possessed 'power' at the outset, you would have been lucky enough to meet someone whose thought processes were compatible with your own. In this case, at your first meeting, there would have been insufficient 'imperfect knowledge' to place you both in the path of a living trend. Since most youngsters have been robbed of their 'power', often by well-meaning people, they tend to be in the wrong places at the wrong time meeting the wrong people. In this situation the 'arranged marriage' would seem to be a sensible alternative. This is where relatives select suitable partners on the basis of temperament and class. When this is done astutely and tactfully, with a full explanation given of the reasons behind the selection (lack of 'power' and to avoid living trends), a lasting relationship becomes more probable.
I can tell you now that there are many well-intentioned people in society that make it their life's work to set up scenarios where high degrees of imperfect knowledge prevail. These people want to create a classless society. They want to mix up the different types of people and the different classes, cultures and races. Their passionate intention is that love, peace and harmony should result. This has not and will not happen because when two different types of people confront each other for the first time a degree of 'imperfect knowledge' arises depending on how different their thought processes are. And this 'imperfect knowledge' makes them available to living trends from which no good can come. This is why wise rulers of the past were concerned to keep the different types and classes of people from ever coming into contact. They did this so that the incidence of 'imperfect knowledge' could be kept low and the threshold leading to the melting pot would not be crossed. Through these measures they sought to empower people in the best possible way and avoid having to deal with human rights, race relations and marriage counseling, which become big issues after living trends have wrought havoc in the melting pot of life. In contrast, the many well intentioned people and unwise rulers of today take real 'power' away from individuals in society by placing them in a melting pot of confusion and unsolvable problems. The dispirited individuals (you and me) then feel obliged to consult the nearest authority for help. So the well-intentioned people and unwise rulers get to boost their dubious status and 'power'. Some do this unconsciously and they are simply foolish. Some may do it knowingly and they are wicked.
The well-intentioned people of this world go to great lengths to promote moral conduct. They want to stamp out guile, lying, stealing, killing, greed, committing adultery and even picking your nose I shouldn't wonder. The point about the listed traits, with the possible exception of picking your nose, is that, in any given situation, they will drive up the parameter of 'imperfect knowledge'. This, as I have said, will propel the sinners and all participants in the situation into the melting pot and make them available to living trends. Since living trends lead to negative surprises, moral conduct is a good thing. However the true reason for moral conduct is never explained or understood. Therefore moral acts drive up the parameter of 'imperfect knowledge' making the perpetrators available to living trends as well. Moral people are then constrained to live a double life, practicing their morals in public, while living trends make them sin like crazy in private. How often have we been delighted when a pillar of the community has had their private skeletons dragged into the public gaze by the media? The moral is that if you are going to commit a moral act, know what you are doing and it will become an act of 'power'. If you know not what you do, your act will be folly.
The melting pot in which we all live self-organizes in the shape of living trends. Because this is so, we can speak of types of self-organizing 'power' or vortexes of disembodied 'intent' that affect people individually and collectively in society. This makes our world a magical place. Within the melting pot, it is only people who embody a true knowledge of reality that are able to interact with those possessed by unrealistic world-views or mind viruses. Their special strategy for interacting results in (a) the avoidance of living trends and (b) the accumulation of self-organizing 'power'. The latter can then be used to create the world of their choice.

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Spoons 24.07.2007. 21:42

How much does the average server make at the Melting Pot? Im thinking about taking a Serving job at the Melting Pot over a Monday through Friday desk position that offers 35k/yr, because I was recently told that servers at the melting pot make excellent money. Is there any validity to this statement or should I take the desk job hands down?? Please help, Ive been offered positions by both companies and dont know which direction to go.


Admin 24.07.2007. 21:42

Depends on the desk job. If you have ever been a waiter, you know how the food service bussiness (no matter how high class the retaurant) can grind on your nerves. Most wait staff, no matter how good the tips are, just don't feel a sense of fufillment about their work. (This is not always the case, but ask yourself if this is where you see yourself in 10 years? 20 years?)

The desk job, on the other hand, may open some doors for you that a waitering job won't. My buddy was a waiter at the Melting Pot in K.C. and quit to learn the insurance bussiness. It was a pay cut for him when he took the new job, but now he makes a six figure salary. Maybe you can see if the Melting Pot will hire you on weekend nights, and still take the desk job. Do both for a month, then decide if you want to quit the desk job and work full time as a waiter, or quit the waitering job and be a desk jockey.

Good luck.


KiloEcho 22.06.2012. 10:32

What is the different between a melting pot and a rainbow nation? The USA vs South Africa? The USA is called a melting pot where people of various colors and ancestral homelands live.

South Africa is called a rainbow nation where people of various colors and ancestral homelands live.

Why the USA is a melting pot whereas South Africa is a rainbow?


Admin 22.06.2012. 10:32

America has been a melting pot where all Europeans became "Whitened." After-all, the Irish were the only group of Europeans to be considered as n/i/ggers...before "melting" and being absorbed into the White Anglo Saxon Protestant dominated Society.

While the enslaved Africans were being exploited here since 1629, they were more like the fire wood for the America's "melting pot" because they were not embraced or privy to the benefits of integration as begrudgingly afforded to certain immigrants.

Africa may be called a rainbow since some parts have been Colonized by Europeans, though they could not dominate the entire Continent. I'm sure if Africa was thoroughly dominated by European Colonialism, a less imaginative term would have been devised.


