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The Sweet Side Of Science : Sweet Side Of Science By: News Canada (NC)-Everybody's heard of aspartame. The list of products using it for sweetness is long, including breakfast cereals, soft drinks, desserts and yogurt.
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Debunking The Aspartame Myth : nking The Aspartame Myth By: News Canada (NC)-Whether or not you've ever consumed products containing aspartame, you've surely heard all kinds of things about it - many of them contradictory. So who's telling the truth? Dr.
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All The Sweetness, Without Sugar! : The Sweetness, Without Sugar! By: News Canada (NC)-Imagine eating sweets without having to think about all the calories you're taking in . .
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Natural Foods Defined : Natural Foods Defined By: Stephanie Yeh With so many people concerned about natural and organic foods these days, it's useful to stop and really take a look at what " natural " and " organic " foods really are. We all know that natural and organic foods are better for us than highly processed or artificial foods, but do we really know which foods are natural and organic? When you buy food that is labeled " natural, " what does that really mean? What about " organic " ? It turns out that the term " natural " doesn't mean all that much.
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10 Steps To Detoxification : 10 Steps To Detoxification By: Dr. Janet Starr Hull, PhD.
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Hair Analysis - The Roadmap to Wellness : Hair Analysis - The Roadmap to Wellness By: Dr. Janet Starr Hull, PhD.
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Aspartame Versus Stevia : Aspartame Versus Stevia AspartameAspartame was approved in the early 1980's under the brand name Equal, also known as Nutrasweet. It is a combination of the amino acids phenylalanine, aspartic acids and methanol, or wood alcohol.
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Nutrasweet and Brain Tumors : Class Action Suit Ready To Launch : Had any Nutrasweet lately? If you have, you might like to know that a class action lawsuit is in the works against Nutrasweet manufacturer G. D.
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Can Chronic Pain come from Food Additives ? : Copyright 2005 Jane OelkeIt is always amazing to me when I find a food substance that when taken in excess can cause pain the body. And sometimes these foods, and food additives that are regulated by the government, are supposed to be safe.
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The Dangers of Sodas and Diet Drinks : Sodas and colas are incredibly popular across the world. These beverages account for more than a quarter of all drinks consumed in the United States.
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