Where Has All the ENCHANTMENT Gone? Long Time Passing ...

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Where Has All the ENCHANTMENT Gone? Long Time Passing ...

By: Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

I thought you might enjoy reading a professional article I prepared several years ago. It is just as current today and really speaks to a tragedy in our health care system that we must all try to combat. I am trying to explain some of the problems of managed care which penetrate much more deeply than out pocketbooks. These problems penetrate our minds, bodies and spirits! I am eager to hear from you, as always.

Those of us who became clinicians 15, 20, 25 and 30 years ago did so because we had a mission. Each in his or her own fashion had a reason for becoming a clinician that tapped into a need to be of service to humanity, dedicated to utilizing skills that stressed talking and listening as an art/science. We served internships, wrote dissertations and gladly entered what we saw as a 'healing' profession.

In fact, we achieved what I refer to as THE ENCHANTED SELF (i.e. Achieving Positive states of being that are a reflection of each person's uniqueness). Each was able to utilize the uniqueness of one's personal history, and talents, serving the public in a meaningful and skilled manner.

As private as the treatment room had been, most can look back on those early years, as years of collegial support and understanding. Whether one became an ego-psychologist, a behaviorist, or a family therapist, each of us knew the mentoring, and the success that went with each discipline. We were able to achieve some form of enchantment within the treatment room, offering our clients the best of ourselves, psychologically supported by our colleagues and society at large. We were confident to encourage our clients to stay for the appropriate length of treatment, comfortable making clinical judgments and enthused about learning new techniques and clinical skills. We offset our sleepless nights and anxieties around difficult clients, with elation and moments of pure joy, as we saw clients grow and heal.

Those days seem long gone. Now we are in an era of disenchantment. By that I mean we suffer the emotional and financial devastation of Managed Care. Whether a clinician chooses to practice within Managed Care or not, he or she is not protected from disenchantment. Disenchantment is all around.

The public does not respect or understand the art/science of psychotherapy as they used to. Nor are the younger clinicians trained and mentored professionally to the standards that we took for granted.

Clients come into psychotherapy, often with lowered expectations as to what therapy is, motivated primarily by their pocketbook or their Managed Care's pocketbook. They expect cures within 4, 6 or 8 sessions. After all, that is what their plan offers. They are led to believe that a few sessions are an adequate number of contact hours with a therapist. They expect miracles while no longer having a cursory understanding of what talking therapy is all about. They, like most of America , want a quick fix, and they want it now! Of course, this can not be! Nothing good happens overnight.

Giving ourselves a genuine dose of positive regard, beginning to acknowledge our talents, strengths, coping skills and lost potential; learning how to negotiate, react and act; and finally finding pleasure and replenishment in all the right places are universal necessities to living a life of meaning and purpose.

As we find ourselves as "mental health providers" in a state of disenchantment, how can we utilize what we know about human potential to offset our own emotional and spiritual malaise? We know from the study of human potential that optimism and hope are extremely important factors in staying well both physically and emotionally. How can we hold on to these capacities within ourselves? How can we at the same time fight Managed Care? In my book, THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy, I discuss how important our own histories are. Each of us has accumulated many memories. Our memory banks are unique to ourselves and hold within them, the potential for hope and optimism. Let me explain.

Only you can review your life's history. Rather than looking for dysfunctional aspects of your past, search out and discover moments when you displayed talents, strengths and/or wonderful coping skills. Only you can review your life, discovering and recognizing the moments when you were filled with the potential for growth and success even if you were stymied. Now is a golden opportunity to look through your past and recognize these wondrous moments.

Perhaps as a child you excelled at playing chess or tennis. Perhaps you were the child that brought home and nurtured abandoned birds and animals. Perhaps you longed to study the piano but there was no money and you could not take lessons. Yet even now you may remember the longing you had to play, or, perhaps to fend off feelings of anxiety in a quarreling fancily, you developed marvelous organizational skills. Were you the adolescent that displayed leadership skills, becoming president of the junior high school student council? Or were you the child that loved to dance or write poetry or just sit and daydream? You, who have guided so many others in finding their paths, can take the time to review your own history to find what is most positive about yourself.

Once you have begun to review and itemize your talents, strengths, coping skills and potential you are well on your way to bringing enchantment back into your life. Even during these dark days of Managed Care you can utilize your own enchantment in several fashions. You may discover in reviewing your past that you have much more potential to help in the fight for Managed Care then you thought was possible. Directing yourself to be a clearer and stronger warrior in the battle will in and of itself decrease anxiety and lessen the likelihood of depression. We all know that from what we advise our clients.

