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You have the opportunity of a lifetime. That sounds like
marketing hype because you have heard it so often, doesn't it?
Think about it this way: you have the opportunity to live one
lifetime. Does that make a difference? How are you using your

Are you doing the things you want to be doing in the ways that
you want to be doing them? If not, why not? What are you
viewing as obstacles to having the life you want? Are the
obstacles you perceive real or just convenient? So often it
is comfortable to complain about them. Sometimes folks think
that acknowledging the obstacle in this way relieves them of
the requirement to overcome them. Could that be you?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the
question, "What do you REALLY want?" Do you know? Are you
clear? That's the beginning. Most folks can immediately say
what they don't want. When you can very clearly state what
you do want, then, you are on your way!

The next step is to be able to picture yourself having what
you want. Can you see, feel and hear yourself living the
lifestyle that you most want? It's important to be able to
imagine yourself doing just that in great detail. Your mind
works in pictures, so make yours a good one.

Spend some time each day picturing your ideal life in great
detail...even just five or ten minutes will do. Be prepared
for some changes in your life when you make this a habit
because they will come.


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Jake 22.05.2013. 01:28

How to be at peace with missed opportunities? How do you move on when you know you missed an opportunity of a lifetime?


Admin 22.05.2013. 01:28

Turn poison into medicine with the Strategy of the Lotus Sutra


First_time_mommy 02.02.2011. 18:26

American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Tax Credit Questions? Hi,

I am a student who pays 28,000 a year in tuition and fees and about $700 or more for books. How can the American Opportunity or the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit help me? This will be my first time filing for tax return and I just really don't know anything. Thanks ahead of time.


Admin 02.02.2011. 18:26

Unbelievable. The ONLY education form that is delayed is form 8917 and it's NOT the form you use for AOC or Lifetime Learning. TRO claims she is a tax preparer. God help anyone who pays her to do their return.

As far as the education credits, the first question is whether or not you are a dependent.

If you are a dependent, give your information to your parents, they will claim the credit.
If you are NOT a dependent, you can use the credit, but would only be eligible for the refundable part of the AOC if you had earned income that was more than half of your total support. Your post doesn't mention any income.


Cheryl 18.03.2012. 20:55

How is the prom a once in a lifetime opportunity? Explain how going to the prom is a once in a lifetime opportunity?

Suppose you are not popular in your grade, and yet you are going to the prom.

Just curious to hear your opinions.


Admin 18.03.2012. 20:55

you graduate once from 12th grade is might be the last time you will see some of your classmates from their on you don't what will happen to some cause some move some go to college some don't you guys all seperate and in prom you might even get to meet other peopl for your class i know i'm not going cause Puerto Rico sucks but just go I know you will have fun =)


plecostomusmodel 29.09.2008. 23:37

What is the best way to make money off the recent record crash? This may be the opportunity of a lifetime.
Stocks might not sink much more so I would think if I buy tommorow I can only make money.

But what would be the best stocks or should I even consentrate on stocks?


Admin 29.09.2008. 23:37

Wow! An intelligent poster. When everybody around you is losing their heads, it makes sense to be calm and take advantage of the situation. Why people jump into the market when it's hot and high and bail out when it crashes and is low has always amazed me. My only piece of advice is to get in slowly. No reason to put all your chips on the table to see the market only go lower. That way you'll have more money to buy even cheaper shares. Good luck to you. I'd think about blue chips which have recently been beaten down. I have 5. Here they are and how much they lost today:

Marathon (MRO) -$3.35
Pfizer (PFE) -$1.01
Qualcomm (QCOM) -$5.96
Caterpillar (CAT) -$4.24
Boeing (BA) -$2.85

All excellent companies. All on sale. All companies which will survive this and go much higher. Good luck to you.


loryntoo 29.08.2007. 20:39

Your boss tries to get you into a pyramid scheme? I'm being offered the opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to buy into a travel service and make money selling reservations AND selling the travel service to my customers on company time.

The problem is the person offering me this opportunity is my own boss and the clients I would be "selling" the opportunity to are already borrowing money from my payday loan because they don't have money to spare.

How do I say "hell, no!" without losing my job?

I thought my bosses were smarter than this.


Admin 29.08.2007. 20:39

Thank him for offering you the opportunity but tell him you just aren't able to accept at this time. Don't give any more details - you don't owe him an explanation, even if he pushes.


