The Sandbox Effect

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The Sandbox Effect

By: Matt Colyer

What once many people thought they had a penalty, is now being called the Sandbox Effect and is causing new web sites not to rank very well in the search results of Google, not even for the least competitive phrases. Meaning that a filter is being placed on new web sites and cannot rank very high for most words or phrases for a certain amount of time.

This does not mean it's punishment for anything the webmaster did with their site, such as using Spam or anything like that. The probation likely don't apply to the web site, but instead to backlinks. After the link stays on the web site for a certain amount of time it will no longer be on probation and fully counted as a backlink to your web site. Even if your site is better than your competitors it will still be in the Sandbox.

There is a lot of debate as to why Google uses the sandbox filter. However, It is believed that this is attempt by Google to discourage web site owners that use SEO Spam techniques to rank high fast and make a quick buck before Google discovers they are using Spam. This is largely because Google uses link popularity so much to rank web sites in it's search engine.

There is no way to know for sure if a new web site is in the Sandbox, but the best way to determine if you are in the Sandbox is if your web site has a good amount of quality backlinks, quality content and a good ranking in other search engines, such as Yahoo!, MSN and Ask Jeeves, but still no where in Google's search engine results for your keywords.

It has been suggested by some that it can take up to 9 months before a new web site can get a high ranking in Google's search engine results and out of the Sandbox, but this does vary from web site to web site. This Also depends on how competitive your new web site's market and keywords are.

There is no known way of speeding up the amount time a new web site is in the Sandbox. Before you fully put up your web site you could get a few backlinks to it before you fully put it up, even though you will still be in the Sandbox this way, you won't waste much time. You could also buy a domain that's already being used, so you never have to be in the Sandbox.

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Matt Colyer began as a SEO Specialist in 1997. He founded Superior Webmaster in 2004 as a source of articles and tutorials for Web site owners looking to improve their Web site.


Neill2188 18.08.2009. 15:59

How to do a certain video effect? The other day I saw a video effect where if you were to take a tv that's switched off but use a video interweaving effect to make it seem like it is running. How is this possible??


Admin 18.08.2009. 15:59

Step 1
Before adding effects to footage, make sure you've got a video editor installed on your computer. There are several to choose from, including Sony Vegas Movie Studio; Adobe Premiere; Sony Vegas Pro; Avid; Pinnacle, and many more. Most editors have plenty of built-in effects processors, so you don't need anything fancy. Windows XP and Vista include a simple but powerful editor called Windows Movie Maker. If you're using a Mac, use iMovie or Final Cut Pro.
Now that you've got your software installed, you're ready to get busy.
Step 2
Drop the selected footage onto your editor's timeline. The timeline is the workspace area that you'll be using to manipulate video. Think of it as a sandbox, and your video effects are the tools you'll use to build your creation.
After selecting the desired clips and importing them to the timeline, look for a drop-down menu or button that says "Effects", "Transitions", or "Filters".
Step 3
After locating your editor's Effects menu, pay attention to the description and recommended application for the various offerings. Some effects will be best for transitions (cuts between shots) and others will give you control over the video's contrast, color, brightness, etc.
Most editors also display a real-time preview of their effects so you can get a sneak-preview without making a commitment.
Step 4
After selecting the desired effect for your footage, you'll be able to either drag-and-drop the effect to the clip on the timeline with the mouse. Be on the lookout for a "Properties" bar that allows you to customize the intensity of the effect you've selected. For example, you may enjoy stripping the color from your video, but would like to retain a slight bit of saturation to attain a washed-out effect. To do this, adjust the effect properties accordingly.
Step 5
After you're satisfied with the new look of your old footage, you'll want to save your project and render it. Rendering is editor lingo for outputting and encoding a video file. Select a video format that is compatible with websites like YouTube, which includes the .mpg, .wmv, .avi, or .mov formats. Adjust the compression and quality settings accordingly, keeping in mind that higher bit rates and resolution will equal larger files and longer upload times.
Hope it helps you out.


pixidicks 05.04.2008. 05:01

What after effects did you experience after taking shrooms? I understand people have different experiences, but I'm just curious as to see how ranged the after effects were, meaning after your trip was dying down/over or several hours had passed?
Could I get some answers without unnecessary comments like "don't do it!" or "it's stupid!". That's all great, and hey, sorry you had a bad trip, but I'm mentally prepared to do this. And you're quick to dismiss something as stupid because it's scary or pointless to YOU, then you're an idiot.


Admin 05.04.2008. 05:01

dont do em i took some one day and i ended up in a sandbox in the local playground. i was visualizing that i was at a beach during the day but when i stopped trippin' it was 3a.m. and i was in a god damn sandbox!!!!


lilfio116 30.06.2008. 18:01

What is a good rpg for 360 or ps3 beside the elder scrolls series? I have been in the mood to buy a rpg game and i already have the elder scrolls series and i also have mass effect. The only reason why i want an rpg is because it keeps u busy and time goes by fast. but only if it is a good one. Is there any game out there like oblivion where u can explore and free roam cities? and do missions or quests? Thats what i like.


Admin 30.06.2008. 18:01

it is a shame that there isnt very many games like Oblivion and Morrowind. Oblivion is the best game i have ever played. Mass Effect is also a good game. Lets take the bad news first. the only game on the xbox 360 right now besides Oblivion in the Fantasy Sandbox RPG genre is Two Worlds and i cant recommend it. it is a poor game. hoever, you should know that some people have been able to look past the bad things in the game and actually love it... so mayby you should give it a trey. The good news it that there are two games coming in the end of the year who could be really interesting for Elder Scrolls fans while we are waiting on the Elder Scrolls V to be confirmed. the first one is Fable 2 from Lionhead Studios, set in a fantasy world named Albion, this game promis alot of interesting things. the other is Fallout 3 from Bethesda. trough not a Fantasy RPG it is still a RPG and with the makers of Oblivion behind it is hart to believe it isnt going to be good. hopefully they are starting on Elder Scrolls V when they are done.