If a review of your past makes clear that you are not cleared to be a warrior in this battle, you can still access long forgotten talents and pleasures which can make your life more fulfilling. Perhaps it is time to take up tennis again. After all, you may have a few more open hours. Perhaps it is time to join a writer's group or offer volunteer services on the local first aid squad. Perhaps it is time to finally make those plans for a walking or biking tour next summer and use extra hours to strengthen those old leg muscles. In reviewing your talents you may discover new avenues to provide mental health services to your local community.

Remember, whatever way you go, you will find yourself most successful if you are utilizing your own specific talents, and coping skills. You will soon find that you are able to expand your horizons and have a more positive sense of yourself. You will be back on the road to enchantment.

About The Author

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein , originator of THE ENCHANTED SELF®, a method of bringing delight and meaning into everyday living, invites you to view her new line of ENCHANTED WOMAN products, downloadable e-books, and free gifts at http://www.enchantedself.com. Chat with others in Dr. Holstein's e-group, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/encself/join, and sign up for her fre e e-group at www.enchantedself.com. . Order her book, THE ENCHANTED SELF: A Positive Therapy, or the CD-rom or tape version and her book RECIPES FOR ENCHANTMENT: The Secret Ingredient is YOU!, or the ED-rom version, at http://www.enchantedself.com/ordering.htm.



Sashimi 14.11.2009. 02:42

How do i get the Legendary Vampire ring in Pale Pass in Oblivion? I have researched it and no blue diamonds? I cant find the blue diamonds that paradox talks about.


Admin 14.11.2009. 02:42

There is no such thing as the "Legendary Vampire" ring. I think the quest you're thinking of is called Lifting the Vale, and its reward is the Ring of the Vipereye. Here's a walkthrough:

Lifting the Vale
Note: You need to have at least 10 fame points before you can begin this quest.

This quest is given to you by Countess Narina Carvain of Bruma. When in Bruma after meeting this quest's prerequisites, you may hear Rumors about the Countess and her collection of Akaviri artifacts. Talking to townspeople about the subject will direct you to the countess's herald, Tolgan, for further information. Such effort may not even be necessary, as Tolgan himself is actively seeking you out. He tells you that the Countess would like to speak to you and hands you a stipend of 25 gold coins. When you meet the Countess, she will inform you of her task: retrieve the Draconian Madstone. As a reward, she offers another item from her own collection. Once you accept the task, she reveals that she has the diary of a messenger sent to Pale Pass, the last known location of the Draconian Madstone. Talk to her about the topic "Diary". She tells you that she has already sent scouts looking for Pale Pass, and they found the first of the landmarks mentioned in the pages of the diary, Dragonclaw Rock. The countess gives you a translation of the messenger's diary and a copy of a map sketched in the diary; a marker for Dragonclaw Rock is added to your map.

Travel to the place the Countess marked. The rock looks just like its namesake, a giant lizard foot. Whether you read the diary doesn't matter; your next step is to go due west from the dragon foot until you find a large statue called The Sentinel, the second landmark. From The Sentinel go due north. It shouldn't be long until you find the third landmark, Serpent's Trail. The Serpent's Trail is an underground tunnel leading to Pale Pass. You may also find the messenger who penned the diary that has led you here, from whom you can take a set of Akaviri Orders. At the other end of the tunnels, you need only climb down the windy path to reach the ruins. There are likely to be a lot of Pale Pass Ogres.

Once at the ruins themselves, search within the broken walls for the entrance into the Mouth of the Serpent. The article on Pale Pass Fort provides maps of this fort. Watch yourself inside the fort; it is filled with traps built so well that they work even now. Go from Mouth to Scales (or Eyes) to Fangs to Venom within the fortress. You'll be fighting Undead Akaviri Soldiers as you go, and will likely be hit once or twice by deadly traps, so this place can be a pain (and, annoyingly, the skeletons' Ruined Akaviri Blades are almost worthless). Once you finally enter the Venom of the Serpent, you will see the Akaviri Commander, Mishaxhi.

Speak with Mishaxhi to find that he is still waiting for those orders. If you have them (see Serpent's Trail above), you can send him away by handing him the tablet. If you don't have the tablet, fighting him is also an option. However, if you give him the orders, any remaining Akaviri soldiers will stand down (die), and the fort will be put "at peace". Do it for the warm fuzzy feeling. The Commander is a ghost, so if you choose to fight him, remember that he is immune to normal weapons.

