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How To Take The Pain Out Of Performance Reviews : How To Take The Pain Out Of Performance Reviews By: Lora J Adrianse The Painful Approach For many years, "performance management" was of an annual event dreaded by both the management and the workforce. For a week or two every year the manager would virtually isolate himself and ponder the stack of review forms staring him in the face.
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BUYING A BUSINESS - ADVICE FOR THE FIRST TIME BUYER/ INVESTOR : As a professional M&A intermediary I am amazed when I hear others in my profession at industry meetings proclaim, "I don't work with individual buyers." They put it out there almost like a badge of honor or an indication of reaching a higher level of professionalism.
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The Mind Body-Fat Connection : Mind Body-Fat Connection By: Sara Lauritzen The Mind Body-Fat Connection “How Tensing Up Is Making You Fat!” by Sara Lauritzen Negative thoughts, symbolic protection, being who we really are . .
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Top 10 Business E-mail Basics : Top 10 Business E-mail Basics By: Judith Kallos When it comes to your business e-mail communications, you need to make an impression that can lend to the determination that you are someone that will be a pleasure to do business with. For your consideration below are the "Top 10 e-mail issues targeted at business men and women.
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How to Prevent Theft of Your Ebooks - Part 1 : Ebook Copyright : While the majority of web users are honest people, you must accept that some people WILL try their best to steal your products. For this reason, it's important that you take some measures to ensure that your product isn't being illegally copied and/or distributed.
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