What Calls You ?

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What Calls You?

"It is not, in my estimation, an undue stretch to say that if we are living lives that are wrong for our spirits, and if we say no to the calls that could put that spirit to rights, then we, too...are lost souls." - Gregg Levoy from Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life

We all know people who have known from birth almost that they had a calling - to be a dancer or parent or salesperson. A calling that had a life of its own, a force that was so strong they couldn't resist it. Here's the truth: We all have a calling, several in fact. A calling is a vocation in any area of life: work, relationship, or lifestyle. Our callings or vocations are the forces that pull us toward being more authentic - toward lives centered around what we want, and even more important, what we love.

We can be called to DO something, like train as a surgeon, publish a book of short stories or start a non-profit venture. We are equally as likely to be called to BE something as well - more creative, more compassionate or more truthful. Any calling we hear is our natural birthright. No calling is better than another nor is one person more worthy than another to follow their calling.

Here are three very general steps to identifying and following a calling:

- Listen. The universe is constantly asking us to follow our callings. When we don't know what they are, it gives us signs and signals. For example, one client overheard a conversation in a coffee shop that was exactly what she needed to hear at the time, as if the words were spoken directly to her.

- Respond. Once we've identified a calling, we need to respond "yes or no" to it. Sometimes we answer consciously, and sometimes unconsciously by turning a deaf ear to the calling. When we hear the calling, but don't respond, the universe pushes and prods us.

- Take action. All calls must be translated into action at some point or another. There's an art to the timing of action. When it's time to take action, the universe will up the ante until we do.

I'll share an example from my own life. About four years ago, I knew that one of my callings was to be a coach. I knew it like I know my own name. I started exploring the field, registered for a training program and told friends and family. I was taking action, right? Well, the universe wasn't satisfied. I was still working at my social work job, a job that I had described more than once as "killing my spirit." I continued to work there for the salary. (Let me be clear: sometimes continuing to work for your salary is a necessary leg in your journey). The universe upped the ante, and gave me a wake up call. I was presented with a scenario at work that compromised my personal integrity so much that I couldn't write my letter of resignation fast enough. A colleague later commented, "The universe really gave you a swift kick in the pants, didn't it?" She was right.

Here's a sampling of possible signs that you are being prompted to follow a calling:

- Synchronicity. For example, three people recommend the same book to you in the space of the week. The message is clear - go get the book.

- Wake up call. An unexpected turn of events occurs, for instance, you become ill, you lose your job or a relationship ends abruptly.

- Intuition. You know in your gut that there's a new direction in which you need to head.

- Body signals. Your body is wise, and will communicate with you when you're not getting the message. For example, if you have a persistent pain in your neck, what's a "pain in the neck" in your life? See if the two are related.

Take a look at the spectrum of your life right now. What's calling to you? Which calls are you answering right now? Is it time to translate a calling into action? In the end, we are called to be ourselves more fully - to give expression to what resounds in our souls.

Claudette Rowley, coach and author, helps professionals identify and pursue their true purpose and calling in life. Contact her today for a complimentary consultation at 781-676-5633 or claudette@metavoice.org. Sign up for her free newsletter "Insights for the Savvy" at http://www.metavoice.org.

About the Author

Claudette Rowley, coach and author, helps professionals identify and pursue their true purpose and calling in life. Contact her today for a complimentary consultation at 781-676-5633 or claudette@metavoice.org. Sign up for her free newsletter "Insights for the Savvy" at http://www.metavoice.org.


aleaf 25.02.2012. 04:51

How many calls are you required to take everyday as a call center agent? Anybody works in the call center can let me know how many calls do you take everyday? What is the average length of each call? What happens if you are unable to meet the office target? Thank you.


Admin 25.02.2012. 04:51

It depends on what kind of call center. Different types of calls take a WIDE variety of different amount of time. For example, maybe you can take orders for a company in 7 minutes or less...or maybe you work in a medical billing call center where calls can be extremely complex and take much longer. Maybe you are an insurance agent providing quotes for auto-insurance - another lengthy call.

Think about how long you would expect to be on the phone if you were the customer for the type of call center you are applying at. Then assume that your employer is going to want you to take only that much time for each call, and to take call after call with very little time between each call.


brother3 07.11.2008. 21:12

How to deal with calls from unknown caller also show no call number? Recently i received a lot of calls from unknown caller also show no number.Some day even 3-4 times a day.When answer the call they hangup.It make me very uncomfortable and try to stop it.Please help.
All answers are helpful.I still have one question.How this caller can no show their id also their number when make a legal call?Is any one can do that?