Jordan B 06.05.2010. 07:55

What is a more innovative way to describe a mall then a mall is like a melting pot? The original sentence is
Whatever the mall is to you it is a place where a melting pot os brewing and will never end.

Please help me edit this sentence and change to word melting pot to something more unique. Thanks

Jordan B

Admin 06.05.2010. 07:55

Instead of melting pot brewing= an industrial blender pulsing, a myriad of people mingling...


Mercer 15.08.2011. 19:31

What is the value of having America as the melting pot of the world? Do you believe it gives us more power to be the melting pot of the world?

What does it mean we are the melting pot of the world, is it true, does it work well?

I hear this phrase sometimes.


Admin 15.08.2011. 19:31

America is not a melting pot. Its more of a boiler or vaporizer. We pretend to be tolerant but in reality we judge and persecute people who are different. We force cultures to abandon some of their more "unorthodox" ways. Shoot, we even have derogatory words like "nerd" to insult those who value knowledge an wisdom. That is how intolerant we are. People who come here eventually conform, whether its in a generation or two. We have our own culture, we are not a simultaneous non-homogeneous mix of many distinct cultures. We are very good at persecuting differences into obscurity or until abandoned all together.


Shauna Madison 18.03.2011. 17:53

How much does an individual entree cost at the melting pot? How much do any of the regular priced individual entrees cost at the melting pot? My husband and I made a reservation for the free cheese fondue day and we would like to order two individual entrees on top of that but I can't seem to find costs anywhere.

Shauna Madison

Admin 18.03.2011. 17:53

go on the website, pick where you are and then click on menu for that melting pot location. all the prices are on there.


lacylynn420 20.12.2006. 08:18

How does the Melting pot resturant work? i read about the melting pot resturant and i want to take my boyfriend for his birthday. It is a little expensive, but it looks like you get a lot of food. Can you take the leftovers home? and what about the sauces? It would seem like a huge waste if you cant.

Also i read you cook the food your self. I am not very god at cooking stuff, how does this work. Do you fry it? or what.

any other info you can give is cool too.


Admin 20.12.2006. 08:18

When we went there were three courses.

First the can choose from a few options for the cheeses...we had a cheddar with wine I think...the server puts all the ingredients in the pot on your table...there's a burner underneath. The only cooking you have to do here is stir occasionally. The they provide a tray of veggies and bread to dip in the cheese once it is melted...yummy good stuff.

Next was the meat course. Again you choose the oils for the pot and what kind of meat(s) you want. They will give you a tray of raw meat and the different sauces in little dipping bowls. You put the meat on your fondue fork and leave it in the hot oil to 'braise' until it is done. Your server will advise you on how long to leave it in depending on what type of meat it is and how well done do you want it.

The last part was the dessert course. Here again you get choices for your sauce (Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate with brandy, etc,). The server will again set it up for you, and serve you a tray of fruits, pound cake, marshmallows, and other yummy stuff tha just craves to be dipped in warm melty chocolate. If you don't want to spend a fortune on your meal, go to the Melting Pot just for the dessert...absolutely worth it!

I hope you enjoy yourself when you go!


Hinata 22.02.2009. 17:24

Does anyone have comments on how to describe the United States? Melting pot or Salad? I am writing a research paper and I would love to hear other peoples opinions about my topic. It is what should we call the USA a melting pot as in previous years or should we change it into a salad bowl with many different pieces? Thank you!


Admin 22.02.2009. 17:24

It use to be a melting pot. Now it seems to be a salad. No longer is there a uniform sense of pride. That we are all Americans. That changed for a little bit after 9/11.


. 15.05.2010. 13:57

Why do people say that multiculturalism makes our nation stronger? Has the melting pot idea failed us? Illegal Immigrants are disrespecting our flags publicly and demand we respect them after they have the nerve to break our laws. Islamic extremists are killing our soldiers on our own turf. Countless bombing attempts on planes, times square etc.

Is this the melting pot at its finest?


Admin 15.05.2010. 13:57

The melting pot no longer melts. The idea was, when you came here, you brought your culture and integrated it into ours. You learned our language, and embraced our culture as we embraced yours.

Now, thanks to political correctness and the need to belong to some special group so you can get goodies from the government, we no longer melt. People immigrate to the US, legally or illegally, and keep their language and their culture without taking any of ours, so we end up with a hundred different micro-cultures instead of one big American culture. This weakens us and leads to domestic unrest and infighting. It also leads to the dems getting elected, truth is, they hate unity and thrive on diversity.


Mike Conway 27.06.2013. 01:32

How does the Melting Pot restaurant work? My friends and I are taking one of our friends out for her birthday to the Melting Pot and I need to know an estimated price range to give to everyone. We won't be having any alcoholic beverages, and the majority of us will not be getting a dessert either. From what I've seen on the menu, and from what I've heard from other people, I estimated about $35-$45 per person. Will that work? Or does everyone need to bring some more money?

Mike Conway

Admin 27.06.2013. 01:32

That's a reasonable estimate. I spent a little more the last time I took people there, but we did have dirnks and dessert.


? bp 13.03.2007. 06:29

Does anyone know the recipe for the curry dipping sauce used in the restaurant "The Melting Pot"? At The Melting Pot, the have this curry dipping sauce that they serve with some of their entree's and i was wondering if anyone knew the recipe. They wouldn't tell and they don't sell it either. Thanks.

? bp

Admin 13.03.2007. 06:29

Yogurt Curry Sauce/dip

1/2 cup nonfat yogurt
1 teaspoon curry powder

Mix together. Let the flavors marry for about 30 min to 1 hour. Enjoy.



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