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Attacked in the Jungle! : "Tak kenak! Tak kenak!" "Adak Orang sanak!..
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What's With Those Noisy Lights? : What's With Those Noisy Lights? By: News Canada (NC) Not too long ago, you hopped in your car and turned the key. A couple of lights flashed for a second, the motor started and you were ready to go.
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Dealing With Noisy Neighbors the Pacifist Way : Dealing With Noisy Neighbors the Pacifist Way By: Dan The Roommate Man Joe Landlord just received a phone call about a busted water pipe in apartment 3c, an overflowing washing machine in 2d and a broken window in 4a, so Suzy Tenant's complaint about the " noisy neighbors " will remain low on his list of things to attend to. Perhaps, at a better time, Joe Landlord will be happy to help Suzy with her noisy neighbor dilemma.
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Listen Up: How Noise Can Harm Your Hearing : Listen Up: How Noise Can Harm Your Hearing By: Jane Lake The good news is that you don't have to lose your hearing as you age. The bad news is, you will - unless you limit your exposure to high noise levels.
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What is White Noise? : What is White Noise? By: Jason Rickard The best way to explain White Noise is to first look at why it has been given that name. White is used because of the way light works.
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How to Get Neighbors to Turn Down the Volume : It's 2 in the morning. You're lying in bed trying to sleep because you have a big meeting tomorrow morning.
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How to Deal with a Noisy Neighbor : Your heart starts pounding. .
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When You're The Noisy Neighbor : Thanks to home offices, computer/game rooms and improved entertainment centers, Americans are spending more and more time enveloped in home activities. While having access to all that we need under our own roof is convenient, it can also be noisy.
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Writing Good Dialogue. : Writing Good Dialogue. By: Nicole Murphy There's nothing that kills a scene like hackneyed dialogue.
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Understanding Your Introverted Teen : For most of my life, I've felt hopelessly weird, " said Heather, an introvert in her early thirties. " Like I don't really fit in.
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Are You Protecting Your Child's Hearing Properly ? : 5. 2 million 6-19 year old have hearing loss directly related to noise exposure*.
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Treadmill : Things To Watch Out Before Buying A Treadmill : Treadmills are known to be the most popular and most effective home exercise and fitness equipment with 33% of the sales and is capable of burning around 850 calories per hourTreadmills basically serve two purposes :a) Walking. b) Running.
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PLEASE DON'T SHATTER MY DIAMOND : What makes an introvert an introvert? We can skip some of the involved definitions and tell you three things to look for that are a dead giveaway: living in an inner world, being territorial and a strong aversion to environmental stimulants, such as noise. In an age where cell phones are proliferating, noise pollution is becoming a serious ill to many introverts.
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Growing Up Introverted : We recently asked some introverts about their childhood, elementary and high school experiences so we could give you a good idea of the dynamics of introversion from real people rather than the opinion of experts. Their answers may surprise you.
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Boxing it Up for Christmas : If there's one thing your introverted child would like for Christmas more than anything else in the whole world, it's a room with a door that closes. It's not as simple as asking for one.
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Easy Way to Troubleshoot Pump Problems : In any problem analysis, we have to specify the problem, check whether there is any deviation from the normal condition, identify the possible causes, evaluate the possible causes and then confirm the true cause. Pumps or other machinery will give tell tale signs when they are not working properly.
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11 Proven Sleep Tips To Help You Rest Well In Any Strange Or Noisy Hotel : As an airline pilot, I've developed a list of sleep tips. That's because I must spend many nights in hotel rooms and I must always be well rested when flying.
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Travel Comfort -Discover How To Get Some Decent Sleep While Traveling. Even Those Cramped Coach Seats! : Is travel comfort an oxymoron? Is it actually possible to be comfortable and even rest or sleep while enroute? Can it be done in coach?This article is designed to help you learn proven tactics to travel comfortably to rest and sleep on your journey. As an Airline Captain, I'm extremely interested in my passengers' comfort.
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Does Voice Recognition Replace The Need For Typing? : Does Voice Recognition Replace The Need For Typing? By: Pam Connolly A few years ago we thought typing was passé. We would no longer have to struggle with typing.
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