After the Commander is dealt with, enter the room behind him and find the amulet on a pedestal in the back of the room. With amulet in hand, return to Countess Carvain. Your reward for bringing her the amulet is the leveled item, Ring of the Vipereye, which fortifies your agility and provides you with a resistance to magic.


1) The quest reward, Ring of the Vipereye, is a bugged quest item. You will never be able to drop it. Also, in certain quests that remove your inventory, if you are wearing it, it will not be returned with the rest of your inventory, but its enchantment will be applied to you as a permanent effect.

2) If you steal the Akaviri Orders which is next to the Madstone in the display case after the quest, it will still be marked as a quest item, and can only be removed via console commands.


Distra 06.03.2013. 23:40

what is a good song to audition with? We are doing Annie next year. I was wondering what would be a good song, since they will be critiquing our ability to sing the different moods of songs. So something happy, please! No profanties, either.


Admin 06.03.2013. 23:40

I am an actress myself and I am doing Charlotte's Web, The Little Mermaid Jr., and Sleeping Beauty right now. Here are some great audition songs that would be great for you to audition with:

Part of that World -- The Little Mermaid Jr. (the reprise is also amazing to show off your skills)
Do Re Mi -- The Sound of Music
One Jump Ahead -- Aladdin Jr.
One Jump Ahead (reprise) -- Aladdin Jr. (jasmine sings the reprise and it would be great to try out with)
A Whole New World -- Aladdin Jr.
Dodgsonland (part 1 & 2) -- Alice in Wonderland Jr. (great for showing off acting and singing skills)
Painting the Roses Red -- Alice in Wonderland Jr. (you can also do the reprise)
Alice in Wonderland -- Alice in Wonderland Jr.
Maybe -- Annie Jr. (of course haha) (all the reprises would work too)
It's the Hard Knock Life (you can do the reprise too if you want) -- Annie Jr.
Tomorrow -- Annie Jr.
Little Girls -- Annie Jr. (reprise will work too)
I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here -- Annie Jr.
NYC -- Annie Jr.
Easy Street -- Annie Jr. (reprise works too)
You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile -- Annie Jr.
I Don't Need Anything But You -- Annie Jr.
Prologue/The Aristocats -- The Aristocats KIDS
Night, Kittens -- The Aristocats KIDS
O'Malley Entes -- The Aristocats KIDS
Ev'rbody Wants to be a Cat -- The Aristocats KIDS
Every Story is a Love Story -- Aida School Edition
How I Know You -- Aida School Edition
My Strongest Suit (reprise works better than the orginal) -- Aida School Edition (you can show off your singing and acting skills)
Enchantment Passing Through -- Aida School Edition
Dance of the Robe -- Aida School Edition
Easy as Life -- Aida School Edition
I Know the Truth -- Aida School Edition
Belle -- Beauty and the Beast Jr.
Home -- Beauty and the Beast Jr. (the reprise works for it too)
Be Our Guest -- Beauty and the Beast Jr.
Something There -- Beauty and the Beast Jr.
Beauty and the Beast -- Beauty and the Beast Jr
Bugsy Malone -- Bugsy Malone Jr.
Ordinary Fool -- Bugsy Malone Jr.
Fat Sam's Grand Slam -- Bugsy Malone Jr. (reprise also works)
New Kid in the Neighborhood -- Captain Louie Jr.
Welcome for Louie -- Captain Louie Jr.
Trick or Treat -- Captain Louie Jr.
Spiffin' Up Ziggy's (Part 3) -- Captain Louie Jr.
Home Again -- Captain Louie Jr.
A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes -- Cinderella KIDS
Up On the Fridge -- Dear Edwina JR.
Abigail -- Dear Edwina JR.
Periwinkle -- Dear Edwina JR.
Hola, Lola -- Dear Edwina JR.
Put it in the Piggy -- Dear Edwina JR. (you can show your acting and singing skills)
Up on the Fridge Breakdown -- Dear Edwina JR.
Sing Your Own Song -- Dear Edwina JR.
Hard Work (Part 3) -- Fame JR.
Let's Play a Love Scene -- Fame JR.
The Junior Festival -- Fame JR.
Mabel's Prayer -- Fame JR.
Matchmaker -- Fiddler on the Roof JR.
Sunrise, Sunset -- Fiddler on the Roof JR.
Far From the Home I Love -- Fiddler on the Roof JR.
How Are Thing in Glocca Morra? (you can use the reprise too) -- Finian's Rainbow JR.
Look to the Rainbow -- Finian's Rainbow JR.
Old Devil Moon -- Finian's Rainbow JR.
Lambchop Lullaby -- Flat Stanley JR.
The Funny Sunny Side -- Flat Stanley JR.
Arthur's Letter -- Flat Stanley JR.