Sir Nigel 30.04.2007. 22:50

What is an effective way to raise money? I need $5000 dollars to send me and 3 other teammates to get to a national Speech Tournament. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, but I need $$$ to get there. I have some manpower and about 1 1/2 months; what is an effective way to raise money?

Sir Nigel

Admin 30.04.2007. 22:50

Organize a car wash, preferably with girls in bikinis. You know what they say about 'sex sells'. $10 a wash. 50 cars a day for 10 days.

Or buy food in bulk and sell it at an event. Check out any upcoming events in your area and ask about setting up shop to sell things then. Church activities, etc. Look around.

Like for example (just shooting numbers in the dark), if a pack of maybe 10 beef patties and some burger buns cost you $10 total, you can sell burgers at $3 a pop....times 10...that's $30 you earn per 10 burgers. With hot dogs, the number might be higher. If you include beer or drinks, you get even more profit.

While I doubt you will reach $5000 in a single shot, but it's a start.


Quiet Soul 08.01.2012. 04:03

How can i convince my father to let me travel/ live on my own? Hi there. I am a 20 yr old female and i recently got an opportunity of a lifetime to live across the states and stay with a family friend. Although, i don't know the family friend very well i would still like to go. My father isn't too crazy about the idea because i have never been on my own before. How could i convince him to let me go, or at least let me travel on my own? I would be gone for a few months/ year. Please help! Thanks.

Quiet Soul

Admin 08.01.2012. 04:03

Just do it, your twenty and can make up your own mind. Unless you are still tethered to your parents for money reasons then maybe you shouldn't. If that is the case you are not ready, I do not think anyone who must rely on their parents for monetary reasons is really grown up yet. If that is not the case then do what you wants cause a pirate is free ;) but seriously your an adult your parents wont give you respect unless you take it.


Quiet Soul 08.01.2012. 04:02

How can i convince my father to let me travel/ live on my own? Hi there. I am a 20 yr old female and i recently got an opportunity of a lifetime to live across the states and stay with a family friend. Although, i don't know the family friend very well i would still like to go. My father isn't too crazy about the idea because i have never been on my own before. How could i convince him to let me go, or at least let me travel on my own? I would be gone for a few months/ year. Please help! Thanks.

Quiet Soul

Admin 08.01.2012. 04:02

Simply tell him that you understand as a father he would be worried about it and he would also miss having you with him. Tell him that you are a 20 year old and that you feel you can handle life out on your own for a little while. Also tell him that you will be back to tell him about all the great things that go on and you wouldn't leave him forever because you love him.


Blunt Beauty 08.05.2009. 05:28

Would you pass up the opportunity of a lifetime to make other people happy? I recently got married, two years ago in August. Since then, my husband and I have been in California. He's been in graduate school and I've been working a part-time job that leaves me unfulfilled and very very bored. Now, an opportunity has come along where I can teach English in Korea. Rent/ travel is paid and I'd be there for 6 months, give or take. His family thinks it's not a good idea, my family says go for it. What would YOU do?

Blunt Beauty

Admin 08.05.2009. 05:28

Since you and your husband are a couple that are two people and one at the same time, you both need to make the decision. I would think if he is really busy learning and trying to get through graduate school a 6 month break where he could totally throw himself into the studies would be a wonderful diversion. It would allow you to also fulfill some of your goals and desires. Of course sitting here behind a computer all safe and sound with my wife nearby I can say these things. If I had to make a similar choice I might not be so caviler about the thoughts I have here, but I want to believe I would be the supportive and cheer leading husband as well and the goal advancing person I am. Whatever you and your husband decide I hope it is one that the both of you can live with.


silver wings 12.07.2007. 07:21

How long is recovery for a cracked rib? I accidentally cracked my rib I guess because after a blow it hurts to breath but I can walk and move around and I have an opportunity of a lifetime in four days which involves an obstacle course and run. I have to do this I can take the pain but how long till I will get better. Please no complaints nobody can imagine how important this is to me.

silver wings

Admin 12.07.2007. 07:21

umm... I actually boke my ribs a couple of years ago and never went to the doctor, now once in a while my side hurts really bad. But In four days, you won't even feel any pain and will be able to run as usual, but you should still go to the doctor if you havent yet.

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