Admin 07.11.2008. 21:12

They're probably robo-calls from telemarketers. These guys have computers that dial a lot of numbers at the same time. If someone else picks up before you, the call will be routed to a telemarketer and your call will be dropped. The goal of the telemarkers is to have no down time between calls, even if it means making thousands of hang-up calls every day.
If your call is not picked up, the computer is programmed to recycle your number back into the queue and redial you again over and over until you pick up.
Next time it rings, try to pick up on the first ring. Then you'll have a better chance of being 'selected' and talking to whoever is calling you.


shoeshinecs 15.07.2008. 15:43

How many phone calls does the average congressman get? Supposedly, going up to politicians in person and calling them on the phone are the most effective ways to get them to advocate for your causes. But how many phone calls do they get?

Does my phone call really make a difference in the sea of phone calls. Most importantly, how big is that sea? Please provide a source for your answer.


Admin 15.07.2008. 15:43

As a former hill intern, I would say 200 to 300 calls easily. I cannot speak for local offices but, outside of meetings which included the entire staff (rare) and off hours...someone was always answering the phone. Messages were always written down and given to the appropriate legislative aid. However, if you are actually expecting to talk to your congressman, it isn't going to happen. Every call is fielded through interns, reception, and legislative aids.

If a hot button issue is advertised and people are instructed to call their congressman, you can expect 1000 calls a day or more.


boyne19692000 10.03.2008. 18:35

How do you stop solicitating phone calls from your credit card company? I keep getting phone calls from my credit card company and others as well.Is there a way to stop these calls?


Admin 10.03.2008. 18:35

if you have caller ID then just filter your calls you can go to the web site National Do Not Call Registry register your number and see if they stop but if you owe a debt to them then they can call you


Renish 13.06.2013. 13:02

How much Incoming calls are charged in Singapore? Why Incoming calls are charged in Singapore? I am a tourist at Singapore on visit Visa. Incoming calls in Singapore are charged more than International calls. Even local out going calls are cheaper than international calls and incoming calls. This is just opposite to other countries i have visited. Is Singapore government cheating?


Admin 13.06.2013. 13:02

0.16 US cents are charge per minute for incoming calls.


Weather dude 25.04.2008. 06:39

What do you call it when two people practce taking calls to prepare for a call center job? I work at a call center and im in training and i cant figure out the thing thats is called when you practice taking calls with the other person the on the phone? What is it called give me as many names you can think off?

Weather dude

Admin 25.04.2008. 06:39

screened calls? I worked for a callcenter once. Word of advice for you, dont take that shit serious.


virtual b 26.11.2008. 13:36

How to restrict others from making international calls from my unlimited nationwide verizon landline.? I have verizon land line with unlimited nationwide and canada calling plan. I want to put a block on other international calls. is there a code or lock that i can put to block 011 calls from my land line verizon.

virtual b

Admin 26.11.2008. 13:36

ATT EMPLOYEE - of my knowledge of how we are set up and my best guess is to say we are the same as verizon...There is no way to block international calling unless you were to blk all long distance calls...Most landline carriers will have a feature similar to Call Control where you can code all long distance calls so only some people in the home can call out long distance...As long as you know the code though.. ATT charges 8.50 a month for that...Good luck


Irish 06.08.2010. 19:44

How do I stop a solicitor who calls me anonymously? I've been receiving several calls a day for the past two weeks from some company who's trying to sell me some magazine subscriptions. They call me constantly from an anonymous number. Is there any way to block them from calling me?


Admin 06.08.2010. 19:44

When they call back and ask to speak to the supervisor or superior, and tell them to take you off the call list.

This happens to my parents, my brother gets in debt and he gives them our parent's number and they call multiple times a day. I usually just tell them hes in the hospital or that hes been gone for months and haven't heard of him and he will probably never be back.


Nostrebor 17.02.2007. 02:19

Can someone call from home phone number when forwarding calls? Let say I go out of town, I press call forward on my home phone to my cell or other destination phone.
If I call - is my home phone number going to be displayed (or can it?) on the recipient phone?

I want to use it to forward my calls, but answer and make beleive I am still home. Is this possible?
Or I want to call someone from my other location, and still have my home phone number show up on their caller ID.


Admin 17.02.2007. 02:19

Call Forward is only for incoming calls to your phone. I use it when I am not home. I get my calls on the cell phone. It still displays who is calling me. BUT, when making OUTGOING calls on your cell, it will display your cell phone number, not your home number!! Strictly for incoming.


jpg 14.10.2008. 16:05

How do you track calls from a cell phone? Someone has been calling and harassing me from a restricted number for the past week almost. Calling me continously throughout the day and night. They are calling my cell phone. Does anyone know of a way that these calls can be traced. My cell phone company which is sprint said that they don't provide a tracking service, especially if the calls are not threatening, it's probably best just to change the number.


Admin 14.10.2008. 16:05

Reverse cell lookup websites can often trace the calls.

Some are dodgy though so beware, this site might help you find out some more.



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