There are so many more amazing show tunes that I love that would be great for auditioning for Annie but my list would probably be too long. If you want to find more audition songs that you would like for you audition go to http://www.mtishows.com/ and they license so many different musicals and when you click on the musical or play of your chose, then double click one of the songs in the preview and it will play them so that you can hear what they would sound like. Good luck at your audition!



littlehat 03.06.2007. 23:10

Does anyone know what poem this is from, and who wrote it? Would appreciate all the words if you have them.It goes something like this:
'I love this garden, for you used to wander among its haunted shadows long ago....'
I saw this around the edge of a little silver photo frame; Silverscenes I think was the name of the company who produced them. Thank you.


Admin 03.06.2007. 23:10

Here is the poem, (see last two lines)

Found at: http://www.indiana.edu/~letrs/vwwp/nesbit/empire.html

by Edith Nesbit

ON this old lawn, where lost hours pass
Across the shadows dark with dew,
Where autumn on the thick sweet grass
Has laid a weary leaf or two,
When the young morning, keenly sweet,
Breathes secrets to the silent air,
Happy is he whose lingering feet
May wander lonely there.

The enchantment of the dreaming limes,
The magic of the quiet hours,
Breathe unheard tales of other times
And other destinies than ours;

Page 136

The feet that long ago walked here
Still, noiseless, walk beside our feet,
Poor ghosts, who found this garden dear,
And found the morning sweet!

Age weeps that it no more may hold
The heart-ache that youth clasps so close,
Pain finely shaped in pleasure's mould,
A thorn deep hidden in a rose.
Here is the immortal thorny rose
That may in no new garden grow--
Its root is in the hearts of those
Who walked here long ago.


twilightx3 10.06.2009. 22:06

Can someone please give me a summary on King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table!? its by roger lancelyn green. please give me a summary on the knights of the round table. the quest of the holy grail. and the departing of arthur. please & thank you.


Admin 10.06.2009. 22:06

Our Cast of Characters:

King Arthur Pendragon- lost son of Uther, rediscovered after pulling a sword from a stone. Builds Camelot, then runsa around with Merlin looking for knights. Breaks his sword fighting the Black Knight, then gets the enchanted Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake. While under a spell, impregnates his half/step-sister Morgan Le Fay, siring his own arch-nemesis. Marries Guineviere, loses her to Lancelot, chases him to France returning home to find that his bastard son Mordred has taken over. Epic battle follows, he is mortally wounded and all but a few knights are killed. Arthur is taken off in a boat by three women to Avalon, a mystic country.

Merlin- Depending on which legends you're reading, Merlin is either a wise man, a Druidic shaman, a psychic, or an extremely powerful sorceror raised by fairies, who lives his life backwards(Born an old man, dies as a baby). Helps Arthur along in the early years, then fades out of the stories. Supposedly fell in love with the Lady of the Lake, but she wanted none of it, so she put him in an enchanted sleep and is supposedly underneath Stonehenge or one of several other places.

Lancelot-French knight and Arthur's right hand man. Seduces Guinivere then flees in shame. Returns to catch the end of the final battle and becomes a monk after seeing the carnage. Key player in several legends.

Galahad - Lancelot's son with a nun. Raised in a monestary and is therefore pure of heart. Star of the Holy Grail Quest, more on that later.

Guinevire- Arthur's wife, really only there for the plot with Lancelot, doesn't do much else. Becomes a nun after the final battle.

The Black Knight - A recurring character that shows up several times to literally and figuratively block Arthur's path. He is not Mordred and is more of a literary device than a character. Kind of like an type dude

Mordred - Arthur's illegitimate son and main enemy. They have several run ins, until they ultimatly kill each other off.

Other Knights - show up for an adventure or two then disappear. Sir Ector and Sir Kay are Arthur's adopted father and brother respectively. Sir Gawain shows up often. All but Sir Bors and Lancelot are killed off before or during the final battle.

The Round Table : a wedding fift to Arthur from Guinivere's father. The Chairs are enchanted to display the name of the knight who sits there. Lancelot is at Arthur's right hand, while the chair to his left has a further enchantment. Only the purest knight can sit there. Anyone else who tries will die. It is kept covered until Galahad shows up and sits there by accident. You see, the other chairs had names on then so he didn't want to take anyone else's seat, so he sat in the blank one. Surprise surprise, the chair changes to display his name, much to the amazement of all.

