Who Are The Underminers?

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Who Are The Underminers?

By: Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

How many of you had the experience growing up of being told in various ways to limit yourselves from being all you can be? The movie " The Incredibles " is a wonderful metaphor for this. In this movie, the superheroes - the people with extraordinary powers - are restricted from using their powers.

When I was growing up, I was not supported in being all I could be. " Boys don't like smart girls, " " People will be jealous of you. " I learned to hide good grades and talents, for fear others would be threatened. If I wanted to " fit in, " I needed to be like everyone else. Being extraordinary was considered " weird. "

In the movie, the superheroes are finally allowed to use their powers because they are needed to save the planet. This, too, is a metaphor. We are each extraordinary in our own ways, and this planet needs each of us to fully express our gifts and talents. We need extraordinary people to step up to the plate to guide us away from fear, greed and manipulation and into caring, compassion, and personal responsibility. Fortunately, many more young people today are encouraged to be all they can be.

At the end of the movie, a horrible monster arises from the earth, saying something like, " We are the underminers. We undermine happiness, peace and joy. We are always beneath you. "

Who are the underminers?

Underminers are both within and without.

Outer underminers are those people who do not have your highest good at heart. They are the people who want to use you, blame you, manipulate and control you, and try to limit you. They are the people who are threatened by you being all you can be. They are the people who want you to care-take them rather than take responsibility for yourself. These people can be family, friends, or co-workers - anyone in your life who does not support you in being all you can be. It is sad and lonely when the people who say they care about you, instead do all they can to control and limit you.

However, as adults it is the inner underminers who cause the most damage. The inner underminers are the wounded parts of ourselves that hold our limiting beliefs - the lies we learned about ourselves, others, and God. These underminers shout lies to us that cause our fears and anxieties and keep us from fully manifesting all that we are.

Paul is a very competent man, yet every time he gets a new idea of something he wants to do with his work and his life, his underminer says, " You can't do it. You will fail. " His underminer keeps him immobilized and " safe. "

Julia is a talented writer, yet has never submitted her writing for publication. Whenever she starts to move toward submitting her writing, her underminer shouts, " No one will listen to you. No one wants to read what you write. "

For a long time, Joanna has wanted to leave her job and go back to school for further training. Yet whenever she contemplates this, her underminer sneaks in with the lie that stops her every time: " If you leave your job, you will never find another one. God will not support you in doing what you want to do. "

Robert is unhappy in his relationship. His girlfriend, Marian, just wants to be taken care of. She is often very angry at Robert when he wants to spend time with friends or even time alone, and does not support him in what brings him joy. She is an underminer, yet it is his inner underminer that keeps him from leaving. " You will end up alone and be more miserable than you are now. "

Suzanne was the " smart one " in her family, while her sister was the " pretty one. " Her parents undermined her by telling her over and over that she needed to learn to take care of herself because no man would want her. Now, a successful and attractive woman, Suzanne's underminer constantly tells her, " You will always be alone. You are not meant to have a relationship. " Because of her underminer, Suzanne approaches relationships with a chip on her shoulder, creating the rejection she is hoping to avoid.

" You can't. " " You will fail. " " You are inadequate. " " Who do you think you are? " " You will end up alone. " " You are ugly. " " You are alone - God does not exist. " " Spirit will not support you because you are not good enough. "

The underminer - undermining your happiness, peace and joy. Why not be a superhero and stop listening to the underminer?

About The Author

Margaret Paul, Ph.D. is the best-selling author and co-author of eight books, including "Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By You?" She is the co-creator of the powerful Inner Bonding healing process. Learn Inner Bonding now! Visit her web site for a FREE Inner Bonding course: http://www.innerbonding.com or mailto:margaret@innerbonding.com. Phone sessions available.


Priyanka 24.02.2012. 14:19

how to download the incredibles rise of the underminer movie ? i want to download the incredibles rise of the underminer movie and give me a site for the game in pc while your at it (give me instructions how to download the game please )
thank u in advance


Admin 24.02.2012. 14:19

"The Incredibles - Rise of the Underminer" is not, in fact, a movie. It is simply a game released after "The Incredibles" was released in theatres. There is no movie. There is only a game. You can buy the game online.


Legacy1001 04.04.2009. 04:25

How much will I get if I trade these games in to Gamestop? I want to trade a few games in to buy a PS2 game. Here are the games I want to trade in. Oh by the way, they are all for Game Boy Advanced.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Shrek Super Slam

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The Incredibles Rise of the Underminer

One last thing, this week they are having a deal that you get 40% more than the original value. Please be accurate and truthful. Thanks very much! :)


Admin 04.04.2009. 04:25

If your never going to play them again, then why not, sure its only gonna get you a buck or two, but whats the point in taking up space.