Another game who could be interesting is Gothic IV. this game was revealed to be released on PC and next generation consols but not wich one. it will probably be xbox 360 and/or Playstation 3... i dont think they are gonna release it on Wii.

You could also download Fable on xbox live (xbox originals) and mayby get a idea off what the Fable universe is all about.


Kelsey 20.04.2010. 05:48

What are some good sandbox games for PC? I've played both Assassin's Creed and Prototype and I love there anything else quite like them for the PC? Im kind of a sucker for good effects too and I would love a game where you can spend hours just messing around (usually at the expense of other npc's). Any ideas would be helpful!


Admin 20.04.2010. 05:48

Just cause 2, Far Cry 2, that other thing that looks like GTA and GTA, there is also a new sandbox mmo called APB much like gta


J 16.01.2011. 00:03

What XBOX 360 game has the best replay value? I preferably like sandbox games or open world games, but any game will do.


Admin 16.01.2011. 00:03

Either Mass Effect (1 and/or 2) or Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion. I know Multiple people who have 500+ hours in Oblivion. And you make decisions that change the game in Mass Effect.


??? 28.01.2010. 18:11

What Is The Best Mp3 Player To Give Someone About To Deploy? I've got a friend who is going over to The Sandbox soon...and he is a fellow music freak. I want to get him a really good Mp3 player...that I can load a great playlist into. The player will get hard use, so what is your recommendation for something with great sound that can hold up under stress.

I am considering getting him a 32Gb SONY Walkman X...I can get them a decent price over here.

Any ideas would be most appreciated.


Admin 28.01.2010. 18:11

My suggestion is getting an ipod shuffle.

The sand and heat does effect the player. We lost a lot of electronics when my hubby got back from his tour.

Not to mention there are those with sticky fingers and the nicer the player the more apt to have it stolen. In my husband's unit there has been 25 ipods stolen just last year.

I would get a small external hard drive and an ipod shuffle. It will cost about the same, no one is able to listen to 32 gigs of music in a day. This way you can create different playlist that he can upload at his leisure.


Seth 23.03.2013. 23:26

What video games would you recommend for me? Hey guys I am bored of my games right now and I need some new ones to keep me busy. First off I'm 15 and I have a PS3. Here are some things I like in games:
?I like sandbox games.
?I seem to enjoy 3rd person games better.
?I love zombie games.
?I like games that give me choices.
?I'm not a big sports or racing games fan.
?i have plenty of FPS games so I have enough of them.

Here are some game that I have so dont recommend them: GTA IV, COD MW2 MW3 BO & BO2, fallout 3, Saints Row 2 & 3, skyrim, WWE11, infamous, dead rising 2, final fantasy 13, & dead island.

If this helps I enjoyed Dead Rising 2, GTA IV, saints row 2, and skyrim the most.

Thanks for helping guys.


Admin 23.03.2013. 23:26

The Walking Dead - its a point and click game but the story is so gripping.
Red Dead Redemption - GTA IV western style, need i say more?
Elder Scrolls Oblivion - Quite an old game, set before skyrim.
Batman Arkham Asylum & Arkham City - Great stories with some great DLC.
Mass Effect Trilogy - Great cut scenes and graphics.


Booboo 28.03.2013. 22:12

What are any problems with running a potentially infected file inSandbox mode (Safemode)? Ok first off let me start with i have Kaspersky anti virus software. It enables me to right click and scan with viruses, and also to open any file in a sandbox. When downloading things i'm always very sketchy about it, i don't like to download really anything due to risks. So when i download something and run it in a sandbox, so i don't let the file have free roam of my entire computer, what are the problems with a sandbox mode. I know that you can just delete a sandbox and create a new one, so i guess i have 3 questions.

1: What are the problems with running a program in a sandbox?

2: And also if you have a program that is 100% infected with a trojan/keylogger/malware, etc. If you never run the file after downloading it and just run the file in the sandbox, and delete the sandbox after every use, and create a new one every time you desire to use that infected program again, can anything negative come out of this since the program's problems gets deleted with the deletion of the sandbox?

3. Can a program that sits on your desktop, but is never opened (except in a sandbox), infect parts of your computer?


Admin 28.03.2013. 22:12

Running an infected program in Sandbox mode typically will not have any ill effects on the computer. However, an unreliable anti virus program could lead to a bad Sandbox which could cause problems for your computer. Personally, I recommend Avast anti virus. Avast is a lightweight, easy to use anti virus program that's extremely reliable and one of the best on the market, not to mention a great Sandbox mode. You can pick up the full version free at if you feel like you have to upgrade.


Mike 20.07.2009. 21:23

how do you make screenshots with cool effects on halo 3? i want to make cool screenshots on halo 3 with cool colours and effects but how?


Admin 20.07.2009. 21:23

on certain maps you can add effects like gloomy, colorblind and all these other effects
these effects can be bought on the maps:
cold storage
orbital (i think)
Assembly (i think) and many other maps

(usually maps you need to pay for)


:O!? 20.08.2010. 02:25

What kind of Xbox 360 game should I buy? I'm mostly into role-play/sandbox kind of things, but I really don't know what's out there. >:L
I just like games like The Elder Scrolls, and Fable. Those sort of things. Anyone have an opinion?


Admin 20.08.2010. 02:25

-Fallout 3 (its RPG and sandbox)
-Crackdown (kinda old but last a while and is a fun sandbox)
-Final Fantasy 13
-Tales of Vesperia
-Mass Effect 1 or 2
-Blue Dragon
-Dragon Age Origins


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