Excalibur : Sword from the Lady of the Lake. Unbreakable, but not really magic. However, the scabbard is enchanted. No matter how much blood Arthur loses while he wears it, he will not die or even grow tired. Naturally he loses the scabbard in an early duel with Mordred.

As far as the legends go, they are usually morality tales, with each ones purpose to teach a lesson about chivalry. They are loosely based on legends and histories originaly written in the Morte D'Artur, or "The Death of Arthur."

The Grail Quest stands out because it is much longer than the rest and is rather epic. In short, Arthur recieves a vision that God wants him to return the Holy Grail to Jerusalem. He then sends all the knights out searching for it. He , Lancelot and Galahad eventually reunite and join forces. After passing through several individual and group challenges, crossing paths with other knights and finding many of them dead, they eventally come to a boat. Deciding the Grail muat not be in Europe, they set sail for other lands. However, on the boat is a table, with something on it covered by a white cloth. An old man asks the Knights to help him deliver the table to a client in Jerusalem. Once they touch the table to pick it up and carry it, they all realize the Grail must be under the cloth. They take it to Jerusalem where the old man directs them to a church. Along the way, the table gets heavier and heavier. Eventually they ask for help carrying it, and only a nearby cripple responds. On touching the table, he is immediately healed. They reach the church and deliver it. Arthur, Lancelot and the cripple leave, while Galahad stays. He lifts the cloth to glimpse the holy relic. He is supposedly the only person since the Last Supper to see the Grail. All Arthur and Lancelot see is the bright light it gives off. Galahad naturally dies after seeing it and the cloth falls back into place. Arthur and Lancelot return to gather the knights back adn go on more adventures.

Final battle:

Arthur finally catches on that Lancelot and Guinivere are having an affair and ch


ThePres 30.06.2009. 01:59

What do you guys think about Virgo and Pisces? Virgo female and Pisces male,, what do u think?


Admin 30.06.2009. 01:59

The Virgo woman is seldom thrilled by the thought of trying to match her life style to the habits of another person (especially if the other person has messy habits). But she feels it?s her duty to marry him, bear his children, and help him with the necessary human burdens. The most noticeable flaw in an otherwise nearly perfect Virgo woman is her tendency to be unduly critical.

The Pisces man loves peace and quiet. He doesn?t go looking for things he thinks may be trouble. He feels he has enough unsolicited troubles to deal with. The lure of the male Pisces can be unexpectedly seductive. His manner and way will usually win the first battles with his woman. Not even a detached, cool Virgo can resist melting at his words, despite all her inhibitions and reservations

The sexual empathy between the Virgo and the Pisces is empathetic indeed. These two are natural lovers. They?ll be more likely to discover that they quarrel about everything but lovemaking. There?s something tender and poetic about his desires that calls irresistibly to her heart, while her Virgo quietness, combined with her passion, both surprises and excites the Pisces man.

These two may not, however, be quite so empathetic and blissful when it comes to sharing, not just their hearts and bodies ? but their money. He likes to share his, she may be reluctant to share hers. Pisces seldom loan money ? they give it. He may privately feel that she?s overly concerned about money, and her constant worrying about it, nagging him (and herself) about financial security may cause the soft shine in her eyes to disappear for him, and he may sense a restriction of his freedom to be himself.

Since the Virgo girl so values common sense, it would be sensible for her to decide, before it?s too late, that she fell in love with this man because he had a magic way about him of taking her sailing off to his magical, secret lands, where her dreams come true. Or at least, he makes them seem almost as if they really might, if they both believed hard enough and long enough. It?s not very sensible, she must admit, to kill the very enchantment in him that once moved her to tears of tenderness. Neither the loss of money nor the accumulation of it is worth that. Too much criticism can rob the male Fish of self-respect, always a sad thing to do to Pisces.

As for Pisces man, he?ll have to realize that keeping secrets from her can hurt this woman deeply. It causes her great inner anxiety when a relationship seems to have no clearly defined, purposeful goal. It wouldn?t hurt for him to graciously allow her to guide the ship for a while, until they?ve passed the storms that threaten.

Virgo and Pisces will enjoy traveling together, talking together ? and in general, they?ll communicate very well. The chances are they?ll talk over their troubles and disagreements, analyze them and find a solution. When everything is smooth and happy between them again, and the old trust has returned, they?ll exchange gifts on the anniversary of their first toe talk.