Jack 13.05.2012. 18:40

How much store credit can I get at GameStop for these 12 games? MLB 2k9, NCAA football 09 all-play, mission impossible operation surma, spongebob creature from the krusty krab, MLB slugfest 2006, NBA street vol. 2, cars, hulk, MLB 07 the show, the incredibles rise of the underminer, over the hedge, all-star baseball 2005, nba 2k9, MLB power pros 2008, MLB power pros


Admin 13.05.2012. 18:40

Gamestop usually doesn't even buy sports games. If they do, it is only for like 25 cents each.


Gaara 21.11.2008. 21:53

How much would i get for these two games? If i trade these two games in with game, what would i get?

Rayman Ds
The incredibles:Rise of the underminer


Admin 21.11.2008. 21:53

5 dollars


Jesus 28.11.2008. 02:23

You know what really grinds my gears? When movies set themselves up for sequels, but one is never made.
Like The Incredibles. I freaking love that movie, and would love to see a sequel. In the end, the Underminer comes out, and that's a perfect setup for one.


Admin 28.11.2008. 02:23

Oh yeah! I'm waiting for The Incredibles 2 movie as well. But you know what really grinds my gears? When people in this forum use the Lord's name in their profile for whatever reason.


eelai000 29.12.2007. 10:30

How Many Shills Do You Think Are On Right Now? Agents of manipulation are out there, not just coming across the television, but there are underminers in chatrooms and message boards everywhere trying to secure the election by whatever manipulation or outright lie they deem necessary.

how many do you suppose you encounter during a session on Y!A?


Admin 29.12.2007. 10:30

If you mean paid shills, I'm not sure that any campaign would sink any money into Y!A as a key vote getter.

If you mean amateurish, wannabe political operators, quite a few. It's evident in their childish and incompetent attempts at insulting candidates they oppose.


lauren_ashlee92 12.10.2006. 05:48

Does anyone know how to get through level 9 Underwater Station of The Incredibles 2 Rise of the Underminer ? I'm stuck on the part where you have to save Dug (the robot). I can get him through the first 2 floors but not the 3rd.


Admin 12.10.2006. 05:48

Wrong category?


Aaron 10.12.2009. 23:26

Where can I download the game Incredibles the rise of the Underminer? I really like this game and i would like to download it from somewhere for free so it would be awesome if could send me a link or something!


Admin 10.12.2009. 23:26

browse this link in your web browser
Just type in the name of the game and search. On the search page, you will find the download links. However, if the results are to be further refined , click on the category ?Games?.. If you further want to get drop down section


Nemo 28.11.2006. 19:47

What PS2 Game would you recommend for a 6 year old boy? I have a 6 year old boy that is becoming really good at the PS2 games that we already got him and I'm looking for ideas for Christmas. Last week he got all excited and proud for finally beating the Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer game so I'm looking for something like that. Right now he is playing the Jimmy Newtron and a Scooby Doo game and I figure by Christmas he'll have them figured out.
Only looking for games rated E or E+10.


Admin 28.11.2006. 19:47

Seems like he's becoming quite the gamer, kinda like me at his age lol. I actually play E games every now and then, so i recommend these games:

Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2
Ape Escape 1, 2, and 3
Teen Titans
Rampage: Total Destruction
Chicken Little
Lego StarWars 1 and 2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

and if he knows of any games, you can check the ESRB rating of them here- http://www.esrb.org/index-js.jsp

Hope that helps! ^ ^


Meemo 22.06.2008. 18:08

am i old enough to take my sisters to New Orleans alone???? so we booked a ticket on Southwest to new orleans. The flight has a one stop.The thing that i am worried about is that i am only 16 years old, and i am taking my sister and nephew who are 10,11,and 5 years old.
So can i take them by myself or when we check in and we need to pay a fee for underminers?????
i am going to visit my aunt and she is going to pick us up


Admin 22.06.2008. 18:08

You need to call Southwest and ask if their policy allows somone age 16 to be responsible for other children. If the answer is no, the other children (maybe only the 5 y/o) will have to go as "unaccompanied minors". There is a small fee for the UM program.

Even if Southwest says you can supervise the other children (don't have to use the UM program) you can still ask for help at check-in and with getting your group from one flight to the next. However, you have to ask for that in advance (call them).

Hope you have a nice trip!


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