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"Square One: Personality Impacts Job Fit" : Recently, one of my friends (let's call her Martha), the president of a very successful distribution business, lamented the firing of one of her key associates (Phyllis). Phyllis had been hired as a customer service rep in a new, telephone-based customer service effort that was acknowledged by Martha as a critical resource for her firm's growth in the next two years.
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Anger And Your Driving : Anger And Your Driving By: Tony Fiore, Ph. D.
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Characteristics of a Guerrilla Marketer : We've talked about what makes a guerrilla marketing plan lastweek. today let's talk about the personality traits of aguerrilla marketer.
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Successful Selling is more Than Personality : "Successful Selling is more Than Personality:'Boy, can they talk! Boy, can they sell!' "Many more can talk than can sell. Did you ever hire someone because they sounded so great - presented themselves so well - you thought they could do anything? But six months later, you're tired of hearing how great they sound, you just want some results? Why? What went wrong? To answer completely, there are two areas that need to be addressed: 1.
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Anger and Your Driving : How to Cope With Dangerous Emotions ( Part 1 ) : Are you driving under the influence of impaired emotions?Dateline: December 4, 2002. Orange County, California.
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