Snow 25.08.2009. 05:07

In Magic: the Gathering, can i play an instant during my opponents draw step? In Magic: the Gathering, can i play an instant during my opponents draw step?

i will give an example:
i end my turn. i have one untapped plane and Silence in my hand.
player 2 starts as soon as they draw. (or During that players upkeep)
i play Silence .

can i do this?


Admin 25.08.2009. 05:07

You absolutely can but let me give you my 2cents on silence first.

Your opponent's turn begins with the untap step. During this step he untaps his cards and neither player may cast spells.

Next is his upkeep, where some card abilities will trigger. During this step, and I quote from pg.16 of the latest rule book "Players can cast instants and activate abilities."

This means that any activated upkeep abilities go on the stack, and then your opponent gets priority to cast any instants he wants. Then he must pass priority to you. This is true even f there are no activated abilities for that upkeep. If he skips this step and goes on to draw his card, you may force him to put it back, as each move to a new phase in a turn has to be mutually agreed upon. Both players must be given priority and refuse to cast before you move on to the next step, per the rules.

The upkeep is the most ideal time to play silence, as it does not give your opponent a chance to draw a new instant card that may be useful, and he can't play any sorcery or creature cards (unless they have the "flash" ability) since those can only be played during his main phase.

You could also cas't it during his draw step after he draws a card, as "Players may cast instants and activate abilities" during the end of this step too. If he happens to draw a good instant card however, this could be a detriment, so play it during the upkeep to be safe.

Also, dont forget that silence can be a great card to play on your own turn during your own upkeep against certain kinds of decks. It can prevent things like doomblades and lightingbolts from killing the target of your enchantments, such as "armor of asencion". an early S-bomb can almost guarentee you at least one turn to use your beefy new creature as long as he doesnt have summoning sickness.

Hope that helps,



kumar 20.11.2011. 03:19

Do you agree if i say Kaikeyi did a sacrifice on behalf of Dasarata in the Ramayana? Array


Admin 20.11.2011. 03:19

No one asked this type of question. However, i will try my level best to answer this question. i will be happy if it gives you satisfaction. Now we will go to the answer.

my answer:

In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Kaikeyi was the youngest of King Dasratha`s three wives and was the queen of Ayodhya as well as mother of Bharata. The word `Kaikeyi` means `belonging to Kaikeya`, which is an ancient country.The daughter of the mighty Ashwapati, a long-term ally of Kosala, Kaikeyi married Dasaratha after the latter had promised her father that the son born of her womb would succeed him as King of Kosala. Dasaratha was able to make this promise as his first wife, Kausalya, was childless and not likely to produce a son of her own.

Kaikeyi's personality is worth examining and provides a strong clue to her motivations which later led to her insisting on the exile of her stepson from Ayodhya. As a young girl and the only sister to seven brothers, Kaikeyi grew up without a maternal influence in her childhood home. Her father had banished her mother from Kekaya after realizing that his wife's nature was not conducive to a happy family life.

Kaikeyi never saw her mother again. She was raised by her wet nurse, Manthara, who accompanied Kaikeyi to Ayodhya as a trusted maid upon her marriage to Dasaratha. Her father's treatment of her mother and the latter's subsequent exile led to Kaikeyi harboring a deep distrust of men in general and husbands in particular, and to considering their love as "fickle" and "passing" in nature. In addition, she was very insecure in her position as secondary consort to Dasaratha.

She realized that Dasaratha deeply respected his Queen and Empress, Kausalya, and had only married her in order to produce the much-needed heir. To this end, Kaikeyi realized that her position in her husband's affections and esteem relied heavily on her ability to produce that heir. When she remained barren, she became increasingly insecure and realized that she could never win in her struggle for supremacy over Kausalya, although Manthara proved to be a great help in this regard.

The older woman schemed constantly to further her own position at the Court. And since her position depended on Kaikeyi's status at Court, Manthara lost no opportunity to feed the young Kaikeyi's insecurity and jealousy of Kausalya, despite Dasaratha's obvious enchantment and love for all of his wives. It is important to point out that other sources state that Kaikeyi was not insecure, that she loved her other Queen sisters, and was the backbone of the group. She had saved King Dasaratha in battle and demonstrated her warrior courage.

Manthara's scheming paid off when Kaikeyi was able to convinced her husband to take her along with him during a military campaign against Samhasura, an enemy of both Indra and Dasaratha. During a fierce battle between the two, the wheel of Da?aratha's chariot broke and Samhasura's arrow pierced the King's armor and lodged in his chest. Kaikeyi, who was acting as Dasaratha's charioteer, quickly repaired the broken wheel and then drove the chariot away from the battle field. She nursed the wounded King back to health. Touched by her courage and timely service, Da?aratha offered her two boons

As per Valmiki Ramayana,Kaikeyi sacrificed her good name. Kaikeyi sacrificed her good deeds. She also sacrificed her affection on Rama. She sacrificed kindness which she did not show on Dasarata.Though the popular legend portrays Kaikeyi in a villainous manner but the actual Ramayana written by Sage Valmiki depicts Kaikeyi as a great lady, who helped Lord Rama.

Once Rama went to mother Kaikeyi and approached her for a discussion. He confessed to Kaikeyi that he was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and had come to the earth to save the mankind. Rama also added that he needed to leave Lanka for fourteen years in order to kill the king of Asuras, ravana, who stayed in Lanka. Rama asked mother Kaikeyi to do something so that Rama, Sita and Lakshmana could go to exile for fourteen years of `Vanavasa`(forest abode). He said that it would be greatest of all sacrifice as everybody would misunderstand Kaikeyi and she would be responsible for the whole thing.

Rama also mentioned that Kaikeyi would be depicted as villainous character for the future generation forever. Kaikeyi was a bold, strong and wise woman. She felt that Lord Vishnu himself was asking for a favor to her. In comparison with that all her sacrifice seemed to be very trivial. Kaikeyi realized that one does not get such an opportunity to serve the lord in his/ her lifetime. Kaikeyi`s name was pronounced as a wicked and evil woman and shameful motherhood. But she sacrificed for the welfare of mankind. Thus Kaikeyi became the most beloved of lord Vishnu. He not only granted Kaikeyi the `Moksha` but also gave her a place in his abode at `Vaikuntha`.

Thanks for the opportunity!!!


dontwantnofritos 03.12.2008. 00:13

Magic: The Gathering, the "stack", one card per turn? All of the rules I have read say something like this "You can play sorceries, creatures, artifacts, and enchantments only during one of your main phases WHEN THERE IS NOTHING ELSE ON THE STACK." Does this mean u can only play realistically one sorcery, creature, artifact or enchantment per turn? Or say u can play 2 creatures during ur main phase, or r u limited to 1 of the above per turn?


Admin 03.12.2008. 00:13

HAHA! Something my useless knowledge can solve! Short answer: Yes, you can play multiple creatures, sorceries, etc in a single phase.

Alright, so the phases technically work as follows. We are going to assume that it's your Main Phase 1 here. Keep in mind (A) that abilities (not spells, just abilities) that add mana to your mana pool DO NOT use the stack. They can neither be countered nor "in response"-ed. Also, (B) Players can only play spells or abilities while they have priority. You already know that (C) sorceries (and the like) may only be played during your main phase if the stack is empty.

1) Active player (that's you) gets priority. You have the option of playing one spell or ability. If you choose not to, you say pass.
2) After you play a spell/ablity or pass, your opponent gets priority and may play a spell/ability or pass.
3) If either player played a spell or ability by now, return to step (1). Otherwise, continue to step (4)
4) When both players pass, the top card on the stack resolves. Return to step (1).
5) When both players pass AND the stack is already empty, the phase ends.

We will assume this that P1's first main phase just began.
Example Scenario between P1 and P2.
1) P1 gets priority. P1 taps two lands for mana and plays Silver Myr [Creature], putting it on the stack. P2 receives priority.
2) P2 passes. P1 receives priority.
3) P1 passes.
4) Silver Myr resolves and come into play, jolly and full of life. P1 receives priority.
5) P1 passes. P2 receives priority.
6) P2 taps 2B (the sources don't matter) and plays Dark Banishing [Instant; Destroy target non-black creature], targeting the Silver Myr. P1 receives priority.
7) P1 taps UU (two blue) and plays Counterspell [Instant: Counter target spell], targeting Dark Banishing. P2 receives priority.
8) P2 passes. P1 receives priority.
9) P1 passes.
10) Counterspell resolves, removing Dark Banishing from the stack. P1 receives priority.
11) P1 passes. P2 receives priority
12) P2 taps 1B and plays Cradle to Grave [Instant: Destroy target creature that came into play this turn], targeting Silver Myr. P1 receives priority.
13) P1 passes. P2 receives priority.
14) P2 passes.
15) Cradle to Grave resolves and Silver Myr is destroyed. It is no longer jolly and full of life. P1 receives priority.
16) P1 passes. P2 receives priority.
17) P2 passes.
18) Since the stack is empty, the phase ends. Begin the Combat Phase.

Notice that nothing actually happens unless both players pass in a row. Therefore, since both of you have to pass in a row to end the phase, you always have the opportunity to play more creatures or spells or other shenanigans.

OH. It's worth mentioning that the same applies for multiplayer games. The order one receives priority is determined by turn order. ALL players must pass IN A ROW before the stack resolves or the phase ends.


Vicki 02.04.2013. 20:43

Proof Read Me Please(So sorry if it sucks)? The sky was painted as an artist's masterpiece. Splotches of silver was splattered berserk about feather-like clouds; I was the beholder of this enchantment. Hills were dressed with a blanket of lifeless weeds and amber lily's that let down their blooms within soft mud and the heavy rainfalls. I take my regular visits to that majestic neck of the woods where my families deserted shack stands forsaken by civilization when my work hours allows it to be so; little do I get the opportunity any more.

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Taking a seat on an old rocking chair on the front porch I recall the previous phone call I had this morning with the lady who lives closest to the shack:


?Hello, Mr. Grayson Jenkins, it's me Barb Kilter; the lady who owns the shop down town.? Came a voice none other than Mrs. Kilter from the other end of the phone. She was somewhere throughout the Jenkins long family line, connected to my fathers side of the family, and every-so-often she'd check on the shack for our family.

?Ah yes, Mrs. Kilter. How are you?? I asked.

?Oh fine, fine. What I was calling for is about your families shack.?

?Why? What's wrong with that old place?? I asked, haft concerned about the rusted joint.

?I was going to go get my hair done; like I do every Tuesday, when passing by that old thing I notice some broken windows and the front door wide open. Me being me, I didn't dare go in there. Heaven knows what could have been in there!

Anyways, like I was saying. There was broken windows, so, someone must have gotten into the shack.?

*~*~*~*End of Memory*~*~*~*

drip, drip, drop. I pause my rocker, and seance the dampness at the tip of my freckled nose. I chuckle, predicting it to be a withering board or an unknown acurring problem- God knows I have enough of them ? I wiped the droplets with my navy-blue checkerboard long sleeve. There was enough problems with this house to keep a man busy.
The sky was painted as an artist's masterpiece. Splotches of silver was splattered berserk about feather-like clouds; Grayson Jenkins was the beholder of this enchantment. Hills were dressed with a blanket of lifeless weeds and amber lily's that let down their blooms within soft mud and the heavy rainfalls. He took regular visits to that majestic neck of the woods where his families deserted shack stood forsaken by civilization when his work hours allows it to be so; little do he get the opportunity any more.

In Graysons' youthful days his goal was to become a hopelessly-devoted author. Capturing the best things in life, seeing people live life normally throughout words on a page, and enjoy who they were was all he really wanted in life; unlike most people, Grayson didn't have a problem being alone in this world. Nevertheless, that dream was unfortunately shot down by several publishers and editors; it seems to be that my outlines had no future potential.

He p


Admin 02.04.2013. 20:43

Among the things that are wrong here is the use of cliche's. Kill them unless you are making up your own. Second you need to work on your background or the reason for this particular portion. also first person narrative is not good in fiction unless its the characters speech. otherwise use third person. Hope this helps for starters.


NumeroQuartoCinco 23.02.2013. 07:28

Could this be possible? Does anybody know if and how a cruise ship can be ported from dc. I've been thinking about this for a long time. Dc is a major tourist attraction, and combining a cruise port stop and/or the possibility of dc becoming a cruise port somewhere built in dc would be a good idea. Since they built the new Woodrow Wilson bridge connecting Maryland to Virginia and its a drawbridge, a cruise ship can go through. There would only be two bridges in its path leading to the ocean, the Woodrow Wilson and the Harry Nice. Could a large ship, say like the oasis of the seas or the carnival valor or ms eurodam pass through? Also by adding a cruise stop in dc could increase dc's money, which it really needs. Considering its deficits and furlows. I don't really know how all that works but anyways. Is this a good plan/idea and is it possible?


Admin 23.02.2013. 07:28

no. closest port is Baltimore. Currently Royal and Carnival each have one ship that sails out of Baltimore year round.

there are no port stops in Baltimore. mega ships CANNOT fit under the Key Bridge which is the only safe (navigable) route up the bay. Hell Enchantment of the Seas( and soon Grandeur) barely clears.

furthermore, Baltimore to DC is a day trip, and port stops are seldom long enough to actually make it feasible to to get all they way into DC do anything and get back in time.. there is no real accessible way to get to DC from the Port, other than cab.. and that, my friend would be mega expensive.


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